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Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

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Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
[Portsmouth] [Hampshire] [England]


City/Town : Latitude: 53.7333, Longitude: -2.15


Matches 1 to 53 of 53

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATKINS, George William  25 Aug 1897Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I42874
2 ATTRILL, Jacqueline Olive  22 May 1964Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I127664
3 BAKER, William John  Abt 1826Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I79680
4 BUFTON, Edward  1849Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15466
5 BUFTON, Elizabeth Mary  1847Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15465
6 BUFTON, Mary Anne  1844Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2412
7 BUFTON, Rachel  24 May 1843Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15464
8 BUFTON, William  Abt 1810Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15461
9 BUFTON, William  1839Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15463
10 BUTLER, Thomas  23 Apr 1789Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I42912
11 CLARKE, Ronald Edward  6 Jun 1891Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I49481
12 CROOK, Ann  17 Mar 1780Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I42913
13 DAVY, Emily Matilda  14 May 1876Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I122708
14 DYER, Robert Edwin  4 Mar 1936Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I121774
15 EASTON, George Alfred  Abt 1859Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I95284
16 FIELD, Yvonne Helen Jordan  4 Jun 1945Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I110582
17 GLAZBROOK, Mary Diana  1863Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I82472
18 GOWING, Lilly Rose  1882Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85739
19 GOWING, Thomas John  13 Aug 1838Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85740
20 HARDHAM, Caroline Charlotte  13 Jul 1896Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I123990
21 HULL, Michael John  6 Oct 1935Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I73207
22 LAMPERD, Mary Anne  1840Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I52940
23 LAVENDER, Eliza  2 Mar 1810Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85757
24 LEMMON, Frances Ellen  Sep 1862Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I123988
25 MALLINSON, Norman Courtney  22 Sep 1925Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I93586
26 MAPPLEBECK, Paul  22 Jul 1944Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85749
27 MCCOMAS, Elizabeth  1873Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I131475
28 MILLHAM, Charity J  Abt 1827Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I131993
29 NICHOLSON, Rosina Ann  Jun 1860Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I95285
30 OLDING, Ellen Mary  1850Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I103981
31 OLVER, Marion Eva  Jul 1913Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I78858
32 PELHAM, Douglas Nelson  25 Apr 1918Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I123577
33 POOLE, Sarah Ellen  14 Feb 1863Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I93593
34 RANCE, James  1850Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I103980
35 RICHARDS, Mary  1828Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I123996
36 ROBERTS, Erasmus  14 Oct 1825Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I114091
37 ROWE, Mary  25 Oct 1848Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I73726
38 SMITH, Kate Eliza  Abt 1848Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I98155
39 SMITH, Peter  Abt 1896Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I123989
40 SMITH, Thelma Caroline  15 Feb 1928Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I122354
41 ST CLAIR TRACY, Albert Edward  10 May 1937Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I93585
42 THREADINGHAM, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1824Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I79681
43 TOMES, George  1853Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85742
44 TOMES, Percival Leonard  1883Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85738
45 TOMES, Vera Gladys  1916Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85735
46 VERNON, Dorothy  19 Aug 1933Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I114211
47 VERNON, John Ernest  17 May 1903Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I114209
48 VERNON, Michael John  2 Apr 1932Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I114210
49 WARNER, Lesley Ann  16 Feb 1963Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I114644
50 WHEATCROFT, Charles Thomas  2 Jan 1887Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I110583
51 WHEATCROFT, James  Between 1859 and 1861Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I123987
52 WHITE, Lara Joy  24 Sep 1971Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I24910
53 WYATT, Sarah Eliza Matilda  25 Mar 1841Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85741


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BLACKMORE, Ivy M  Feb 1984Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I132127
2 BRADDY, Marian Ellen  Jan 1996Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I78222
3 BUTLER, Thomas  1 Jul 1859Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I42912
4 CHENERY, Albert Frank  Mar 1977Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I72954
5 CRESDEE, Bernard Reginald  1997Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I117614
6 DAVIS, Herbert J  2 May 1971Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I100894
7 FIELD, Yvonne Helen Jordan  Feb 1994Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I110582
8 GOWING, Lilly Rose  1947Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85739
9 GOWING, Thomas John  Sep 1885Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85740
10 HARDHAM, Caroline Charlotte  Jun 1970Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I123990
11 HARDHAM, Willis  Jun 1926Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I123991
12 HARE, Cordelia  Jan 1973Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I110578
13 HEARN, Rosina Maud  Jun 1991Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I84780
14 HICKS, James Edward  Dec 2001Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I84743
15 MALLINSON, Norman Courtney  May 1997Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I93586
16 MALLINSON, William Courtney  21 Jan 1954Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I93590
17 MOULD, William  1906Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I64630
18 PAFFORD, Amelia  Sep 1942Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I123992
19 POOLE, Sarah Ellen  Jun 1945Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I93593
20 RAPP, Lieselotte Maria  27 Apr 1998Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I93587
21 SHACKLETON, Leonard Rawsthorne  Jun 1993Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I83628
22 SMITH, Thelma Caroline  1 Jul 1990Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I122354
23 ST CLAIR TRACY, Albert Edward  2 Sep 2005Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I93585
24 STARES, Dora Blanche  17 Feb 1979Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I93591
25 STARES, Henry Churcher  6 Sep 1957Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I93592
26 TOMES, George  1916Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85742
27 TURNER, Harriet  1912Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I114523
28 UNKNOWN, Valerie  16 Feb 2017Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I131292
29 VERNON, Joseph  1922Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I114522
30 WALL, George  Jul 1978Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I110584
31 WHEATCROFT, Charles Thomas  21 Jun 1934Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I110583
32 WHEATCROFT, James  2 Mar 1931Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I123987
33 WYATT, Sarah Eliza Matilda  Between Dec 1910 and 1922Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I85741


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Crime    Person ID 
1 BUFTON, William  22 Sep 1850Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15461

Immigration: Dep.

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration: Dep.    Person ID 
1 ARCHMAN, Robert  27 Sep 1847Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77473
2 MOLSTER, Thomas  11 Feb 1849Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I17255
3 O'BRIEN, Thomas  13 May 1787Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I103295


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BOWLES / WHEATCROFT  Between Jan and Mar 1972Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F80174
2 BROWN / PHEASANT  27 Jun 1855Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F20747
3 BUTLER / CROOK  21 Feb 1820Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F14193
4 GOWING / WYATT  9 Oct 1865Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F30422
5 HARDAGE / O'DELL  Sep 1940Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F68907
6 HUTCHINGS / COOPER  15 Jun 1973Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F78690
7 MALLINSON / RAPP  5 Oct 1948Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F62478
8 MALLINSON / STARES  3 Apr 1912Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F62480
9 MAPPLEBECK / TOMES  Between Apr and Jun 1938Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F30419
10 SMITH / HARDHAM  Jun 1920Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F76451
11 ST CLAIR TRACY / MALLINSON  7 Apr 1972Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F62477
12 WALL / HARE  Apr 1962Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F70763
13 WHEATCROFT / HARE  Jan 1934Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F70762
14 WHEATCROFT / SMITH  Mar 1952Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F70775