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West Ham, Essex, England

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West Ham, Essex, England
[West Ham] [Essex] [England]

Latitude: 51.5316, Longitude: 0.0109


Matches 1 to 63 of 63

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, Daisy Ethel  8 Dec 1914West Ham, Essex, England I78819
2 BRAND, Arthur Ernest  4 Feb 1912West Ham, Essex, England I45782
3 BROWN, Arthur Edward  Jul 1912West Ham, Essex, England I127520
4 BRYDEN, Julia Ada  Apr 1879West Ham, Essex, England I106429
5 CHILDS, Reginald Alfred Edwin  Apr 1897West Ham, Essex, England I52227
6 COLLETT, Kenrick Rowland  Apr 1871West Ham, Essex, England I66017
7 CORBY, Jessie Elizabeth  1 Jul 1895West Ham, Essex, England I99247
8 CURTIS, Alfred Harold  21 Mar 1905West Ham, Essex, England I112807
9 CURTIS, Joan  9 Jan 1924West Ham, Essex, England I74382
10 DE GRUSSA, Alfred William  4 Jan 1912West Ham, Essex, England I46156
11 EAGLES, Phylis Maud  25 Feb 1897West Ham, Essex, England I79633
12 EDGLEY, George Frederick  12 Aug 1915West Ham, Essex, England I45769
13 EVELYN, Elizabeth Helena  2 May 1928West Ham, Essex, England I88664
14 FORTY, Madge E  Between Jan and Mar 1911West Ham, Essex, England I114020
15 GEORGE, Peter Francis  21 Apr 1922West Ham, Essex, England I123880
16 GEORGE, Winifred Christiana  30 Sep 1905West Ham, Essex, England I78770
17 GIBBINGS, Philip Owen  13 Sep 1880West Ham, Essex, England I58326
18 GIDDENS, Alice M  Oct 1912West Ham, Essex, England I114005
19 GILES, Lilian Marie Alexandra  Mar 1903West Ham, Essex, England I77467
20 GOULLEE, Mabel J  8 Nov 1916West Ham, Essex, England I132897
21 GRAYLING, Caroline  Abt 1860West Ham, Essex, England I107637
22 GREENAWAY, Ada Emily  13 Feb 1903West Ham, Essex, England I104160
23 HARPER, Lilian Susan  27 Jun 1896West Ham, Essex, England I127475
24 HAZELL, Kenneth Ridgewell  26 Sep 1912West Ham, Essex, England I131415
25 HODGE, Denis Alfred  17 Jun 1918West Ham, Essex, England I58458
26 HOLDER, Edna Beatrice  1 Aug 1934West Ham, Essex, England I116880
27 JARMAN, Kenneth William  Apr 1944West Ham, Essex, England I124933
28 JONES, Ellen Eliza  Abt 1895West Ham, Essex, England I82250
29 JONES, Violet Maud  12 Feb 1914West Ham, Essex, England I88106
30 LACEY, Henry James  10 Mar 1911West Ham, Essex, England I132611
31 LEECH, Frederick Cyril  Jan 1910West Ham, Essex, England I95789
32 LOVENEY, Bertha Irene Maud  Jul 1895West Ham, Essex, England I69968
33 LOWE, Joseph David  28 Sep 1920West Ham, Essex, England I126990
34 LUCK, Charles William  20 Sep 1913West Ham, Essex, England I132898
35 MAPLE, Esther Eliza  Oct 1852West Ham, Essex, England I105508
36 MAY, Saral J  31 Mar 1920West Ham, Essex, England I78184
37 MCKINNON, David Stanley  Abt 1889West Ham, Essex, England I22605
38 MILLS, Arthur Sidney  16 May 1904West Ham, Essex, England I78787
39 MINCHIN, Dorothy Heather  Between Apr and Jun 1924West Ham, Essex, England I27002
40 MINCHIN, Florence  13 May 1921West Ham, Essex, England I27000
41 MINCHIN, Minnie May  18 Jul 1911West Ham, Essex, England I26974
42 MINCHIN, Nell Florence  28 Apr 1905West Ham, Essex, England I26971
43 PARTIS, Rosina Beatrice  14 Mar 1916West Ham, Essex, England I123327
44 PORTSMOUTH, Annie May  Jan 1890West Ham, Essex, England I114017
45 ROBERTSON, John Hezekiah Evans  12 Aug 1911West Ham, Essex, England I132005
46 RUSSELL, Maud Evelyn  Abt 1897West Ham, Essex, England I132506
47 SEAL, Francis John Alfred  Dec 1917West Ham, Essex, England I78843
48 SELZER, Edward George  3 Sep 1906West Ham, Essex, England I106415
49 SELZER, Ethel  25 Jan 1911West Ham, Essex, England I106417
50 SELZER, Eunice  Jan 1909West Ham, Essex, England I106416
51 STUMP, Winifred Ethel  Apr 1897West Ham, Essex, England I122494
52 SYKES, Ronald John  15 Dec 1910West Ham, Essex, England I6898
53 TANNER, Leslie Thomas  Jul 1910West Ham, Essex, England I100803
54 THURGOOD, Walter David  24 Jul 1914West Ham, Essex, England I114004
55 TRUSS, Harry James  1906West Ham, Essex, England I128833
56 VICTORY, Caroline  Jul 1894West Ham, Essex, England I114009
57 WAGSTAFF, Lillian M  Jul 1933West Ham, Essex, England I127524
58 WATKINS, Rose  27 Oct 1910West Ham, Essex, England I57688
59 WHALL, Stanley John  21 Apr 1913West Ham, Essex, England I88105
60 WHEATCROFT, Charles James  10 Apr 1922West Ham, Essex, England I110609
61 WHISLER, Robert Clark  Oct 1855West Ham, Essex, England I86707
62 WIGZELL, Florence Naomi  24 May 1888West Ham, Essex, England I88108
63 WINCH, Cyril Albert William  13 Nov 1911West Ham, Essex, England I82603


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BLAKE, Harriett  Dec 1932West Ham, Essex, England I99290
2 BRADLEY, Florence M.  Jun 1912West Ham, Essex, England I26970
3 BUCKINGHAM, Elizabeth Rebecca  9 Mar 1948West Ham, Essex, England I45766
4 CRUTCHFIELD, Amelia  Apr 1887West Ham, Essex, England I114030
5 CUTHBERTSON, John Cook  Dec 1924West Ham, Essex, England I85637
6 DONSBACH, Elizabeth  4 Oct 1973West Ham, Essex, England I88663
7 EDWARDS, Emily Blanche  1976West Ham, Essex, England I123591
8 FLETCHER, Mary Ann  Mar 1907West Ham, Essex, England I68003
9 GIBBINGS, Philip Owen  27 Dec 1880West Ham, Essex, England I58326
10 GIBLETT, John  1 Aug 1876West Ham, Essex, England I86072
11 GOODWIN, Elizabeth  Oct 1890West Ham, Essex, England I131518
12 HAMMOND, John  1904West Ham, Essex, England I131517
13 HANSFORD, Julia Fanny  16 Feb 1924West Ham, Essex, England I100141
14 HARLE, William T.  1933West Ham, Essex, England I45771
15 HENDERSON, Sarah Mary  Jan 1911West Ham, Essex, England I70270
16 HINES, Hannah  Jul 1914West Ham, Essex, England I123885
17 JAGGERS, Sarah  Oct 1912West Ham, Essex, England I88812
18 JESSUP, Edwin T  Mar 1934West Ham, Essex, England I79004
19 JESSUP, Edwin William  2 May 1917West Ham, Essex, England I78565
20 JONES, Sidney Herbert  1923West Ham, Essex, England I94049
21 MAPLE, James  30 Mar 1865West Ham, Essex, England I114029
22 MERRY, Frederick James  30 May 1929West Ham, Essex, England I45767
23 MINCHIN, Reginald F.  1917West Ham, Essex, England I26992
24 PAGE, Ellen  Apr 1909West Ham, Essex, England I122741
25 PARKER, Albert John  1893West Ham, Essex, England I95282
26 PEARCE, Ann Maria  Abt Mar 1909West Ham, Essex, England I134047
27 STEVENS, Edmund  1935West Ham, Essex, England I82251
28 TAYNTON, William  Abt 1863West Ham, Essex, England I104884
29 UNKNOWN, Rose  1949West Ham, Essex, England I67998
30 WHISLER, William  Sep 1893West Ham, Essex, England I68002

Birth Record

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 EVELYN, Elizabeth Helena  Between May and Jun 1928West Ham, Essex, England I88664
2 FORTY, Madge E  Between Jan and Mar 1911West Ham, Essex, England I114020
3 GOULLEE, Mabel J  Between Oct and Dec 1916West Ham, Essex, England I132897
4 RAYNER, Ivy Maud  Between Oct and Dec 1905West Ham, Essex, England I67995

Death Record

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 SCHMITT, Wilhelm  1920West Ham, Essex, England I9768


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BENNETT / GEORGE  5 Sep 1931West Ham, Essex, England F27559
2 BLUETT / SECKER  Sep 1929West Ham, Essex, England F70501
3 BROWN / BENNETT  20 Jul 1935West Ham, Essex, England F27572
4 COLEMAN / EBERLEIN  Between Jul and Sep 1955West Ham, Essex, England F60763
5 FARRANT / BENNETT  Sep 1924West Ham, Essex, England F27533
6 GILES / SARGEANT  19 Jul 1915West Ham, Essex, England F63970
7 HADLEY / LAKE  Dec 1865West Ham, Essex, England F64710
8 HAZELL / CHURCHILL  Jan 1942West Ham, Essex, England F79532
9 HAZELL / PIGNEY  Jul 1939West Ham, Essex, England F79530
10 HODGE / CUNNEW  17 Jun 1916West Ham, Essex, England F20253
11 JONES / WHITE  Between 1879 and 1880West Ham, Essex, England F62648
12 KING / BENNETT  19 Oct 1940West Ham, Essex, England F27571
13 LACEY / LAIRD  15 Nov 1903West Ham, Essex, England F80040
14 LOCK / COOPER  1899West Ham, Essex, England F70156
15 MILLS / BENNETT  2 Apr 1934West Ham, Essex, England F27566
16 PULLAN / RICHARDSON  1886West Ham, Essex, England F66063
17 ROBINSON / SIDEL  Between Oct and Dec 1915West Ham, Essex, England F60462
18 SCHMITT / ORT  22 Oct 1916West Ham, Essex, England F68671
19 STAPLE / HAMBLIN  Between Apr and Jun 1915West Ham, Essex, England F29078
20 THOMAS / LEWIS  Sep 1936West Ham, Essex, England F28914
21 THURGOOD / VICTORY  1 Jun 1914West Ham, Essex, England F72206
22 TURNER / BRADDY  Jul 1905West Ham, Essex, England F29440
23 WHALL / JONES  Sep 1934West Ham, Essex, England F59533