Southwark, Surrey, England

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Southwark, Surrey, England
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City/Town : Latitude: 51.5, Longitude: -0.0833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ACKARY, Joshua George  1841Southwark, Surrey, England I45605
2 ASLETCLARK, Jessie Ann  Abt 1859Southwark, Surrey, England I97518
3 BARKER, Edwina Mary  15 Jul 1871Southwark, Surrey, England I66288
4 BASFORD, Eleanor  Abt 1874Southwark, Surrey, England I96068
5 BENSON, Frederick  1889Southwark, Surrey, England I108781
6 BERRILL, Peter  28 Jul 1878Southwark, Surrey, England I106667
7 BROOKS, Annie  3 Mar 1864Southwark, Surrey, England I94311
8 CHAPMAN, Thomas  1788Southwark, Surrey, England I45202
9 CUMBER, Charles Henry  25 Oct 1872Southwark, Surrey, England I101847
10 DIGMAN, Herbert  17 Sep 1884Southwark, Surrey, England I40660
11 DOBBINS, Irene Margaret  27 Jan 1925Southwark, Surrey, England I59632
12 ENGBARTH, Gertrude Miriam  17 Mar 1907Southwark, Surrey, England I106246
13 FISHWICK, George Alfred  27 Jan 1832Southwark, Surrey, England I106266
14 FOTHERGILL, Olive Madge  5 Sep 1898Southwark, Surrey, England I88149
15 GERMAIN, William Charles  5 Feb 1907Southwark, Surrey, England I51828
16 GOURIET, Louis Hamilton  22 Dec 1879Southwark, Surrey, England I102578
17 GRAVESTOCK, John  5 Aug 1855Southwark, Surrey, England I97486
18 HARDY, Francis Elizabeth  23 May 1851Southwark, Surrey, England I53351
19 HARE, Winifred Frances  1920Southwark, Surrey, England I84771
20 HARLEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1786Southwark, Surrey, England I45203
21 HICKS, Richard William  18 Nov 1861Southwark, Surrey, England I84756
22 HOWARD, Irene Violet  30 Jan 1923Southwark, Surrey, England I71055
23 JULIUS, Bernhard  1881Southwark, Surrey, England I98639
24 KAIN, William Charles Felix  30 Jul 1866Southwark, Surrey, England I85111
25 LEE, Q.   I40659
26 LIDDLE, Clarissa Elizabeth  Jul 1876Southwark, Surrey, England I85126
27 MARTIN, Winifred Kathleen  22 Jul 1899Southwark, Surrey, England I73780
28 MCCREADY, Mary Ann  1830Southwark, Surrey, England I63046
29 MONGER, Charles Samuel  13 May 1838Southwark, Surrey, England I46562
30 NEWBOULD, Frances Eleanor Maud  1879Southwark, Surrey, England I86487
31 ORCHARD, Bertha Louisa  1889Southwark, Surrey, England I102203
32 PERKINS, Herbert  13 May 1846Southwark, Surrey, England I79503
33 PETCHE, Caroline  Jun 1860Southwark, Surrey, England I30816
34 PETCHE, Dorothy Maud Rose  13 Dec 1895Southwark, Surrey, England I40652
35 PETCHE, Dorothy Susan  28 Aug 1900Southwark, Surrey, England I40654
36 PETCHE, Eliza Ann  1883Southwark, Surrey, England I40645
37 PETCHE, Elizabeth  1891Southwark, Surrey, England I40650
38 PETCHE, Ellen Ada  10 Apr 1903Southwark, Surrey, England I40656
39 PETCHE, George Richard Henry  25 May 1898Southwark, Surrey, England I40653
40 PETCHE, George Stanley  2 Jan 1907Southwark, Surrey, England I39681
41 PETCHE, Henry  10 Feb 1881Southwark, Surrey, England I39633
42 PETCHE, John David James  1889Southwark, Surrey, England I40649
43 PETCHE, Mary Ann Esther  1885Southwark, Surrey, England I40647
44 PETCHE, Sarah Jane  1885Southwark, Surrey, England I40648
45 PETCHE, Thomas William  31 Jan 1894Southwark, Surrey, England I40651
46 REYNOLDS, Emily  Apr 1852Southwark, Surrey, England I101850
47 SCHMITT, Amy  Abt 1882Southwark, Surrey, England I19816
48 SCHMITT, Catherine Florence  Jun 1884Southwark, Surrey, England I39710
49 SCHMITT, Edith  Abt 1888Southwark, Surrey, England I26831
50 SCHMITT, Eunice  25 Nov 1882Southwark, Surrey, England I814
51 SCHMITT, George  Abt 1894Southwark, Surrey, England I26838
52 SCHMITT, Lillie  Abt 1891Southwark, Surrey, England I26834
53 SCHMITT, Millie  Abt 1890Southwark, Surrey, England I26835
54 SCHMITT, Philip  Abt 1893Southwark, Surrey, England I26839
55 SCHMITT, William  24 Aug 1884Southwark, Surrey, England I26836
56 SUMPTON, Albert H.  Jan 1915Southwark, Surrey, England I40667
57 SUMPTON, E.F.   I40668
58 TERRETT, Ann Eliza  Oct 1888Southwark, Surrey, England I40662
59 WARD, Rose Charlotte Elizabeth  26 Feb 1927Southwark, Surrey, England I91362
60 WATLING, Joseph Charles  18 Feb 1868Southwark, Surrey, England I71063
61 WEBSTER, Alice Maud Mary  12 Jul 1862Southwark, Surrey, England I71068
62 WHITFIELD, Emily Louise  6 Dec 1872Southwark, Surrey, England I101848
63 WILLIAMSON, Benjamin  30 Oct 1901Southwark, Surrey, England I96063
64 WRIGHT, Edmund Richard  10 Apr 1816Southwark, Surrey, England I46853


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BULL, John  23 May 1890Southwark, Surrey, England I85311
2 CORNISH, Mary Ann  Dec 1909Southwark, Surrey, England I76644
3 HARE, John Curtis  Jun 1934Southwark, Surrey, England I84737
4 JULIUS, Bernhard  Mar 1910Southwark, Surrey, England I83292
5 LIGNOLA, Arcangela  Dec 1923Southwark, Surrey, England I105439
6 PETCHE, Dorothy Maud Rose  Jul 1897Southwark, Surrey, England I40652
7 RATCLIIFFE, Walter Thomas  Sep 1936Southwark, Surrey, England I78603
8 ROBB, Walter Thomas  Mar 1941Southwark, Surrey, England I41542
9 ROSE, John  4 May 1852Southwark, Surrey, England I101321
10 RUDLIN, James  23 Feb 1874Southwark, Surrey, England I86242
11 SAUNDERS, Mary Ann  1893Southwark, Surrey, England I86243
12 THOMPSON, Charles Robert  Jan 1883Southwark, Surrey, England I86127
13 WILLIAMSON, Benjamin  Jun 1973Southwark, Surrey, England I96063
14 YEO, John Thomas  21 Feb 1908Southwark, Surrey, England I76640

Birth Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 BERRILL, William George  Between Jul and Sep 1911Southwark, Surrey, England I106671
2 PETCHE, Caroline  Jun 1860Southwark, Surrey, England I30816
3 SCHMITT, Eunice  1883Southwark, Surrey, England I814


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 GOLSBY, Ada Louisa  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I73790
2 GOLSBY, Ada Louisa  1911Southwark, Surrey, England I73790
3 PETCHE, Richard  1861Southwark, Surrey, England I40641
4 PETCHE, Thomas  1861Southwark, Surrey, England I40642
5 PETCHE, Thomas  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I40642
6 PETCHE, William  1861Southwark, Surrey, England I40640
7 REDFERN, Ada  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I73791
8 REDFERN, Amelia  1911Southwark, Surrey, England I73796
9 REDFERN, Arthur Marsden  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I73779
10 REDFERN, Arthur Marsden  1911Southwark, Surrey, England I73779
11 REDFERN, Ethel Maud  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I73792
12 REDFERN, Ethel Maud  1911Southwark, Surrey, England I73792
13 REDFERN, Florence  1911Southwark, Surrey, England I73794
14 REDFERN, Gilbert  1911Southwark, Surrey, England I73797
15 REDFERN, Samuel  1911Southwark, Surrey, England I73795
16 REDFERN, Samuel Marsden  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I73789
17 REDFERN, Samuel Marsden  1911Southwark, Surrey, England I73789
18 SCHMITT, Amy  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I39716
19 SCHMITT, Catherine Florence  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I39710
20 SCHMITT, Ellen  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I39709
21 SCHMITT, Florina  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I39712
22 SCHMITT, Jessie  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I39714
23 SCHMITT, Maud  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I39711
24 SCHMITT, Peter  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I39708
25 SCHMITT, Vester  1901Southwark, Surrey, England I39715

Death Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 ROBB, Walter Thomas  Mar 1941Southwark, Surrey, England I41542


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADDISON / CORRY  28 Feb 1831Southwark, Surrey, England F17397
2 ADIE / SKINNER  6 Nov 1898Southwark, Surrey, England F112
3 ANDERTON / HARRISON  2 Aug 1903Southwark, Surrey, England F12730
4 BERRILL / QUICK  26 Aug 1900Southwark, Surrey, England F69110
5 BOSLEY / LIDDLE  23 Jan 1897Southwark, Surrey, England F30162
6 CATER / PETCHE  25 Dec 1906Southwark, Surrey, England F13362
7 DEARDS / PETCHE  11 Sep 1897Southwark, Surrey, England F12978
8 DIGMAN / PETCHE  16 Sep 1906Southwark, Surrey, England F13366
9 DURDEN / PETCHE  Jul 1927Southwark, Surrey, England F13364
10 GIBBINGS / POCOCK  10 Aug 1867Southwark, Surrey, England F20012
11 GILL / SHAW  14 Oct 1814Southwark, Surrey, England F30219
12 HILL / BRADDY  25 Jun 1848Southwark, Surrey, England F27643
13 LEE / PETCHE  25 Dec 1909Southwark, Surrey, England F13365
14 LIDDLE / UNKNOWN  Jul 1875Southwark, Surrey, England F30163
15 MCCONNELL / WEBB  Oct 1910Southwark, Surrey, England F28476
16 NIGHTINGALE / SAUNDERS  18 Nov 1861Southwark, Surrey, England F62400
17 PETCHE / TERRETT  10 Aug 1918Southwark, Surrey, England F13367
18 SCHMITT / PETCHE  21 Nov 1880Southwark, Surrey, England F495
19 SCHMITT / ROWLAND  1902Southwark, Surrey, England F29230
20 SUMPTON / PETCHE  10 Nov 1912Southwark, Surrey, England F13368
21 WARD / BLACK  20 Oct 1925Southwark, Surrey, England F61540
22 WARWICK / HOLTON  Apr 1872Southwark, Surrey, England F68638
23 WHITFIELD / REYNOLDS  10 Dec 1870Southwark, Surrey, England F67145

Marriage Banns

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   Family    Marriage Banns    Family ID 
1 HILL / BRADDY  18 Jun 1848Southwark, Surrey, England F27643