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Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales

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Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
[Newport] [Monmouthshire] [Wales]

Latitude: 51.5917, Longitude: -3.0003


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRUNT, Enid Pamela  19 Sep 1932Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I85046
2 CHICKEN, Florence J  1938Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I84433
3 CHICKEN, John Henry  1916Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I105396
4 CHICKEN, Olive Emma  1912Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I105395
5 CHICKEN, Robert William  1908Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I105394
6 CHICKEN, Robert William  Aug 1934Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I84367
7 CHICKEN, Stanley James  2 Jul 1926Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I105397
8 CHICKEN, William Horace  4 Jul 1910Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I84365
9 CHRISTOPHER, Henry  1834Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I101370
10 COLE, Henry Ivor  24 Jan 1899Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I95814
11 DAYER, George Hazel  29 May 1870Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I124040
12 DAYER, William Henry  Jan 1850Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I124038
13 GOLDSWORTHY, Roy Earnest  1935Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I84434
14 HAZEL, Martha  1853Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I124039
15 MINCHIN, Alexander Thos John  1847Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I26952
16 MINCHIN, Bessie  1859Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I26958
17 MINCHIN, Charlotte Augusta  1853Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I26955
18 MINCHIN, Edgar Griffin  1857Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I26957
19 MINCHIN, Emma Elizabeth  1850Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I26954
20 MINCHIN, Frederick  1849Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I26953
21 MINCHIN, Laura Harriet  1855Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I26956
22 MORGAN, Edna Ruby  21 Jun 1915Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I84366


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BARNES, James Carter  Mar 1973Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I121129
2 BARTON, William Henry  2 Jan 1968Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I118503
3 BEALE, William  Jan 1915Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I100136
4 CHICKEN, John Henry  2002Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I105396
5 CHICKEN, Olive Emma  1974Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I105395
6 CHICKEN, Robert William  Nov 1936Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I84369
7 CHICKEN, Robert William  Sep 1942Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I84367
8 DAVIES, Richard John  17 Nov 1951Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I84438
9 HARDING, Elsie Maud  Oct 1992Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I109844
10 HARDING, Harold James  Nov 1990Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I109843
11 HARDING, Thomas  Sep 1917Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I109840
12 LEWIS, Amos  19 Aug 1891Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I125078
13 LEWIS, Sarah Ann  Mar 1921Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I121130
14 REES, Evelyn  11 Nov 1962Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I84370
15 SINCOCK, Charity Ann  27 Jan 1958Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I118504
16 SLOCOMBE, Edward Victor J  Mar 1983Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I109845
17 WOOD, Jane  Jun 1931Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales I73189


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BARNES / LEWIS  Jul 1901Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales F75216
2 BARTON / SINCOCK  24 Jan 1910Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales F74123
3 CHICKEN / MORGAN  11 Jan 1934Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales F29817
4 CHICKEN / REES  Nov 1906Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales F29818
5 EDWARDS / HOWELLS  Dec 1860Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales F75215
6 GAULER / BRUNT  Jun 1955Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales F30127
7 GOLDSWORTHY / CHICKEN  1959Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales F29850
8 PRICE / ROBERTS  Apr 1924Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales F68700
9 WINES / BREWER  Oct 1853Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales F61410