Islington, Middlesex, England

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Islington, Middlesex, England
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City/Town : Latitude: 51.5333, Longitude: -0.1


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, Adelaide Maud  28 Jun 1876Islington, Middlesex, England I48293
2 BELLAMY, Reginald G  Jan 1915Islington, Middlesex, England I78723
3 BOULDEN, John Stephen  18 Apr 1866Islington, Middlesex, England I85659
4 BROOKS, Elizabeth Louisa  19 Feb 1865Islington, Middlesex, England I92159
5 BROWN, Grace Elvina  9 May 1909Islington, Middlesex, England I79385
6 BRUCE, Walter  3 Aug 1900Islington, Middlesex, England I61857
7 COOK, Rebecca Caroline  Jan 1879Islington, Middlesex, England I81835
8 COOK, William J  1884Islington, Middlesex, England I81843
9 COVENTON, Rose Frederica  21 Oct 1866Islington, Middlesex, England I91364
10 DAVIDSON, Margaret Theresa  7 Feb 1935Islington, Middlesex, England I73423
11 DE GRUSSA, Alfred William  22 Jul 1888Islington, Middlesex, England I52410
12 EDMONDS, Arthur John  20 Jul 1883Islington, Middlesex, England I17484
13 FAIRWEATHER, Albert Arthur  1921Islington, Middlesex, England I16823
14 FAIRWEATHER, Stanley Thomas  24 Nov 1922Islington, Middlesex, England I16824
15 FAIRWEATHER, Winifred May  30 Jun 1897Islington, Middlesex, England I16806
16 FARROW, Amy  1888Islington, Middlesex, England I26989
17 FARROW, James  1885Islington, Middlesex, England I26988
18 FILDES, Florence Nellie  Apr 1860Islington, Middlesex, England I84449
19 FLAVEL, Elsie  1893Islington, Middlesex, England I40396
20 FLAVEL, James  7 May 1890Islington, Middlesex, England I40394
21 FLAVEL, Walter  Sep 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I40395
22 GOLDSMITH, Edward  6 Jul 1851Islington, Middlesex, England I55542
23 HARE, Nellie Martha  4 Jun 1886Islington, Middlesex, England I84735
24 HAWKES, L.R.   I84650
25 HICKS, Bertie  22 Jul 1910Islington, Middlesex, England I84741
26 HICKS, Richard John  18 Dec 1908Islington, Middlesex, England I84740
27 HICKS, Rose Lilian  7 Feb 1913Islington, Middlesex, England I84742
28 JENKINS, Emily Hannah  1904Islington, Middlesex, England I16818
29 JENKINS, May Louisa  1902Islington, Middlesex, England I16819
30 LIQUORICE, Henry  11 Dec 1824Islington, Middlesex, England I52532
31 LLOYD, D.G.   I82104
32 LLOYD, L.J.   I84877
33 LLOYD, T.K.   I88728
34 MINCHIN, Ada  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I26985
35 MINCHIN, Daisy  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I26986
36 MINCHIN, Ernest Newmarch  1884Islington, Middlesex, England I26969
37 MINCHIN, Minnie May  1887Islington, Middlesex, England I26984
38 MINCHIN, William Frank  28 May 1882Islington, Middlesex, England I26968
39 MORGAN, Alfred  16 Aug 1858Islington, Middlesex, England I84448
40 NADIN, Annie Matilda Rachel  29 Sep 1904Islington, Middlesex, England I85808
41 NELSON, Charles  1830Islington, Middlesex, England I85062
42 PEDLEY, Albert Richard  1904Islington, Middlesex, England I79249
43 PLAISTOWE, Hugh  22 Mar 1870Islington, Middlesex, England I101616
44 RACKSTRAW, Bessie Louisa  Bef 20 Sep 1895Islington, Middlesex, England I80532
45 ROYER, George F  Abt 1896Islington, Middlesex, England I53191
46 SEWELL, Elizabeth Mary  22 Feb 1830Islington, Middlesex, England I76656
47 SMITH, Geoffrey  1909Islington, Middlesex, England I82892
48 STEVENS, Frank  5 Jun 1913Islington, Middlesex, England I82893
49 STEVENS, Gerald  Mar 1909Islington, Middlesex, England I82889
50 STEVENS, Hilda  Dec 1911Islington, Middlesex, England I82891
51 STEVENS, Thomas Moore  1885Islington, Middlesex, England I82888
52 STRIPE, Constance Phyllis  1919Islington, Middlesex, England I77421
53 SUTHERLAND, Jane  30 Aug 1837Islington, Middlesex, England I24848
54 THOMPSON, Earnest Curling  6 Oct 1860Islington, Middlesex, England I106689
55 THORNTON-SMITH, Isabel Frances  13 Nov 1906Islington, Middlesex, England I105323
56 UNKNOWN, Rebecca  Abt 1850Islington, Middlesex, England I81834
57 WARREN, Thomas  1853Islington, Middlesex, England I83608
58 WEBB, Edward Thomas  Apr 1880Islington, Middlesex, England I78945
59 WEBB, Ellen Harriet  Jul 1878Islington, Middlesex, England I78944
60 WEBB, Florence E  Abt 1883Islington, Middlesex, England I81060
61 WEBB, Frances William  Dec 1874Islington, Middlesex, England I78942
62 WEBB, Louisa Emily  15 Sep 1884Islington, Middlesex, England I80219
63 WEBB, Sophia Elizabeth  23 Jul 1876Islington, Middlesex, England I78943
64 WEBB, Walter John F  1914Islington, Middlesex, England I78960
65 WILTON, Mary Clara  22 Mar 1846Islington, Middlesex, England I12893
66 WILTON, Thomas Fishpool  22 Mar 1846Islington, Middlesex, England I12894


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARWICK, Frederick  29 Oct 1930Islington, Middlesex, England I76659
2 BECK, Walter Douglas  9 Mar 2007Islington, Middlesex, England I6499
3 BELLAMY, Alfred William  Dec 1952Islington, Middlesex, England I78721
4 BINGLE, James  21 Dec 1913Islington, Middlesex, England I70029
5 BOLT, Arthur Horace  31 Dec 1909Islington, Middlesex, England I84442
6 BRADDY, William Charles  1912Islington, Middlesex, England I83485
7 BRADDY, William George  Jul 1899Islington, Middlesex, England I78455
8 BROWN, Emily Jane  1905Islington, Middlesex, England I77910
9 BURBIDGE, Henry Thomas  Jul 1895Islington, Middlesex, England I82253
10 DORE, Francis  Jul 1875Islington, Middlesex, England I104432
11 FILDES, Florence Nellie  Jun 1923Islington, Middlesex, England I84449
12 FOULSHAM, Elizabeth Ann  4 Mar 1929Islington, Middlesex, England I76660
13 GENNS, Martha  Apr 1885Islington, Middlesex, England I84759
14 GOLDSMITH, Edward  1919Islington, Middlesex, England I55542
15 GOLDSMITH, John  9 Jun 1888Islington, Middlesex, England I55541
16 HEDLEY, Robert  Jun 1883Islington, Middlesex, England I70284
17 HOLLINGSWORTH, Bertha Selina Walker  18 Mar 1939Islington, Middlesex, England I84443
18 HURRELL, Eliza  Dec 1890Islington, Middlesex, England I52531
19 HURT, Frances  1875Islington, Middlesex, England I97368
20 JESSUP, Annie Sohia  Sep 1947Islington, Middlesex, England I78581
21 JONES, Ester  19 Dec 1885Islington, Middlesex, England I55552
22 LUCK, Eliza Ann  Dec 1931Islington, Middlesex, England I78454
23 MORGAN, Alfred  1905Islington, Middlesex, England I84448
24 MORGAN, John  Dec 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I85890
25 NAUMANN, August  25 Aug 1947Islington, Middlesex, England I79331
26 RACKSTRAW, Frank Braine Rockstro  15 Feb 1943Islington, Middlesex, England I80533
27 SCHMITT, Peter  Mar 1924Islington, Middlesex, England I39708
28 SMITH, Ann Ryan  13 Feb 1867Islington, Middlesex, England I93701
29 WADLEY, Emma  Oct 1888Islington, Middlesex, England I85891
30 WEBB, Annie Lillian Sophie  Sep 1945Islington, Middlesex, England I79943
31 WEBB, Francis John  Jul 1904Islington, Middlesex, England I78940
32 WEBB, Sophia Elizabeth Rose  Jun 1938Islington, Middlesex, England I78949
33 YARROW, Louisa  Apr 1889Islington, Middlesex, England I84447


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BULL, Sarah Matilda  26 Feb 1836Islington, Middlesex, England I85729


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BRADDY, Arthur Sidney  19 May 1896Islington, Middlesex, England I78211
2 BRADDY, Sophia Elizabeth Ruth  27 Mar 1825Islington, Middlesex, England I78927

Birth Record

Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 ARCHER, Lilian Maud  1903Islington, Middlesex, England I43351
2 BRADDY, Arthur Ernest  Between Apr and Jun 1893Islington, Middlesex, England I78240
3 BRADDY, Arthur Sidney  Between Apr and Jun 1896Islington, Middlesex, England I78211
4 BRADDY, Edward  Between Jul and Sep 1847Islington, Middlesex, England I78513
5 BRADDY, Frederick Edwin George  Between Jan and Mar 1888Islington, Middlesex, England I78229
6 BRADDY, Nellie Maud  Between Oct and Dec 1893Islington, Middlesex, England I78210
7 BRADDY, Nellie Victoria  Between Jan and Mar 1902Islington, Middlesex, England I77942
8 BRADDY, Ronald Frederick  Between Apr and Jun 1918Islington, Middlesex, England I78238
9 BRADDY, Rosie Irene  Between Oct and Dec 1904Islington, Middlesex, England I75925
10 BRADDY, Walter Percival  Between Oct and Dec 1902Islington, Middlesex, England I78214
11 IVORY, Frederick Wilfred Benbow  Between Oct and Dec 1907Islington, Middlesex, England I79380
12 NAUMANN, Archibald Claude  Between Oct and Dec 1903Islington, Middlesex, England I78245
13 SLAUGHTER, S.J.   I44317
14 STRIPE, Constance Phyllis  1919Islington, Middlesex, England I77421


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BERWELL, Frances  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I78941
2 BERWELL, Frances  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I78941
3 BRADDY, Albert Edward  1939Islington, Middlesex, England I78236
4 BRADDY, Arthur Ernest  1939Islington, Middlesex, England I78240
5 BRADDY, Elizabeth Sophia  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I78458
6 BRADDY, Frederick George  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I75926
7 BRADDY, Frederick George  1939Islington, Middlesex, England I75926
8 BRADDY, George  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I75928
9 BRADDY, William Charles  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I83485
10 BRADDY, William Charles  1911Islington, Middlesex, England I83485
11 BRADDY, William Charles George  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I78208
12 EDDY, Florence Harriet Maud  1939Islington, Middlesex, England I78237
13 PROUTING, Mary Jane  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I75930
14 ROGERS, Alice Sarah  1939Islington, Middlesex, England I75927
15 WEBB, Edward Thomas  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I78945
16 WEBB, Edward Thomas  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I78945
17 WEBB, Edward Thomas  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I78945
18 WEBB, Ellen Harriet  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I78944
19 WEBB, Ellen Harriet  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I78944
20 WEBB, Ellen Harriet  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I78944
21 WEBB, Florence E  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I81060
22 WEBB, Florence E  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I81060
23 WEBB, Frances William  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I78942
24 WEBB, Frances William  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I78942
25 WEBB, Frances William  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I78942
26 WEBB, Francis John  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I78940
27 WEBB, Francis John  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I78940
28 WEBB, Francis John  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I78940
29 WEBB, Louisa Emily  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I80219
30 WEBB, Louisa Emily  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I80219
31 WEBB, Sophia Elizabeth  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I78943

Death Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 BRADDY, Frederick George  Dec 1941Islington, Middlesex, England I75926


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BRADDY, George  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I75928
2 BRADDY, Ronald Frederick  Islington, Middlesex, England I78238


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BRADDY, Nellie Victoria  1929Islington, Middlesex, England I77942


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARNOLD / POWELL  27 Jul 1878Islington, Middlesex, England F23059
2 BATTAMS / TRIGG  23 Nov 1919Islington, Middlesex, England F64053
3 BELLAMY / BENNETT  Between Oct and Nov 1909Islington, Middlesex, England F27539
4 BENNETT / FOWLES  1 Dec 1864Islington, Middlesex, England F27522
5 BRADDY / MERITON  7 Sep 1817Islington, Middlesex, England F27620
6 BRAZIER / WEBB  25 Dec 1907Islington, Middlesex, England F28480
7 CAPLE / HUNT  28 Jul 1928Islington, Middlesex, England F62113
8 EDMONDS / LIQUORICE  2 Oct 1882Islington, Middlesex, England F17767
9 FLAVEL / BARLOW  21 Jul 1889Islington, Middlesex, England F13265
10 HICKS / HARE  17 Feb 1915Islington, Middlesex, England F29987
11 HOPKINS / READ  14 Nov 1813Islington, Middlesex, England F62529
12 JENKINS / ADAMS  1910Islington, Middlesex, England F12325
13 MADGE / HUMPHREYS  24 Aug 1862Islington, Middlesex, England F62640
14 MINCHIN / BIRD  21 Nov 1877Islington, Middlesex, England F9541
15 MITCHELL / HOLMES  5 Jan 1826Islington, Middlesex, England F16492
16 MITCHELL / TATLOCK  24 Jan 1832Islington, Middlesex, England F17170
17 MORGAN / WADLEY  24 Mar 1844Islington, Middlesex, England F58663
18 O'DONOGHUE / VOULLAIRE  12 Apr 1834Islington, Middlesex, England F18623
19 STEVENS / SCHMITT  22 Jun 1905Islington, Middlesex, England F29198
20 SYMONDS / FLAVELL  7 Feb 1893Islington, Middlesex, England F60856
21 TOPPER / JENKINS  1932Islington, Middlesex, England F6658
22 TURNER / MASKELL  1857Islington, Middlesex, England F65345
23 WARD / WEBB  31 Jul 1897Islington, Middlesex, England F28155
24 WEBB / JENNINGS  21 Aug 1881Islington, Middlesex, England F27636