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Wandsworth, Surrey, England

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Wandsworth, Surrey, England
[Wandsworth] [Surrey] [England]

Latitude: 51.45, Longitude: -0.2


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDRED, Nellie  6 Mar 1877Wandsworth, Surrey, England I110369
2 ARNOLD, Mary Ann  1826Wandsworth, Surrey, England I84797
3 BALLAAM, Margaret Elizabeth  1880Wandsworth, Surrey, England I97503
4 BARNES, Charles Edward  Jun 1876Wandsworth, Surrey, England I111075
5 BELL, Florence Louisa  12 Jul 1899Wandsworth, Surrey, England I121155
6 BELL, Frederick George  10 Jan 1897Wandsworth, Surrey, England I121154
7 BELL, Lillian May  1 Mar 1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I121156
8 BLAIR, Donald Charles Albert  Jun 1928Wandsworth, Surrey, England I131878
9 BLAIR, John Charles A  28 Aug 1903Wandsworth, Surrey, England I123865
10 BRADDY, Alfred George  1891Wandsworth, Surrey, England I92211
11 BRADDY, Frank Ashby  Apr 1886Wandsworth, Surrey, England I92212
12 BRUCE, George Sidney Albert  1 Jan 1913Wandsworth, Surrey, England I111207
13 BUTCHER, Annie Catherine  19 Oct 1892Wandsworth, Surrey, England I82456
14 CAFFARATE, Lucy  1848Wandsworth, Surrey, England I104101
15 CONDON, Vera Eileen  8 Oct 1920Wandsworth, Surrey, England I132875
16 COOK, John  Abt 1857Wandsworth, Surrey, England I81833
17 COOK, Mary V  Abt 1873Wandsworth, Surrey, England I81839
18 DOYLE, Victor Arthur L  Oct 1914Wandsworth, Surrey, England I131881
19 ESMOND, Cecil Gustave  18 Aug 1897Wandsworth, Surrey, England I110366
20 GILHAM, James  Abt Aug 1868Wandsworth, Surrey, England I29039
21 HADNUTT, Kenneth Brian  20 Jan 1943Wandsworth, Surrey, England I111078
22 HALL, John  3 Dec 1879Wandsworth, Surrey, England I104102
23 HARRIS, Lilian May  20 Sep 1887Wandsworth, Surrey, England I97352
24 HAYNES, Albert James Almond  30 Aug 1907Wandsworth, Surrey, England I123857
25 HAYNES, Dorothy Helen  24 Dec 1918Wandsworth, Surrey, England I123862
26 HAYNES, Ethel Louisa  28 Sep 1914Wandsworth, Surrey, England I123860
27 HAYNES, George Alexander  22 Oct 1916Wandsworth, Surrey, England I123861
28 HAYNES, Lilian Winifred  9 Mar 1920Wandsworth, Surrey, England I123863
29 HAYNES, Violet Lily  5 Sep 1908Wandsworth, Surrey, England I123858
30 HUMBLEY, James  15 Jun 1906Wandsworth, Surrey, England I111068
31 JESSUP, Norman Alfred  16 Sep 1909Wandsworth, Surrey, England I79665
32 KNOX, Dorothy Frances  6 May 1897Wandsworth, Surrey, England I29035
33 KNOX, George Nathaniel  4 Jan 1894Wandsworth, Surrey, England I29034
34 KNOX, Henry Thomas  Abt Apr 1895Wandsworth, Surrey, England I29038
35 LABRAM, George Arthur  18 Jul 1909Wandsworth, Surrey, England I43357
36 LABRAM, Sydney Charles  14 Feb 1915Wandsworth, Surrey, England I43376
37 LLEWELLYN-JONES, Mary G  Jul 1914Wandsworth, Surrey, England I124936
38 LUCOCK, John Blake  1844Wandsworth, Surrey, England I84953
39 MAYO, Alice  1903Wandsworth, Surrey, England I64496
40 MAYO, Amelia Veronica  1910Wandsworth, Surrey, England I85689
41 MAYO, Elizabeth Sarah  1905Wandsworth, Surrey, England I85687
42 MAYO, Lillian Florence Jessie  1907Wandsworth, Surrey, England I85688
43 MAYO, Mary Anne  1902Wandsworth, Surrey, England I85686
44 MAYO, Thomas  Abt 1879Wandsworth, Surrey, England I64497
45 MUSTY, Martha  1 Apr 1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I56406
46 PERRET, David Arthur L  24 Jul 1939Wandsworth, Surrey, England I78885
47 PHILO, Harold Woolls  20 Jul 1907Wandsworth, Surrey, England I123866
48 PRYKE, Joan Rebecca  12 Jul 1922Wandsworth, Surrey, England I69844
49 ROBINS, Henry John  12 Sep 1807Wandsworth, Surrey, England I94270
50 RUSSELL, William Samuel  Abt 1879Wandsworth, Surrey, England I96819
51 SCRIVENS, Arthur John  24 Sep 1911Wandsworth, Surrey, England I78619
52 SHACKLETON, Edward Arthur Alexander  15 Jul 1911Wandsworth, Surrey, England I74507
53 SMITH, Frederick James Pearce  24 Aug 1883Wandsworth, Surrey, England I84018
54 SMITH, George  23 May 1867Wandsworth, Surrey, England I70854
55 STANFIELD, Kenneth Alan  18 Jan 1935Wandsworth, Surrey, England I110003
56 STANFORD, David Ralph  5 Nov 1925Wandsworth, Surrey, England I78994
57 STAPLE, Charles F  1888Wandsworth, Surrey, England I82592
58 TAPLEY, Mary Winifred Maud  Between Apr and Jun 1903Wandsworth, Surrey, England I61677
59 TAYLOR, Arthur Charles  9 Jun 1913Wandsworth, Surrey, England I116099
60 VIVIAN, Edward Albert  Apr 1904Wandsworth, Surrey, England I25525
61 WEIGHT, Charles Robert  1852Wandsworth, Surrey, England I97363


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BARNARD, Sarah  Between Jul and Sep 1887Wandsworth, Surrey, England I81735
2 BAXTER, Adelaide Louisa  1922Wandsworth, Surrey, England I70030
3 BELL, Lillian May  1 Jan 1902Wandsworth, Surrey, England I121156
4 BISHOP, Elizabeth Charlotte  1913Wandsworth, Surrey, England I122637
5 BLAIR, John Charles A  Dec 1979Wandsworth, Surrey, England I123865
6 BLOWS, Ernest  Oct 1973Wandsworth, Surrey, England I122709
7 BRADDY, Alfred George  12 May 1891Wandsworth, Surrey, England I92211
8 BRADDY, Gertrude Sarah  1885Wandsworth, Surrey, England I81737
9 BRUCE, William Henry  Abt 1903Wandsworth, Surrey, England I111214
10 BULLOCK, Walter Allen  8 Apr 1964Wandsworth, Surrey, England I105730
11 CAFFARATE, Lucy  Jun 1925Wandsworth, Surrey, England I104101
12 CARTER, William  Sep 1909Wandsworth, Surrey, England I129529
13 CASTON, Emma  1886Wandsworth, Surrey, England I78527
14 CLANCEY, Sarah  Jan 1903Wandsworth, Surrey, England I26829
15 DAVIS, Alfred  8 Dec 1897Wandsworth, Surrey, England I104088
16 ELSWORTH, George Thomas  Jun 1925Wandsworth, Surrey, England I132783
17 FOX, Elizabeth Ann  23 Jun 1954Wandsworth, Surrey, England I111076
18 GIRDLER, Elizabeth  1895Wandsworth, Surrey, England I81740
19 GOSTICK, Emily Chittenden  Mar 1930Wandsworth, Surrey, England I96407
20 GOWER, William Hugh  30 Jul 1894Wandsworth, Surrey, England I122636
21 HALL, Charles  Abt 1902Wandsworth, Surrey, England I104096
22 HALL, George  Mar 1926Wandsworth, Surrey, England I104100
23 HARMER, Sarah Jane  1924Wandsworth, Surrey, England I111215
24 HARRIS, James  24 Jan 1926Wandsworth, Surrey, England I97353
25 HAYNES, George Alexander  29 Jan 1918Wandsworth, Surrey, England I123861
26 HAYNES, Violet Lily  Sep 1979Wandsworth, Surrey, England I123858
27 HILLIER, George  Jan 1916Wandsworth, Surrey, England I110396
28 JAMES, Emily Mary  10 Jul 1980Wandsworth, Surrey, England I85634
29 MASKELL, Caroline  1905Wandsworth, Surrey, England I97370
30 MCKIE, Joseph Bertie Monkhouse  Jun 1957Wandsworth, Surrey, England I116512
31 MOWLE, Martha  Apr 1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I122644
32 MULLER, Hermann Vincent  Jul 1947Wandsworth, Surrey, England I102515
33 NEWMAN, Harriett Elizabeth  Jan 1873Wandsworth, Surrey, England I132514
34 OVERTON, William George  Oct 1902Wandsworth, Surrey, England I97347
35 OWEN, Frances Elizabeth  7 Aug 1917Wandsworth, Surrey, England I121870
36 PAYNE, Caroline Augusta  Dec 1965Wandsworth, Surrey, England I92396
37 PHILO, Jeffrey Arnold  2003Wandsworth, Surrey, England I131880
38 PRATT, Louisa Jane  1928Wandsworth, Surrey, England I43353
39 REED, Frederick Gordon  Oct 1989Wandsworth, Surrey, England I108133
40 STEVENTON, Rosa  Jan 1963Wandsworth, Surrey, England I122710
41 TULLEY, Walter Frederick  1941Wandsworth, Surrey, England I121852
42 TURNER, Henry Robert  Sep 1989Wandsworth, Surrey, England I97349
43 UPTON, Lucy  20 Apr 1899Wandsworth, Surrey, England I122642
44 VIVIAN, William George  26 Mar 1921Wandsworth, Surrey, England I25609
45 WILLS, Malcolm Henry  Feb 1996Wandsworth, Surrey, England I77547
46 WORT, Eliza  Mar 1902Wandsworth, Surrey, England I97348

Birth Record

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 HUMBLEY, James  Between Jul and Sep 1906Wandsworth, Surrey, England I111068
2 TAPLEY, Mary Winifred Maud  Between Apr and Jun 1903Wandsworth, Surrey, England I61677


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CLANCEY, Sarah  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I26829
2 DAVIS, Alice  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I100895
3 DAVIS, Charles Henry  1911Wandsworth, Surrey, England I100896
4 DAVIS, Herbert J  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I100894
5 DAVIS, Horace N  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I72010
6 DAVIS, Horace N  1911Wandsworth, Surrey, England I72010
7 DAVIS, John N  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I100893
8 DAVIS, Sidney F  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I100892
9 DAVIS, William John  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I19586
10 DAVIS, William John  1911Wandsworth, Surrey, England I19586
11 DAVIS, William Noblett  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I19584
12 DAVIS, William Noblett  1911Wandsworth, Surrey, England I19584
13 FRANKLIN, Alice Maud  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I61235
14 FRANKLIN, Alice Maud  1911Wandsworth, Surrey, England I61235
15 LABRAM, Walter Joseph  1911Wandsworth, Surrey, England I43352
16 PETCHE, Amy  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I30800
17 SCHMITT, Alfred  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I26837
18 SCHMITT, Alfred  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I26837
19 SCHMITT, Edith  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I26831
20 SCHMITT, George  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I26838
21 SCHMITT, Philip  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I26839
22 SCHMITT, Wilhelm  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I9768
23 SCHMITT, William  1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England I26836


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CLANCEY, Sarah  Jan 1903Wandsworth, Surrey, England I26829

Death Record

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 BARNARD, Sarah  Between Jul and Sep 1887Wandsworth, Surrey, England I81735
2 CLANCEY, Sarah  1903Wandsworth, Surrey, England I26829
3 PRATT, Louisa Jane  1928Wandsworth, Surrey, England I43353


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LABRAM, Walter Joseph  1911Wandsworth, Surrey, England I43352


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ACKARY / WRIGHT  16 Mar 1865Wandsworth, Surrey, England F15218
2 BUTLER / RUDLIN  15 Aug 1908Wandsworth, Surrey, England F908
3 DUFF / DAWSON  Aug 1927Wandsworth, Surrey, England F10998
4 HARRIS / DAVIS  20 Jan 1880Wandsworth, Surrey, England F65336
5 LABRAM / ARCHER  1932Wandsworth, Surrey, England F2815
6 LOVEGROVE / FARMANER  28 Feb 1878Wandsworth, Surrey, England F6150
7 MILLBANK / HARRIS  17 Feb 1907Wandsworth, Surrey, England F65335
8 PERRET / BENNETT  Between Jul and Sep 1938Wandsworth, Surrey, England F27602
9 POLLARD / SIMPSON  25 Apr 1946Wandsworth, Surrey, England F7745
10 ROBINS / GLOVER  15 Feb 1836Wandsworth, Surrey, England F62751
11 ROSATO / PERILLO  Jul 1913Wandsworth, Surrey, England F65353
12 STANFIELD / LANGTON  1933Wandsworth, Surrey, England F70333
13 TANNER / ARCHER  27 May 1903Wandsworth, Surrey, England F76672
14 TURNER / COOPER  Between Jul and Sep 1954Wandsworth, Surrey, England F79721
15 TURNER / HAYNES  Dec 1929Wandsworth, Surrey, England F65334