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Bradford, Yorkshire, England

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Bradford, Yorkshire, England
[Bradford] [Yorkshire] [England]

Latitude: 53.7833, Longitude: -1.75


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AKEROYD, Ellen  1843Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95602
2 APPLEBY, Martha Ann  1 Jun 1869Bradford, Yorkshire, England I66995
3 AYRE, Isaac Wood  16 Aug 1836Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83498
4 BARKER, Greenwood  1868Bradford, Yorkshire, England I59693
5 BARNES, William  Jul 1894Bradford, Yorkshire, England I117911
6 BASTOW, Jowett  6 Nov 1831Bradford, Yorkshire, England I79928
7 BOLTON, Alice  10 Jan 1855Bradford, Yorkshire, England I79506
8 BROGDEN, Edward  1909Bradford, Yorkshire, England I59696
9 BROWN, Alice  28 Oct 1837Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95628
10 BUTLER, Betsy  1 Nov 1899Bradford, Yorkshire, England I87590
11 CANAVAN, William J  1880Bradford, Yorkshire, England I122757
12 COATES, Elizabeth Ann  1882Bradford, Yorkshire, England I94315
13 COCKCROFT, Nellie Hall  7 Jul 1915Bradford, Yorkshire, England I105472
14 COULTON, Emma  1852Bradford, Yorkshire, England I87576
15 CROWTHER, Harry  5 Feb 1906Bradford, Yorkshire, England I78912
16 CROWTHER, Robinson  28 Aug 1881Bradford, Yorkshire, England I94314
17 DENT, Hannah  6 Jul 1838Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83503
18 DRAIN, William Thomas  May 1905Bradford, Yorkshire, England I89862
19 GILLESPIE, Winnifred  4 Aug 1880Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95671
20 GREEN, Robert  Abt 1853Bradford, Yorkshire, England I61496
21 GRIFFITHS, Harry  Jan 1909Bradford, Yorkshire, England I114639
22 GRIFFITHS, Terrence  10 Feb 1931Bradford, Yorkshire, England I114635
23 HALEY, Isaac  1817Bradford, Yorkshire, England I85105
24 HANSON, Lily  26 May 1905Bradford, Yorkshire, England I114640
25 HILL, Edith Hannah  17 Jun 1891Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83375
26 HILL, Richard  Abt 1836Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83502
27 HILL, Thomas Robinson  2 Feb 1864Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83376
28 HOLDSWORTH, Albert  5 Apr 1871Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95629
29 HOLDSWORTH, Charles  9 Mar 1906Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95631
30 HOLDSWORTH, Enoch  15 Feb 1824Bradford, Yorkshire, England I55312
31 HOLDSWORTH, Harry  Jan 1887Bradford, Yorkshire, England I92479
32 HOLDSWORTH, John  1781Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95625
33 HOLDSWORTH, Jonas  1731Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95622
34 HOLDSWORTH, Paul  1755Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95623
35 HOLROYD, Joshua  Mar 1815Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83829
36 HORNE, Benjamin Wade  17 Apr 1896Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115980
37 HORNE, Harry Thompson  Oct 1870Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115978
38 HORNE, Harry Thompson  Jul 1898Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115981
39 HORNE, Laura  15 Jan 1891Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115979
40 HORNE, Lawrence  21 May 1899Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115982
41 JOWETT, Nellie  25 Oct 1894Bradford, Yorkshire, England I12725
42 KEIGHLEY, Charles  Between Dec 1806 and Jan 1807Bradford, Yorkshire, England I88567
43 KEIGHLEY, Edward  1837Bradford, Yorkshire, England I103332
44 KEIGHLEY, James Edward  1878Bradford, Yorkshire, England I103319
45 KEIGHLEY, William  1830Bradford, Yorkshire, England I88569
46 KELLY, Thomas Patrick  1949Bradford, Yorkshire, England I121950
47 KERSHAW, Margaret  5 Jan 1927Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81561
48 KERSHAW, Thomas  20 Oct 1897Bradford, Yorkshire, England I87589
49 LANCASTER, Harry  17 Sep 1881Bradford, Yorkshire, England I94679
50 LEE, Benjamin  1885Bradford, Yorkshire, England I78914
51 LEE, Edith Clarice  17 May 1909Bradford, Yorkshire, England I78913
52 LLANWARNE, Marjorie Kate  Dec 1891Bradford, Yorkshire, England I46469
53 MALONE, John Daniel  30 Sep 1889Bradford, Yorkshire, England I124447
54 MARSHALL, Susan  Bef 26 Jul 1833Bradford, Yorkshire, England I88559
55 MCKAY, Johanna  25 Oct 1894Bradford, Yorkshire, England I6384
56 METCALF, Gertrude Ellen  Abt 1871Bradford, Yorkshire, England I105708
57 METCALF, Heny Ernest  Abt 1869Bradford, Yorkshire, England I105707
58 METCALF, Hilda  Jan 1879Bradford, Yorkshire, England I105711
59 METCALF, Jessie  Abt 1876Bradford, Yorkshire, England I96412
60 METCALF, Mary Cathrine  Abt 1875Bradford, Yorkshire, England I105710
61 MORTIMER, Ann  25 May 1840Bradford, Yorkshire, England I65667
62 MORTIMER, Nellie Wallace  13 Nov 1893Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115983
63 MURGATROYD, Edna  29 Jun 1891Bradford, Yorkshire, England I23100
64 NORTH, Ada  11 Jun 1877Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95595
65 PALFRAMAN, Albert  22 Mar 1855Bradford, Yorkshire, England I79505
66 PALFRAMAN, Susan  19 Dec 1878Bradford, Yorkshire, England I70850
67 PICKLES, Edith Mary  Between 1886 and 1887Bradford, Yorkshire, England I78915
68 PICKLES, James  Abt 1859Bradford, Yorkshire, England I78916
69 PRIESTLEY, Ada  17 Mar 1894Bradford, Yorkshire, England I92480
70 PYRAH, Hannah  12 Dec 1841Bradford, Yorkshire, England I87123
71 REDFERN, Bertha  Mar 1878Bradford, Yorkshire, England I41962
72 REDFERN, Joseph  Abt 1816Bradford, Yorkshire, England I73805
73 ROBINSON, Jonathan  10 Feb 1796Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95611
74 SHACKLETON, Alice  1735Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95621
75 SHACKLETON, Annie Beatrice  Jan 1881Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81569
76 SHACKLETON, Edith  13 May 1876Bradford, Yorkshire, England I80770
77 SHACKLETON, Emma  31 Aug 1823Bradford, Yorkshire, England I104511
78 SHACKLETON, John  1780Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95606
79 SHACKLETON, John Edward  11 Nov 1878Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95594
80 SHACKLETON, Lister Hudson  2 Jun 1847Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95601
81 SHACKLETON, Martha  1861Bradford, Yorkshire, England I78917
82 SHACKLETON, Nora  Dec 1919Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81559
83 SHACKLETON, Ruth Alice  28 Oct 1874Bradford, Yorkshire, England I57696
84 SHACKLETON, Sidney  11 Apr 1840Bradford, Yorkshire, England I80768
85 SHIERS, Sarah  1687Bradford, Yorkshire, England I74939
86 SMITH, Annie Mabel  16 Jan 1883Bradford, Yorkshire, England I94680
87 SMITH, Brian Arthur  24 May 1935Bradford, Yorkshire, England I105469
88 SPENCER, Susannah  1756Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95624
89 STOTT, Ann  1782Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95607
90 STURMAN, Emma  Oct 1863Bradford, Yorkshire, England I87125
91 STURMAN, Mary Elizabeth  23 Nov 1861Bradford, Yorkshire, England I87124
92 SUGDEN, Richard  1644Bradford, Yorkshire, England I91092
93 SWITHENBANK, George William  5 Feb 1895Bradford, Yorkshire, England I57693
94 SWITHENBANK, John Edwin  9 Apr 1874Bradford, Yorkshire, England I57695
95 TAYLOR, John Henry Horne  UNKNOWNBradford, Yorkshire, England I108752
96 WADE, John  1836Bradford, Yorkshire, England I41842
97 WADE, John  1874Bradford, Yorkshire, England I27430
98 WADE, Mary  1 Jun 1868Bradford, Yorkshire, England I106268
99 WADE, Samual  1901Bradford, Yorkshire, England I36319
100 WADE, Vera  7 Jun 1903Bradford, Yorkshire, England I41965

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 AKEROYD, Ellen  1885Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95602
2 ARMSTEAD, Sarah  24 Apr 1851Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83832
3 ASHTON, John  DECEASEDBradford, Yorkshire, England I109577
4 ATKINSON, Martha  21 Mar 1890Bradford, Yorkshire, England I88561
5 AYRE, Robert  31 Jan 1890Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83827
6 BELLWOOD, James  Jun 1972Bradford, Yorkshire, England I91429
7 BOLTON, John  17 Apr 1870Bradford, Yorkshire, England I110421
8 BOTTOMLEY, Mary  24 Jan 1867Bradford, Yorkshire, England I97201
9 BRIGHTMAN, Mary  8 Feb 1856Bradford, Yorkshire, England I110418
10 CLEMESHA, Australia  2 Feb 1883Bradford, Yorkshire, England I36069
11 COCKCROFT, Fred  29 May 1967Bradford, Yorkshire, England I105589
12 CROWTHER, Robinson  1928Bradford, Yorkshire, England I94314
13 DENBIGH, Mercy  Jul 1841Bradford, Yorkshire, England I91114
14 DENT, Hannah  Jun 1924Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83503
15 DENT, Joseph  Dec 1869Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83833
16 DOCHERTY, James Trainor  Jan 1981Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115985
17 DYSON, Lucy  1884Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95604
18 FIRTH, Mary  25 Jan 1892Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83828
19 GARNETT, Susannah Sarah  Jan 1875Bradford, Yorkshire, England I88568
20 GOUGH, Charles Edward  Mar 1955Bradford, Yorkshire, England I106945
21 GOUGH, Charles Edward  4 Mar 1976Bradford, Yorkshire, England I106942
22 HALL, Harriet Helena  Between Jul and Sep 1920Bradford, Yorkshire, England I105590
23 HILL, Richard  11 Dec 1878Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83502
24 HILL, Richard  23 Jul 1881Bradford, Yorkshire, England I91444
25 HOLDSWORTH, Albert  15 Nov 1927Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95629
26 HOLDSWORTH, Charles  20 Feb 1964Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95631
27 HOLDSWORTH, Hannah  Jul 1898Bradford, Yorkshire, England I80769
28 HOLDSWORTH, John  Jan 1847Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95625
29 HOLDSWORTH, Paul  1847Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95623
30 HORNE, Benjamin Wade  Jun 1967Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115980
31 HORNE, Harry Thompson  Oct 1898Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115981
32 HORNE, Laura  Sep 1959Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115979
33 HORNE, Lawrence  Jun 1942Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115982
34 JENKINSON, Jane Annie  1907Bradford, Yorkshire, England I41866
35 KEIGHLEY, Charles  Oct 1882Bradford, Yorkshire, England I88567
36 KEIGHLEY, William  Jan 1871Bradford, Yorkshire, England I88569
37 KERSHAW, Margaret  17 Oct 1991Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81561
38 LANCASTER, Harry  6 Oct 1941Bradford, Yorkshire, England I94679
39 LEE, Edith Clarice  17 Mar 2007Bradford, Yorkshire, England I78913
40 LISTER, Kate Winifred  14 Apr 1943Bradford, Yorkshire, England I117534
41 LITTLE, Hilda  Dec 1976Bradford, Yorkshire, England I77739
42 LONGBOTTOM, Albert  7 Oct 1909Bradford, Yorkshire, England I102162
43 LUND, Mary  1870Bradford, Yorkshire, England I97664
44 MARR, Mary  17 Aug 1958Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95630
45 MORTIMER, Nellie Wallace  1 Jan 1956Bradford, Yorkshire, England I115983
46 MURGATROYD, Gladys  Apr 1983Bradford, Yorkshire, England I107116
47 PALFRAMAN, John  2 Aug 1897Bradford, Yorkshire, England I88558
48 PARRY, Mabel  7 Dec 1983Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95632
49 ROBINSON, Elizabeth  Mar 1869Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83834
50 ROBINSON, Hanna  Bef 1816Bradford, Yorkshire, England I79116
51 SCHOLEFIELD, Hannah  12 May 1857Bradford, Yorkshire, England I83830
52 SHACKLETON, Alice  1772Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95621
53 SHACKLETON, Ann  1878Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95605
54 SHACKLETON, Annie Beatrice  Jul 1882Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81569
55 SHACKLETON, Clara Novella  Between Jul and Sep 1916Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81566
56 SHACKLETON, Emmaline  Dec 1963Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81554
57 SHACKLETON, Florence  Sep 1959Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81555
58 SHACKLETON, Grace Ann  Jun 1959Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81553
59 SHACKLETON, John  6 Jun 1893Bradford, Yorkshire, England I73019
60 SHACKLETON, Jonas  Mar 1958Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81551
61 SHACKLETON, Lister Hudson  1924Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95601
62 SHACKLETON, Luther  13 Jun 1966Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81557
63 SHACKLETON, Nora  Jun 1921Bradford, Yorkshire, England I81559
64 SHACKLETON, Sidney  11 Aug 1904Bradford, Yorkshire, England I80768
65 SHACKLETON, Thomas  Jul 1886Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95603
66 STOCKS, Amelia  Jan 1857Bradford, Yorkshire, England I95626
67 STURMAN, Emma  Abt 1863Bradford, Yorkshire, England I87125
68 SUGDEN, Richard  14 Jul 1711Bradford, Yorkshire, England I91092
69 SUTCLIFFE, Shirley  DECEASEDBradford, Yorkshire, England I109576
70 TEAR, Elsie  13 Jun 1975Bradford, Yorkshire, England I79430
71 TUDOR, Lilian Maud  29 Oct 2001Bradford, Yorkshire, England I106943
72 WADE, John  6 Jan 1906Bradford, Yorkshire, England I41842
73 WADE, Mary  25 Feb 1940Bradford, Yorkshire, England I106268
74 WHITTAM, Anne  Apr 1879Bradford, Yorkshire, England I41843
75 WHITTAM, James  Oct 1875Bradford, Yorkshire, England I97200
76 WICKS, Fredrick James  Sep 1930Bradford, Yorkshire, England I79428
77 WICKS, William Charles  3 Oct 1944Bradford, Yorkshire, England I79429
78 WOOD, John  6 Jul 1885Bradford, Yorkshire, England I41865
79 WOOD, Nancy Margaret  7 Dec 1998Bradford, Yorkshire, England I121949
80 WRIGHT, Mary Jane  4 Aug 1924Bradford, Yorkshire, England I79427


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HALEY, Isaac  8 Oct 1817Bradford, Yorkshire, England I85105

Birth Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 BARKER, Greenwood  Between Jan and Mar 1868Bradford, Yorkshire, England I59693
2 HEY, John  20 Apr 1845Bradford, Yorkshire, England I13459
3 WOOD, Albert Norman  Between Oct and Dec 1894Bradford, Yorkshire, England I41951
4 WOOD, Mary Louisa  1878Bradford, Yorkshire, England I36318


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ABBOTT, Miranda  1911Bradford, Yorkshire, England I59694
2 BALDWIN, Martha  1871Bradford, Yorkshire, England I59692
3 BARKER, Elizabeth  1871Bradford, Yorkshire, England I59700
4 BARKER, Greenwood  1871Bradford, Yorkshire, England I59693
5 BARKER, Greenwood  1911Bradford, Yorkshire, England I59693
6 BARKER, John  1871Bradford, Yorkshire, England I59691

Death Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 JENKINSON, Jane Annie  Between Apr and Jun 1907Bradford, Yorkshire, England I41866


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ATKINSON / BROADLEY  6 May 1819Bradford, Yorkshire, England F70689
2 AYRE / FIRTH  17 Apr 1831Bradford, Yorkshire, England F29585
3 AYRE / HOLROYD  25 Jul 1857Bradford, Yorkshire, England F29443
4 BASTOW / TATHAM  31 Mar 1799Bradford, Yorkshire, England F27833
5 BELLWOOD / SHACKLETON  27 Nov 1915Bradford, Yorkshire, England F61566
6 COCKCROFT / HALL  25 Aug 1918Bradford, Yorkshire, England F68675
7 COOTE / WARREN  3 Apr 1893Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64538
8 CROWTHER / COATES  13 Nov 1901Bradford, Yorkshire, England F63954
9 DAVEY / SMITH  15 Feb 1944Bradford, Yorkshire, England F66770
10 DOCHERTY / HORNE  Jul 1945Bradford, Yorkshire, England F72999
11 FEATHER / PRESTON  29 Nov 1830Bradford, Yorkshire, England F73739
12 FOULDS / GOTT  14 Jan 1838Bradford, Yorkshire, England F23415
13 FOULDS / NAYLOR  26 Dec 1852Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64962
14 FOWLER / HOLGATE  7 Sep 1829Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64946
15 GILL / SHACKLETON  2 Nov 1836Bradford, Yorkshire, England F76703
16 GLENDENNING / TORDOFF  16 Jun 1894Bradford, Yorkshire, England F67269
17 GOUGH / WYATT  Nov 1920Bradford, Yorkshire, England F69218
18 GREEN / PRINCE  3 Mar 1878Bradford, Yorkshire, England F21163
19 GREENWOOD / KERSHAW  2 Apr 1866Bradford, Yorkshire, England F76872
20 GRIFFITHS / HANSON  Sep 1928Bradford, Yorkshire, England F72457
21 HILL / ARMSTEAD  24 Aug 1835Bradford, Yorkshire, England F29587
22 HILL / DENT  14 Mar 1857Bradford, Yorkshire, England F29445
23 HOLDSWORTH / MARR  4 Apr 1904Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64631
24 HOLDSWORTH / PARRY  1 Aug 1931Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64632
25 HOLDSWORTH / SHACKLETON  9 May 1756Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64627
26 HOLDSWORTH / SPENCER  28 Feb 1780Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64628
27 HOLDSWORTH / STOCKS  22 Nov 1818Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64629
28 HOLROYD / SCHOLEFIELD  25 Aug 1834Bradford, Yorkshire, England F29586
29 HORNE / MORTIMER  Apr 1916Bradford, Yorkshire, England F72998
30 KEIGHLEY / GARNETT  17 Jul 1827Bradford, Yorkshire, England F59727
31 KERSHAW / RILEY  2 Oct 1763Bradford, Yorkshire, England F59329
32 LEE / PICKLES  8 Jun 1908Bradford, Yorkshire, England F27615
33 PALFRAMAN / BOLTON  13 Jan 1877Bradford, Yorkshire, England F27853
34 PALFRAMAN / MARSHALL  17 Apr 1853Bradford, Yorkshire, England F59722
35 ROBINSON / SHACKLETON  10 Nov 1817Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64622
36 ROBINSON / WRIGHT  24 Mar 1845Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64623
37 SHACKLETON / AKEROYD  1869Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64617
38 SHACKLETON / BAIRSTOW  9 Sep 1821Bradford, Yorkshire, England F68826
39 SHACKLETON / BINNS  15 Feb 1802Bradford, Yorkshire, England F73732
40 SHACKLETON / FEATHER  6 Sep 1830Bradford, Yorkshire, England F27670
41 SHACKLETON / ROBINSON  19 Nov 1775Bradford, Yorkshire, England F27696
42 SHACKLETON / SHIERS  10 Jul 1708Bradford, Yorkshire, England F26039
43 SHACKLETON / STOTT  1797Bradford, Yorkshire, England F64620
44 SWITHENBANK / SHACKLETON  6 Aug 1894Bradford, Yorkshire, England F19772
45 THOROGOOD / LLANWARNE  10 Dec 1920Bradford, Yorkshire, England F15604
46 WADE / REDFERN  6 Dec 1902Bradford, Yorkshire, England F13863
47 WADE / WHITTAM  22 Dec 1860Bradford, Yorkshire, England F13820
48 WADE / WOOD  4 May 1895Bradford, Yorkshire, England F579