Doncaster, Yorkshire, England

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Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
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Latitude: 53.5333, Longitude: -1.1167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAINBRIDGE, Edward  Apr 1869Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I90810
2 CARR, George Taylor  14 Jul 1858Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I88797
3 DEAN, L.E.   I119720
4 DOBSON, George  Nov 1898Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I105668
5 DOBSON, Walter  Jul 1873Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I105667
6 EDWARDES, Douglas Henry  18 Feb 1932Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I108358
7 HARROP, Kitty  Abt 1801Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I87382
8 HIGGS, L.A.   I16744
9 HOBSON, Mary Shepherd  Abt 1849Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I10907
10 HODDER, Kenneth  9 Aug 1928Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I119719
11 HOUSLEY, William Edward  10 Aug 1923Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I117887
12 RICHARDSON, John  26 Oct 1857Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I78162
13 SHACKLETON, George  1837Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I81580
14 SHACKLETON, John  Abt 1800Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I87381
15 TAYLOR, Ann  Between 1831 and 1833Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I88799


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BERKELEY, Adrian Michael B  8 Jun 2015Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I89481
2 DOBSON, Walter  Dec 1956Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I105667
3 ELLIS, Hannah  Mar 1940Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I103261
4 FREE, Ronald Maxwell  Nov 1990Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I48591
5 HOUSLEY, William Edward  19 Nov 1980Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I117887
6 MEE, Elizabeth Anne  Jul 1977Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I117885
7 MELLOR, Arthur Sylvester  1954Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I100616
8 SMITH, Alan Arthur  25 Dec 2020Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I113075
9 TANNER, Olive Lilian May  Jul 1995Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I100615

Birth Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 DEAN, L.E.   I119720
2 HIGGS, L.A.   I16744
3 HODDER, Kenneth  Between Aug and Sep 1928Doncaster, Yorkshire, England I119719


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
2 DOBSON / MARFELL  Oct 1894Doncaster, Yorkshire, England F68703
3 FULLER / MELLOR  Sep 1942Doncaster, Yorkshire, England F67730
4 HOUSLEY / MEE  1 Mar 1920Doncaster, Yorkshire, England F73859
5 SHACKLETON / HARROP  15 Nov 1832Doncaster, Yorkshire, England F59243