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New South Wales, Australia
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State/Province : Latitude: -32.7696, Longitude: 150.0769


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AMOS, Cyril Ronald  9 Apr 1921New South Wales, Australia I51868
2 AMOS, Shirley Lynette  1946New South Wales, Australia I51904
3 AMOS, Susan  Abt 1951New South Wales, Australia I51906
4 ANGLIN, Ellen  Abt 1868New South Wales, Australia I43623
5 ANNESLEY, George Henry  1887New South Wales, Australia I84618
6 ATTWOOD, Edith Ada  1874New South Wales, Australia I32985
7 BALLINTYNE, D.E.   I44499
8 BIGGIN, Blanche  1875New South Wales, Australia I47730
9 BISHOP, Elena Margaret Constance  1888New South Wales, Australia I81375
10 BLACKWOOD, Ivy Carina N  1885New South Wales, Australia I75292
11 BOEHME, J.   I64358
12 BRENNAN, Harriet Mary  1889New South Wales, Australia I43036
13 BRIDGER, Henry John  1884New South Wales, Australia I4011
14 BROCK, Henry Gordon  Abt 1820New South Wales, Australia I49846
15 BROWN, Ethel Marie  1942New South Wales, Australia I42157
16 BUDD, Harry Vincent  18 Feb 1900New South Wales, Australia I46946
17 BUTCHER, A.W.   I63453
18 CLEMESHA, Australia  6 Jan 1843New South Wales, Australia I36069
19 COLLETT, Joseph Harris  1890New South Wales, Australia I875
20 COOPER, J.M.   I50550
21 CRAIG, Jane Isabella  1869New South Wales, Australia I30070
22 CRIDDLE, D.M.   I1170
23 CRIDDLE, S.   I1171
24 CRUICKSHANKS, Catherine Emma  1872New South Wales, Australia I68105
25 DOHERTY, William Peter  15 Feb 1892New South Wales, Australia I79524
26 EDESON, Elizabeth Helena May  30 Jun 1902New South Wales, Australia I60204
27 FOULSTON, Emily  26 May 1894New South Wales, Australia I61275
28 GRAY, Edmund Harry  1907New South Wales, Australia I74388
29 GREEDY, Clarence Harold  4 Aug 1894New South Wales, Australia I16170
30 HAUSER, Margaret Lexie  1930New South Wales, Australia I73875
31 HEBITON, James Kinnear  1880New South Wales, Australia I23423
32 HEBITON, William Lang  1882New South Wales, Australia I23424
33 HECTOR, Catherine  12 Apr 1922New South Wales, Australia I35122
34 HOARE, Patricia  8 Dec 1921New South Wales, Australia I46787
35 HOTCHKISS, Dorothy  1914New South Wales, Australia I52188
36 HUDSON, A.   I25348
37 JAMES, Caleb Jennings  1898New South Wales, Australia I55086
38 JAMES, Daisy Isabel  20 Jan 1888New South Wales, Australia I21675
39 JUDD, Daniel  1861New South Wales, Australia I22927
40 JUDGE, Wayne  Abt 1950New South Wales, Australia I81366
41 LOUGHNANE, John  1846New South Wales, Australia I42256
42 LUDSTROM, James Henry Michael John  10 Jun 1943New South Wales, Australia I44633
43 MCAUSLAN, J.I.   I89358
44 MCAUSLAN, V.   I89359
45 MCGRATH, Mary Ann  26 Oct 1839New South Wales, Australia I83365
46 MILLARD, Doris Amelia  1902New South Wales, Australia I87924
47 MOLSTER, Mary Ann  1856New South Wales, Australia I27416
48 MOORE, C.A.   I67964
49 MORGAN, George Vickers  1908New South Wales, Australia I76947
50 NORTH, Ada May  1886New South Wales, Australia I59867
51 PRYCE, David  1866New South Wales, Australia I66540
52 RENGGER-THORPE, P.   I89368
53 ROCKSTRO, Richard Mark  24 Oct 1884New South Wales, Australia I80438
54 ROSE, John  1859New South Wales, Australia I74838
55 SCHWARTZ, Theodore Heinrich  1878New South Wales, Australia I29641
56 SEVIL, Mary Adrienne  20 Feb 1913New South Wales, Australia I86391
57 SHACKLETON, Ernest  1913New South Wales, Australia I15731
58 SMITH, Hugh Alexander  1882New South Wales, Australia I44492
59 SMITH, William Sydney  1860New South Wales, Australia I35499
60 SMITHERS, Donald George Sydney Washington  16 Nov 1940New South Wales, Australia I51846
61 SPENCE, Ewart Lance  1932New South Wales, Australia I34765
62 TUPPER, Hughie Edward  1896New South Wales, Australia I52032
63 UNKNOWN, R.   I1169
64 UNKNOWN, V.   I10741
65 WAKEFIELD, Adelaide Victoria  1878New South Wales, Australia I5085
66 WAKEFIELD, Alice Maud  1875New South Wales, Australia I5084
67 WAKEFIELD, James Snowdon  1879New South Wales, Australia I5086
68 WATT, B.G.   I46192
69 WILLIAMS, Sarah Brewer  1872New South Wales, Australia I49046


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 COLLINS, Edward  14 Mar 1877New South Wales, Australia I44918
2 COLLINS, Ellen Johanna  12 Nov 1874New South Wales, Australia I44917
3 COLLINS, Gregory Michael  23 Jan 1882New South Wales, Australia I44920
4 COLLINS, Margaret  17 Sep 1871New South Wales, Australia I44915
5 COLLINS, Mary  18 Nov 1879New South Wales, Australia I44919


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, David  DECEASEDNew South Wales, Australia I76165
2 ARMITAGE, James Salisbury  1 JanNew South Wales, Australia I85464
3 AUSTIN, Mavis Florence Catherine  21 Jun 1999New South Wales, Australia I55301
4 BARRETT, Herbert A.  1977New South Wales, Australia I67330
5 BENNETT, Ivy Edith Susanna  Apr 1978New South Wales, Australia I73576
6 BOOTH, Victoria Roberta  28 Oct 1995New South Wales, Australia I73394
7 BRANDIS, Leslie James  5 Oct 2016New South Wales, Australia I49561
8 BUNTER, Dorothy June  1962New South Wales, Australia I18258
9 BUTLER, Henry William  Abt 1944New South Wales, Australia I57041
10 COOPER, Joseph William  26 Feb 1936New South Wales, Australia I82214
11 CRUICKSHANKS, Catherine Emma  Abt 1957New South Wales, Australia I68105
12 DEECE, Laurel Moira  2 Aug 1995New South Wales, Australia I77511
13 DYER, Deidre  DECEASEDNew South Wales, Australia I44524
14 FAIRHALL, Daphne Elaine  15 Sep 2007New South Wales, Australia I75377
15 FARLEY, Errington Oliver  15 Oct 1982New South Wales, Australia I6746
16 FINEMORE, George Edmund  19 Feb 1967New South Wales, Australia I46350
17 FISHER, James Wittle  2 Apr 1924New South Wales, Australia I51469
18 GRANT, Annie Elizabeth  4 Sep 2004New South Wales, Australia I41772
19 GREEN, Annie  1968New South Wales, Australia I61497
20 HARMAN, John Joseph  27 Feb 1998New South Wales, Australia I27985
21 HART, Florence Leah  DECEASEDNew South Wales, Australia I37073
22 HAYES, James  DECEASEDNew South Wales, Australia I5067
23 HOLLAND, Kevin James  1971New South Wales, Australia I23877
24 HOPE, Lionel Cedric Arthur  DECEASEDNew South Wales, Australia I13751
25 HOWELL, Shirley Rae  2010New South Wales, Australia I68100
26 HOWELL, Victoria M  1994New South Wales, Australia I61975
27 INNES, Adam Downie  1945New South Wales, Australia I13784
28 KELLY, Thomas  22 Jul 1873New South Wales, Australia I41456
29 LANDOW, Florence Jean  25 Nov 1999New South Wales, Australia I38757
30 LATHAM, Francis Arthur Herbert  28 May 1956New South Wales, Australia I60062
31 LEESON, Jane Isabella  20 Nov 1908New South Wales, Australia I39887
32 LITTLEMORE, Ross  25 Sep 1990New South Wales, Australia I46356
33 MARTIN, Lesley Robert  1986New South Wales, Australia I25965
34 MCGRATH, Mary Ann  23 Apr 1928New South Wales, Australia I83365
35 MCGREGOR, Keith Roy  27 Dec 2003New South Wales, Australia I60348
36 MCWILLIAMS, Bill  Mar 2013New South Wales, Australia I58687
37 MEANWELL, Warren Micheal  4 Dec 2010New South Wales, Australia I41729
38 MOORE, Charles  1913New South Wales, Australia I68104
39 MORRELL, Albinia Luna Matilda  May 1913New South Wales, Australia I26503
40 NORRISH, Marlene Anne  22 Jun 1991New South Wales, Australia I58685
41 PANKHURST, Norma  2005New South Wales, Australia I75311
42 PARKER, Abigail  1 Jun 1919New South Wales, Australia I79926
43 PARR-SMITH, Annie Waddington  1 Oct 1974New South Wales, Australia I34602
44 PARR-SMITH, Katherine Mary  28 May 1962New South Wales, Australia I34603
45 PASCOE, Jessie Eveline Amelia  18 Jun 1990New South Wales, Australia I59575
46 PASCOE, Michael  Abt 1908New South Wales, Australia I45757
47 PETTITT, Kathleen Maude  12 May 1970New South Wales, Australia I75141
48 PINKER, Harold  DECEASEDNew South Wales, Australia I74782
49 PURSER, Evelyn Matilda  22 Aug 1968New South Wales, Australia I40018
50 RODDA, Blanche  1955New South Wales, Australia I34456
51 RUMLER, Maxwell Alan  16 Jul 2013New South Wales, Australia I21191
52 SCOTT, Pamela  DECEASEDNew South Wales, Australia I54792
53 SEVIL, Mary Adrienne  1973New South Wales, Australia I86391
54 SHACKLETON, Albert  1893New South Wales, Australia I10604
55 SHACKLETON, Ernest  1913New South Wales, Australia I15731
56 SLATER, Malcolm Vivian  10 Feb 2010New South Wales, Australia I46532
57 SMITH, Rose Lewis  16 Apr 1985New South Wales, Australia I34607
58 SYMONS, Alice  17 Jul 1885New South Wales, Australia I68906
59 TONZEL, Auguste Ida Gretchen  Abt 1975New South Wales, Australia I38035
60 TOUSSAINT, Joan  1 Jan 2013New South Wales, Australia I82907
61 TOZZI, Leopold A. R.  1927New South Wales, Australia I27938
62 VAUGHAN, Frederick William  1950New South Wales, Australia I75140
63 VOLMUT, Jaroslav  20 Feb 1979New South Wales, Australia I77824
64 WALKER, Kathleen  3 Apr 1999New South Wales, Australia I74425
65 WATTERS, Ada Rose  26 Jan 1972New South Wales, Australia I86445
66 WATTS, Robert  1908New South Wales, Australia I38313


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BROMFIELD, John Samuel  1968New South Wales, Australia I29469
2 DALTON, John  29 Oct 1875New South Wales, Australia I27694

Birth Record

Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 BONGERS, Albert Frazer  1894New South Wales, Australia I68448
2 CHAMBERS, George William  1902New South Wales, Australia I4909
3 CHANT, William  1879New South Wales, Australia I53430
4 CROWE, Daisy C  1896New South Wales, Australia I58508
5 DALTON, James  1857New South Wales, Australia I27551
6 DOUBLEDAY, Emma May  1871New South Wales, Australia I3570
7 FREE, Benjamin  1871New South Wales, Australia I903
8 HAWKINS, Victor James Leonard  1896New South Wales, Australia I1499
9 PEGG, Charles Ridgewell  1870New South Wales, Australia I17006
10 PEGG, Clara Minnie Margaret  1881New South Wales, Australia I17014
11 PEGG, Ernest Alfred  1875New South Wales, Australia I17008
12 PEGG, Jessamine  1864New South Wales, Australia I17003
13 PEGG, Martha Elizabeth A.  1879New South Wales, Australia I17010
14 PEGG, Mary Ann Elizabeth  1866New South Wales, Australia I17004
15 PEGG, Oscar J.  1862New South Wales, Australia I17002
16 SHACKLETON, Albert  1893New South Wales, Australia I10604
17 SHACKLETON, Edward William  1895New South Wales, Australia I10605
18 SHACKLETON, Midgely  1885New South Wales, Australia I10602
19 SHACKLETON, Sarah Ann  1886New South Wales, Australia I10603
20 SHACKLETON, Stephen  1889New South Wales, Australia I9386
21 SOLLY, Benjamin John  1893New South Wales, Australia I35700
22 THOMPSON, Elsie Jane  18 Apr 1890New South Wales, Australia I1488

Death Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 CHANT, William  1937New South Wales, Australia I53430
2 DYSON, William Victor  1967New South Wales, Australia I52011
3 GEARY, Mary  1897New South Wales, Australia I52336
4 LANGAN, Honorah  1982New South Wales, Australia I15729
5 NORRIS, Mary Anne  1852New South Wales, Australia I21039
6 SHACKLETON, Albert  1893New South Wales, Australia I10604
7 SHACKLETON, Ernest  1913New South Wales, Australia I15731
8 SHACKLETON, Midgely  1885New South Wales, Australia I10602
9 SHACKLETON, Stephen  1966New South Wales, Australia I9386
10 SNOWDEN, Phoebe Anne  1900New South Wales, Australia I8288
11 WATERS, Mary  1895New South Wales, Australia I51465

Immigration: Arr.

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration: Arr.    Person ID 
1 HEY, Elizabeth  12 Mar 1884New South Wales, Australia I10601
2 MORGAN, James  1833New South Wales, Australia I17472
3 SHACKLETON, James Arthur  12 Mar 1884New South Wales, Australia I9395
4 SHACKLETON, John  12 Mar 1884New South Wales, Australia I15732
5 SHACKLETON, Mary Emma  12 Mar 1884New South Wales, Australia I10803
6 SHACKLETON, Midgley  12 Mar 1884New South Wales, Australia I6628
7 SHACKLETON, Thomas Midgely  12 Mar 1884New South Wales, Australia I1425
8 UNKNOWN, Sarah  1835New South Wales, Australia I31572


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 MINCHIN, Edward William  New South Wales, Australia I4219


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BARNDON, J.   I8354
2 CHINNERY, B.M.   I80623
3 GRANT, Doreen Mary  Aft 1944New South Wales, Australia I9372
4 LARSEN, J.E.   I21423
5 PICKUP, Abraham  Between 1886 and 1895New South Wales, Australia I6627
6 SHACKLETON, V.   I9374


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROOKSBANK / KELSEY  1847New South Wales, Australia F15288
2 BROWNE / CHESWORTH  6 Jul 1892New South Wales, Australia F24624
3 BUDD / KNIGHT  1895New South Wales, Australia F16136
4 CARLSON / MARTIN  5 Oct 1869New South Wales, Australia F13564
5 COOPER / WALKER  1881New South Wales, Australia F28935
6 CROWE / CLARKE  1893New South Wales, Australia F20098
8 DALTON / REID  28 Oct 1955New South Wales, Australia F9743
9 ELLIS / ROSS  15 Apr 1854New South Wales, Australia F28256
10 EVANS / RINALDI   F4831
11 KRANAS / SPENCER   F18186
12 LEE / LEESON  12 Jun 1883New South Wales, Australia F13051
13 MCCABE / BUTLER  Abt 1910New South Wales, Australia F19529
14 MILES / HICKSON  1860New South Wales, Australia F28036
15 PEARCE / BUTLER  1896New South Wales, Australia F19527
16 RANKIN / PASCOE  12 Jun 1929New South Wales, Australia F20501
18 RYAN / HOUGHTON   F16190
19 TAPPING / PATERSON  31 Dec 1981New South Wales, Australia F29758
20 WRAY / BROWN  UNKNOWNNew South Wales, Australia F19652
21 YORKE / MEDHURST  1859New South Wales, Australia F21533


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 BIGHAM / BROWN   F20786
2 PICKUP / ATTWOOD  1894New South Wales, Australia F838
3 ROWE / DREYER  1917New South Wales, Australia F21234