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State/Province : Latitude: -30.8258, Longitude: 117.7981


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 A'VARD, Joan Mary  14 Sep 1925Western Australia, Australia I48195
2 ABBOTT, Ada May  1 Sep 1919Western Australia, Australia I47357
3 ABORIGINE, Juckbum  1861Western Australia, Australia I69917
4 ABORIGINE, Kitty  Abt 1889Western Australia, Australia I106821
5 ABORIGINE, Margaret Mary  UNKNOWNWestern Australia, Australia I74178
6 ABORIGINE, Polly  Abt 1867Western Australia, Australia I107730
7 ABORIGINE, Polly Kitterman  Abt 1842Western Australia, Australia I68146
8 ABORIGINE, Susanna Susan Sivia  1850Western Australia, Australia I68148
9 AITCHISON, T.   I27184
10 ALFORD, S.W.   I28159
11 ALLMOND, James Richard  1860Western Australia, Australia I17614
12 AMMON, John Selwyn  10 Dec 1917Western Australia, Australia I68630
13 ANDERSON, Edgar Charles  25 Jan 1911Western Australia, Australia I5542
14 ANDERSON, Esther  25 Jan 1911Western Australia, Australia I5541
15 ANDERSON, Fredrika  1903Western Australia, Australia I5509
16 ANDERSON, Kelvyn Emanuel Leslie  1902Western Australia, Australia I62892
17 ANDERSON, M.D.   I70090
18 ANDERSON, Phillip Geoffrey  Aug 1936Western Australia, Australia I60789
19 ANDERSON, Royston Francis  14 May 1921Western Australia, Australia I5459
20 ANDERSON, Selina  25 Jan 1911Western Australia, Australia I5540
21 ANDERSON, Stella Alma  10 Oct 1922Western Australia, Australia I100809
22 ANDERSON, Theodore James  1900Western Australia, Australia I62890
23 ANDERSON, Thomas James  29 Dec 1866Western Australia, Australia I14086
24 ANDERSON, Vernon Kingsley  1913Western Australia, Australia I38144
25 ANDERTON, Ada Maud  1909Western Australia, Australia I44565
26 ANDERTON, Stanley William  20 Jul 1910Western Australia, Australia I55950
27 ARDAGH, D.   I24509
28 ARDAGH, K.   I2257
29 ARDAGH, L.   I24504
30 ARDAGH, M.   I24505
31 ARDAGH, M.   I24508
32 ARMSTRONG, D.M.   I38689
33 ARMSTRONG, G.W.   I46514
34 ARMSTRONG, H.S.   I89354
35 ARMSTRONG, Jake Aaron  1993Western Australia, Australia I89355
36 ARMSTRONG, K.D.   I76943
37 ARMSTRONG, P.W.   I36841
38 ARMSTRONG, Walter Percival Cole  29 Nov 1913Western Australia, Australia I60309
39 ARTHUR, Ernest  UNKNOWNWestern Australia, Australia I74958
40 ASHWORTH, A.B.   I16241
41 ASHWORTH, Isobel Jill  1932Western Australia, Australia I16242
42 ASHWORTH, Jack  1914Western Australia, Australia I16235
43 ASHWORTH, T.E.H.   I60611
44 ATKINSON, Ronald Maitland  6 Sep 1916Western Australia, Australia I62427
45 ATKINSON, T.A.   I12359
46 AUBURN, Hubert John  5 Nov 1896Western Australia, Australia I75456
47 AUBURN, L.   I326
48 AYRES, L.   I81025
49 BAILEY, Hannah  Abt 1864Western Australia, Australia I31640
50 BAKER, Mary Thomason  24 JunWestern Australia, Australia I90071
51 BALDISSERI, A.   I12399
52 BALDISSERI, R.M.   I12398
53 BALDREY, R.   I93171
54 BALL, Charlie Frederick  26 May 1924Western Australia, Australia I27493
55 BANT, M.A.M.   I82835
56 BARKER, George  2 Jan 1862Western Australia, Australia I57526
57 BARLOW, Lorraine Roberta  24 Jan 1922Western Australia, Australia I62517
58 BARNDON, Ida Blanche  20 Jul 1879Western Australia, Australia I5616
59 BARNDON, John Woolhouse  1874Western Australia, Australia I6525
60 BARNDON, Prescilla Maude  Abt 1886Western Australia, Australia I5617
61 BARNDON, Thomas Henry  25 Oct 1861Western Australia, Australia I14226
62 BARRON, M.F.   I7048
63 BARRY, J.J.   I47053
64 BASS, Florence Alma  23 Sep 1909Western Australia, Australia I53451
65 BASSETT, Joseph William  12 May 1882Western Australia, Australia I62401
66 BATEMAN, N.   I63483
67 BEARD, Merle Elizabeth  12 Oct 1927Western Australia, Australia I46531
68 BEAZLEY, A.M.   I68914
69 BEAZLEY, P.N.   I68913
70 BECKWITH, Kingsley Stuart  Abt 1940Western Australia, Australia I73416
71 BEEKINK, M.J.   I79379
72 BELL, Alice Ivy  16 May 1892Western Australia, Australia I13889
73 BELL, Eugene Merle  UNKNOWNWestern Australia, Australia I58824
74 BELL, William James  16 Jul 1937Western Australia, Australia I60558
75 BENNELL, Ivy  1901Western Australia, Australia I80644
76 BENNELL, Jane  2 Aug 1934Western Australia, Australia I90202
77 BENNELL, Margaret  1937Western Australia, Australia I91058
78 BENNELL, Martha Kathleen  Abt 1920Western Australia, Australia I71907
79 BENNELL, Norman Doorum  Abt 1888Western Australia, Australia I71902
80 BENNELL, Raymond Morris  Abt 1915Western Australia, Australia I71905
81 BENNELL, Vivian Alex  28 Mar 1918Western Australia, Australia I91057
82 BENNISON, Arthur Thomas  1 Oct 1930Western Australia, Australia I57814
83 BENTLEY, Constance Gail  1897Western Australia, Australia I61122
84 BENTLEY, Gussie Adeline  1893Western Australia, Australia I61114
85 BESIER, Rodney John  5 Jan 1950Western Australia, Australia I47168
86 BEST, George  4 Sep 1832Western Australia, Australia I14326
87 BEST, Mary Ann  16 Jan 1835Western Australia, Australia I12478
88 BETTRIDGE, Basil James  Jun 1919Western Australia, Australia I34739
89 BEVAN, Alice Lilian  10 May 1921Western Australia, Australia I58826
90 BEVERLEY, P.   I309
91 BIBBY, B.   I22152
92 BIBBY, C.   I22145
93 BIBBY, S.   I36391
94 BICKLEY, Cheryl Ann  11 May 1947Western Australia, Australia I66950
95 BICKLEY, Jessie Isabel  1914Western Australia, Australia I1043
96 BICKLEY, Maureen Jeanette  1 Sep 1949Western Australia, Australia I55279
97 BICKLEY, Merle  1905Western Australia, Australia I1049
98 BICKLEY, Neil George  30 Jan 1929Western Australia, Australia I64539
99 BICKLEY, Patience Hope  1910Western Australia, Australia I1052
100 BILLET, Rebecca Jane  1884Western Australia, Australia I38936

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 A'VARD, Joan Mary  12 Jan 1974Western Australia, Australia I48195
2 ABBOTT, Ada May  18 Mar 1994Western Australia, Australia I47357
3 ABDULLAH, Mary Frances  13 Aug 1984Western Australia, Australia I80751
4 ABORIGINE, Margaret Mary  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I74178
5 ABORIGINE, Polly  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I107730
6 ABORIGINE, Polly Kitterman  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I68146
7 ABORIGINE, Unknown  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I80670
8 ACKARY, Edith Emma  1973Western Australia, Australia I38818
9 ADAMS, Henry  1893Western Australia, Australia I71833
10 ADDISON, William  26 Aug 1863Western Australia, Australia I51505
11 ADLAM, Emma Harriet  1883Western Australia, Australia I51881
12 ADLAM, Frederick Emanuel  11 Feb 1919Western Australia, Australia I75498
13 AGUILAR, Mary Teresa  1898Western Australia, Australia I50934
14 AITKEN, Margaret Helen Isobel  1905Western Australia, Australia I87113
15 ANDERSON, Alice  10 Jul 1964Western Australia, Australia I91558
16 ANDERSON, Edith  11 Nov 1977Western Australia, Australia I5464
17 ANDERSON, Esther  26 Jan 1911Western Australia, Australia I5541
18 ANDERSON, Eva  1955Western Australia, Australia I91559
19 ANDERSON, Kelvyn Emanuel Leslie  1903Western Australia, Australia I62892
20 ANDERSON, William  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I951
21 ANDERSON, William Francis  24 Apr 1956Western Australia, Australia I68699
22 ANDERSON, William James  15 Nov 1894Western Australia, Australia I38201
23 ANDREWS, Elizabeth  1868Western Australia, Australia I72727
24 ANGEL, Alfred Hotspur  1903Western Australia, Australia I105346
25 ANGEL, Oliver James  1899Western Australia, Australia I105355
26 ANGEL, Walter James  14 Feb 2006Western Australia, Australia I43891
27 ANNEAR, Roydon Loton  30 Jul 1971Western Australia, Australia I62275
28 ANTHONY, Ellen Mary  28 Sep 1952Western Australia, Australia I39503
29 ARCHER, Elizabeth  16 Jun 1898Western Australia, Australia I71693
30 ARMITAGE, William  21 Sep 1877Western Australia, Australia I85802
31 ARMSTRONG, Raymond John  13 Sep 1971Western Australia, Australia I102816
32 ARNOLD, Francis Alwyn Harcourt  1967Western Australia, Australia I66908
33 ARTHUR, Ernest  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I74958
34 ASHER, Esther Mary Martha Paget  28 Oct 1985Western Australia, Australia I71704
35 ASHWORTH, Edith P.  28 Aug 1951Western Australia, Australia I14154
36 ASHWORTH, Edmund John  1926Western Australia, Australia I12963
37 ASHWORTH, Malley Ralph  22 Jul 1991Western Australia, Australia I16217
38 ASHWORTH, Maurice Francis  3 May 1959Western Australia, Australia I14153
39 ASHWORTH, William Edward  11 Aug 1972Western Australia, Australia I30537
40 ATKINSON, Frances Margaret  29 Feb 1896Western Australia, Australia I62222
41 ATKINSON, Ronald Maitland  28 Jul 1992Western Australia, Australia I62427
42 AUBREY, Mary Ellen  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I52558
43 AUGUSTSON, Annie Ethel  24 Aug 1992Western Australia, Australia I68459
44 AYLETT, Ida May  1993Western Australia, Australia I60320
45 BACKSHALL, Emily  5 Jul 1928Western Australia, Australia I14202
46 BAILEY, Hannah  1954Western Australia, Australia I31640
47 BAKER, William Leslie  24 May 1967Western Australia, Australia I81647
48 BANESS, Christeen  2010Western Australia, Australia I41667
49 BANESS, Nora  12 Jul 2010Western Australia, Australia I41665
50 BARKER, Albert Ernest  1 Jan 1939Western Australia, Australia I57530
51 BARKER, Alice Maria  31 Jul 1935Western Australia, Australia I57527
52 BARKER, George  2 Jan 1862Western Australia, Australia I57526
53 BARLOW, John  31 Jan 1889Western Australia, Australia I55434
54 BARLOW, Norma Therese  12 Apr 1994Western Australia, Australia I62516
55 BARNDON, Ada Mary  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I48034
56 BARNDON, Hector Clive  1963Western Australia, Australia I44461
57 BARNES, Johanna  1885Western Australia, Australia I60725
58 BATEMAN, Frederick William  1898Western Australia, Australia I4875
59 BATT, Martha  16 Feb 1872Western Australia, Australia I45840
60 BECKWITH, Kingsley Stuart  Abt 2008Western Australia, Australia I73416
61 BELL, Eugene Merle  Nov 2004Western Australia, Australia I58824
62 BELL, William  1909Western Australia, Australia I22485
63 BELTON, Dorcas  17 Sep 1901Western Australia, Australia I56244
64 BENDING, Margaret  25 Aug 1950Western Australia, Australia I85561
65 BENTLEY, Maxwell Gordon  21 Jun 1981Western Australia, Australia I61123
66 BERRYMAN, Lily Isabel  1987Western Australia, Australia I73061
67 BETTS, John  8 Jul 1830Western Australia, Australia I14367
68 BEVAN, Alice Lilian  9 Mar 2011Western Australia, Australia I58826
69 BICKLEY, Agnes Elizabeth  22 Apr 1886Western Australia, Australia I67030
70 BICKLEY, Maureen Jeanette  18 Oct 2007Western Australia, Australia I55279
71 BIGGIN, Thomas  1885Western Australia, Australia I53411
72 BINGHAM, Thomas William  1979Western Australia, Australia I66836
73 BIRD, Alfred Percy  18 May 1896Western Australia, Australia I48713
74 BIRMINGHAM, Mary Ann  13 Jun 1858Western Australia, Australia I6218
75 BISHOP, Kathleen  30 Nov 1934Western Australia, Australia I83252
76 BLACKWELL, Eliza Jane  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I31358
77 BLECHYNDEN, Lila Elizabeth  9 Feb 1981Western Australia, Australia I33444
78 BLOOD, Cecil John  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I41389
79 BLOOD, Irene Patricia  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I53941
80 BLOOD, Muriel Beatrice  DECEASEDWestern Australia, Australia I53942
81 BLOOMFIELD, Leonard William  9 May 2011Western Australia, Australia I42851
82 BLOOMFIELD, Muriel  1 Jul 2011Western Australia, Australia I42850
83 BLYTHE, Bevan Vincent  Feb 2016Western Australia, Australia I101601
84 BLYTHE, Mervyn James  3 Jan 1984Western Australia, Australia I101416
85 BOASE, Estelle  1988Western Australia, Australia I76864
86 BOLADERAS, Mary Josephine  1883Western Australia, Australia I15347
87 BOND, Mary  1872Western Australia, Australia I73258
88 BOULTON, Mary Jane  10 Oct 1947Western Australia, Australia I96651
89 BOWLES, Octavius Francis Herbert  1 Aug 1958Western Australia, Australia I47067
90 BOWMAN, Isabella Jessie  13 Jul 1966Western Australia, Australia I84069
91 BOWMAN, John  1900Western Australia, Australia I84066
92 BOXHALL, John Henry  1903Western Australia, Australia I747
93 BOYCE, Mary Ann  21 Oct 1948Western Australia, Australia I101814
94 BOYER, Griffith  1880Western Australia, Australia I59745
95 BRADLEY, Eliza Augusta  1870Western Australia, Australia I45741
96 BRADLEY, Hubert George  15 Aug 1969Western Australia, Australia I30481
97 BRADSHAW, Alfred Charles  1945Western Australia, Australia I64187
98 BRADY, Augustus Casshe Ubertus  23 Aug 1961Western Australia, Australia I58631
99 BRADY, Francis Henry  1865Western Australia, Australia I61596
100 BRADY, Percival Harold  20 May 1896Western Australia, Australia I58137

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LYONS, John Matthew  1914Western Australia, Australia I27932


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 COPPIN, Mabel Edith  23 Aug 1896Western Australia, Australia I98809
2 ELLERY, Amy Ann  29 Jul 1852Western Australia, Australia I12669
3 HERBERT, Elizabeth May  24 Jul 1904Western Australia, Australia I3936
4 MINCHIN, Sidney Frederick  31 Dec 1893Western Australia, Australia I70450
5 MONGER, John Henry  14 Aug 1831Western Australia, Australia I58020
6 SLOPER, Charles  14 Jun 1868Western Australia, Australia I12693

Birth Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAMS, Ronald  1902Western Australia, Australia I16113
2 ADAMS, John  1891Western Australia, Australia I66100
3 ADLAM, Vera Ileane Debra  1891Western Australia, Australia I51885
4 ADLAM, Winifred Mary  1886Western Australia, Australia I75499
5 AINSWORTH, Dorothy Amanda  1900Western Australia, Australia I72334
6 AITKEN, Margaret Helen Isobel  1905Western Australia, Australia I87113
7 ALFORD, Helena May  1899Western Australia, Australia I93267
8 ALFORD, R.A.   I23503
9 ALLEN, Valda Eileen  1917Western Australia, Australia I34403
10 ANDERSON, Arthur Frederick Allan  1899Western Australia, Australia I5467
11 ANDERSON, Daniel David  1873Western Australia, Australia I66897
12 ANDERSON, Frederick William  1861Western Australia, Australia I1467
13 ANDERSON, George Thomas Humphreys  1895Western Australia, Australia I2818
14 ANDERSON, Henrietta  1867Western Australia, Australia I1469
15 ANDERSON, Henry  1864Western Australia, Australia I61563
16 ANDERSON, Mary Anne  1863Western Australia, Australia I949
17 ANDERSON, Myrtle Isabel  1898Western Australia, Australia I52617
18 ANDERSON, Sarah Ann  1864Western Australia, Australia I582
19 ANDERTON, Eva Ann  1879Western Australia, Australia I16269
20 ANGEL, Amy  1902Western Australia, Australia I43887
21 ANGELL, Dora Florence Nellie  1905Western Australia, Australia I41922
22 ANGOVE, D.P.   I28876
23 ANGOVE, Lily May  1919Western Australia, Australia I4806
24 ANGOVE, O.J.   I21414
25 ARDAGH, Eric Arthur  1904Western Australia, Australia I30144
26 ARDAGH, George Henry  1900Western Australia, Australia I30217
27 ARDAGH, George Sydney Barris  1899Western Australia, Australia I24980
28 ARDAGH, Gilbert Hunter  1905Western Australia, Australia I30145
29 ARDAGH, Ronald Keith  1930Western Australia, Australia I2254
30 ARMSTRONG, Charles William  1920Western Australia, Australia I33115
31 ARMSTRONG, Frances Edward Gow  1899Western Australia, Australia I49195
32 ARMSTRONG, Mabel Catherine  1891Western Australia, Australia I33404
33 ARNOLD, Daniel Wesley  1891Western Australia, Australia I66905
34 ARNOLD, Francis Alwyn Harcourt  1894Western Australia, Australia I66908
35 ASHBOLT, Horace James  1887Western Australia, Australia I14099
36 ASHWORTH, Agnes Florence  1897Western Australia, Australia I68491
37 ASHWORTH, Albert  1883Western Australia, Australia I14169
38 ASHWORTH, Charles William  1910Western Australia, Australia I16232
39 ASHWORTH, Ethel Muriel  1901Western Australia, Australia I68493
40 ASHWORTH, Herbert  1890Western Australia, Australia I14145
41 ASHWORTH, Maurice Francis  1904Western Australia, Australia I14153
42 ASHWORTH, S.A.   I36573
43 ASHWORTH, Violet Ann  1899Western Australia, Australia I68492
44 ASHWORTH, Walter  1893Western Australia, Australia I14135
45 ATKINSON, Elias  1875Western Australia, Australia I62220
46 AUBREY, Charles Henry  1887Western Australia, Australia I66919
47 AVINS, Eliza  1882Western Australia, Australia I63855
48 AVINS, Lenora Sophia  1884Western Australia, Australia I23571
49 AVINS, William  1886Western Australia, Australia I63856
50 BACKHOUSE, John Herbert  1894Western Australia, Australia I48810
51 BACKSHALL, Alfred George  1891Western Australia, Australia I1038
52 BACKSHALL, Alfred William  1865Western Australia, Australia I759
53 BACKSHALL, George Augustus  1866Western Australia, Australia I14192
54 BACKSHALL, Lionel  1905Western Australia, Australia I15270
55 BACKSHALL, Pearl  1902Western Australia, Australia I15268
56 BACKSHALL, Raymond Dent  1897Western Australia, Australia I15266
57 BACKSHALL, Reuben Frederick William  1860Western Australia, Australia I14206
58 BACKSHALL, Stanley Montgomery  1895Western Australia, Australia I15267
59 BAGSHAW, Fanny  1854Western Australia, Australia I46482
60 BAILEY, Raymond Leon  1931Western Australia, Australia I41011
61 BALL, Stanley Cuthbert  1902Western Australia, Australia I101429
62 BALLANTYNE, Mavis  1915Western Australia, Australia I51772
63 BAMKIN, Frederick John  1905Western Australia, Australia I20520
64 BAMKIN, Neil Bevan  1931Western Australia, Australia I1603
65 BANCROFT, A.W.   I33996
66 BANCROFT, Harold Thomas  1912Western Australia, Australia I29577
67 BANTOCK, Donald Harrison  1902Western Australia, Australia I61265
68 BANTOCK, Kenneth William  1904Western Australia, Australia I61260
69 BARLOW, James William  1888Western Australia, Australia I13102
70 BARLOW, Thomas Richard  1890Western Australia, Australia I40220
71 BARNDON, Elizabeth Amelia  1898Western Australia, Australia I4947
72 BARNDON, Elizabeth Margaret  1872Western Australia, Australia I19309
73 BARNDON, Eva Pearl  1900Western Australia, Australia I34405
74 BARNDON, Frederick Walter  1888Western Australia, Australia I34406
75 BARNDON, Richard William  1863Western Australia, Australia I14227
76 BARNDON, Ruby Florence  1905Western Australia, Australia I34407
77 BARNDON, Vernon Maitland  1880Western Australia, Australia I1383
78 BARNDON, Walter  1866Western Australia, Australia I19306
79 BARTLETT, Alfred Stuart  1900Western Australia, Australia I55411
80 BARTLETT, Leslie Gordon  1903Western Australia, Australia I55407
81 BARTLETT, Mary Lillian  1898Western Australia, Australia I55412
82 BASS, Alexander James  1900Western Australia, Australia I38383
83 BASS, Grace Matildia  1903Western Australia, Australia I31294
84 BASS, William Leslie  1902Western Australia, Australia I1537
85 BATEMAN, Frederick William  1875Western Australia, Australia I4875
86 BATEMAN, Mary Elizabeth  1895Western Australia, Australia I55184
87 BATTY, William  1881Western Australia, Australia I45913
88 BAXTER, Christopher Frederick  1930Western Australia, Australia I5187
89 BEARD, Alfred  1862Western Australia, Australia I37237
90 BEARD, Alice Rebecca  1886Western Australia, Australia I14286
91 BEARD, Maria  1860Western Australia, Australia I37236
92 BEARD, Rose Bertha  1876Western Australia, Australia I85075
93 BEGENT, Stephen E.  1909Western Australia, Australia I8593
94 BELL, Ethel Beatrice  1891Western Australia, Australia I54370
95 BENNETT, Julia Ann  1899Western Australia, Australia I1349
96 BENTLEY, James Levi  1859Western Australia, Australia I61115
97 BERGIN, Albert Christian  1895Western Australia, Australia I34365
98 BERGIN, Florence Alma  1883Western Australia, Australia I34359
99 BERGIN, John Bernard  1900Western Australia, Australia I34360
100 BERGIN, Lillian Maria  1886Western Australia, Australia I34361

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Death Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Charles Frederick  1895Western Australia, Australia I21745
2 ADLAM, Caroline Hannah  1934Western Australia, Australia I51873
3 ADLAM, James  1893Western Australia, Australia I41404
4 AITKEN, Margaret Helen Isobel  1905Western Australia, Australia I87113
5 ALFORD, Walter  1925Western Australia, Australia I28654
6 ANDERSON, Henrietta  1886Western Australia, Australia I1469
7 ANDERSON, Samuel  1878Western Australia, Australia I4026
8 ANDERSON, Sarah Ann  19 Nov 1905Western Australia, Australia I582
9 ANGEL, Edith Olive  1977Western Australia, Australia I30379
10 ASHBOLT, William  1872Western Australia, Australia I14095
11 ASHWORTH, Agnes Florence  1898Western Australia, Australia I68491
12 ASHWORTH, Violet Ann  1899Western Australia, Australia I68492
13 BACKSHALL, Harriet Eliza  1892Western Australia, Australia I760
14 BANCROFT, Geoffrey Edward  1957Western Australia, Australia I37355
15 BARNDON, Frederick Walter  1955Western Australia, Australia I34406
16 BASS, William Leslie  1974Western Australia, Australia I1537
17 BATEMAN, Frederick William  1898Western Australia, Australia I4875
18 BATT, Joseph  1884Western Australia, Australia I43068
19 BEGENT, Stephen Henry  1954Western Australia, Australia I8592
20 BENNELL, Fanny Yurleen  1963Western Australia, Australia I63624
21 BETTERIDGE, Job  1908Western Australia, Australia I21747
22 BIRD, Alfred Percy  1896Western Australia, Australia I48713
23 BLAKISTON, Frederick  1935Western Australia, Australia I35574
24 BLAKISTON, George John  1890Western Australia, Australia I52516
25 BLECHYNDEN, Harrison  1873Western Australia, Australia I43175
26 BLOOD, Frederick  1950Western Australia, Australia I36386
27 BOOTH, George  1873Western Australia, Australia I18440
28 BOURKE, Margaret  1896Western Australia, Australia I42447
29 BOXHALL, William  1893Western Australia, Australia I15362
30 BRADY, Algernon Michael Robert  1897Western Australia, Australia I58141
31 BRADY, Elizabeth May  1887Western Australia, Australia I626
32 BRADY, Francis Henry  1865Western Australia, Australia I61596
33 BRADY, Frederick  1886Western Australia, Australia I624
34 BRADY, Irene Mary  1903Western Australia, Australia I3073
35 BRADY, James  1896Western Australia, Australia I58138
36 BRADY, James Patrick  1899Western Australia, Australia I3535
37 BRADY, John Joseph  1993Western Australia, Australia I48081
38 BRADY, Patrick James  1896Western Australia, Australia I3519
39 BRADY, Percival Harold  1896Western Australia, Australia I58137
40 BRADY, Philip Smythe  1879Western Australia, Australia I42999
41 BRANCH, Les George  1895Western Australia, Australia I59958
42 BRAND, Horace James  1907Western Australia, Australia I7747
43 BRANDIS, Darryl Charles  1961Western Australia, Australia I30388
44 BRANDIS, David  1875Western Australia, Australia I751
45 BRANDIS, David  1891Western Australia, Australia I620
46 BRANDIS, Elizabeth  1860Western Australia, Australia I611
47 BRANDIS, Frederick Charles  1904Western Australia, Australia I1035
48 BRANDIS, John  1869Western Australia, Australia I743
49 BRANDIS, John  1881Western Australia, Australia I748
50 BRANDIS, Joseph  1881Western Australia, Australia I753
51 BRANDIS, Un-Named  1884Western Australia, Australia I755
52 BRANDIS, William Joseph  1919Western Australia, Australia I595
53 BRIGGS, Robert  1892Western Australia, Australia I9816
54 BRINDLEY, Elizabeth  1971Western Australia, Australia I70060
55 BROAD, Catherine Ann  1885Western Australia, Australia I16204
56 BROWNING, John  1890Western Australia, Australia I742
57 BUNTER, Phyllis Josephine  1921Western Australia, Australia I18222
58 BURMAZ, Ante Niko  1972Western Australia, Australia I4884
59 BUTLER, Frederick John Alfred  1957Western Australia, Australia I30702
60 BYFIELD, George Frederick  1889Western Australia, Australia I23256
61 BYFIELD, Roy Edwin  1902Western Australia, Australia I23262
62 CALDER, Neil  1945Western Australia, Australia I31712
63 CARDWELL, Millie  1894Western Australia, Australia I22617
64 CARDWELL, William  1896Western Australia, Australia I91
65 CARROLL, Mary  1874Western Australia, Australia I52294
66 CARTER, Susannah Maria  1883Western Australia, Australia I14111
67 CAVANAGH, Mary  1905Western Australia, Australia I30422
68 CHIFNEY, William  1866Western Australia, Australia I25407
69 CHITTY, George Edward  1851Western Australia, Australia I15501
70 CHITTY, Hannah  1891Western Australia, Australia I25229
71 CHRISTMASS, Charles  1893Western Australia, Australia I34733
72 CLARKE, Alice Evelyn  1898Western Australia, Australia I63644
73 CLATWORTHY, Robert  1869Western Australia, Australia I37328
74 CLEMESHA, Arthur  1939Western Australia, Australia I36058
75 CLINCH, Clarence William  1909Western Australia, Australia I56280
76 CLOHESSY, Stephen John  1969Western Australia, Australia I10424
77 COLLETT, William John Langdon  1904Western Australia, Australia I20086
78 COLLINS, Mary Ann  1881Western Australia, Australia I68565
79 CONNOLLY, Jane  1907Western Australia, Australia I6985
80 COOK, Henry  1886Western Australia, Australia I27026
81 COOPER, Alice Marion  1889Western Australia, Australia I27727
82 COUSINS, George  1906Western Australia, Australia I3054
83 COUSINS, Isaac John  1905Western Australia, Australia I41826
84 COUSINS, Robert  1892Western Australia, Australia I3055
85 CRIDDLE, May  1891Western Australia, Australia I2430
86 CRIDDLE, Olive May  1968Western Australia, Australia I5933
87 CRONIN, Patrick  1900Western Australia, Australia I15319
88 CROUCH, Alfred  1955Western Australia, Australia I34691
89 CROUCH, Amos Francis  1931Western Australia, Australia I28966
90 CROUCH, James  1909Western Australia, Australia I15543
91 CROUCH, Mary Ann  1870Western Australia, Australia I34682
92 CROUCH, Rueben  1922Western Australia, Australia I34692
93 CROUCH, Stephen  1942Western Australia, Australia I34689
94 CROUCH, William  1857Western Australia, Australia I34684
95 CULLOTON, Joseph Lee  1955Western Australia, Australia I5961
96 DALE, Henry Alfred  1968Western Australia, Australia I40323
97 DAVIES, Emma  1890Western Australia, Australia I35577
98 DAVIS, Sarah  1900Western Australia, Australia I68222
99 DEE, Matilda  1881Western Australia, Australia I1067
100 DEE, William  1892Western Australia, Australia I87

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Immigration: Arr.

Matches 1 to 100 of 102

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration: Arr.    Person ID 
1 AINSCOUGH, George James  Abt 1860Western Australia, Australia I30720
2 ALFORD, Edwin  28 Jul 1912Western Australia, Australia I28652
3 ATTRIDGE, Jane  Western Australia, Australia I44898
4 BALAAM, Benjamin  1875Western Australia, Australia I51768
5 BALDINI, Claudio Tanislao  1901Western Australia, Australia I68125
6 BERGER, John  Between 1908 and 1910Western Australia, Australia I27298
7 BONWICK, William Arthur  1912Western Australia, Australia I9323
8 BRIGGS, Martha  1885Western Australia, Australia I49841
9 BROWN, Alexander McIntyre  Abt 1907Western Australia, Australia I438
10 BUTLER, M.A.   I1545
11 BUTLER, V.G.   I687
12 BUTLER, William Harold  Between 1951 and 1952Western Australia, Australia I1540
13 CASTLEDINE, Lucy  1886Western Australia, Australia I37634
14 CLIFTON, Thomas Henry  1912Western Australia, Australia I26013
15 CLIFTON, Thomas William  1912Western Australia, Australia I25943
16 CLINCH, Thomas  1857Western Australia, Australia I12439
17 CONNOLLY, John W.  8 Jun 1829Western Australia, Australia I6114
18 COOPER, Mary Ann  22 Mar 1843Western Australia, Australia I68499
19 COSSI, Maria Guisappina  1912Western Australia, Australia I68126
20 CRITTAL, William  12 Oct 1829Western Australia, Australia I1072
21 DAVIDSON, Margaret  1911Western Australia, Australia I31927
22 DAVIS, Anne  13 Oct 1829Western Australia, Australia I54385
23 DAVIS, Elizabeth  13 Oct 1829Western Australia, Australia I54384
24 DAVIS, Frances Harriet  13 Oct 1829Western Australia, Australia I54382
25 DAVIS, Frederick  13 Oct 1829Western Australia, Australia I54386
26 DAVIS, Henry Quartus  13 Oct 1829Western Australia, Australia I54383
27 DAVIS, John Okey  13 Oct 1829Western Australia, Australia I25363
28 DAVIS, John Okey  13 Oct 1829Western Australia, Australia I21410
29 DAVIS, M.H.   I711
30 DAVIS, Sarah Okey  13 Oct 1829Western Australia, Australia I25458
31 DAVIS, W.N.   I3513
32 DE SAN MIGUEL, Angel  1869Western Australia, Australia I31761
33 DODD, Michael  23 May 1855Western Australia, Australia I8891
34 DRAPER, Alice  8 May 1830Western Australia, Australia I15285
35 DRAPER, Ann  8 May 1830Western Australia, Australia I35837
36 DRAPER, James  8 May 1830Western Australia, Australia I44937
37 DRAPER, Robert  8 May 1830Western Australia, Australia I44934
38 DUFF, Thomas  1911Western Australia, Australia I31926
39 DUNN, Andrew  1877Western Australia, Australia I13639
40 EAST, Ellen  1950Western Australia, Australia I66306
41 EDMUNDS, Lewis  1929Western Australia, Australia I40727
42 EDWARDS, John  Aug 1857Western Australia, Australia I42498
43 EDWARDS, Thomas  Aug 1857Western Australia, Australia I14245
44 ELLIS, Bridget Josephine  3 Sep 1853Western Australia, Australia I4358
45 FISH, Jane  8 May 1830Western Australia, Australia I44935
46 FLEAY, John  1 Feb 1831Western Australia, Australia I12135
47 GILES, John Street  Abt 1854Western Australia, Australia I3887
48 GILL, L.T.   I43678
49 GOLEBIOWSKA, R.   I6530
50 GRANEY, Thomas William  15 Dec 1876Western Australia, Australia I85800
51 GRIFFITHS, Ann Maria  Aug 1857Western Australia, Australia I42494
52 HALL, Elizabeth  Abt 1880Western Australia, Australia I32206
53 HEALY, John  Abt 1868Western Australia, Australia I97932
54 HODGES, William  1929Western Australia, Australia I19415
55 HUTCHINGSON, Benjamin  4 Aug 1852Western Australia, Australia I523
56 IBBESON, Hilda  1913Western Australia, Australia I51852
57 JONES, Henry  Abt 1872Western Australia, Australia I18891
58 KILGALLON, Catherine  15 Aug 1865Western Australia, Australia I32732
59 KILGALLON, Margaret  15 Aug 1865Western Australia, Australia I32733
60 LEAKE, Robert Buck  10 Jan 1869Western Australia, Australia I47869
61 LEE, Herbert William  1903Western Australia, Australia I32410
62 LEONARD, Bernard  10 Jul 1855Western Australia, Australia I763
63 LEWINGTON, William Henry  6 Oct 1829Western Australia, Australia I515
64 LOOK, Herman  1854Western Australia, Australia I19208
65 LOOK, Hermanus Lambertus  1854Western Australia, Australia I1468
66 LOTT, John  1841Western Australia, Australia I41455
67 MASTERS, Charles  Between 1856 and 1858Western Australia, Australia I13058
68 MASTERS, Charles Henry  Between 1856 and 1858Western Australia, Australia I19781
69 MAYDWELL, Robert  5 Aug 1829Western Australia, Australia I529
70 MAYDWELL, Susannah  5 Aug 1829Western Australia, Australia I516
71 MAZURAK, K.   I6649
72 MCARON, Margaret  15 Aug 1865Western Australia, Australia I30503
73 MICHAEL, L.C.   I712
74 MICHAEL, L.C.A.A.   I33
75 MOOREHEAD, Frederick William  1889Western Australia, Australia I100279
76 MURPHY, Jeremiah John  Western Australia, Australia I44897
77 PIGGOTT, James  1847Western Australia, Australia I86286
78 POPE, George Alexander  Western Australia, Australia I8881
79 QUIN, Robert  1863Western Australia, Australia I35683
80 ROBB, Gwendoline Madeline Nora  Between 1951 and 1952Western Australia, Australia I1541
81 SCHMITT, Amy  1929Western Australia, Australia I19816
82 SERER, S.   I41037
83 SERGEANT, Susannah  5 Aug 1829Western Australia, Australia I530
84 SHERRIFF, Minnie Elizabeth  Between 1908 and 1910Western Australia, Australia I27299
85 SMITH, Fortunatus  13 Apr 1864Western Australia, Australia I24786
86 SMITH, Mary  Between 1856 and 1858Western Australia, Australia I13059
87 SMITH, Mary Lucy  Abt 1869Western Australia, Australia I23500
88 SPICE, Saul  13 Feb 1830Western Australia, Australia I6070
89 STIDWORTHY, Sarah Ann  28 Jul 1912Western Australia, Australia I28653
90 TIMMERMAN, Maria Cornelia  1854Western Australia, Australia I21617
91 TREW, George  2 Feb 1853Western Australia, Australia I997
92 VIGAR, Alfred Morris  1911Western Australia, Australia I17235
93 WARE, Richard  Abt 1880Western Australia, Australia I32205
94 WAREHAM, Henry  1865Western Australia, Australia I87027
95 WATTERS, Charles Walter  Abt 1895Western Australia, Australia I27705
96 WELLS, Robert Newman  11 Sep 1852Western Australia, Australia I12876
97 WELSH, Johanna  1851Western Australia, Australia I100685
98 WESOLOWSKI, J.M.   I7168
99 WHITELY, James  1851Western Australia, Australia I100684
100 WOMBUTLEY, Frances Harriet Lamb  13 Oct 1829Western Australia, Australia I25364

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Name Change

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Name Change    Person ID 
1 MILLS, D.S.   I42182


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 FORREST, John  Between 22 Dec 1890 and 15 Feb 1901Western Australia, Australia I47588
2 GREENHAM, Charles George  Abt 1900Western Australia, Australia I55065
3 HUGHES, Eva Mary  Between 3 Feb 1913 and 29 Mar 1923Western Australia, Australia I46280
4 JANSEN, Winston Franklin Thomas  25 Jan 1971Western Australia, Australia I1593
5 THROSSELL, George  Between 15 Feb and 27 May 1901Western Australia, Australia I13745


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 COLES, D.J.   I54921
2 FITZGERALD, Ann  Between 1896 and 1918Western Australia, Australia I584
3 JACKSON, R.   I16697
4 LARSEN, J.E.   I21423
5 LEE, Frederick Lionel  Western Australia, Australia I425
6 PICKUP, Abraham  Between 1895 and 1917Western Australia, Australia I6627
7 SCHMITT, Jacob William  Between 1883 and 1941Western Australia, Australia I82975
8 SHUTTLEWORTH, Charles Edward  Bef 1910Western Australia, Australia I29914
9 WARR, Joanne Frances  Aft 1992Western Australia, Australia I28166
10 WATTERS, William John  Between 1895 and 1950Western Australia, Australia I583
11 WILLIAMS, A.G.   I85400


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Travel    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, John Paul  1902Western Australia, Australia I33637


Matches 1 to 100 of 180

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ABDULLAH / GRIFFIN  1906Western Australia, Australia F28348
2 ANDERSON / COOK  1895Western Australia, Australia F9121
3 ANDERSON / COUSINS  UNKNOWNWestern Australia, Australia F2560
6 ATKINSON / BUTLER  7 Oct 1908Western Australia, Australia F21434
7 AYRES / HARDING  1914Western Australia, Australia F19973
8 BALDWIN / SMITH  UNKNOWNWestern Australia, Australia F19240
9 BALL / BROUGH   F9676
10 BALL / CLARK   F9674
11 BALL / MCKAY   F9673
12 BALL / WHELAN   F9675
14 BELL / GUSCOTT  1923Western Australia, Australia F20247
16 BICKLEY / BURGESS  1916Western Australia, Australia F466
18 BLYTHE / KINSMAN  15 Dec 1934Western Australia, Australia F21629
19 BONWICK / O'NIEL  1936Western Australia, Australia F4134
20 BORCHERT / QUARTERMAINE  23 Jun 1903Western Australia, Australia F19243
22 BRADY / HUMPHREYS  8 Mar 1930Western Australia, Australia F16163
23 BRANCH / LEARY  1861Western Australia, Australia F12697
24 BUTLER / BEARD  1938Western Australia, Australia F15237
25 CALGARET / GRIFFIN  1941Western Australia, Australia F25737
26 CARMODY / SNOW  1882Western Australia, Australia F15729
27 CARROLL / MAHER  UNKNOWNWestern Australia, Australia F21431
28 CHAPMAN / MULLINS  1933Western Australia, Australia F65798
29 CHOPRA / UNKNOWN   F18116
31 CLARKE / KERR  Abt 1937Western Australia, Australia F61857
32 CLUNE / BROWN  UNKNOWNWestern Australia, Australia F2970
33 CLUNE / DODD  UNKNOWNWestern Australia, Australia F2969
34 COBBY / MACGOWAN  Feb 1908Western Australia, Australia F19585
35 COCKMAN / ROPER  15 Mar 1830Western Australia, Australia F5429
37 COOPER / WALDECK  10 Apr 1860Western Australia, Australia F7237
38 CORBETT / RYLANDS  Abt 1960Western Australia, Australia F58896
39 COX / BAILEY  16 May 1919Western Australia, Australia F10156
40 COX / MACGREGOR   F3327
41 CRAIG / JOHNSON  UNKNOWNWestern Australia, Australia F19290
42 CRIDDLE / MCDERMOTT  UNKNOWNWestern Australia, Australia F1391
43 CRIDDLE / SMITH  7 Jan 1929Western Australia, Australia F1436
44 CRIDDLE / TOGNELA  31 Jan 1981Western Australia, Australia F20087
46 DAWES / UNKNOWN  Abt 1949Western Australia, Australia F25641
48 DODD / SMITH  1866Western Australia, Australia F3959
49 DODDS / HAHNEL  1913Western Australia, Australia F30184
50 DOUST / MUIR  21 Nov 1900Western Australia, Australia F11388
52 EDWARDS / MAHER  3 Oct 1944Western Australia, Australia F65201
53 FLETCHER / KENT  23 May 1931Western Australia, Australia F8262
54 FOWLER / FENNAH  1892Western Australia, Australia F15188
55 FUSSELL / DUDLEY  1928Western Australia, Australia F69517
56 GARDINER / HERBERT  1888Western Australia, Australia F66625
58 GEARY / HUNTER   F9744
59 GILL / MURFITT  21 Dec 1904Western Australia, Australia F22972
60 GLASS / SMITH  Abt 1912Western Australia, Australia F28569
63 GREENHAM / SMITH  1 Feb 1919Western Australia, Australia F16555
64 GREGORY / COATES  23 Apr 1887Western Australia, Australia F29351
66 HARDERS / SEWELL  15 Dec 1950Western Australia, Australia F22942
69 HARPER / A'VARD  14 Jan 1940Western Australia, Australia F16205
70 HARRINGTON / SEYMOUR  12 Mar 1938Western Australia, Australia F18840
71 HARRIS / MARTIN  22 Nov 1938Western Australia, Australia F28463
72 HAYDEN / WINDER  1923Western Australia, Australia F21818
73 HERBERT / WOODS  1888Western Australia, Australia F23814
74 HICKMOTT / SPICE  1920Western Australia, Australia F22228
75 HIGGINS / HOUGH  1881Western Australia, Australia F64518
76 HILLYER / BARRY  Abt 1966Western Australia, Australia F15779
78 HOLDSWORTH / HICKMOTT  1916Western Australia, Australia F18832
79 HUGHES / ROWE  18 Apr 1936Western Australia, Australia F7879
81 HUMPHREY / WARR   F9936
82 IRELAND / BICKLEY  1925Western Australia, Australia F12412
83 JANSEN / BRADY   F182
85 JOHNSEN / BLANCHARD  1914Western Australia, Australia F11563
86 JOHNSEN / CROKER  1887Western Australia, Australia F13849
87 JONES / DERLYN  1870Western Australia, Australia F6832
88 JONES / FLEAY  19 Nov 1916Western Australia, Australia F67000
89 JONES / MCCOO  1887Western Australia, Australia F17633
90 JOYCE / WARRELL  Bef 1968Western Australia, Australia F6417
91 JUPP / MCGUINNESS  10 Oct 1921Western Australia, Australia F21379
92 KEIRNAN / COXHEAD  5 Oct 1918Western Australia, Australia F68053
93 KNAPP / BRIMSON  16 Mar 1919Western Australia, Australia F64788
94 LEMKE / HARDERS   F22978
96 LINTHORNE / FRANKLIN  Western Australia, Australia F1284
98 LINTON / O'REILLY  1 Mar 1916Western Australia, Australia F26730

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Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 DUFF / MCINTYRE  Sep 1919Western Australia, Australia F11034
4 HARDERS / SEWELL  Western Australia, Australia F22942
5 HASLUCK / ADAMS  1978Western Australia, Australia F62278
6 LEMKE / HARDERS   F22978
7 SHAW / DAVENPORT  1927Western Australia, Australia F14409