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Ontario, Canada
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Latitude: 46.0215, Longitude: -81.739


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERS, John Frederick Raymond  29 Jul 1920Ontario, Canada I11445
2 ARMSTRONG, Ivan H  10 Feb 1914Ontario, Canada I11364
3 ARMSTRONG, Mary Jane Blair  10 May 1833Ontario, Canada I26064
4 ARMSTRONG, Norman  23 Jun 1920Ontario, Canada I11365
5 AVIS, Frank Frederick  Abt 1915Ontario, Canada I107638
6 BASTOW, Charles F  Aug 1857Ontario, Canada I79930
7 BURNS, Eleanor  24 Aug 1848Ontario, Canada I116947
8 COLE, Albert Eric Barrington  25 Mar 1935Ontario, Canada I103649
9 CROSSLEY, Francis Ewart  10 Jun 1881Ontario, Canada I90252
10 EPPLETT, Thomas Francis  12 Nov 1870Ontario, Canada I79483
11 FONGER, Bertha Elizabeth  2 Jan 1866Ontario, Canada I11437
12 GIBBS, Violet H  1888Ontario, Canada I11358
13 GRUBB, Jame Douglas  Abt 1910Ontario, Canada I111934
14 GRUBB, Riel  Abt 1878Ontario, Canada I111933
15 GRUBB, Ryall Arther  Abt 1911Ontario, Canada I111935
16 HAYES, William John  1888Ontario, Canada I77781
17 HEY, Gregory  1958Ontario, Canada I101254
18 HEY, Leonard Hiram James  1924Ontario, Canada I101252
19 HOGG, Annnetta  6 Feb 1899Ontario, Canada I26066
20 HOGUE, Leslie David  26 Aug 1909Ontario, Canada I26074
21 HOGUE, Mary Louisa  3 May 1901Ontario, Canada I26067
22 HOGUE, Wilfred Earl  23 May 1912Ontario, Canada I26073
23 LAMB, Alexander  Sep 1898Ontario, Canada I10998
24 LAMB, Ashton Charles  2 Aug 1915Ontario, Canada I11361
25 LAMB, Charles Thomas  16 Aug 1885Ontario, Canada I10993
26 LAMB, Earnest Gordon  Abt 1908Ontario, Canada I11036
27 LAMB, Margaret Irene  18 Jan 1910Ontario, Canada I11027
28 LAMB, Walter Percy  21 May 1906Ontario, Canada I11024
29 LAMB, William  1889Ontario, Canada I10992
30 LAWRENCE, John  Abt 1890Ontario, Canada I11369
31 LIVINGSTON, Margaret Theresa  14 Oct 1863Ontario, Canada I109410
32 MAYNARD, George  14 Sep 1834Ontario, Canada I72359
33 MCCAUGHAN, Angus  2 Sep 1858Ontario, Canada I117101
34 PRIESTER, Adam  1852Ontario, Canada I120919
35 RINGROSE, Alfred  1896Ontario, Canada I87580
36 ROUSE, Allyn  1873Ontario, Canada I89893
37 SHACKLETON, Fairlie Ann  1932Ontario, Canada I95598
38 STEPHENSON, George  Dec 1857Ontario, Canada I79489
39 SUMMERHAYES, Emma Mina  22 Dec 1863Ontario, Canada I10990
40 UNKNOWN, Louisa  1836Ontario, Canada I83776
41 WALLACE, D.   I31303
42 WALTON, Harold Frederick  27 Dec 1916Ontario, Canada I11431


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AVIS, Frank Frederick  5 Sep 1942Ontario, Canada I107638
2 BOWDEN, Mary Ann  15 Nov 1880Ontario, Canada I107916
3 BOWLER, Perle  1965Ontario, Canada I85322
4 BYRNE, John  18 Apr 1887Ontario, Canada I116948
5 CROSSLEY, Percival Frederick  24 Dec 1955Ontario, Canada I90253
6 ERWIN, Murray Winter  23 Feb 2003Ontario, Canada I97675
7 HODGSON, John  3 Jul 1898Ontario, Canada I117623
8 HONE, Ellen Elizabeth  8 Apr 1977Ontario, Canada I11337
9 HOOVER, David Wilmot  2 Jul 1958Ontario, Canada I111578
10 MCALLISTER, John  7 Dec 1890Ontario, Canada I116950
11 SCOTT, Theresa Catherine Marie  28 May 2003Ontario, Canada I103685
12 SUMMERHAYES, Donald Edgar  3 Jan 1973Ontario, Canada I11016


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ARMSTRONG, B.J.   I11690