Clunes, Victoria, Australia

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Clunes, Victoria, Australia
[Clunes] [Victoria] [Australia]


Latitude: -37.3, Longitude: 143.7834


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Ethel Claris  1894Clunes, Victoria, Australia I69947
2 ANDREWS, Reta May  1893Clunes, Victoria, Australia I62549
3 ANDREWS, Ruby Merle  1897Clunes, Victoria, Australia I69948
4 BLAIR, Robert  1864Clunes, Victoria, Australia I41120
5 BRUSASCHI, Peter Paul Ambrose  13 May 1871Clunes, Victoria, Australia I100008
6 CAMPBELL, Ada Florence  Between 1889 and 1891Clunes, Victoria, Australia I779
7 CULLEN, Sarah Ann  1864Clunes, Victoria, Australia I85285
8 DEVLIN, Agnes  Abt 1870Clunes, Victoria, Australia I45184
9 DONEY, Alfred  1878Clunes, Victoria, Australia I56922
10 DONEY, James Henry  1873Clunes, Victoria, Australia I56900
11 DONEY, John Thomas  21 May 1872Clunes, Victoria, Australia I56912
12 DONEY, Joseph  1876Clunes, Victoria, Australia I56921
13 DONEY, Martha Jane  1875Clunes, Victoria, Australia I56919
14 DONEY, Samuel  1871Clunes, Victoria, Australia I56911
15 EDWARDS, Catherine Agnes  21 Jun 1880Clunes, Victoria, Australia I99528
16 GORDON, James  1 Jan 1874Clunes, Victoria, Australia I14465
17 HARRISON, Elsie  22 Jun 1889Clunes, Victoria, Australia I75315
18 HOCKEY, Henry  20 May 1870Clunes, Victoria, Australia I56938
19 HOCKEY, Lottie May  1901Clunes, Victoria, Australia I92885
20 HOCKING, Benjamin Matthew  2 Apr 1871Clunes, Victoria, Australia I99541
21 HUMBLE, Frances Annie  2 Jan 1861Clunes, Victoria, Australia I104875
22 JAMES, Thomas Edwin  25 Aug 1885Clunes, Victoria, Australia I44967
23 KEMP, William Cowie  1882Clunes, Victoria, Australia I57953
24 MANN, Robert  1 Aug 1873Clunes, Victoria, Australia I56959
25 MARTIN, George Harrison  17 Dec 1888Clunes, Victoria, Australia I59685
26 MAYBERRY, Joseph John  1866Clunes, Victoria, Australia I41088
27 MCNICOL, William James  7 Jun 1870Clunes, Victoria, Australia I89074
28 MILLS, Lily Ada  19 Aug 1879Clunes, Victoria, Australia I56939
29 NOLAN, Charles Aloysious  Dec 1874Clunes, Victoria, Australia I56437
30 PARSONS, Henry Phillip  1866Clunes, Victoria, Australia I53057
31 PAULL, John Albert  1886Clunes, Victoria, Australia I49769
32 PERKINS, Alfred Charles Brooks  1874Clunes, Victoria, Australia I41025
33 RAYMOND, Elizabeth  Abt 1844Clunes, Victoria, Australia I85294
34 TOMS, James  1885Clunes, Victoria, Australia I54313
35 TREVENA, Elizabeth Maud Mary  19 Nov 1872Clunes, Victoria, Australia I96648
36 WEST, Sarah Eva May  31 Mar 1892Clunes, Victoria, Australia I96148
37 WILLIAMS, Alfred David  17 Mar 1889Clunes, Victoria, Australia I75314
38 WILLIAMS, Nannie Kent  31 Jul 1871Clunes, Victoria, Australia I73566


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Elizabeth  18 Feb 1907Clunes, Victoria, Australia I95350
2 BOULGER, Martha Ganges  1890Clunes, Victoria, Australia I58334
3 CARMICHAEL, Elizabeth  23 Sep 1907Clunes, Victoria, Australia I91487
4 GORDON, William  8 Jun 1902Clunes, Victoria, Australia I95349
5 HUMBLE, James  2 Nov 1881Clunes, Victoria, Australia I104876
6 PARSONS, Phillip  1894Clunes, Victoria, Australia I53058
7 SPARK, John  20 Apr 1917Clunes, Victoria, Australia I34313
8 TOOP, Elizabeth  1906Clunes, Victoria, Australia I53059
9 WORLEY, George  13 Jun 1881Clunes, Victoria, Australia I88787


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WHITEHILL, Ann  2 Oct 1878Clunes, Victoria, Australia I34310


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DONEY / PHILLIPS  1870Clunes, Victoria, Australia F19472
2 FERGUSON / KENDALL  24 Apr 1853Clunes, Victoria, Australia F16248
3 MCDONNELL / SPARK  7 Feb 1895Clunes, Victoria, Australia F11584
4 PHILLIPS / WILLIAMS  9 Jul 1894Clunes, Victoria, Australia F25497
5 SMITH / BARNES  23 Jan 1871Clunes, Victoria, Australia F65835
6 SMITH / HICKMOTT  25 Aug 1869Clunes, Victoria, Australia F18696