Hackney, Middlesex, England

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Hackney, Middlesex, England
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Latitude: 51.55, Longitude: -0.05


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADDIS, Harold  UNKNOWNHackney, Middlesex, England I120630
2 AGGUS, Henry Charles  Jul 1886Hackney, Middlesex, England I27017
3 ANDREWS, Elizabeth  1866Hackney, Middlesex, England I63239
4 AVIS, Edwin  Abt Feb 1848Hackney, Middlesex, England I108587
5 AVIS, Francis  Abt 1894Hackney, Middlesex, England I108594
6 AVIS, Henry Charles  1900Hackney, Middlesex, England I108582
7 COOK, Alice M  Abt 1894Hackney, Middlesex, England I81837
8 COXALL, Vera Irene Gwendoline  1896Hackney, Middlesex, England I26104
9 CRUMPTON, Mary  Abt 1844Hackney, Middlesex, England I58456
10 CRUTCHFIELD, Amelia  Bef 1 Oct 1826Hackney, Middlesex, England I114030
11 DAY, William R  Abt 1896Hackney, Middlesex, England I81841
12 HALL, Gladys Elizabeth  6 Mar 1898Hackney, Middlesex, England I86460
13 HEAD, William  Abt Apr 1864Hackney, Middlesex, England I45736
14 HICKMOTT, Eliza  26 Apr 1848Hackney, Middlesex, England I9346
15 HOWARD, Charles Robert  5 Nov 1840Hackney, Middlesex, England I54154
16 JONES, Thomas William  6 Jan 1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I88109
17 KEY, R.W.   I65743
18 MARFELL, Thomas Henry  19 Oct 1852Hackney, Middlesex, England I105787
19 MARSTON, Amelia Elizabeth  6 Jul 1892Hackney, Middlesex, England I105587
20 MURRELL, Fredrick Leonard  5 Nov 1903Hackney, Middlesex, England I9175
21 NEWLEY, Adelaide Rebecca  Abt 1904Hackney, Middlesex, England I120631
22 OWEN, Grace May Hearn  7 Jul 1925Hackney, Middlesex, England I121837
23 PORTSMOUTH, Albert William  25 Dec 1912Hackney, Middlesex, England I114016
24 PREEDY, Charles Edward  22 Oct 1861Hackney, Middlesex, England I63238
25 PREEDY, James Frederick  Sep 1886Hackney, Middlesex, England I74519
26 PREEDY, Jessie Elizabeth  4 Sep 1884Hackney, Middlesex, England I74518
27 RUTHERFORD, George  26 Mar 1790Hackney, Middlesex, England I43153
28 RUTHERFORD, Richard Hopwood  19 Nov 1833Hackney, Middlesex, England I34190
29 SIDEL, Edith Jessie  20 Apr 1880Hackney, Middlesex, England I88710
30 SMITH, Alfred Charles  22 May 1856Hackney, Middlesex, England I116561
31 STAPLEY, George Hebden  7 Nov 1886Hackney, Middlesex, England I74412
32 SUTHERLAND, Annie  4 Oct 1838Hackney, Middlesex, England I24849
33 TOLEMAN, C.   I81138
34 TOLEMAN, Norma Lesley  14 Aug 1948Hackney, Middlesex, England I81142
35 UNKNOWN, Alice  Abt 1862Hackney, Middlesex, England I110558
36 WORTHY, Edward  1904Hackney, Middlesex, England I78952


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 RUTHERFORD, Richard Hopwood  29 Oct 1834Hackney, Middlesex, England I34190


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AVIS, Henry  Abt Nov 1874Hackney, Middlesex, England I108589
2 BAIRSTOW, Mary  Apr 1877Hackney, Middlesex, England I105955
3 BELSHAH, Abdul Majid  23 Jun 1923Hackney, Middlesex, England I116459
4 BEST, Lucy Harriet  2 Mar 1932Hackney, Middlesex, England I105236
5 BOLT, Jessie Eleanor  Dec 1961Hackney, Middlesex, England I84441
6 BOYS, Rebecca  19 Dec 1885Hackney, Middlesex, England I104433
7 BRADDY, Nellie Maud  Mar 1930Hackney, Middlesex, England I78210
8 BRAID, William Charles  Mar 1927Hackney, Middlesex, England I116491
9 BROWNING, Lucy  3 Apr 1885Hackney, Middlesex, England I91953
10 BULL, John  30 Mar 1843Hackney, Middlesex, England I29644
11 BULL, Sarah  22 Apr 1930Hackney, Middlesex, England I76650
12 CHAPMAN, Alice Elizabeth  Dec 1918Hackney, Middlesex, England I78618
13 COCKERILL, Mary  Apr 1898Hackney, Middlesex, England I40427
14 DAWSON, Eliza Emma  Sep 1940Hackney, Middlesex, England I122524
15 DOVE, Charlotte  Dec 1909Hackney, Middlesex, England I117856
16 FINNEY, Sarah  11 Aug 1864Hackney, Middlesex, England I29645
17 GRAYLING, Caroline  Apr 1909Hackney, Middlesex, England I107637
18 GRIFFITH, Caroline  Sep 1906Hackney, Middlesex, England I118518
19 HAMBLIN, Lilian Gertrude  Dec 1975Hackney, Middlesex, England I82593
20 HEWITSON, Jane Elizabeth  1946Hackney, Middlesex, England I120639
21 JONES, George  1957Hackney, Middlesex, England I120638
22 JONES, Thomas  1966Hackney, Middlesex, England I120627
23 MERITON, Elizabeth  1857Hackney, Middlesex, England I78924
24 MORGAN, Alfred Arthur John  11 Feb 1948Hackney, Middlesex, England I84436
25 MORRIS, Frances Rosetta  Mar 1921Hackney, Middlesex, England I120633
26 MYLES, Sophia  1862Hackney, Middlesex, England I122448
27 NEWLEY, Arthur  13 Sep 1937Hackney, Middlesex, England I120632
28 SHACKLETON, Jonathan  Jun 1877Hackney, Middlesex, England I105954
29 STONE, Cecil John  1 Sep 1941Hackney, Middlesex, England I119766
30 THRING, William Barnes  Oct 1910Hackney, Middlesex, England I112200
31 WICKES, Henry Dew  3 Nov 1883Hackney, Middlesex, England I91954
32 YOUNG, Joseph John  Dec 1913Hackney, Middlesex, England I104944


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MERITON, Elizabeth  7 May 1857Hackney, Middlesex, England I78924
2 PERCY, Henry  1537Hackney, Middlesex, England I56155

Birth Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 BRADDY, Rachael Louise  Between Oct and Dec 1874Hackney, Middlesex, England I83488
2 FRICKER, Frederick Lacey Edward  Between Oct and Dec 1888Hackney, Middlesex, England I53817
3 SIDEL, Edith Jessie  Between Apr and Jun 1883Hackney, Middlesex, England I88710


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 COOK, Alice M  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I81837
2 COOK, Benjamin Frank  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I81831
3 COOK, Benjamin Frank  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I81831
4 COOK, John  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I81833
5 COOK, John  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I81833
6 COOK, Mary V  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I81839
7 COOK, Rebecca Caroline  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I81835
8 COOK, Rebecca Caroline  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I81835
9 COOK, Samuel Bertie  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I81836
10 COOK, Samuel Bertie  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I81836
11 COOK, William J  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I81843
12 DAY, William R  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I81841
13 UNKNOWN, Rebecca  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I81834
14 UNKNOWN, Rebecca  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I81834

Death Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 HAMBLIN, Lilian Gertrude  Dec 1975Hackney, Middlesex, England I82593


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADDIS / NEWLEY  Jul 1927Hackney, Middlesex, England F74995
2 BEGLEY / MCCANN  1878Hackney, Middlesex, England F21283
3 BEST / WICKES  25 Dec 1864Hackney, Middlesex, England F68549
4 DALY / PETCHE  1922Hackney, Middlesex, England F13363
5 DORE / BOYS  21 May 1839Hackney, Middlesex, England F68264
6 HARE / GENNS  10 Oct 1858Hackney, Middlesex, England F29994
7 HICKMOTT / GOLDSMITH  18 Jun 1848Hackney, Middlesex, England F3876
8 MIDDLETON / WHITEHEAD  1875Hackney, Middlesex, England F71697
9 MORGAN / DAVIES  18 Dec 1937Hackney, Middlesex, England F29851
10 NICHOLS / COOK  9 Sep 1905Hackney, Middlesex, England F28780
11 PREEDY / ANDREWS  28 Oct 1883Hackney, Middlesex, England F21852
12 SMITH / AVIS  30 Jul 1881Hackney, Middlesex, England F73251
13 WARR / GODFREY  UNKNOWNHackney, Middlesex, England F9993
14 WORTHY / LINCOLN  Dec 1926Hackney, Middlesex, England F27629