Colchester, Essex, England

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Colchester, Essex, England
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City/Town : Latitude: 51.8833, Longitude: 0.9


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Sarah  Between 1785 and 1793Colchester, Essex, England I35651
2 BARR, Charles Samuel R  20 Jul 1905Colchester, Essex, England I102808
3 BARR, Charles William R  Apr 1876Colchester, Essex, England I102806
4 BOUTTELL, Hester  1839Colchester, Essex, England I95100
5 BRADDY, Abigail  1744Colchester, Essex, England I92221
6 BRADDY, Adelaide  29 Apr 1878Colchester, Essex, England I102805
7 BRADDY, Alexander  1767Colchester, Essex, England I78550
8 BRADDY, Alfred  Abt 1876Colchester, Essex, England I102804
9 BRADDY, Alice  1880Colchester, Essex, England I92252
10 BRADDY, Arthur  Abt 1867Colchester, Essex, England I92246
11 BRADDY, Charles  1759Colchester, Essex, England I92227
12 BRADDY, Charles William  Between Apr and Jun 1868Colchester, Essex, England I102788
13 BRADDY, Elizabeth  1736Colchester, Essex, England I92218
14 BRADDY, Elizabeth  1752Colchester, Essex, England I92224
15 BRADDY, Elizabeth  1782Colchester, Essex, England I92232
16 BRADDY, Emma  9 Jun 1870Colchester, Essex, England I102802
17 BRADDY, Florence  1871Colchester, Essex, England I92243
18 BRADDY, Hannah  1739Colchester, Essex, England I92219
19 BRADDY, Harry  1860Colchester, Essex, England I92241
20 BRADDY, Henry  1826Colchester, Essex, England I92239
21 BRADDY, Herbert  Mar 1875Colchester, Essex, England I92248
22 BRADDY, James  Jun 1869Colchester, Essex, England I92247
23 BRADDY, Jeremiah  1750Colchester, Essex, England I92223
24 BRADDY, Jeremiah  1789Colchester, Essex, England I92233
25 BRADDY, John  1754Colchester, Essex, England I92225
26 BRADDY, Laura  Dec 1877Colchester, Essex, England I92249
27 BRADDY, Maria Mary Ann  Mar 1859Colchester, Essex, England I92245
28 BRADDY, Mary  1761Colchester, Essex, England I92228
29 BRADDY, Robert  Abt 1863Colchester, Essex, England I92244
30 BRADDY, Samuel  1757Colchester, Essex, England I92226
31 BRADDY, Samuel  1781Colchester, Essex, England I92237
32 BRADDY, Samuel  Jul 1841Colchester, Essex, England I102790
33 BRADDY, Samuel  Apr 1866Colchester, Essex, England I102792
34 BRADDY, Susan  1763Colchester, Essex, England I92229
35 BRADDY, Walter  Abt 1873Colchester, Essex, England I102803
36 CANT, William Ahearn  1819Colchester, Essex, England I56269
37 FINNEY, Sarah  1774Colchester, Essex, England I29645
38 GOLDSMITH, Cecil  1900Colchester, Essex, England I92251
39 HEWETT, Edith Mary  5 Apr 1905Colchester, Essex, England I79210
40 LENNARD, Maria  Abt 1821Colchester, Essex, England I46856
41 MONEY, Henry James  5 May 1864Colchester, Essex, England I16318
42 MOULES, John David  16 Dec 1899Colchester, Essex, England I103044
43 NASON, Henry William  Sep 1852Colchester, Essex, England I100138
44 NASON, Henry William  10 Jan 1876Colchester, Essex, England I88968
45 PINKER, William  1875Colchester, Essex, England I57264
46 RHODES, John  1809Colchester, Essex, England I95589
47 ROSE, Catherine Maria  Apr 1854Colchester, Essex, England I100139
48 RUFFELL, Hannah  Abt 1850Colchester, Essex, England I102793
49 SADLER, Eliza  1849Colchester, Essex, England I99826
50 SCHOOLING, B.L.   I82422
51 SUDBURY, Sarah  Abt 1750Colchester, Essex, England I73439
52 UNKNOWN, Frances Ruth  Abt 1827Colchester, Essex, England I95547
53 UNKNOWN, H.   I12278
54 WATSON, Susannah  1758Colchester, Essex, England I92236
55 YORK, Mark  Abt 1810Colchester, Essex, England I104585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Sarah  Apr 1861Colchester, Essex, England I35651
2 BRADDY, Adelaide  9 Jun 1965Colchester, Essex, England I102805
3 BRADDY, Emma  1956Colchester, Essex, England I102802
4 BRADDY, Henry  1883Colchester, Essex, England I92239
5 BRADDY, Jeremiah  1772Colchester, Essex, England I92216
6 BRADDY, Samuel  Dec 1861Colchester, Essex, England I92237
7 BRADDY, Samuel  Oct 1911Colchester, Essex, England I102790
8 BRADDY, Samuel  Dec 1937Colchester, Essex, England I102792
9 BRADDY, William George  9 Mar 1965Colchester, Essex, England I92290
10 BURCH, Ellen Mary  25 Nov 1948Colchester, Essex, England I79209
11 CHISNELL, Maria  Dec 1915Colchester, Essex, England I92240
12 CROFT, Alfred Kepple  Apr 2000Colchester, Essex, England I54183
13 HOOD, Edith Emma Maud  20 Jul 1993Colchester, Essex, England I72402
14 KETTLE, Eliza Ann  Apr 1910Colchester, Essex, England I102791
15 MOULES, John  1953Colchester, Essex, England I103043
16 NASON, Henry William  Dec 1923Colchester, Essex, England I100138
17 NEWTON, George  DECEASEDColchester, Essex, England I91689
18 ROSE, Catherine Maria  1900Colchester, Essex, England I100139
19 RUFFELL, Hannah  Dec 1927Colchester, Essex, England I102793
20 YORK, William  31 Jul 1862Colchester, Essex, England I35650


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BRADDY, Jeremiah  20 Dec 1772Colchester, Essex, England I92216


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BRADDY, Alexander  2 Mar 1768Colchester, Essex, England I78550
2 BRADDY, Charles  1759Colchester, Essex, England I92227
3 BRADDY, Elizabeth  30 May 1736Colchester, Essex, England I92218
4 BRADDY, Elizabeth  2 Jun 1782Colchester, Essex, England I92232
5 BRADDY, Jeremiah  29 Jul 1750Colchester, Essex, England I92223
6 BRADDY, Jeremiah  4 Oct 1789Colchester, Essex, England I92233
7 FINNEY, Sarah  27 Mar 1774Colchester, Essex, England I29645

Death Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Julian Irvine  May 2003Colchester, Essex, England I64771
2 BRADDY, Eleanor  Jan 1988Colchester, Essex, England I92293


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARR / BRADDY  1898Colchester, Essex, England F67531
2 BRADDY / BURRELL  30 Aug 1781Colchester, Essex, England F61920
3 BRADDY / GIBSON  24 Aug 1743Colchester, Essex, England F61918
4 BRADDY / KETTLE  Oct 1865Colchester, Essex, England F67529
5 BRADDY / RUFFELL  Apr 1891Colchester, Essex, England F67530
6 BRADDY / SADLER  24 Jan 1869Colchester, Essex, England F66309
7 BRADDY / TAILOR  21 Apr 1734Colchester, Essex, England F61917
8 BRADDY / WATSON  10 Apr 1777Colchester, Essex, England F61922
9 FINNEY / SUDBURY  16 Jan 1772Colchester, Essex, England F25444
10 HEWETT / BURCH  29 Apr 1894Colchester, Essex, England F27727
11 HEWITT / BRADDY  11 Aug 1763Colchester, Essex, England F62133
12 NASON / ROSE  1874Colchester, Essex, England F66449
13 PARKER / BRADDY  1758Colchester, Essex, England F62132