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Coburg, Victoria, Australia

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Coburg, Victoria, Australia
[Coburg] [Victoria] [Australia]

Latitude: -37.75, Longitude: 144.9666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COLLINGS, Herbert Cyril  1914Coburg, Victoria, Australia I94396
2 COSTELLOE, Jeanette  12 Aug 1928Coburg, Victoria, Australia I129646
3 EASTWELL, Heather Denise  18 May 1966Coburg, Victoria, Australia I51589
4 HULL, Ronald Mathieson  18 Jul 1922Coburg, Victoria, Australia I53647
5 JONES, Arthur Thomas  1 May 1876Coburg, Victoria, Australia I55988
6 KEARNEY, Julie Maree  25 May 1957Coburg, Victoria, Australia I99113
7 PYERS, Ralda  29 Oct 1908Coburg, Victoria, Australia I107113
8 SWAVER, Violet Marie  Abt 1920Coburg, Victoria, Australia I102844
9 WARR, Hastings Gilbert  1881Coburg, Victoria, Australia I28377
10 WILSON, Elsie  20 Apr 1925Coburg, Victoria, Australia I91171
11 WILSON, Ronald  Abt 1927Coburg, Victoria, Australia I91172


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 AVERY, Mary Dubray  1912Coburg, Victoria, Australia I112586
2 BARCLAY, Stanley Gordon  9 Jul 1968Coburg, Victoria, Australia I87872
3 BRADDY, Henry James  1981Coburg, Victoria, Australia I110995
4 BURNSIDE, Violet May  25 Jun 1935Coburg, Victoria, Australia I92996
5 COOK, Henry Michael  20 Feb 1949Coburg, Victoria, Australia I104000
6 CURTHOYS, Dorothy Maud  Jun 1972Coburg, Victoria, Australia I33190
7 DOHERTY, Charles Thomas  1962Coburg, Victoria, Australia I92976
8 DOHERTY, Julia Clarice May  14 Sep 2002Coburg, Victoria, Australia I133327
9 DOHERTY, William Edward  1964Coburg, Victoria, Australia I133324
10 FAWKES, Charles Walter George  1960Coburg, Victoria, Australia I9451
11 FORD, Lucy  1939Coburg, Victoria, Australia I38856
12 FREE, Lily Louisa  4 Sep 1961Coburg, Victoria, Australia I9445
13 HARGREAVES, Elizabeth Ellen  1916Coburg, Victoria, Australia I74871
14 HAWKINS, Tamson  1892Coburg, Victoria, Australia I112588
15 HEYLEN, Irene Adeline Sincere  12 Dec 2001Coburg, Victoria, Australia I101411
16 HOLDER, Emma Alicia  20 Mar 1961Coburg, Victoria, Australia I4139
17 HOOPER, Annie  7 Sep 1941Coburg, Victoria, Australia I94572
18 HOW, Martha Ellen  20 May 1941Coburg, Victoria, Australia I95715
19 INNES, James Malcolm E.  21 Dec 1892Coburg, Victoria, Australia I8855
20 MCQUIENN, Murdoch McLeod  1954Coburg, Victoria, Australia I33031
21 NEWTOWN, Mary Ann  1943Coburg, Victoria, Australia I87871
22 O'NEIL, Frances Herbert  May 1977Coburg, Victoria, Australia I67691
23 PEACH, Ernest Arthur  1994Coburg, Victoria, Australia I46804
24 REED, Joseph  1907Coburg, Victoria, Australia I112585
25 ROCHE, Grace  1970Coburg, Victoria, Australia I20245
26 SMITH, William Henry  1924Coburg, Victoria, Australia I98666
27 WILLIAMS, Agnes Eleanor  6 Feb 1962Coburg, Victoria, Australia I123104


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 DAWES, Margaret  27 May 1939Coburg, Victoria, Australia I35488
2 GOLGERTH, Newryll Florence  1948Coburg, Victoria, Australia I9456
3 PETTIT, David Allen  1934Coburg, Victoria, Australia I18670
4 PHILLIPS, Charles  12 Oct 1916Coburg, Victoria, Australia I35487
5 SHEPHERD, Ann Elizabeth  31 Mar 1900Coburg, Victoria, Australia I27377
6 YOUNG, Phyllis  30 Mar 1954Coburg, Victoria, Australia I41526


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 YOUNG / SHEPHERD  26 May 1851Coburg, Victoria, Australia F4183