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State/Province : Latitude: 38.0667, Longitude: -78.5833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON-LEWIS, Unknown  UNKNOWNVirginia, USA I102127
2 BAILEY, Viola Ann  3 Mar 1908Virginia, USA I120364
3 BELDA, Francis Antonio  Abt 1911Virginia, USA I94657
4 BELDA, Mary B  7 Dec 1909Virginia, USA I94656
5 BELDA, Thomas Edward  1 Sep 1913Virginia, USA I94658
6 CHAMBERS, George Washington  15 Apr 1824Virginia, USA I66486
7 CHAMBERS, Levi  Abt 1811Virginia, USA I113029
8 CHEW, Emily Amelia  Abt 1804Virginia, USA I102397
9 COLEY, Albert  1810Virginia, USA I89227
10 CRAFT, Mary Ann  1816Virginia, USA I93845
11 CROOK, Griffin  Abt 1794Virginia, USA I118355
12 DAVIS, Mary  Abt 1742Virginia, USA I113531
13 ETZ, Alean F  Abt 1915Virginia, USA I71595
14 ETZ, F.J.   I71586
15 ETZ, Frederick Paul  22 Sep 1919Virginia, USA I71580
16 ETZ, Helen Agnes  1 Jul 1917Virginia, USA I84900
17 ETZ, Louise Isadora  Abt 1916Virginia, USA I71592
18 ETZ, Nannie  Mar 1887Virginia, USA I71596
19 ETZ, Pauline Rose  1 Sep 1914Virginia, USA I84899
20 FERGUSON, Sarah Susan  Abt 1795Virginia, USA I82682
21 FREEMAN, John  1835Virginia, USA I104478
22 GOODIN, Lydia  4 Mar 1791Virginia, USA I79086
23 GORE, Greene  Abt 1816Virginia, USA I113525
24 GREEN, Mary  1819Virginia, USA I95295
25 HAMMOND, Martha  1765Virginia, USA I102448
26 HENDERLIGHT, John  Abt 1822Virginia, USA I120028
27 HINDERLEITER, Isaac G.  Jun 1797Virginia, USA I120030
28 HITT, Eliza Ann  Abt 1818Virginia, USA I122177
29 HIXSON, Benjamin  Abt 1824Virginia, USA I122178
30 HIXSON, Flora Katherine  11 Sep 1859Virginia, USA I122173
31 HODGES, George Matthew  15 Apr 1912Virginia, USA I120412
32 HOGAN, Alfred Phillip  17 Aug 1915Virginia, USA I120378
33 HOGAN, Eula Ann  11 Jan 1914Virginia, USA I120374
34 HOGAN, George Robert  8 Dec 1882Virginia, USA I120391
35 HOGAN, William Garvin  17 Dec 1908Virginia, USA I120367
36 HUSSER, Catherine  1813Virginia, USA I92653
37 HUTTS, Joseph  1798Virginia, USA I82681
38 ISAACS, Annie  Abt 1876Virginia, USA I120435
39 ISAACS, Eliza M  Abt 1874Virginia, USA I120434
40 ISAACS, Gee  Sep 1883Virginia, USA I120437
41 ISAACS, John W  Abt 1869Virginia, USA I120433
42 ISAACS, Laura B  Abt 1868Virginia, USA I120432
43 ISAACS, Nancy  Abt 1880Virginia, USA I120436
44 JARRELL, Emily  1833Virginia, USA I113518
45 JARRELL, James Simeon  Abt 1713Virginia, USA I113529
46 JARRELL, Preston  1826Virginia, USA I113517
47 JOHNSON, Fleming C  Apr 1846Virginia, USA I118236
48 JOHNSON, Sarah Jane  12 Feb 1836Virginia, USA I92805
49 KELLER, Lloyd Gordon  29 Jul 1926Virginia, USA I71342
50 KENT, J W  Abt 1858Virginia, USA I93860
51 KENT, John W  Abt 1816Virginia, USA I93858
52 KESSLER, Adrian Thornley  10 Feb 1870Virginia, USA I93903
53 KESSLER, Barnett  Abt 1849Virginia, USA I93864
54 KESSLER, Benjamin  29 Feb 1852Virginia, USA I93866
55 KESSLER, Catharine E  Abt 1852Virginia, USA I93849
56 KESSLER, Charles N  Sep 1868Virginia, USA I93902
57 KESSLER, Christian Whitfield  14 Nov 1853Virginia, USA I93896
58 KESSLER, Daniel H.  16 Feb 1805Virginia, USA I93885
59 KESSLER, Ferdinand H  Nov 1850Virginia, USA I93893
60 KESSLER, Francis Clare  Aug 1847Virginia, USA I91070
61 KESSLER, Gross Lamb  6 Jan 1814Virginia, USA I92334
62 KESSLER, Lavinia  Abt 1855Virginia, USA I93897
63 KESSLER, Loren Lee  1861Virginia, USA I93900
64 KESSLER, Lucinda  Abt 1852Virginia, USA I93894
65 KESSLER, Madora E  Abt 1855Virginia, USA I93868
66 KESSLER, Mary M  Abt 1847Virginia, USA I93847
67 KESSLER, Missouri  Abt 1859Virginia, USA I93899
68 KESSLER, Nancy J  Abt 1844Virginia, USA I93846
69 KESSLER, Sarah Catherine  6 Mar 1846Virginia, USA I93892
70 LANDES, Daniel Crotzer Stover  1807Virginia, USA I102909
71 LAWRENCE, Matilda  Between 1780 and 1791Virginia, USA I82684
72 LESUEUR, Carrie Etta  1 Sep 1901Virginia, USA I114300
73 LUCAS, Charles Henry  20 Feb 1861Virginia, USA I122172
74 LUCAS, William  Feb 1813Virginia, USA I122176
75 LUCAS, William Benjamin  11 Jan 1898Virginia, USA I122160
76 MANLEY, E.   I73326
77 MANLEY, M.   I71341
78 MARTIN, Charles B  7 May 1822Virginia, USA I114079
79 MASON, Lucy  1799Virginia, USA I82680
80 MASON, Oliver Luther  14 Mar 1878Virginia, USA I79895
81 MCCLUNG, Ernest Linwood  1868Virginia, USA I122267
82 MCKEE, Sophia  12 Aug 1834Virginia, USA I102468
83 MEDLIN, Margret  Abt 1825Virginia, USA I120029
84 MURRAY, Martha Elizabeth  Sep 1825Virginia, USA I90936
85 MURRAY, William B  6 Aug 1817Virginia, USA I98423
86 OLIVER, Mary  Abt 1824Virginia, USA I93852
87 OLIVER, Minerva Ann  7 May 1825Virginia, USA I93863
88 PADGETT, Jonathan Greenville  1791Virginia, USA I79085
89 PATTERSON, Robert  1813Virginia, USA I102916
90 PEARCY, Spicey  UNKNOWNVirginia, USA I120031
91 PENNINGTON, Nancy  Abt 1790Virginia, USA I118356
92 PETTY, Malvinia  Abt 1828Virginia, USA I122179
93 POLLARD, Parthena  1832Virginia, USA I89228
94 PRATT, Priscilla  Abt 1765Virginia, USA I82676
95 RIFE, Marvin Ray  20 Jan 1927Virginia, USA I120471
96 ROBERTSON, James Robert  22 Dec 1802Virginia, USA I121945
97 SAMUELS, Lewis M.  20 Jul 1807Virginia, USA I118452
98 SELLERS, John A  11 Jul 1809Virginia, USA I98646
99 SEXTON, Lola  Abt 1878Virginia, USA I107157
100 SHAFFER, Sarah  1808Virginia, USA I85908

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CADE, Major  1825Virginia, USA I70636
2 CADE, Moses  1850Virginia, USA I70592
3 CHISOM, Betty Joyce  2 Apr 2020Virginia, USA I120333
4 CHISOM, Dale Eric  7 Oct 2020Virginia, USA I120328
5 ETZ, Otto Charles  21 Apr 1971Virginia, USA I71227
6 HIXSON, Flora Katherine  13 Jan 1930Virginia, USA I122173
7 HODGES, Betty Jean  17 Mar 2020Virginia, USA I120407
8 HOGAN, Bernice Gladys  2020Virginia, USA I120336
9 HOGAN, Dora Gracie  21 Oct 2017Virginia, USA I120387
10 ISAACS, Daisy Lee  9 Dec 1927Virginia, USA I120431
11 KESSLER, Adrian Thornley  29 Mar 1879Virginia, USA I93903
12 KESSLER, Catherine Ann  8 Jul 1841Virginia, USA I100474
13 KESSLER, Sarah Catherine  4 Mar 1847Virginia, USA I93892
14 MANLEY, Marian  11 Dec 2015Virginia, USA I71256
15 MILTON, Barbara Ann  21 Jul 2002Virginia, USA I120377
16 POTEAT, Eliza  Abt 1885Virginia, USA I99520
17 PUCKRIN, James  1949Virginia, USA I107609
18 QUESENBERRY, Lucy Jane  Abt 1902Virginia, USA I71940
19 SIMPKINS, Richard  DECEASEDVirginia, USA I73441
20 TURNER, Lucilla  25 Jan 1966Virginia, USA I104591
21 UNKNOWN, Catherine  1807Virginia, USA I72627

Immigration: Arr.

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration: Arr.    Person ID 
1 DREXLER, Mary Anna  1884Virginia, USA I71204
2 ETZ, Barbara  1884Virginia, USA I71217
3 ETZ, Catharina  1884Virginia, USA I71221
4 ETZ, Clara  1884Virginia, USA I71597
5 ETZ, Joseph Thomas  1884Virginia, USA I71203
6 ETZ, Mary Elizebeth  1884Virginia, USA I71222
7 ETZ, Theresa Ellen  1884Virginia, USA I71223


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 ETZ, Fritz Vincente  1883Virginia, USA I71205


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 JAMERSON, D.   I114304
2 LEWIS, K.   I94631


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANGLIN / GATES  1740Virginia, USA F24379
2 JAMERSON / LESUEUR  Abt 1919Virginia, USA F72326
3 KESSLER / WALLACE  7 Sep 1830Virginia, USA F27693
4 QUESENBERRY / COX  Abt 1820Virginia, USA F24834
5 SIMPKINS / QUESENBERRY  Abt 1861Virginia, USA F25445