Burnley, Lancashire, England

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Burnley, Lancashire, England
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Latitude: 53.79, Longitude: -2.2433


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATKINSON, Florence  1887Burnley, Lancashire, England I74808
2 ATKINSON, Henry  1837Burnley, Lancashire, England I76475
3 BRENNAN, Honor  7 Jul 1881Burnley, Lancashire, England I84811
4 BURROWS, Ellen  1861Burnley, Lancashire, England I102880
5 BYRNE, Martin  16 Apr 1872Burnley, Lancashire, England I84810
6 BYRNE, Winefride Patricia Pauline  29 Jun 1920Burnley, Lancashire, England I84809
7 COCKCROFT, Frederick  26 Apr 1911Burnley, Lancashire, England I105550
8 CUREDALE, George Bowstead Ward  1826Burnley, Lancashire, England I70680
9 DUCKWORTH, Dorothy  1910Burnley, Lancashire, England I105551
10 DYSON, William  Jan 1894Burnley, Lancashire, England I73736
11 HITCHEN, Patience  17 May 1814Burnley, Lancashire, England I84788
12 HOLMES, Samuel  1885Burnley, Lancashire, England I85351
13 LEACH, Brian  28 Sep 1944Burnley, Lancashire, England I87273
14 MARCROFT, Ellen  6 Nov 1844Burnley, Lancashire, England I101768
15 MASSEY, Henry  18 Dec 1910Burnley, Lancashire, England I95619
16 NEWTON, Cyril  21 Apr 1905Burnley, Lancashire, England I91681
17 NEWTON, George  1845Burnley, Lancashire, England I91689
18 NEWTON, George Edward  Jan 1881Burnley, Lancashire, England I91685
19 OGDEN, Keith  9 Dec 1932Burnley, Lancashire, England I104339
20 RUSHWORTH, Mary  Dec 1819Burnley, Lancashire, England I97299
21 SHACKLETON, Alice  Jul 1884Burnley, Lancashire, England I97283
22 SHACKLETON, Annie  17 Aug 1892Burnley, Lancashire, England I97285
23 SHACKLETON, Ethel  Abt 1900Burnley, Lancashire, England I97300
24 SHACKLETON, Harold  Abt 1897Burnley, Lancashire, England I97286
25 SHACKLETON, Louisa  Abt 1887Burnley, Lancashire, England I97284
26 SHACKLETON, Parker  16 Mar 1786Burnley, Lancashire, England I88589
27 SHACKLETON, Parker  24 Mar 1846Burnley, Lancashire, England I88587
28 SHACKLETON, Robert  18 Sep 1817Burnley, Lancashire, England I88588
29 SHACKLETON, Robinson Greenwood  14 Sep 1884Burnley, Lancashire, England I102883
30 SHACKLETON, William  25 Dec 1814Burnley, Lancashire, England I97298
31 SHORE, Winifred  20 Oct 1911Burnley, Lancashire, England I95618
32 SMITH, Frank  27 Jan 1895Burnley, Lancashire, England I61324
33 SOWERBY, Albert  17 Nov 1918Burnley, Lancashire, England I74990
34 SOWERBY, Evelyn  Dec 1920Burnley, Lancashire, England I74991
35 SOWERBY, Mary  1915Burnley, Lancashire, England I74989
36 THOMS, Dora  1 Jul 1945Burnley, Lancashire, England I87274
37 WARDMAN, Ronald David  24 Feb 1913Burnley, Lancashire, England I105727
38 WRIGHT, Susannah  1821Burnley, Lancashire, England I95613


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATKINSON, Henry  23 Jan 1875Burnley, Lancashire, England I76475
2 BASS, Doris Feather  3 Jul 1999Burnley, Lancashire, England I104341
3 BRENNAN, Honor  5 Dec 1963Burnley, Lancashire, England I84811
4 BRENNAN, Michael  9 Mar 1894Burnley, Lancashire, England I101765
5 BURROWS, Ellen  22 Mar 1924Burnley, Lancashire, England I102880
6 BYRNE, Martin  13 Feb 1933Burnley, Lancashire, England I84810
7 BYRNE, Patrick  26 Nov 1916Burnley, Lancashire, England I101767
8 DUGDALE, William  7 May 1940Burnley, Lancashire, England I85348
9 FENWICK, Mary  Abt 1825Burnley, Lancashire, England I88590
10 HOLMES, Margaret Ann  Dec 1956Burnley, Lancashire, England I85347
11 MARCROFT, Ellen  29 Apr 1920Burnley, Lancashire, England I101768
12 MILLS, Alan C  Jun 1970Burnley, Lancashire, England I78803
13 OGDEN, Herbert Crew  14 Nov 1991Burnley, Lancashire, England I104340
14 REGAN, Ellen  10 Jun 1924Burnley, Lancashire, England I101766
15 ROBINSON, Mary Hannah  1902Burnley, Lancashire, England I95614
16 RUSHWORTH, Mary  1 Feb 1896Burnley, Lancashire, England I97299
17 SHACKLETON, Ethel  Bef 1911Burnley, Lancashire, England I97300
18 SHACKLETON, Martha Ann  2 Dec 1913Burnley, Lancashire, England I104360
19 SHACKLETON, Parker  Jan 1854Burnley, Lancashire, England I88589
20 SHACKLETON, Robinson  31 Aug 1890Burnley, Lancashire, England I102881
21 SHACKLETON, William  Abt 1887Burnley, Lancashire, England I97298
22 SHORE, Walter  15 Dec 1930Burnley, Lancashire, England I95617
23 SOWERBY, Alan  13 Sep 1989Burnley, Lancashire, England I74992
24 THOMS, Dora  6 Apr 2010Burnley, Lancashire, England I87274
25 TILLOTSON, Lily  27 Oct 1974Burnley, Lancashire, England I104345
26 WILMER, Isabella  Dec 1912Burnley, Lancashire, England I85363

Birth Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 ATKINSON, Albert  Between Jan and Mar 1895Burnley, Lancashire, England I77180
2 ATKINSON, Minnie  Between Jan and Mar 1892Burnley, Lancashire, England I77179
3 ATKINSON, Walter  Between Apr and Jun 1899Burnley, Lancashire, England I77181
4 SOWERBY, Alan  Mar 1914Burnley, Lancashire, England I74992
5 SOWERBY, Albert  Between Oct and Dec 1918Burnley, Lancashire, England I74990
6 THOMS, Dora  Between Jul and Sep 1945Burnley, Lancashire, England I87274


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ATKINSON, Florence  1911Burnley, Lancashire, England I74808
2 ATKINSON, Mary  1891Burnley, Lancashire, England I75002
3 ATKINSON, Mary  1901Burnley, Lancashire, England I75002
4 ATKINSON, Mary  1911Burnley, Lancashire, England I75002
5 SOWERBY, Daniel  1911Burnley, Lancashire, England I74807

Death Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 ATKINSON, Florence  Dec 1950Burnley, Lancashire, England I74808
2 SOWERBY, Alan  Sep 1989Burnley, Lancashire, England I74992


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRENNAN / REGAN  24 Jul 1880Burnley, Lancashire, England F67105
2 BYRNE / BRENNAN  5 Sep 1908Burnley, Lancashire, England F30024
3 BYRNE / MARCROFT  21 May 1870Burnley, Lancashire, England F67106
4 DUGDALE / BELL  Jul 1905Burnley, Lancashire, England F30261
5 DUGDALE / HOLMES  Mar 1932Burnley, Lancashire, England F30260
6 HARGREAVES / FOWLDS  1641Burnley, Lancashire, England F23378
7 HOLMES / WORMWELL  Between Apr and Jun 1916Burnley, Lancashire, England F30262
8 LEACH / THOMS  Between Oct and Dec 1963Burnley, Lancashire, England F59200
9 PARKER / SMITH  Between Apr and Jun 1934Burnley, Lancashire, England F30259
10 SHACKLETON / BURROWS  1883Burnley, Lancashire, England F67563
11 SHACKLETON / FENWICK  1 Mar 1810Burnley, Lancashire, England F59739
12 SHACKLETON / HARRISON  17 May 1840Burnley, Lancashire, England F59738
13 SHACKLETON / NEILD  1882Burnley, Lancashire, England F65309
14 SHACKLETON / WILKINSON  3 Jul 1913Burnley, Lancashire, England F65308
15 SMITH / WILSON  1952Burnley, Lancashire, England F67566