Wendron, Cornwall, England

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Wendron, Cornwall, England
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Latitude: 50.1333, Longitude: -5.25


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOSANKO, Samuel  Abt 1827Wendron, Cornwall, England I73838
2 CARNSEW, Thomas  Jul 1706Wendron, Cornwall, England I123133
3 DAVIES, Philip  May 1754Wendron, Cornwall, England I109155
4 DOWER, Henry  1785Wendron, Cornwall, England I74864
5 DOWER, John  1814Wendron, Cornwall, England I74862
6 DOWER, Peter  20 Feb 1817Wendron, Cornwall, England I74866
7 HODGE, Ann Barnard  16 Dec 1834Wendron, Cornwall, England I82863
8 HODGE, Millicent  19 Jan 1794Wendron, Cornwall, England I116771
9 HOLMAN, Philippa  Bef 4 Oct 1772Wendron, Cornwall, England I123123
10 HOWES, Honour  23 Feb 1694/95Wendron, Cornwall, England I109133
11 JENKIN, Joan  1762Wendron, Cornwall, England I95645
12 MENHENNET, William  4 Jan 1814Wendron, Cornwall, England I121834
13 MOYLE, Edward  5 Nov 1734Wendron, Cornwall, England I117049
14 MOYLE, Norah  29 Oct 1758Wendron, Cornwall, England I90287
15 MOYLE, Richard  Abt Sep 1799Wendron, Cornwall, England I89124
16 MOYLE, William John  21 Nov 1830Wendron, Cornwall, England I86010
17 PASCOE, Caroline  27 Feb 1837Wendron, Cornwall, England I73427
18 PASCOE, Edward  1781Wendron, Cornwall, England I93473
19 PASCOE, Gwendoline  1 Apr 1916Wendron, Cornwall, England I87408
20 PASCOE, James Sims  1820Wendron, Cornwall, England I93476
21 PASCOE, Michael  18 Jul 1833Wendron, Cornwall, England I49973
22 PRISK, Grace Roberst  27 May 1847Wendron, Cornwall, England I45594
23 PRYOR, Elizabeth Colmer  Jan 1854Wendron, Cornwall, England I87413
24 RICHARDS, Grace  Apr 1890Wendron, Cornwall, England I87411
25 RICHARDS, William Marley  Abt 1849Wendron, Cornwall, England I87412
26 ROBERTS, John  2 Dec 1835Wendron, Cornwall, England I69952
27 ROBERTS, Rachel  1739Wendron, Cornwall, England I117050
28 ROGERS, Susan Jane  22 Feb 1870Wendron, Cornwall, England I70661
29 SEMS, Susannah  1798Wendron, Cornwall, England I72260
30 SINCOCK, Jane  Jan 1856Wendron, Cornwall, England I67203
31 UNKNOWN, Grace  1711Wendron, Cornwall, England I123134
32 VIAL, Mary  1799Wendron, Cornwall, England I89129
33 WATERS, Isaac  6 Mar 1735/36Wendron, Cornwall, England I123131
34 WILLIAMS, Richard  1829Wendron, Cornwall, England I116896
35 WINN, Hannah  29 Oct 1809Wendron, Cornwall, England I53900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 MOYLE, Edward  29 Apr 1797Wendron, Cornwall, England I117049
2 MOYLE, Elizabeth  1892Wendron, Cornwall, England I116899
3 PASCOE, Grace  Feb 1809Wendron, Cornwall, England I117054
4 ROBERTS, Rachel  30 May 1785Wendron, Cornwall, England I117050
5 UNKNOWN, Grace  Aug 1751Wendron, Cornwall, England I123134
6 VIAL, Mary  26 Aug 1837Wendron, Cornwall, England I89129
7 WILLIAMS, Richard  1 Nov 1880Wendron, Cornwall, England I116896


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 JENKIN, Joan  2 May 1762Wendron, Cornwall, England I95645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  1841Wendron, Cornwall, England I67530
2 WATTERS, Henry  1841Wendron, Cornwall, England I67529
3 WATTERS, Thomas  1841Wendron, Cornwall, England I67532
4 WATTERS, William  1841Wendron, Cornwall, England I67531


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 WATTERS, William  1841Wendron, Cornwall, England I67531


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARNSEW / UNKNOWN  Abt 1728Wendron, Cornwall, England F76060
2 MOYLE / ROBERTS  27 Dec 1756Wendron, Cornwall, England F73478
3 ROWE / HODGE  17 May 1854Wendron, Cornwall, England F29185
4 SEMS / PASCOE  31 Aug 1807Wendron, Cornwall, England F76146
5 WILLOUGHBY / PASCOE  9 Aug 1738Wendron, Cornwall, England F23236