Stawell, Victoria, Australia

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Stawell, Victoria, Australia
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City/Town : Latitude: -37.05, Longitude: 142.7666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUBREY, Mary Ellen  1880Stawell, Victoria, Australia I52558
2 BAKER, Allan Lochiel  5 Aug 1885Stawell, Victoria, Australia I1492
3 BOEACK, Carl Frederick  20 Mar 1863Stawell, Victoria, Australia I38325
4 CARRA, Amy Edith  1897Stawell, Victoria, Australia I102143
5 CURRIE, Ellen Elizabeth  7 Apr 1894Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16355
6 EASTWELL, M.   I51588
7 GENDALL, Pearl Gordon  Abt 1891Stawell, Victoria, Australia I103711
8 GOLDSWORTHY, Reuben Alfred George  15 Apr 1892Stawell, Victoria, Australia I75523
9 GREEN, Kevin John  1897Stawell, Victoria, Australia I106926
10 HARRIS, James Arthur  11 Nov 1882Stawell, Victoria, Australia I81018
11 LODGE, Frank Spry  13 Jul 1887Stawell, Victoria, Australia I52748
12 MARROW, H.G.   I96630
13 MCDONALD, Winifred Elizabeth  1890Stawell, Victoria, Australia I89250
14 MCNEAL, Jessie  Abt 1873Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8617
15 MILLER, Clarence Raymond  1901Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8618
16 MILLER, Edith May  1 May 1881Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8645
17 MILLER, Edna May  16 Dec 1905Stawell, Victoria, Australia I69897
18 MILLER, Herbert Alfred Stawell  9 Sep 1911Stawell, Victoria, Australia I5181
19 MILLER, Leslie Charles  5 Sep 1920Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8636
20 MILLER, Reginald George  1903Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8620
21 MILLER, Richard Herbert  14 Jun 1878Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8405
22 MILLER, William Arthur  1899Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8619
23 MILLER, William Robert  1872Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8487
24 MITCHELL, A.L.   I97951
25 MITCHELL, B.K.   I97949
26 MITCHELL, Catherine  Abt 1962Stawell, Victoria, Australia I51903
27 MITCHELL, Edith Elsie  1898Stawell, Victoria, Australia I81350
28 MITCHELL, Eileen Bertha May  30 Sep 1924Stawell, Victoria, Australia I89662
29 MITCHELL, E.L.   I96629
30 MITCHELL, Joseph Laurence  14 Aug 1920Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16344
31 MITCHELL, J.J.   I97953
32 MITCHELL, K.R.   I96627
33 MITCHELL, M.P.   I97966
34 MITCHELL, R.T.   I54503
35 MITCHELL, Robert Keith  14 Aug 1923Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16345
36 REID, William Arnold Vivian  1877Stawell, Victoria, Australia I41776
37 RICKARD, Albert Laurence  16 Mar 1915Stawell, Victoria, Australia I93162
38 RICKARD, Edwin George  3 Apr 1905Stawell, Victoria, Australia I93167
39 RICKARD, William John  9 Feb 1903Stawell, Victoria, Australia I83324
40 ROSS, Frederick  Abt 1896Stawell, Victoria, Australia I68152
41 ROWE, Elizabeth Ann  1857Stawell, Victoria, Australia I5723
42 SCOTT, A.   I8996
43 SELKIRK, David  13 Aug 1882Stawell, Victoria, Australia I29951
44 SELKIRK, Eliza Isabella  1886Stawell, Victoria, Australia I29978
45 SELKIRK, Winifred  13 Jun 1880Stawell, Victoria, Australia I29949
46 WILLIAMS, Sarah Sadie  14 May 1891Stawell, Victoria, Australia I43104


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, George Edward  2 Sep 1968Stawell, Victoria, Australia I107594
2 BAKER, Edward Spink  1918Stawell, Victoria, Australia I27562
3 BANDY, Jessie Caroline  27 Jan 2017Stawell, Victoria, Australia I91005
4 BLAKISTON, Julia  1917Stawell, Victoria, Australia I44974
5 BURROWS, Isobel Margaret  11 Jan 2010Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16349
6 BUSSER, Grace  22 Dec 1915Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8720
7 COCKS, Jane Bennetta  1939Stawell, Victoria, Australia I104028
8 CROASDELL, Herbert Henry  2 Apr 1937Stawell, Victoria, Australia I81349
9 CROSS, William  6 Feb 1883Stawell, Victoria, Australia I104880
10 FLAVELL, Bertha May  4 Aug 1956Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8328
11 FLAVELL, Rachel Jane  6 Nov 1957Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8325
12 GLOVER, Jack Henry  22 Apr 2007Stawell, Victoria, Australia I89661
13 HALL, Martha Frances  4 Apr 1925Stawell, Victoria, Australia I39848
14 HAWES, John  23 Dec 1884Stawell, Victoria, Australia I39847
15 HONEYCHURCH, Jane  2 Dec 1898Stawell, Victoria, Australia I81857
16 HOWLETT, Leslie John  1976Stawell, Victoria, Australia I91006
17 MCBAIN, Louisa Margaret  1947Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16913
18 MILLER, Alfred Ernest  5 Jun 1964Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8652
19 MILLER, Laurance Arthur  1925Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8644
20 MILLER, Richard  2 Mar 1912Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8406
21 MINCHAM, Charles Frederick  May 1981Stawell, Victoria, Australia I81971
22 MITCHELL, Edith Elsie  29 Jun 1964Stawell, Victoria, Australia I81350
23 MITCHELL, Eileen Bertha May  6 Jan 2007Stawell, Victoria, Australia I89662
24 MITCHELL, John Kendall  1 Aug 1984Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16342
25 MITCHELL, Joseph Kendall  1 May 1971Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8348
26 MITCHELL, Joseph Laurence  Jan 1992Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16344
27 MITCHELL, Robert Keith  28 Aug 1946Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16345
28 MITCHELL, Thelma Mary Jean  10 Sep 1925Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16343
29 MITCHENER, Florence Euphemia Preston  3 Sep 1938Stawell, Victoria, Australia I91305
30 NORMAN, Gertrude Maude  19 Apr 1941Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16348
31 OLIVER, Christina Isobella Ann  18 Mar 1955Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8635
32 PARKS, Anne Nevison  18 Oct 1942Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8488
33 RADFORD, William  9 Feb 1913Stawell, Victoria, Australia I108000
34 RENFREY, Samuel Sparnell  23 Dec 1894Stawell, Victoria, Australia I43977
35 RICKARD, Edwin James  14 May 1943Stawell, Victoria, Australia I83360
36 RODDA, Elizabeth Ann  13 Apr 1885Stawell, Victoria, Australia I81855
37 RODDA, Nathaniel Paul  2 Dec 1888Stawell, Victoria, Australia I81856
38 SHEPHERDSON, William Mountford  1976Stawell, Victoria, Australia I41114
39 SMITH, Maria Elizabeth  13 May 1943Stawell, Victoria, Australia I83361
40 THOMPSON, Betty Wilson  11 Mar 2003Stawell, Victoria, Australia I77949
41 VIRGO, David John  18 Apr 1947Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16347
42 VIRGO, Muriel Jessie  9 Sep 1982Stawell, Victoria, Australia I16346
43 WATTERS, Joseph  29 Apr 1908Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8719
44 WILLOUGHBY, John  24 Dec 1884Stawell, Victoria, Australia I93503


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BUSSER, Grace  24 Dec 1915Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8720
2 WATTERS, Joseph  1908Stawell, Victoria, Australia I8719


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LEONARD, D.E.   I41232


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FLAVELL / CURRIE  28 Feb 1923Stawell, Victoria, Australia F3654
2 FLAVELL / ROWE  9 May 1876Stawell, Victoria, Australia F2704
3 MILLER / MCNEAL  1899Stawell, Victoria, Australia F3726
4 MITCHELL / BURROWS  Abt 1960Stawell, Victoria, Australia F6522
5 MITCHELL / VIRGO  24 Jul 1940Stawell, Victoria, Australia F6521
6 RANGOTT / WALSH  13 Jan 1891Stawell, Victoria, Australia F8231
7 RENFREY / GREADY  29 Sep 1884Stawell, Victoria, Australia F8856
8 RICKARD / SMITH  27 May 1901Stawell, Victoria, Australia F29387
9 SEABORN / WILLIAMS  26 Dec 1912Stawell, Victoria, Australia F14273
10 SPARK / TAYLOR  1880Stawell, Victoria, Australia F11594