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Latitude: 51.5443, Longitude: -0.0877


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AVINS, Rose  1874Middlesex, England I86712
2 BAILEY, Paul  3 Sep 1877Middlesex, England I98973
3 BASS, Carl Alexander  15 Dec 1875Middlesex, England I27431
4 BEASLEY, Anne Alice  Between 1829 and 1835Middlesex, England I610
5 BLOWER, Elizabeth Mary  Abt 1867Middlesex, England I107251
6 BRINDAL, William  1864Middlesex, England I38282
7 BULL, Chas  17 Nov 1800Middlesex, England I85733
8 BULL, Edward  20 Jun 1797Middlesex, England I85732
9 BULL, Harriet Leonard  25 Oct 1787Middlesex, England I85727
10 BULL, Sarah Matilda  21 Apr 1791Middlesex, England I85729
11 BULL, Simeon Thomas  21 Sep 1789Middlesex, England I85728
12 BULL, Thomas  1756Middlesex, England I85316
13 BYE, Eliza  6 Jun 1846Middlesex, England I120641
14 CAPP, Jane  1838Middlesex, England I58298
15 CAVE, Annie  1857Middlesex, England I70171
16 CLAYDON, Mary  Abt 1780Middlesex, England I94452
17 DENHAM, William John  1883Middlesex, England I114012
18 DEVERELL, Harry Valentine  1900Middlesex, England I35110
19 DEVERELL, Walter Felix  Abt 1896Middlesex, England I35106
20 EASTHER, William Henry  1843Middlesex, England I82120
21 FOSTER, William  Abt 1775Middlesex, England I101325
22 GRIFFITHS, Ann M. M.  1856Middlesex, England I43307
23 GROVES, Ethel Mae  1892Middlesex, England I98117
24 HALL, Mary Ann  1818Middlesex, England I85256
25 HAMERSLEY, Ann Frances Isabella  1809Middlesex, England I44137
26 HAWKINS, Gertrude May  14 Nov 1885Middlesex, England I112186
27 HAYES, Frances  8 Mar 1840Middlesex, England I62759
28 HERBERT, James Albert  8 Aug 1841Middlesex, England I42139
29 HERDSFIELD, Ann Eliza Oldrine  15 Sep 1827Middlesex, England I52533
30 HILLS, Frederick Regis  20 Dec 1869Middlesex, England I42817
31 JAMES, John Soloman  15 Jan 1836Middlesex, England I85572
32 JONES, Thomas  1734Middlesex, England I61203
33 KAIN, Susan Jane  Sep 1853Middlesex, England I42702
34 KAYE, Lucy Ellen  8 Mar 1892Middlesex, England I93693
35 KLEIN, John  1882Middlesex, England I48221
36 LANCASTER, Sarah  11 Feb 1842Middlesex, England I80851
37 LEDGER, Ronald Norman  11 Feb 1948Middlesex, England I57409
38 LEGGATT, Lucy  Abt 1742Middlesex, England I94454
39 LOVEL, Laura Mary Frances  16 Oct 1856Middlesex, England I98119
40 LOWRY, Edward William  1865Middlesex, England I33159
41 MAGSON, Jessie  22 Sep 1852Middlesex, England I88810
42 MANN, Alfred  Abt 1826Middlesex, England I94742
43 MANN, Elizabeth  Abt 1832Middlesex, England I94744
44 MANN, Emma  Abt 1830Middlesex, England I94743
45 MANN, John  Abt 1796Middlesex, England I94739
46 MCDONALD, Sydney Joseph  1864Middlesex, England I40709
47 MILES, William Nathaniel  15 Dec 1834Middlesex, England I109041
48 NELHAM, Henry John  1892Middlesex, England I98116
49 NELHAM, John William Riley  24 Aug 1926Middlesex, England I98115
50 NEWTON, Sarah  1825Middlesex, England I18887
51 NUNN, Mary Jane  1836Middlesex, England I109042
52 PETCHE, Elizabeth M.  1868Middlesex, England I39628
53 ROBE, Josiah  1832Middlesex, England I74923
54 SHEPPARD, Thomas  1 Jun 1773Middlesex, England I35678
55 SHERRIFF, Minnie Elizabeth  Dec 1883Middlesex, England I27299
56 SOUTHAM, John Justice  25 Jun 1779Middlesex, England I103831
57 SOWERBY, John Alexander  6 Sep 1806Middlesex, England I116506
58 TOWLER, Alfred  Dec 1857Middlesex, England I49594
59 UNKNOWN  Abt 1810Middlesex, England I46140
60 VINCENT, Thomas  Abt 1739Middlesex, England I94453
61 WATSON, William  1826Middlesex, England I56637
62 WEBBER, Charles  14 Feb 1846Middlesex, England I13020
63 WEIGHT, Mary Ann  Abt 1873Middlesex, England I97362
64 WHITE, John Abbott  22 Nov 1842Middlesex, England I101327


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABBOTT, Ann  1861Middlesex, England I101326
2 ANDREWS, Charles Targett  11 Jul 1927Middlesex, England I98158
3 BENBOW, Ann Elizabeth  24 Feb 1913Middlesex, England I78452
4 BIRD, Joseph  1867Middlesex, England I26980
5 BLACKHAM, Sarah  1825Middlesex, England I98127
6 BLACKWELL, Thomas  20 Jan 1888Middlesex, England I119828
7 BOZWARD, Frederick Charles  21 Sep 1955Middlesex, England I106638
8 BULL, Henry William  8 Aug 1872Middlesex, England I85730
9 BULL, Simeon  Bef 31 Oct 1818Middlesex, England I85725
10 DORMAN, Emily  9 Jun 1936Middlesex, England I74504
11 EMO, Joan  2016Middlesex, England I113795
12 EXCELL, Avis  Jul 1875Middlesex, England I106556
13 FRANCIS, Elizabeth Gladys  20 Oct 1961Middlesex, England I106639
14 HARDING, Claud Oswald  2 May 1956Middlesex, England I90357
15 HERDSFIELD, Ann Eliza Oldrine  8 Jan 1908Middlesex, England I52533
16 HICKS, Richard William  20 Mar 1939Middlesex, England I84756
17 JESSUP, George James  10 May 1921Middlesex, England I78571
18 LOVEL, Laura Mary Frances  1908Middlesex, England I98119
19 MARFELL, Thomas Henry  20 Dec 1890Middlesex, England I105787
20 NELHAM, Stephen  Nov 1898Middlesex, England I98118
21 PACKER, Moses  28 Jun 1874Middlesex, England I78930
22 PENN, Myra Elizabeth Louise  Jan 1902Middlesex, England I95283
23 PHILLIPS, Sarah  16 Mar 1840Middlesex, England I86073
24 RACKSTRAW, Marie Gaire Rockstro  21 Oct 1909Middlesex, England I80525
25 SELZER, Frederick George  15 Aug 1963Middlesex, England I106412
26 SYMMONS, Samuel Charles  Jun 1913Middlesex, England I100146
27 UNKNOWN  Bef 1862Middlesex, England I46140
28 UNKNOWN, Ann  26 Jan 1845Middlesex, England I86000
29 WATSON, John  Abt 1850Middlesex, England I85999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Crime    Person ID 
1 BEAZLEY, John Octavius  1857Middlesex, England I46136


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 YORK, Thomas Charles  30 Dec 1942Middlesex, England I105804


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DYSON / GOULD  Sep 1916Middlesex, England F17564
2 FLEAY / JOHNSTON  22 Oct 1856Middlesex, England F5492
3 SANGER / HILL  31 Aug 1852Middlesex, England F21054
4 VINCENT / UNKNOWN  1800Middlesex, England F64006
5 WARD / SCRIVENS  Sep 1955Middlesex, England F27500
6 YOUNG / WHITE  UNKNOWNMiddlesex, England F68445