Worcester, Worcestershire, England

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Worcester, Worcestershire, England
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Latitude: 52.2, Longitude: -2.2


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BISHOP, Charlotte Ann  1 Jan 1850Worcester, Worcestershire, England I53547
2 CARPENTER, Anthony John  May 1928Worcester, Worcestershire, England I2713
3 CARTER, William  1825Worcester, Worcestershire, England I4790
4 COLE, Florence May  27 May 1897Worcester, Worcestershire, England I101279
5 COMSTIVE, Joseph  1888Worcester, Worcestershire, England I91796
6 DAVIS, Elsie Maud  3 Sep 1915Worcester, Worcestershire, England I84992
7 DOWNES, William  1796Worcester, Worcestershire, England I13268
8 HARDING, Christopher Charles George  1829Worcester, Worcestershire, England I59901
9 HARLEY, Frederick Charles  Abt 1875Worcester, Worcestershire, England I71187
10 JACKSON, James Henry  31 Aug 1924Worcester, Worcestershire, England I91755
11 KIMBERLEY, Joseph  1845Worcester, Worcestershire, England I52225
12 MORRIS, Urbin F  17 Dec 1893Worcester, Worcestershire, England I85081
13 RICHARDSON, Edith May  11 Jul 1925Worcester, Worcestershire, England I91756
14 SMITH, Violet  14 Jan 1893Worcester, Worcestershire, England I103198
15 WARR, Henry Richard  UNKNOWNWorcester, Worcestershire, England I28465
16 WYER, Alexander  1816Worcester, Worcestershire, England I65846


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, Emily Elizabeth  Mar 1962Worcester, Worcestershire, England I78714
2 BENNETT, Julia Emma  Apr 1887Worcester, Worcestershire, England I78712
3 BRADLEY, Edward  Dec 1974Worcester, Worcestershire, England I103207
4 BRADLEY, Violet Ellen  Aug 2003Worcester, Worcestershire, England I103200
5 DAY, Thomas  2 Feb 1859Worcester, Worcestershire, England I91947
6 HARDING, Charles  Apr 1864Worcester, Worcestershire, England I81196
7 HINDS, Harvey  28 May 1937Worcester, Worcestershire, England I78697
8 HUGHES, Ellen  Sep 1936Worcester, Worcestershire, England I103210
9 LAMB, Jane  Dec 1932Worcester, Worcestershire, England I5095
10 LONGMAN, Elizabeth Tamson  Mar 1928Worcester, Worcestershire, England I57309
11 LONGMAN, Harriet Ann  Dec 1927Worcester, Worcestershire, England I57310
12 LONGMAN, Philip  23 Nov 1909Worcester, Worcestershire, England I57311
13 NIND, Emily  Dec 1941Worcester, Worcestershire, England I106645
14 SHATWELL, Fred  10 Apr 1972Worcester, Worcestershire, England I88476
15 SMITH, John  7 Apr 1932Worcester, Worcestershire, England I103209
16 STOKES, Thomas  17 Apr 1885Worcester, Worcestershire, England I70760
17 UNDERHILL, William Edward  Jun 1961Worcester, Worcestershire, England I78715


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Crime    Person ID 
1 WATKINS, Joseph  1 Feb 1850Worcester, Worcestershire, England I68192


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNSLEY / HOMER  30 Aug 1795Worcester, Worcestershire, England F69499
2 HINDS / BENNETT  14 Apr 1889Worcester, Worcestershire, England F27529
3 JACKSON / RICHARDSON  Dec 1947Worcester, Worcestershire, England F61715
4 SMITH / HUGHES  Oct 1892Worcester, Worcestershire, England F67711
5 STOKES / DAY  Jul 1870Worcester, Worcestershire, England F61793
6 UNDERHILL / BENNETT  9 Jan 1898Worcester, Worcestershire, England F27538