Halifax, Yorkshire, England

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Halifax, Yorkshire, England
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Latitude: 53.7167, Longitude: -1.85


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WALSHAW, John  20 Sep 1852Halifax, Yorkshire, England I42984
2 WALSHAW, Benjamin  Oct 1880Halifax, Yorkshire, England I42980
3 WAINHOUSE, Betty  1921Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115744
4 TYTNRIGTON, Mary  1572Halifax, Yorkshire, England I91101
5 THORBURN, Frances Ann  1827Halifax, Yorkshire, England I93597
6 STUART, Charles Henry Akroyd  5 Mar 1874Halifax, Yorkshire, England I67561
7 STEVENS, Vivien M  Jun 1917Halifax, Yorkshire, England I82895
8 STABLER, May Maria  Oct 1885Halifax, Yorkshire, England I55772
9 SHAW, Samuel  16 Jan 1840Halifax, Yorkshire, England I60459
10 SAUNDERSON, Sidney  16 Feb 1918Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115743
11 SAUNDERSON, Lewis  1891Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115741
12 SAUNDERSON, David W.  Between Jul and Sep 1953Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115808
13 ROBINSON, William  Abt 1864Halifax, Yorkshire, England I64274
14 OATES, Emily  Abt 1869Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115740
15 LAWSON, Amelia  Abt 1806Halifax, Yorkshire, England I101826
16 KERSHAW, George Henry  12 Feb 1869Halifax, Yorkshire, England I87591
17 KENWORTHY, David  15 Mar 1838Halifax, Yorkshire, England I12542
18 KAY, Winifred  1903Halifax, Yorkshire, England I123447
19 HEY, Margaret  16 Dec 1944Halifax, Yorkshire, England I105583
20 HEY, Arthur  18 Jan 1908Halifax, Yorkshire, England I105584
21 GRIMSHAW, Henry  18 Apr 1813Halifax, Yorkshire, England I44408
22 GARSIDE, Mary Hannah  2 Mar 1853Halifax, Yorkshire, England I42985
23 DRAKE, Gertrude  12 Sep 1912Halifax, Yorkshire, England I82912
24 CROSSLEY, Mary Anne  8 Aug 1861Halifax, Yorkshire, England I80805
25 BUCKLEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1790Halifax, Yorkshire, England I83901
26 BORIES, Harold  9 Mar 1878Halifax, Yorkshire, England I112834
27 BOOTH, Ruth Ann  7 Jun 1834Halifax, Yorkshire, England I120531
28 BARKER, Martha Ellen  1895Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115742
29 ASKEW, Ann  30 Jan 1814Halifax, Yorkshire, England I18479


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 WHITTAKER, Annie  Jul 1839Halifax, Yorkshire, England I96701
2 WHITHEAD, Ann Rebecca  22 Feb 1925Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115737
3 WAINHOUSE, Betty  27 Sep 1999Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115744
4 THACKRAH, Joseph Henry  Jan 1855Halifax, Yorkshire, England I96700
5 STEVENS, Hilda  1994Halifax, Yorkshire, England I82891
6 STEVENS, Gerald  Nov 1992Halifax, Yorkshire, England I82889
7 SMITH, Geoffrey  1996Halifax, Yorkshire, England I82892
8 SAUNDERSON, Sidney  17 Dec 1989Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115743
9 SAUNDERSON, Lewis  1965Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115741
10 SANDERSON, Robert  Jan 1906Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115738
11 KEIGHLEY, William  1834Halifax, Yorkshire, England I88564
12 HOLDSWORTH, Prince  1922Halifax, Yorkshire, England I95627
13 HEY, Arthur  4 May 1986Halifax, Yorkshire, England I105584
14 HARTLEY, Betsy  Mar 1961Halifax, Yorkshire, England I98400
15 DUCKWORTH, Hannah  23 Feb 1989Halifax, Yorkshire, England I105585
16 BUTTERFIELD, Thomas  16 Sep 1814Halifax, Yorkshire, England I77753
17 BROWN, Alice  1910Halifax, Yorkshire, England I95628

Birth Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 SAUNDERSON, David W.  Between Jul and Sep 1953Halifax, Yorkshire, England I115808


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WALSHAW / GARSIDE  15 Apr 1879Halifax, Yorkshire, England F14222
2 THACKRAH / WHITTAKER  20 Jul 1822Halifax, Yorkshire, England F65072
3 SMITH / STEVENS  1937Halifax, Yorkshire, England F29200
4 SHACKLETON / RAWSTHORNE  Apr 1856Halifax, Yorkshire, England F29507
5 SHACKLETON / FARNHILL  1 Jan 1800Halifax, Yorkshire, England F68827
6 SAUNDERSON / WAINHOUSE  Jan 1942Halifax, Yorkshire, England F72889
7 PATTERSON / STEVENS  1939Halifax, Yorkshire, England F29202
8 MEAD / DRAKE  Mar 1932Halifax, Yorkshire, England F29212
9 MALLINSON / THORBURN  29 Dec 1849Halifax, Yorkshire, England F62483
10 LONGBOTTOM / BENTLEY  Jul 1893Halifax, Yorkshire, England F67268
11 KERSHAW / SHARP  31 May 1841Halifax, Yorkshire, England F59332
12 KENWORTHY / LAUDER  17 Feb 1863Halifax, Yorkshire, England F5182
13 KENWORTHY / ASKEW  18 Jun 1835Halifax, Yorkshire, England F5156
14 HEY / FIELDING  Jun 1893Halifax, Yorkshire, England F74409
15 HEY / DUCKWORTH  11 Aug 1934Halifax, Yorkshire, England F68673