Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

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Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
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Latitude: 53.3667, Longitude: -1.5


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, May  Abt 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117892
2 ANNAKIN, Kathleen  19 Jun 1886Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I37791
3 ANNAKIN, Maud Mary  Bef 31 Mar 1879Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I37789
4 ANNAKIN, Richard Edward  23 Mar 1884Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I37790
5 ASHFORTH, Jane Ellen  Abt 1879Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104582
6 AUSTIN, James  Abt 1853Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I79117
7 BELL, Gerald Spencer  16 Oct 1938Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I116566
8 BURGAN, Irene  5 Feb 1926Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I78190
9 BUTCHER, Annie  Abt 1897Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104569
10 BUTCHER, Ernest  Abt 1906Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104571
11 BUTCHER, Harry  6 Dec 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104558
12 BUTCHER, Hilda  Abt 1904Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104570
13 BUTCHER, Joseph York  Abt 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104568
14 BUTCHER, May  1912Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117577
15 BUTCHER, Percy John  1883Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104567
16 CARR, Elsie Elizabeth  1894Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I85397
17 CLARK, Harriet Zilah Dickinson  14 Mar 1850Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I85310
18 CLARK, Talbot Smith  1912Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89753
19 COOK, Roy  8 Jun 1930Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117893
20 DILLINGHAM, Shirley  12 Jun 1937Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I120217
21 DINNIGAN, James  Oct 1877Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I78188
22 DINNIGAN, William  24 Aug 1920Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I78189
23 DOUBLEDAY, William Collins  19 Oct 1883Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117310
24 DUNLOP, Irene  15 Dec 1921Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117597
25 DUNLOP, Jean  22 May 1929Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117594
26 DUNLOP, Muriel  Abt Nov 1933Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117598
27 FLAVELL, Clara L  23 Jun 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I106270
28 FLAVELL, Doris  14 Sep 1905Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89697
29 FLAVELL, John Herbert  Jun 1868Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I22987
30 FLAVELL, Lilian  17 Nov 1890Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89687
31 FLAVELL, William  10 Jul 1919Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89693
32 FRISBY, Sarah  Jan 1838Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I81581
33 FROST, James  Abt 1828Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I88801
34 FROST, Mary Ann  1860Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I88800
35 GREEN, Frank  27 Aug 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117578
36 GREEN, Frank  6 Jul 1939Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117579
37 HOLLAND, Annie Elizabeth  14 Dec 1905Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104561
38 HOLLAND, John Arthur  Abt 1879Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104581
39 IBBOTTSON, Winifred  1893Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89692
40 JACKSON, Roy A  28 Feb 1930Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I103625
41 KEMPSTER, Eliza Elizabeth  Mar 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89696
42 KENWORTHY, Harrriett  1829Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I15542
43 LAMBERT, Annie Elizabeth  25 Jan 1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117600
44 LAMBERT, Nellie Dale  6 May 1896Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117592
45 LAWRENCE, Doris Caroline  5 Oct 1897Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I77741
46 MACHIN, Mary J.  27 Aug 1823Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I73802
47 MARSDEN, Mary Ann  Oct 1844Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I73800
48 MCGEE, Hilda  1 Oct 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117312
49 MEEDS, John Herbert  29 Feb 1936Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89702
50 MEEDS, Mary E  25 Oct 1932Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89699
51 MEEDS, Wilfred  14 Apr 1904Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89698
52 MOORE, Ethel  10 Aug 1907Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I121607
53 NEWBOULD, Herbert James  9 Jul 1852Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I123233
54 OLDFIELD, Gladis  Abt 1910Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I108360
55 PARKIN, Lawrence  Sep 1886Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I87482
56 RAVEN, Evelyn Ernest  24 May 1889Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I123631
57 ROE, William  1856Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I108265
58 SHACKLETON, Elizabeth  1881Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I87390
59 SHACKLETON, George  Abt 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I87387
60 SHACKLETON, Harriet  Jul 1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I87386
61 SHACKLETON, John  Abt 1866Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I87388
62 SHACKLETON, Robert  Abt 1869Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I87389
63 SHACKLETON, Samuel  8 Mar 1878Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I81576
64 SHACKLETON, Sarah Ann  Abt 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I81582
65 SHACKLETON, William  Abt 1860Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I87385
66 STACEY, Willie  26 Dec 1892Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I96374
67 TINDALL, Sarah Elizabeth  Jan 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89686
68 WARD, Frederick  Abt 1868Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I113150
69 WHITE, Elizabeth  1883Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I78187
70 WHITE, William Henry  Abt 1853Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I78186


Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, May  Dec 1966Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117892
2 ADKINS, Roseanna  11 Oct 1967Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117309
3 ASHFORTH, Jane Ellen  Abt 1965Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104582
4 BELL, Ernest George  17 Jun 1964Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I116565
5 BETTS, John  1931Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I108234
6 BOSWELL, Elsie Mary  Jun 1994Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I93619
7 BROWN, Elizabeth  Jan 1872Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I88780
8 BURGAN, Irene  31 May 2009Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I78190
9 BUTCHER, Anne Louise  1886Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104564
10 BUTCHER, Henry Ezekiel  1917Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I39618
11 BUTCHER, May  28 Dec 1993Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117577
12 BUTCHER, Wilford York  26 May 1940Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104559
13 CARR, George Taylor  22 Feb 1909Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I88797
14 CARR, Henry Steel  16 Jan 1912Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I88798
15 CLARK, Talbot Smith  1987Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89753
16 COOK, Albert Henry  1954Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117891
17 COOK, Roy  20 Oct 2006Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117893
18 DINNIGAN, James  3 May 1948Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I78188
19 DINNIGAN, William  16 May 1997Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I78189
20 DOUBLEDAY, Benjamin Collins  31 Dec 1973Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117311
21 DOUBLEDAY, William Collins  21 Dec 1955Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117310
22 DUNLOP, Alfred  3 Feb 1940Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117593
23 DUNLOP, Irene  Jan 2001Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117597
24 DUNLOP, Jean  21 Nov 2005Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117594
25 DUNLOP, Muriel  Bef 16 Dec 1933Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117598
26 ELLISON, Hector  May 1990Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I93621
27 FLAVELL, John Herbert  Between Jan and Mar 1933Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I22987
28 FLAVELL, John William  Mar 1968Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89691
29 FLAVELL, Lilian  Oct 1985Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89687
30 FLAVELL, William  Jul 2002Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89693
31 FOX, Albert  15 Nov 1976Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I95634
32 FROST, Mary Ann  Mar 1936Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I88800
33 GAVINS, Eleanor  Bef 6 Feb 1918Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117591
34 GEE, John  1952Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I121825
35 GREEN, Frank  15 Feb 1977Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117578
36 GREEN, Frank  2007Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117579
37 HALL, Ralph  1859Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I88779
38 HARDY, Ann  1914Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I73047
39 HARDY, Catharine  18 Jun 1972Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I108244
40 HARDY, Frederick Alfred  Mar 1934Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I28400
41 HARROP, Kitty  Apr 1852Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I87382
42 HOLLAND, John Arthur  Abt 1920Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104581
43 HORTON, Mabel F F  Jun 1998Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I111364
44 LAMBERT, Nellie Dale  Between Jan and Mar 1962Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117592
45 MEE, Emma  Mar 1929Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I117864
46 MEGSON, Mary Ann  1906Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I22985
47 NEWEY, Faith Eliza  Oct 1989Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89690
48 NORTH, Joseph Walton  Sep 1918Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104583
49 NORTH, Rosa May Thornton  1 Jan 1947Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I104560
50 PARISH, Lily  Jun 1969Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I96563
51 SPENCER, Robert Thomas  Dec 1951Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I116563
52 THORPE, Clarissa  15 Feb 1962Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I121826
53 TINDALL, Sarah Elizabeth  Sep 1912Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89686
54 WALKER, Emma Hannah  1886Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I87380
55 WHITE, Elizabeth  Dec 1947Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I78187
56 WHITE, William Henry  Oct 1914Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I78186


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 USHER, Ellen Lavinia  18 Feb 1880Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I64813


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BULL / CLARK  21 May 1870Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F30243
2 BUTCHER / HOLLAND  29 Sep 1928Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F68312
3 DINNIGAN / WHITE  4 Aug 1902Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F27329
4 DOUBLEDAY / MCGEE  24 Dec 1933Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F73604
5 FLAVELL / IBBOTTSON  Dec 1918Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F60844
6 FLAVELL / MARTIN  26 Dec 1917Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F60845
7 FROST / SLACK  Oct 1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F60502
8 GEE / THORPE  Oct 1897Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F75496
9 GREEN / BUTCHER  1938Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F73728
10 HAGUE / DUNLOP  2 Apr 1949Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F73737
11 HARDY / CLARKE  Oct 1886Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F9892
12 HARRIS / VAUGHAN  29 Aug 1936Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F68782
13 HOLLAND / ASHFORTH  1897Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F68319
14 JACKSON / BROWN  Mar 1954Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F67878
15 LANDER / ASHTON  16 Nov 1946Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F28333
16 LOUGHTON / WALKER  18 Oct 1865Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F59242
17 MEEDS / FLAVELL  20 Aug 1927Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F60847
18 NEWEY / FLAVELL  9 Aug 1914Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F60843
19 SHACKLETON / FRISBY  Apr 1858Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F28676
20 SMITH / LITCHFIELD  12 Sep 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F30433
21 WHITE / HARDY  14 Jul 1872Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F27328