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Somerset, England

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Somerset, England
[Somerset] [England]

Latitude: 51.203, Longitude: -1.9596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Sarah  10 May 1842Somerset, England I88633
2 BANWELL, Charles  Abt 1819Somerset, England I106471
3 BANWELL, Charles  Abt 1850Somerset, England I106475
4 BANWELL, John  Abt 1847Somerset, England I106474
5 BARRETT, William Henry  Abt 1842Somerset, England I67326
6 BATTERSON, Henry  1816Somerset, England I79917
7 BOW, John  Abt 1766Somerset, England I85479
8 BURNETT, James  1825Somerset, England I13216
9 CAREY, Rachel  11 Jun 1787Somerset, England I38000
10 CHAMBERLAIN, Winifred  1797Somerset, England I18868
11 CLOSE, James  1834Somerset, England I88623
12 DAY, Ann  1824Somerset, England I55313
13 DENNIS, Lister  1831Somerset, England I69741
14 FLINDELL, Henry Conquer  1852Somerset, England I37245
15 GARRETT, Mary Jane  1850Somerset, England I110513
16 GOULD, Sarah Jane  1862Somerset, England I13517
17 HALL, Thomas  1838Somerset, England I102835
18 HARDING, Abraham  Between 1827 and 1841Somerset, England I49386
19 HEAL, Charles  1 Jun 1819Somerset, England I26654
20 HILL, John Giles  1810Somerset, England I9452
21 HOPKINS, Elizabeth Emily  Between 1907 and 1909Somerset, England I81125
22 HOWELL, John William  1826Somerset, England I90474
23 HUTCHINGS, Charles  1833Somerset, England I43130
24 JEANES, Eliza  1813Somerset, England I36099
25 JEANES, Frederick  30 Aug 1830Somerset, England I31094
26 JEANES, George  1823Somerset, England I36101
27 JEANES, Harriet Ann  21 May 1828Somerset, England I36104
28 JEANES, Thomas  1827Somerset, England I36102
29 JEANES, William  1817Somerset, England I36100
30 JONES, Abel Israel  Oct 1844Somerset, England I51087
31 JONES, Abraham  8 Sep 1826Somerset, England I51671
32 KEEN, Anthony Rowden  19 Apr 1836Somerset, England I69907
33 LITTLE, William  1825Somerset, England I36105
34 LOCK, Olive Blanche  1899Somerset, England I107898
35 LOCKYER, James  6 Jan 1805Somerset, England I51083
36 MASTERS, William  1821Somerset, England I82646
37 OFFER, Henry  Abt 1832Somerset, England I106611
38 PEDDLE, Jane  Abt 1767Somerset, England I85480
39 PERKINS, Ann  Between 1808 and 1810Somerset, England I8748
40 POOLE, Joseph  Abt 1796Somerset, England I102200
41 ROE, Helen Emily  18 Mar 1856Somerset, England I54738
42 SMITH, Mary Lucy  Abt 1860Somerset, England I23500
43 SNELLING, Sarah  1836Somerset, England I102556
44 SNOOK, John  14 Nov 1820Somerset, England I71692
45 STOKES, William  3 Aug 1827Somerset, England I12904
46 UNKNOWN, Mary  Abt 1819Somerset, England I106472
47 WEST, Samuel William  1829Somerset, England I88632
48 WHITCOMBE, William  28 Feb 1856Somerset, England I93205
49 WHITE, Sarah  Abt 1801Somerset, England I13516
50 WILKINS, Catherine  1828Somerset, England I82647
51 WILLIAMS, Adah  16 Aug 1829Somerset, England I14113


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BANWELL, Jeremiah  Between Apr and Jun 1844Somerset, England I106477
2 BANWELL, Robert  19 Feb 1884Somerset, England I106155
3 BENNETT, Thomas Alfred  Mar 1998Somerset, England I66178
4 BOWLES, Derek John  4 Aug 2004Somerset, England I96850
5 HEALE, Jane  Jan 1878Somerset, England I97919
6 HICKS, Mary  1844Somerset, England I106156
7 HOLE, Joyce  Apr 1858Somerset, England I107344
8 LEGGE, Percy Robert  Jan 2007Somerset, England I133860
9 LOCK, Olive Blanche  1974Somerset, England I107898
10 MILLARD, James  28 Jan 1856Somerset, England I97916
11 ORT, Mary Lily  Nov 1984Somerset, England I105803
12 PARKER, Frances  2 Nov 1881Somerset, England I93561
13 PERKINS, Ann  Jul 1880Somerset, England I8748
14 POOLE, Joseph  Dec 1871Somerset, England I102200
15 TANNER, Jessie Victoria  May 2006Somerset, England I135232
16 WILLIAMS, Mervyn John  1989Somerset, England I107897
17 WINN, Sarah  Mar 1914Somerset, England I106502


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 PERKINS, Ann  Somerset, England I8748
2 WESTERN, James  Somerset, England I8747


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 DYER / BROWN  1848Somerset, England F59433
2 GARRETT / CABLE  3 Dec 1848Somerset, England F74185
3 JEANES / BOBBET  4 Jun 1812Somerset, England F10750
4 MASTERS / WILKINS  5 May 1853Somerset, England F29094
5 NORVILL / HUSSEY  1928Somerset, England F65931
6 SHUTTLEWORTH / BRICKELL  24 Feb 1900Somerset, England F6582