Lambeth, Surrey, England

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Lambeth, Surrey, England
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Latitude: 51.5, Longitude: -0.1167


Matches 1 to 85 of 85

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATKINS, Elsie Florence  15 Apr 1910Lambeth, Surrey, England I122651
2 AVINS, Edward Walter  1836Lambeth, Surrey, England I63850
3 BEANEY, Frederick William  7 Jul 1906Lambeth, Surrey, England I118293
4 BEANEY, Louisa  3 Apr 1914Lambeth, Surrey, England I118305
5 BEANEY, Richard Sydney  1 Feb 1939Lambeth, Surrey, England I118309
6 BEESON, Emmanuel  Abt 1855Lambeth, Surrey, England I122624
7 BLACKMORE, Keith Owen  6 May 1922Lambeth, Surrey, England I93326
8 BOURTON, Mary Hannah Eliza  1872Lambeth, Surrey, England I53679
9 BRIDGER, John  1847Lambeth, Surrey, England I110390
10 BUCKLEY, Ellen  1850Lambeth, Surrey, England I54759
11 BURD, Elizabeth  1853Lambeth, Surrey, England I86004
12 BURD, George John  1825Lambeth, Surrey, England I86244
13 CARTER, Henry  13 Feb 1868Lambeth, Surrey, England I49599
14 CHALLIS, George Ward  11 Nov 1842Lambeth, Surrey, England I105507
15 CHAMBERS, Alice  27 Jul 1862Lambeth, Surrey, England I119435
16 CLARKE, William Greenwood  Jan 1881Lambeth, Surrey, England I84878
17 CLIFFORD, Frank Edgar Victor  28 Apr 1899Lambeth, Surrey, England I105926
18 COAKER, Christina Madeline  27 Dec 1898Lambeth, Surrey, England I4622
19 COKER, Harriet Hyman  12 Mar 1837Lambeth, Surrey, England I62685
20 COLLISON, Sarah Uranie  12 Jun 1876Lambeth, Surrey, England I91431
21 CORBY, Lilian Rose  27 Oct 1910Lambeth, Surrey, England I7630
22 CUMBER, Thomas John  10 Apr 1844Lambeth, Surrey, England I101851
23 EDMONDS, Sarah Emily  8 Jul 1921Lambeth, Surrey, England I82911
24 FOX, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1878Lambeth, Surrey, England I111076
25 GENNS, Martha  Jan 1839Lambeth, Surrey, England I84759
26 GODMAN, Edward Harry  29 May 1901Lambeth, Surrey, England I80215
27 GODMAN, Lawrence  19 Apr 1929Lambeth, Surrey, England I80216
28 GODMAN, Roy  6 May 1936Lambeth, Surrey, England I101942
29 GOODWIN, Jane  1841Lambeth, Surrey, England I76632
30 GREEN, Albert Arthur  11 Oct 1874Lambeth, Surrey, England I86486
31 GREEN, Albert James Herbert  1 May 1906Lambeth, Surrey, England I86479
32 GREEN, Patricia Maude  25 Oct 1914Lambeth, Surrey, England I68
33 GREEN, Westley Jack  25 Oct 1914Lambeth, Surrey, England I86488
34 HALES, Ellen Millicent  1897Lambeth, Surrey, England I36450
35 HARDING, Emma Elizabeth  Abt 1878Lambeth, Surrey, England I48495
36 HARLE, Leonard  Sep 1918Lambeth, Surrey, England I45773
37 HARLE, Reginald Frank  5 Apr 1911Lambeth, Surrey, England I9992
38 HOPKINS, Martha Ann  Abt 1818Lambeth, Surrey, England I122639
39 HUMBLE, Samuel Waller  Abt 1808Lambeth, Surrey, England I93506
40 HUMBLEY, P.A.   I80616
41 JACKSON, Stanley Edward  11 Oct 1884Lambeth, Surrey, England I120983
42 LAMBERT, Charles Henry  1866Lambeth, Surrey, England I110641
43 LAWRENCE, Susan Lily  18 Jun 1837Lambeth, Surrey, England I59902
44 LEDGER, Norman Bertram  11 Jul 1923Lambeth, Surrey, England I84354
45 LEE, Frederick Augustus  May 1815Lambeth, Surrey, England I432
46 LUCY, James Richard  20 Feb 1866Lambeth, Surrey, England I100543
47 MACHIN, Thomas Joseph  1 Oct 1849Lambeth, Surrey, England I121871
48 MEDLEY, Edith  1876Lambeth, Surrey, England I38561
49 MONGER, John Henry  21 Feb 1843Lambeth, Surrey, England I46320
50 MOORER, Alice  30 Jan 1911Lambeth, Surrey, England I97522
51 MOUL, Thomas Richard  1828Lambeth, Surrey, England I117857
52 MYERSON, Walter Laurance  20 Jun 1922Lambeth, Surrey, England I56052
53 O'BRIEN, John Patrick  17 Jan 1922Lambeth, Surrey, England I84151
54 O'BRIEN, Patrick Henry  24 Nov 1893Lambeth, Surrey, England I84155
55 PETCHE, Annie  Dec 1877Lambeth, Surrey, England I39632
56 PETCHE, Eliza  1835Lambeth, Surrey, England I39561
57 PETCHE, Eliza  24 Jun 1875Lambeth, Surrey, England I39630
58 PETCHE, Emily  Dec 1877Lambeth, Surrey, England I39631
59 PETCHE, Emma  Oct 1837Lambeth, Surrey, England I39562
60 PETCHE, Henry  1827Lambeth, Surrey, England I39566
61 PETCHE, Martha  1828Lambeth, Surrey, England I93657
62 PETCHE, Mary  1826Lambeth, Surrey, England I39559
63 PETCHE, Mary Ann  1840Lambeth, Surrey, England I39565
64 PETCHE, William  1831Lambeth, Surrey, England I39560
65 REYNOLDS, Lillian May  Between Apr 1885 and 23 Aug 1887Lambeth, Surrey, England I81043
66 RICKARDS, John William  1 Jan 1868Lambeth, Surrey, England I122056
67 ROCKSTRO, Richard  9 Feb 1858Lambeth, Surrey, England I80436
68 RUSSELL, Ethel Louisa Elizabeth  26 Jul 1887Lambeth, Surrey, England I71035
69 SAUNDERS, Marian  1840Lambeth, Surrey, England I93409
70 SCRIVENOR, Walter Scrivener  2 May 1829Lambeth, Surrey, England I48367
71 STEVENTON, Rosa  1 Mar 1882Lambeth, Surrey, England I122710
72 STEWART, Bernard John  19 Mar 1935Lambeth, Surrey, England I100023
73 SULLIVAN, Julia  1848Lambeth, Surrey, England I110391
74 TIDEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1800Lambeth, Surrey, England I91278
75 TOUSSAINT, Joan  1926Lambeth, Surrey, England I82907
76 TOUSSAINT, Patricia Jessie  7 Jul 1928Lambeth, Surrey, England I82909
77 WARD, Ben Christopher  8 Sep 1905Lambeth, Surrey, England I91361
78 WARD, Kenneth Arthur  Apr 1918Lambeth, Surrey, England I87375
79 WARD, Walter Cornelius  4 May 1866Lambeth, Surrey, England I80212
80 WARD, William Thomas  30 May 1864Lambeth, Surrey, England I111047
81 WATLING, John Morgan  7 Jul 1837Lambeth, Surrey, England I76631
82 WICKHAM, John Birdsie  19 Apr 1903Lambeth, Surrey, England I24324
83 WOODERSON, Charles  19 Dec 1800Lambeth, Surrey, England I75132
84 WORSTER, Elizabeth Lucy  Sep 1822Lambeth, Surrey, England I44325
85 WRIGHT, Emma  1809Lambeth, Surrey, England I116507


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, William Roocroft  1936Lambeth, Surrey, England I85915
2 BALLIN, John James Graham  23 Apr 1954Lambeth, Surrey, England I104203
3 BEANEY, Bernard  Nov 2000Lambeth, Surrey, England I118302
4 BEANEY, Frederick William  Dec 1945Lambeth, Surrey, England I118293
5 BEANEY, Richard William  21 Oct 1978Lambeth, Surrey, England I118304
6 BEANEY, William Herbert  21 Oct 1978Lambeth, Surrey, England I118303
7 BERWELL, Frances  10 Oct 1933Lambeth, Surrey, England I78941
8 COCK, Sarah  1 Dec 1904Lambeth, Surrey, England I101940
9 EVANS, Rosina  13 Feb 1922Lambeth, Surrey, England I28009
10 GIBBS, Rosa  24 May 1947Lambeth, Surrey, England I97344
11 GILL, Richard  12 Jun 1856Lambeth, Surrey, England I85257
12 GODMAN, Harry  Jun 1901Lambeth, Surrey, England I101937
13 GORDAN, Susannah  Jun 1879Lambeth, Surrey, England I45750
14 GORDON, Anne Elizabeth  Jun 1879Lambeth, Surrey, England I11059
15 HARLE, William Ewart  Mar 1916Lambeth, Surrey, England I45765
16 HILL, Rosina Sarah  1912Lambeth, Surrey, England I111459
17 KIRK, Sarah  1841Lambeth, Surrey, England I73788
18 KNAGGS, Elizabeth  Jan 1876Lambeth, Surrey, England I121869
19 MEDLEY, Edith  1918Lambeth, Surrey, England I38561
20 OVERTON, John Thomas  Apr 1915Lambeth, Surrey, England I97343
21 OVERTON, Robert  Apr 1871Lambeth, Surrey, England I97375
22 PETCHE, Adelaide Jane  13 Apr 1875Lambeth, Surrey, England I30815
23 PETCHE, George  23 Dec 1904Lambeth, Surrey, England I30813
24 PETCHE, John David James  Jun 1957Lambeth, Surrey, England I40649
25 ROBERTS, Ann Elizabeth  Jan 1874Lambeth, Surrey, England I119459
26 SCHMITT, Vester  Sep 1931Lambeth, Surrey, England I39715
27 SULLIVAN, Julia  Jan 1910Lambeth, Surrey, England I110391
28 SYKES, James  Mar 1854Lambeth, Surrey, England I73787
29 TIDEY, Elizabeth  26 Jan 1878Lambeth, Surrey, England I91278
30 WARD, James  11 May 1918Lambeth, Surrey, England I101939
31 WARD, Walter Cornelius  18 Oct 1928Lambeth, Surrey, England I80212

Birth Record

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 COSHAM, Hazel M.  Between Jan and Mar 1937Lambeth, Surrey, England I12217
2 HUMBLEY, P.A.   I80616
3 IVORY, K.W.   I78543
4 STEWART, Bernard John  Apr 1935Lambeth, Surrey, England I100023


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Daniel  1881Lambeth, Surrey, England I61224
2 ANDREWS, Daniel  1891Lambeth, Surrey, England I61224
3 CONLEY, Margaret  1881Lambeth, Surrey, England I77618
4 CONLEY, Margaret  1891Lambeth, Surrey, England I77618

Death Record

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 GORDON, Anne Elizabeth  Between Apr and Jun 1879Lambeth, Surrey, England I11059
2 PETCHE, Adelaide Jane  Between Apr and Jun 1875Lambeth, Surrey, England I30815
3 PETCHE, George  1904Lambeth, Surrey, England I30813


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNES / GIBBS  1 Aug 1917Lambeth, Surrey, England F70954
2 BASTARD / WORSTER  10 Aug 1840Lambeth, Surrey, England F14765
3 BLOOMFIELD / HUNT  27 Sep 1874Lambeth, Surrey, England F68636
4 BRADY / DUCK  1 Feb 1802Lambeth, Surrey, England F30050
5 BRIDGER / SULLIVAN  29 Jun 1868Lambeth, Surrey, England F70670
6 BRUCE / HARMER  18 Jun 1873Lambeth, Surrey, England F71019
7 CHAPMAN / HARLEY  6 Jul 1817Lambeth, Surrey, England F15096
8 CLIFFORD / NICHOLLS  7 Aug 1920Lambeth, Surrey, England F68813
9 CORBY / MEDLEY  3 Jul 1898Lambeth, Surrey, England F12558
10 GIBBONS / BROCKWELL  Mar 1884Lambeth, Surrey, England F14238
11 GODMAN / WARD  6 Jun 1928Lambeth, Surrey, England F28156
12 GREEN / BLATCH  21 Dec 1901Lambeth, Surrey, England F18981
13 GREEN / NEWBOULD  31 Jul 1902Lambeth, Surrey, England F58916
14 HARDING / HARRIS  19 Jan 1829Lambeth, Surrey, England F28525
15 HARLE / BUCKINGHAM  Oct 1909Lambeth, Surrey, England F15289
16 HARRIS / CLARK  24 Nov 1878Lambeth, Surrey, England F65398
17 HUMBLEY / OVERTON  29 Apr 1928Lambeth, Surrey, England F70950
18 LAMBERT / CAMPBELL  Between Apr and Jun 1917Lambeth, Surrey, England F62531
19 LAWRENCE / STANAWAY  31 Aug 1830Lambeth, Surrey, England F28526
20 LENO / JARVIS  9 Sep 1902Lambeth, Surrey, England F14617
21 LEWIS / WEBB  24 Oct 1920Lambeth, Surrey, England F28479
22 LUCK / CORR  24 Sep 1854Lambeth, Surrey, England F28061
23 MANN / MACE  2 Jul 1871Lambeth, Surrey, England F64231
24 MAYDWELL / SERGEANT  26 Apr 1816Lambeth, Surrey, England F283
25 MERRY / BUCKINGHAM  12 Jun 1920Lambeth, Surrey, England F15290
26 MIDDLETON / LUCAS  29 Mar 1902Lambeth, Surrey, England F71698
27 OVERTON / WORT  24 Aug 1851Lambeth, Surrey, England F65333
28 POTTER / METCALF  Jul 1894Lambeth, Surrey, England F64959
29 RUSSELL / BERRILL  Between Jul and Sep 1948Lambeth, Surrey, England F69111
30 TARLING / SCHMITT  Between Jul and Sep 1922Lambeth, Surrey, England F29205
31 WARD / COCK  8 Feb 1860Lambeth, Surrey, England F67174
32 WARD / HARVEY  26 Jun 1864Lambeth, Surrey, England F70941
33 WATLING / GOODWIN  7 Jul 1861Lambeth, Surrey, England F26706
34 WHITE / FOSTER  25 Aug 1833Lambeth, Surrey, England F14781
35 WHITE / UNKNOWN  1875Lambeth, Surrey, England F68446
36 WICKES / BROWNING  27 Aug 1843Lambeth, Surrey, England F61802