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Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

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Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
[Hawthorn] [Victoria] [Australia]

City/Town : Latitude: -37.8333, Longitude: 145.0333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOYD, Richard Thomas  19 Mar 1903Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I47007
2 DICKENS, Ernest Harold  1902Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I18538
3 FREE, Henry George  13 Sep 1854Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9432
4 GANNAWAY, Victor Ernest  1897Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I126625
5 HICKS, Agnes  1885Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I60761
6 HICKS, James  1887Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I60757
7 HOUSTON, Charlotte Jane  20 Aug 1859Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I55183
8 JEFFERY, Douglas Bruce  12 Nov 1923Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I131761
9 MCCALLUM, Charles Samuel Frederick  1889Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I93600
10 MCLAUGHLIN, Lucelle Isabella  1876Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I70362
11 O'LOUGHLIN, John Michael  1888Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I20545
12 ROGERS, Olive Irene  21 Aug 1912Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I42661
13 STATTON, Edward Daniel  21 Mar 1917Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I82247
14 VINCENT, Richard Paul  1889Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I93155


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Mary Lloyd  18 Feb 1932Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I117469
2 BIRT, Walter  1938Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I38012
3 COATES, Arthur  29 Aug 1945Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I120737
4 COLE, Harry Jessop  13 Jun 1948Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I60304
5 DOUGLAS, John Robertson  1 Apr 1976Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I131733
6 DUNBAR, Anne  9 Feb 1903Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I70081
7 EUSTICE, Clara Annie  4 Oct 1945Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I120736
8 FELLOWS, Lilian May  24 Feb 1919Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I107527
9 FISHER, Mary  17 Jul 1904Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4078
10 FITZPATRICK, Austin Everard  1966Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I33187
11 FLYNN, Mary  1916Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I26795
12 FREE, Myrtle Newryll  12 Dec 1965Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9539
13 FREE, William George  24 Aug 1901Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9425
14 GILCHRIST, Donald Edward  1981Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I7334
15 HALL, Eleanor Emily  15 Sep 1955Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I69871
16 HICKS, James  1906Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I60752
17 HILL, Charles Giles  14 Sep 1931Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I19264
18 HUNTER, Jane Pattison  22 May 1979Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I112667
19 JEFFERY, Arnold Vivian  3 Sep 1949Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I131759
20 MCCALLUM, Samuel Frederick  1921Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I100064
21 MILNER, Hannah  20 Jul 1945Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I44050
22 MONAGHAN, Mary Ann  3 Sep 1897Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I41731
23 MOULDER, Emily Euphemia  1930Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I70079
24 OVERSON, Harry James  1977Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I89092
25 PRISK, Grace Roberst  22 Nov 1937Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I45594
26 RANDALL, Margaret  27 Mar 1917Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I87647
27 RATCLIFF, Joshua  1932Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I70078
28 REYNOLDS, Alfred Linley  17 Dec 1943Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I69870
29 ROGERS, Jacob Henry  6 Oct 1923Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I45593
30 SCOVELL, Rose Ellen  30 May 1912Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I100065
31 SPURLING, Rebecca  1895Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I25354
32 SPURLING, William  1869Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I25353
33 THOMPSON, Albert Maurice  5 Aug 2003Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I73271
34 WATTERS, James  23 Sep 1926Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I67727


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BRADY / FEIL  11 May 1929Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia F22029
2 BRUNNEN / LEWIS  15 Apr 1914Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia F12343
3 DICKINS / FREE  16 Sep 1896Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia F4191
4 DRAKE-BROCKMAN / ANDREWS  9 Apr 1912Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia F19732
5 HUMPHRIES / MURRAY  10 Oct 1901Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia F2078
6 MCCALLUM / TREWHITT  11 Apr 1914Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia F62484
7 SALTMARSH / LING  14 Apr 1951Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia F25917
8 WARR / KING  21 Dec 1945Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia F10003