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South Australia, Australia

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South Australia, Australia
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State/Province : Latitude: -34.21, Longitude: 138.3721


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Malcolm George  28 Jun 1912South Australia, Australia I124681
2 AINSLIE, George Douglas  1920South Australia, Australia I59706
3 AMES, Rosella Jane  17 Sep 1886South Australia, Australia I110493
4 ARTHUR, Keith  1920South Australia, Australia I59374
5 BARGWANNA, Amelia  9 Mar 1875South Australia, Australia I127359
6 BATES, Eleanora  12 Nov 1857South Australia, Australia I125234
7 BEATTIE, Alexander Falconer  15 Oct 1929South Australia, Australia I59704
8 BEATTIE, Robin McDonald  17 Jun 1940South Australia, Australia I128875
9 BENNIER, Gilbert Stanley  15 Aug 1929South Australia, Australia I91037
10 BENNIER, James  4 Feb 1855South Australia, Australia I17126
11 BETTS, Edith  1866South Australia, Australia I25466
12 BLIGHT, Edith Annie  12 Jun 1891South Australia, Australia I71573
13 BOULT, Herbert  30 Jun 1882South Australia, Australia I94611
14 BRIDGEMAN, Bertha  26 Dec 1875South Australia, Australia I80222
15 BROGDEN, Tracy Helen  3 Nov 1959South Australia, Australia I76902
16 BUTLER, Cora Gertrude  25 Feb 1901South Australia, Australia I73351
17 CAMPBELL, Archibald  20 Oct 1845South Australia, Australia I61565
18 CAWTHORNE, Doris Flora  23 Jun 1909South Australia, Australia I82074
19 CHAMPION, Mary  1855South Australia, Australia I130412
20 CHIDZEY, Stella Marion  1886South Australia, Australia I23732
21 CLOHESSY, Stephen John  11 Jul 1890South Australia, Australia I10424
22 COLE, Alice Maud  1882South Australia, Australia I39656
23 COLLINS, John  16 Dec 1842South Australia, Australia I41430
24 COOK, Enid Pearl  28 Dec 1909South Australia, Australia I70735
25 COSH, Edward Warren  9 Sep 1924South Australia, Australia I4162
26 CURTHOYS, Charles Victor  1880South Australia, Australia I33174
27 CURTIS, William John Henry  UNKNOWNSouth Australia, Australia I39307
28 DAHLITZ, Joyce  UNKNOWNSouth Australia, Australia I42631
29 DAVIS, Walter James Pickman  17 Apr 1872South Australia, Australia I59854
30 DAVIS, William John  15 Oct 1907South Australia, Australia I43587
31 DEEBLE, Ida  24 Apr 1894South Australia, Australia I17703
32 DENMAN, Olive May  1908South Australia, Australia I134681
33 DOOLEY, Mary Ann  1865South Australia, Australia I29204
34 DRENNAN, Lucas Arnold  24 Jul 1906South Australia, Australia I65178
35 DRENNAN, Thomas Everard  27 Oct 1900South Australia, Australia I65176
36 DURBIN, Ivy  25 Jun 1933South Australia, Australia I115274
37 EASTWELL, Esther  20 Dec 1851South Australia, Australia I3683
38 EASTWELL, George  Dec 1847South Australia, Australia I3681
39 EASTWELL, Hanna Frances  UNKNOWNSouth Australia, Australia I3687
40 EASTWELL, Mary Anne  UNKNOWNSouth Australia, Australia I3685
41 EASTWELL, Sarah  5 Aug 1849South Australia, Australia I3682
42 EDWARDS, Eleanor  1857South Australia, Australia I21820
43 FISCHER, Raymond John  8 Jun 1944South Australia, Australia I106628
44 FISHER, Alfred Samuel  15 Mar 1854South Australia, Australia I4121
45 FISHER, James  5 Feb 1852South Australia, Australia I4119
46 FLEET, John  1860South Australia, Australia I25414
47 FOSTER, Eileen Annie  Between 1907 and 1916South Australia, Australia I72147
48 FOSTER, Elsie May  1910South Australia, Australia I72149
49 FRANCIS, Johanna  2 Apr 1869South Australia, Australia I88408
50 FRANCIS, Kenneth Allen Keith  24 Jul 1928South Australia, Australia I18654
51 FRANKLIN, Leslie Harold  1910South Australia, Australia I123534
52 FURZE, Keith Alfred  26 Jun 1921South Australia, Australia I80940
53 GATES, James Uraidla  31 Jan 1872South Australia, Australia I23697
54 GIBBONS, Constance Rose  1871South Australia, Australia I66588
55 GIBBS, William  11 Feb 1859South Australia, Australia I123532
56 GILL, John Allan  6 Aug 1878South Australia, Australia I34939
57 GILL, John Henry  17 Nov 1848South Australia, Australia I34817
58 GILL, Olga Marie  Abt 1879South Australia, Australia I45779
59 GINBEY, David William  21 Aug 1882South Australia, Australia I93212
60 GODFREY, Emily  1899South Australia, Australia I48938
61 GODFREY, Grace  1891South Australia, Australia I48933
62 GOODMAN, Martha  15 Jun 1851South Australia, Australia I73879
63 GOULD, Ilma Maidment  30 Jan 1904South Australia, Australia I17780
64 GREEN, Eva Malver  3 Nov 1912South Australia, Australia I91788
65 GRIGG, Josiah  2 Nov 1878South Australia, Australia I79820
66 GUNN, Nesta Ruby  3 Jan 1930South Australia, Australia I44105
67 HABY, Anna Pauliene  20 May 1854South Australia, Australia I17134
68 HALL, Martha Hannah  10 Jan 1890South Australia, Australia I91036
69 HARDING, Rita Doris Emily  6 Mar 1899South Australia, Australia I114443
70 HARMAN, Francis Theobald  1860South Australia, Australia I27722
71 HARTE, Norah Agnes  1878South Australia, Australia I71985
72 HAYDEN, William Francis  16 Jan 1899South Australia, Australia I63160
73 HENEKER, Harold Claude  Abt 1917South Australia, Australia I35971
74 HESELTINE, Florence Mary Banna Tyne  4 Jun 1881South Australia, Australia I123939
75 HODGE, Evelyn Mavis  21 Jan 1907South Australia, Australia I130425
76 HOLDERNESS, Roma May  12 Mar 1936South Australia, Australia I40162
77 HOLMES, Pamela Robina  19 Apr 1935South Australia, Australia I91038
78 HORDACRE, Oswald Edmund  12 Jul 1881South Australia, Australia I123399
79 HOUSTON, Meena  UNKNOWNSouth Australia, Australia I101084
80 HUNT, Henry William  20 Dec 1879South Australia, Australia I129650
81 INNES, Helen Caldwell  22 Oct 1889South Australia, Australia I110492
82 JAKOBSSON, Greta Jean  1933South Australia, Australia I115248
83 JAKOBSSON, Victor Eric  1925South Australia, Australia I115246
84 JAMES, Lucy Emma  29 Oct 1853South Australia, Australia I38137
85 JEFFERY, Valma Dawn  1935South Australia, Australia I87321
86 JOHNS, Desmond Ernest  12 Mar 1934South Australia, Australia I120565
87 KEALLEY, Thomas  28 May 1854South Australia, Australia I44073
88 KING, Dorothy Helen  6 Oct 1909South Australia, Australia I110490
89 LAMB, Gereldene  5 May 1937South Australia, Australia I135334
90 LANNAN, Eileen Grace  7 Jan 1915South Australia, Australia I132932
91 LARKIN, Francis William  12 Oct 1876South Australia, Australia I125230
92 LEANEY, Joan Marion  31 Jul 1915South Australia, Australia I98242
93 LEGGETT, Alice Amelia Ann  1861South Australia, Australia I90107
94 LEHMANN, William George  18 Jan 1917South Australia, Australia I44407
95 LEWIS, James Sinclair  15 Mar 1915South Australia, Australia I121295
96 MARTIENSEN, Phyllis May  29 Aug 1906South Australia, Australia I109338
97 MCGILVRAY, Albert  28 Mar 1891South Australia, Australia I124678
98 MCMAHON, Annie Ethel  3 Jul 1881South Australia, Australia I81795
99 MEDLEN, Ellen  UNKNOWNSouth Australia, Australia I39308
100 MERRITT, George  Abt 1868South Australia, Australia I93421

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 LOXTON, Beatrice Margaret  29 Oct 1907South Australia, Australia I4865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 AMES, Rosella Jane  16 May 1965South Australia, Australia I110493
2 ARBON, Betsy  4 Aug 1849South Australia, Australia I27066
3 BALDOCK, Sarah  5 Jul 1946South Australia, Australia I110101
4 BALLINTYNE, Annie  21 Mar 1954South Australia, Australia I32942
5 BARGWANNA, Amelia  13 May 1875South Australia, Australia I127359
6 BARGWANNA, Henry  19 Feb 1966South Australia, Australia I127360
7 BAYFIELD, Mary  9 May 1891South Australia, Australia I39159
8 BEATTIE, Robert Thomas  27 Aug 1953South Australia, Australia I63108
9 BEDFORD, Edward William Hayley  16 Jan 1968South Australia, Australia I101771
10 BELL, Reginald Arthur  15 Jun 1966South Australia, Australia I125375
11 BELL, Reginald William  18 Nov 1995South Australia, Australia I125376
12 BENNIER, Ann Maria Christinana  27 Nov 1925South Australia, Australia I17118
13 BERRYMAN, Samuel  1930South Australia, Australia I73059
14 BLIGHT, Edith Annie  28 Oct 1955South Australia, Australia I71573
15 BLUCHER, Ronald Ernest  22 Mar 2007South Australia, Australia I82759
16 BOCKELBERG, Olga Fedora  11 Oct 1985South Australia, Australia I85477
17 BOTTRELL, Mahala  3 Oct 1943South Australia, Australia I77652
18 BOWDEN, Charles Wesley  11 Nov 1967South Australia, Australia I105832
19 BRADSHAW, Leslie Amos  1965South Australia, Australia I51526
20 BROOME, Maude Amy  1922South Australia, Australia I96013
21 BROWN, Edward John  23 Jun 1999South Australia, Australia I21204
22 BURGESS, Edward Robert  19 Sep 1934South Australia, Australia I20924
23 BURGESS, Margaret Matilda  1971South Australia, Australia I20923
24 CAMERON, Ross Claude  6 Aug 2007South Australia, Australia I115297
25 CAMPBELL, Archibald  24 Jan 1879South Australia, Australia I61565
26 CARTER, Hilda Blanche  17 Jun 1979South Australia, Australia I94734
27 CAVENETT, Mary Ann  14 Aug 1849South Australia, Australia I70336
28 CHISHOLM, Annie Martha  Abt 1950South Australia, Australia I133111
29 CLEGGETT, Friend  3 Oct 1923South Australia, Australia I59629
30 COLLINS, Mary  1893South Australia, Australia I41432
31 COOK, Alfred Edward  3 Mar 1973South Australia, Australia I9182
32 COOK, Gordon Thomas  18 May 1981South Australia, Australia I9202
33 COOPER, Emmie Bevan  3 Dec 1975South Australia, Australia I126748
34 CRAIG, Mary  5 Jan 1934South Australia, Australia I123064
35 CROSBIE, John Leon  7 Feb 1932South Australia, Australia I46494
36 CURNOW, Elizabeth Emma  25 Oct 1950South Australia, Australia I127748
37 CUSHION, Alexander  1964South Australia, Australia I90282
38 DAWSON, Margaret  25 Oct 1928South Australia, Australia I95316
39 DE GRUCHY, Constance Elizabeth  2 Apr 1991South Australia, Australia I25342
40 DEVOYE, Mary Ann  13 Aug 1887South Australia, Australia I64521
41 DOWLING, Mary Ellen  5 Aug 1958South Australia, Australia I125374
42 DOWSETT, Martha  16 Aug 1992South Australia, Australia I50115
43 DOYLE, Lucy  23 Jul 1890South Australia, Australia I40626
44 DRENNAN, Lucas Arnold  27 Jul 1906South Australia, Australia I65178
45 DUNN, John Charles  Between 1951 and 1955South Australia, Australia I110497
46 DURBIN, Ivy  4 Jul 2006South Australia, Australia I115274
47 DURYEA, Edwin Richard  30 Nov 2009South Australia, Australia I120114
48 EASTWELL, Mary Anne  20 Aug 1939South Australia, Australia I3685
49 EDWARDS, Selina  1865South Australia, Australia I71547
50 ELLIOTT, Victor William  27 Jun 1989South Australia, Australia I110489
51 EVANS, Bettye  7 Nov 2009South Australia, Australia I82758
52 EVANS, Winifred  25 Dec 1966South Australia, Australia I81788
53 EVANS, Winifred Fairy  1 Apr 1954South Australia, Australia I66068
54 FARMER, James  9 Aug 1883South Australia, Australia I4924
55 FEAST, William Henry  23 Mar 1956South Australia, Australia I107613
56 FIELD, John Samuel  Between Jan 1916 and 1925South Australia, Australia I118677
57 FISHER, George Andrew Athol  Abt 1954South Australia, Australia I34311
58 FISHER, Harriet  27 Apr 1885South Australia, Australia I66201
59 FLAVEL, Thomas  6 Dec 1911South Australia, Australia I41185
60 FROST, John William  21 May 1963South Australia, Australia I73117
61 GALBRAITH, Cyril Roy  DECEASEDSouth Australia, Australia I38658
62 GARDINER, Caroline Teresa  31 May 1906South Australia, Australia I47734
63 GARNISH, Harriet  1974South Australia, Australia I121627
64 GEPP, William Anthony  1902South Australia, Australia I52362
65 GILL, Eliza Jane  1 Apr 1931South Australia, Australia I34815
66 GILL, George  13 Sep 1935South Australia, Australia I34902
67 GILL, George Albert Morgan  11 Jul 1953South Australia, Australia I85476
68 GILLMAN, Alfred Claude  1920South Australia, Australia I64369
69 GILLMAN, Edna May  7 Aug 1971South Australia, Australia I64367
70 GILLMAN, Louis Peter  1992South Australia, Australia I64368
71 GILLMAN, Richard Arthur  28 Apr 1967South Australia, Australia I64364
72 GORDON, Herbert Arthur  1970South Australia, Australia I19644
73 GRANGE, William Richard  12 Jul 1952South Australia, Australia I135467
74 GRAVES, Eva Amy  1934South Australia, Australia I4149
75 GRAYSON, Reginald Carnegie  1964South Australia, Australia I71798
76 GREEN, Eva Malver  3 Apr 1982South Australia, Australia I91788
77 GRIGG, Ivan Josiah  3 Nov 1998South Australia, Australia I79821
78 GRIMWOOD, Edith May  23 Jan 1973South Australia, Australia I35973
79 GROSE, Alice Maud  12 Aug 1970South Australia, Australia I108888
80 GROWDEN, George  19 Aug 1876South Australia, Australia I51376
81 HAINES, Daphne Myrtle  19 Jan 1998South Australia, Australia I9183
82 HALL, Martha Hannah  6 Sep 1966South Australia, Australia I91036
83 HANRETTY, Stephen Daniel  28 Jul 1953South Australia, Australia I53894
84 HARMAN, John  26 Jun 1899South Australia, Australia I27527
85 HARPER, Evelyn Daisy  13 May 1995South Australia, Australia I87554
86 HARRISON, Claude Reed  1948South Australia, Australia I79838
87 HASKARD, Samuel Goss  27 Sep 1966South Australia, Australia I42635
88 HASTINGS, Ann  27 Nov 1934South Australia, Australia I13648
89 HAY, Charles Willfred  4 Apr 1946South Australia, Australia I108886
90 HEAD, Alfred Harry  2002South Australia, Australia I56803
91 HEADDEY, Elizabeth Harriet  1932South Australia, Australia I111292
92 HEALLEY, Stewart Norman  16 Mar 2019South Australia, Australia I98342
93 HELPS, Stephen  3 Jul 1887South Australia, Australia I4215
94 HENEKER, Harold Claude  6 Dec 1977South Australia, Australia I35971
95 HENEKER, Jack Grimwood  4 Jul 1975South Australia, Australia I36014
96 HENEKER, John Edward  13 May 1942South Australia, Australia I35967
97 HODGES, Robert  5 Feb 1908South Australia, Australia I73663
98 HORNSBY, Gertrude May  2 Sep 1958South Australia, Australia I114439
99 HOUSE, Sylvia Jean  29 Aug 2014South Australia, Australia I98341
100 HUCKS, Frederick Thomas John  12 May 1961South Australia, Australia I28975

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 BOSANKO, Lancelot Claud  22 Jan 1912South Australia, Australia I80359

Birth Record

Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 BLACKWOOD, Reginald Erskine  1907South Australia, Australia I76915
2 BOSANKO, Lancelot Claud  1910South Australia, Australia I80359
3 BUTLER, Raymond Mortimer  1870South Australia, Australia I41181
4 CAVENETT, Elizabeth  1 Apr 1845South Australia, Australia I67304
5 DUNN, Mavis Evelyn Elsie  Between 1914 and 1916South Australia, Australia I127265
6 EASTWELL, William  1868South Australia, Australia I3663
7 EDESON, Elsie Jean  1910South Australia, Australia I60007
8 EGEL, Albert Syril  1907South Australia, Australia I52580
9 GILLMAN, Alfred Claude  1920South Australia, Australia I64369
10 GILLMAN, Edna May  1911South Australia, Australia I64367
11 GILLMAN, Eugene Florence Ella  1909South Australia, Australia I64366
12 GILLMAN, Helen Laura  1907South Australia, Australia I64365
13 GILLMAN, Lawrence Victor  1921South Australia, Australia I64370
14 GILLMAN, Louis Peter  1915South Australia, Australia I64368
15 GREEN, Clarice May  1905South Australia, Australia I28489
16 GREEN, George Harrison  1902South Australia, Australia I28490
17 GREEN, Joseph Lindsay  1901South Australia, Australia I28491
18 GRIMWOOD, Edith May  1893South Australia, Australia I35973
19 GRIMWOOD, James  1862South Australia, Australia I35974
20 HENEKER, Jack Grimwood  1914South Australia, Australia I36014
21 HOCKING, Ethel Linda  1910South Australia, Australia I61705
22 LOXTON, Beatrice Margaret  Between 1907 and 1916South Australia, Australia I4865
23 NICOLSON, Margaret  1858South Australia, Australia I27149
24 RETALLACK, Claude Thomas  1900South Australia, Australia I27259
25 ROWE, George William  1918South Australia, Australia I53232
26 SIMEON, Letitia Lavinia  1882South Australia, Australia I33781
27 SIMPSON, Eileen Norah  1892South Australia, Australia I75724
28 SIMPSON, Grace Lillian  1895South Australia, Australia I75726
29 SWANN, Emma Hughes  1856South Australia, Australia I33965
30 SWANN, John Edward  1860South Australia, Australia I33964
31 SWANN, Sarah  1854South Australia, Australia I33956
32 TORR, Barbara Montrose  1918South Australia, Australia I36536
33 TORR, Graham Montrose  1921South Australia, Australia I31070
34 TORR, John Sampson  1863South Australia, Australia I36534
35 TORR, Kenneth Montrose  1890South Australia, Australia I31135
36 TORR, Shirley Constance  1920South Australia, Australia I36537
37 UNDERDOWN, William Kyle  1922South Australia, Australia I4167
38 WATTERS, James  28 Dec 1869South Australia, Australia I16958
39 WATTERS, Margaret Louisa  13 Jul 1873South Australia, Australia I27528
40 WATTERS, William John  6 Dec 1875South Australia, Australia I583


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CHALLEN, Mary Ann  1 Jan 1841South Australia, Australia I3716
2 SHERWELL, Fanny  1 Jan 1841South Australia, Australia I3680
3 SHERWELL, George  1 Jan 1841South Australia, Australia I23636
4 SHERWELL, Stephen  1 Jan 1841South Australia, Australia I23637
5 SHERWELL, Stephen Levett  1 Jan 1841South Australia, Australia I3715
6 SHERWELL, William  1 Jan 1841South Australia, Australia I13735

Death Record

Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 BEATTIE, Robert  1963South Australia, Australia I59703
2 BLACKWOOD, Reginald Erskine  1969South Australia, Australia I76915
3 BOSANKO, Lancelot Claud  1912South Australia, Australia I80359
4 BRADY, Colin James  1957South Australia, Australia I58109
5 CAVENETT, Frederick John Simpson  1950South Australia, Australia I61488
6 CLARKE, Christopher  1928South Australia, Australia I79297
7 DAVIE, Silas  1944South Australia, Australia I64373
8 DAVIS, Walter James Pickman  1944South Australia, Australia I59854
9 FRANCIS, John Andrew  1939South Australia, Australia I43533
10 GILLMAN, Richard Arthur  1967South Australia, Australia I64364
11 GREEN, John Harrison  1952South Australia, Australia I28487
12 GRIMWOOD, Frederick  1891South Australia, Australia I35990
13 HAGGETT, Thomas George  1958South Australia, Australia I28492
14 HASKARD, Samuel Goss  1966South Australia, Australia I42635
15 HOFFMANN, Erwin Adolph  1967South Australia, Australia I25970
16 KELLY, Rosina  1937South Australia, Australia I64374
17 LOVEDAY, Howard Henry  1960South Australia, Australia I38467
18 MINCHAM, Edwin Robert  Between 1961 and 1963South Australia, Australia I27534
19 TREDREA, Stanley Gordon Trevithick  1950South Australia, Australia I30769
20 WARR, Elizabeth Martha  1970South Australia, Australia I28313
21 WHITE, John Bailey Gard  1946South Australia, Australia I77820
22 WHITEACRE, Lillian  1956South Australia, Australia I28976

Immigration: Arr.

Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration: Arr.    Person ID 
1 BASTARD, Thomas Banabus  Jul 1853South Australia, Australia I44324
2 BETTLES, Elizabeth Ann  1856South Australia, Australia I38571
3 BOSANKO, Henry  1854South Australia, Australia I80297
4 CHALLEN, Mary Ann  Between 1836 and 1840South Australia, Australia I3716
5 COLE, George  6 Jul 1839South Australia, Australia I34699
6 COLE, William George Cooper  6 Jul 1839South Australia, Australia I34697
7 COOK, Alfred Mobbs  1853South Australia, Australia I7386
8 DEW, Albert  19 Jan 1857South Australia, Australia I46916
9 DUTTON, Sarah Lee  1853South Australia, Australia I7387
10 ELLIOTT, Elizabeth Ann  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I70711
11 FOUNTAIN, James  Apr 1848South Australia, Australia I60298
12 HALL, Sarah  1839South Australia, Australia I32247
13 HASKARD, Thomas  Apr 1863South Australia, Australia I42639
14 HENRICKSON, Daniel  1883South Australia, Australia I49319
15 ISAAC, Elizabeth  Apr 1863South Australia, Australia I42640
16 MACPHERSON, Lachlan Wilson  1848South Australia, Australia I18492
17 PEAKE, John Innes  Abt 1850South Australia, Australia I53671
18 PERCY, Roger  1854South Australia, Australia I57738
19 PERRY, Elisa  1858South Australia, Australia I43121
20 SHERWELL, Fanny  Between 1836 and 1840South Australia, Australia I3680
21 SHERWELL, George  Between 1836 and 1840South Australia, Australia I23636
22 SHERWELL, Stephen  Between 1836 and 1840South Australia, Australia I23637
23 SHERWELL, Stephen Levett  Between 1836 and 1840South Australia, Australia I3715
24 SHERWELL, William  Between 1836 and 1840South Australia, Australia I13735
25 SINCOCK, James  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I67167
26 SINCOCK, James Alfred  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I67204
27 SINCOCK, John  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I67205
28 SINCOCK, Joseph John Vivian  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I67206
29 SINCOCK, Mary Ann  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I70708
30 SINCOCK, William  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I67202
31 STIRLING, William Matthew  1849South Australia, Australia I29245
32 TILLER, Richard  1839South Australia, Australia I32246
33 TIPPETT, Elizabeth  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I70713
34 TIPPETT, Mary Ann  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I67196
35 TIPPETT, Samuel  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I70712
36 TIPPETT, Samuel  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I70710
37 WORSTER, Elizabeth Lucy  Jul 1853South Australia, Australia I44325


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 FITZGERALD, Ann  Between 1872 and 1896South Australia, Australia I584
2 WATTERS, William John  Between 1875 and 1882South Australia, Australia I583


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Travel    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, John Paul  Nov 1904South Australia, Australia I33637


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ALLMOND / DEEBLE  1922South Australia, Australia F6899
2 ANDERSEN / DOWNES  UNKNOWNSouth Australia, Australia F5475
3 ATKINSON / HILL  14 Jan 1903South Australia, Australia F62192
4 BACKSHALL / MUNNS  1871South Australia, Australia F3234
5 BAILEY / BENNIER  19 Jan 1860South Australia, Australia F6743
6 BAILEY / CARTER  1895South Australia, Australia F61506
7 BATES / PARKER  19 Sep 1900South Australia, Australia F62290
8 BENNIER / HALL  15 Dec 1909South Australia, Australia F61397
9 BENNIER / HOLMES  23 Aug 1952South Australia, Australia F61398
10 BRADY / WELCH  1930South Australia, Australia F22023
11 BRAZIER / NORTON  19 Oct 1894South Australia, Australia F18325
12 BREWSTER / EDWARDS  9 Jan 1854South Australia, Australia F10850
13 BRINDAL / HURLEY  Abt 1882South Australia, Australia F65220
14 CAMPBELL / TONKIN  1935South Australia, Australia F75338
15 CARTWRIGHT / HERBERT  2 Jul 1960South Australia, Australia F73815
16 CORANI / FARMER  1982South Australia, Australia F12037
17 CURTHOYS / HAGGERTY  UNKNOWNSouth Australia, Australia F11331
18 CURTHOYS / MCLEAN  1878South Australia, Australia F11333
19 DALLOW / GREEN  26 Dec 1934South Australia, Australia F61732
20 DOBBINS / BEAGLEHOLE  3 Apr 1926South Australia, Australia F61328
21 DREW / LARDER  3 Nov 1852South Australia, Australia F9924
22 EGEL / GREGORY  21 May 1932South Australia, Australia F17790
23 EUSTICE / HUTCHINS  8 May 1876South Australia, Australia F69624
24 FRANKS / RISEBOROUGH  13 Oct 1869South Australia, Australia F7965
25 GROWDEN / MAYNARD  1844South Australia, Australia F17345
26 HABY / PAGE  26 Nov 1874South Australia, Australia F6536
27 HARRISON / RHODES  UNKNOWNSouth Australia, Australia F4563
28 HASKARD / BUTLER  18 Nov 1922South Australia, Australia F14088
29 HERBERT / CONROY  29 May 1884South Australia, Australia F5607
30 HOCKING / DREYER  6 Sep 1915South Australia, Australia F21239
31 HORNSBY / HARDING  28 Apr 1930South Australia, Australia F72371
32 HOUSTON / PURCELL  13 Aug 1906South Australia, Australia F66785
33 INNES / DUNOW  1882South Australia, Australia F77877
34 JOHNSTON / EASTWELL  13 Mar 1872South Australia, Australia F1797
35 JONES / SMITH  9 Feb 1863South Australia, Australia F29034
36 KIDMAN / BRAY  1920South Australia, Australia F75708
37 LANGE / ALLEN  25 Sep 1875South Australia, Australia F28392
38 MCDONALD / DEWAR  Between 1917 and 1927South Australia, Australia F5381
39 NAIRN / HALL  18 May 1933South Australia, Australia F6917
40 NETTLE / BOUCAUT  1 Mar 1930South Australia, Australia F23222
41 PADMAN / WADDELL  7 Feb 1880South Australia, Australia F59153
42 PASCOE / STEPHENS  24 Jul 1869South Australia, Australia F21143
43 PHILP /   Between 1917 and 1927South Australia, Australia F12872
44 RAWLINSON / ARTHUR  4 May 1935South Australia, Australia F77857
45 READE / TUCKER  1941South Australia, Australia F75363
46 REARDON / BENNIER  2 Apr 1890South Australia, Australia F9575
47 RICHTER / MARTIN  18 Oct 1931South Australia, Australia F9294
48 RYAN / GRAHAM  3 Jul 1889South Australia, Australia F58814
49 SCHUETZ / HARRISON  UNKNOWNSouth Australia, Australia F28006
50 SMITH / BARTLETT  UNKNOWNSouth Australia, Australia F59373
51 STEPHENSON / WHITFORD  5 Aug 1882South Australia, Australia F10126
52 TAPRELL / MACPHERSON  26 Apr 1847South Australia, Australia F14670
53 THOMPSON / MCARTHUR  Between 1928 and 1932South Australia, Australia F73652
54 THORNTON / FISHER  25 Jan 1890South Australia, Australia F17379
55 UNDERDOWN / CHALLINDER  30 May 1936South Australia, Australia F2050
56 VORWERK / BRAY  20 May 1930South Australia, Australia F75710
57 WARR / MOUNCE  Abt 1897South Australia, Australia F9912
58 WEBSTER / HARVEY  Abt 1872South Australia, Australia F30283
59 WHITING / MARTIN  4 Jun 1885South Australia, Australia F2043
60 WHITTLE / STUDSOR  14 Jul 1928South Australia, Australia F659
61 WRIGHT / SIMPSON  15 JunSouth Australia, Australia F14214