Collingwood, Victoria, Australia

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Collingwood, Victoria, Australia
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Location : Latitude: -37.8, Longitude: 144.9834


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLENDER, Herbert Ernest  12 Jan 1903Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9548
2 ATKINS, George Henry  8 Aug 1877Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I59095
3 ATKINSON, John Percy  18 Nov 1879Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I92909
4 BARDSLEY, Sarah Jane  3 Sep 1856Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I81236
5 BLIGH, Ruby Alice  31 Oct 1898Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I50894
6 BRENNAN, Harold William  6 Apr 1898Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I72825
7 BURT, Ada Christina  30 Sep 1854Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I29412
8 CARROLL, Margaret Anne  19 Oct 1864Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I51616
9 CARTWRIGHT, Ivy Rose  22 Dec 1922Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I98089
10 CORRY, Henry Kingsley  1871Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I51744
11 CREASE, Rosamond  1871Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I68783
12 CREASE, Rosamond Mary  23 Sep 1871Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I80140
13 CREIGHTON, Sarah Jessie  1 Jul 1885Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I44448
14 CURRIE, Mary Ellen  9 Oct 1892Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I98093
15 CURTHOYS, Elsie Elizabeth  1885Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I29346
16 DIXON, Robert George  6 Mar 1854Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I59446
17 EARLE, Arthur Ernest  1869Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I31263
18 EARLE, Charlotte Lilley  1867Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I31261
19 FERNIE, Peter  12 Sep 1857Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I70166
20 FREE, Charles Daniel William John Michael  1897Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9449
21 FREE, Eva Joyce  28 Jan 1921Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I18607
22 FREE, George Robert  29 May 1911Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9475
23 FREE, Louisa Hannah Rhoda Rachel Bridget  1895Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9448
24 GALLAGHER, Florence May  1882Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I60258
25 GREY, Robert Wilfred  1888Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I60265
26 GUTHRIE, Alan Clifford  1893Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I96247
27 HAINES, William Stephen  1873Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I56324
28 HARRINGTON, Albert Lewis  1882Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I54476
29 HIGGS, Robert Arthur  18 Sep 1904Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9549
30 HOWATT, O.M.   I28505
31 HUMPHRIES, William John  Abt 1859Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I99699
32 JACKMAN, William Arthur  13 Jan 1890Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I91501
33 KIDD, Ann  1856Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I93118
34 LOBB, Alice Victoria  1887Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I49854
35 LUCAS, Ellen Jane  31 Aug 1869Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I95794
36 MATHER, Samuel William  26 Jan 1855Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I93987
37 MCKEE, David  2 Apr 1877Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I85813
38 MILLER, Elsie Elizabeth Rachel  28 Feb 1901Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9520
39 MILLER, George Leslie Muir  1899Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9519
40 MILLER, John Ormond  25 Apr 1874Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9455
41 MILLER, Omand John  1897Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9518
42 MUSGROVE, E.R.   I20261
43 NEWLANDS, Kenneth James  23 May 1930Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I18680
44 NORMOYLE, Margaret Helena  18 Jul 1891Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I91776
45 POWER, Sarah  7 Jun 1855Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I51912
46 PRENTICE, Sarah Anna  27 Apr 1862Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I73848
47 PURCELL, Alexander John  30 Mar 1862Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I81201
48 REABURN, Mary Jane  30 Dec 1866Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I91506
49 SPEDDING, Grace Lillian  7 Apr 1855Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I63956
50 STEWART, Nellie  7 Jul 1887Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I75592
51 STONE, Leo John  16 Dec 1922Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I98090
52 STONE, William Lesley  29 Jul 1892Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I98092
53 THOMPSON, Anne  21 Oct 1891Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I51624
54 THOMPSON, Louis  17 Aug 1855Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I42752
55 THOMPSON, Lydia  23 Oct 1889Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I51617
56 THOMPSON, Veronica  24 Jun 1896Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I51625
57 TICKELL, Elizabeth  11 Dec 1847Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I98587
58 TRENGOVE, Samuel  May 1888Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I94733
59 TYLEY, Alfred James  1857Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I47731
60 WILSON, Eva Maria  1881Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I18147
61 WILSON, Sylvie Victoria  24 May 1909Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9605


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AITKEN, Catherine  30 Apr 1899Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I91543
2 BLOOR, Frederick Charles  21 Jan 1988Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9547
3 CARROLL, Peter  29 Aug 1902Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I65248
4 CRAIG, Thomas Edward  1934Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I74408
5 CURRIE, Mary Ellen  15 Oct 1990Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I98093
6 CURTHOYS, Charles  1925Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I33166
7 FLAVELL, James  1885Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I39093
8 FREE, Queenie Victoria Harriette  1903Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9541
9 FREE, Samuel Charles  17 Apr 1922Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9444
10 GARDNER, Henrietta  10 Aug 1924Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I98084
11 GOLGERTH, Carl Herman Otto  16 Jan 1908Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I23322
12 HANNAH, John  1853Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I60534
13 HEPBURN, Ellen  10 May 1930Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I18142
14 KHULL, Edward  1884Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I15375
15 KUPSCH, Johann Christian  1882Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I27375
16 LEWIN, Christian  15 Dec 1857Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I85262
17 LUDLOW, Charles Edward  1 May 1919Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I98085
18 LUDLOW, John Henry  8 Nov 1919Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I98083
19 MILLER, Omand John  1898Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9518
20 MILLIGAN, Eliza Ann  5 Jul 1854Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I41744
21 MUIR, Eliza  1895Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I23321
22 RILEY, Alfred  1910Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I33221
23 STANDLEY, George McCarthy  1898Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I19032
24 STONE, Leo John  23 Nov 2018Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I98090
25 STONE, William Lesley  15 Jan 1959Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I98092
26 WILLCOCKS, May  1981Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I61688
27 WILSON, George  9 Mar 1930Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I18141
28 WILSON, George  Jul 1949Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9458


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 FREE, John  Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I9429


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLOOR / FREE  8 Feb 1921Collingwood, Victoria, Australia F4223
2 FERNIE / WATKINS  24 May 1887Collingwood, Victoria, Australia F24224
3 MEARS / SNOWDON  1856Collingwood, Victoria, Australia F27274
4 MILLER / MUIR  24 Mar 1863Collingwood, Victoria, Australia F4184
5 REEVES / EARLES  17 Aug 1940Collingwood, Victoria, Australia F58651
6 STONE / CURRIE  29 Dec 1917Collingwood, Victoria, Australia F65602