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Suffolk, England

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Suffolk, England
[Suffolk] [England]

State/Province : Latitude: 52.297, Longitude: 1.1821


Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Abraham Joseph  1825Suffolk, England I17066
2 ALLISON, Keziah  Abt 1796Suffolk, England I118287
3 ARBON, George Albert  12 Jun 1925Suffolk, England I90096
4 ASCOT, Sarah  1779Suffolk, England I94243
5 BALAAM, John  Abt 1806Suffolk, England I29648
6 BARKER, Mary Letitia  21 Sep 1830Suffolk, England I108446
7 BASS, Francis  1853Suffolk, England I118272
8 CALVER, Emma  1849Suffolk, England I45507
9 CARR, James Fairweather  1816Suffolk, England I5204
10 CARR, Joseph  1710Suffolk, England I88447
11 CHILCOTT, Robert  Abt 1778Suffolk, England I94256
12 CHISNALL, Elizabeth  Abt 1808Suffolk, England I131353
13 CLARKE, Elizabeth  1771Suffolk, England I116036
14 CLEMENTS, Edward Horace  Abt 1885Suffolk, England I129006
15 COUZINS, Mary  1790Suffolk, England I5190
16 CRACKNELL, Ann  1795Suffolk, England I5234
17 CRACKNELL, John  1801Suffolk, England I5236
18 CRACKNELL, Robert  Abt 1765Suffolk, England I5232
19 CRACKNELL, Sarah  1796Suffolk, England I5235
20 DAY, Charles Abraham  1879Suffolk, England I126157
21 FAIRWEATHER, Elizabeth  Between 1639 and 1640Suffolk, England I23295
22 FAIRWEATHER, Elizabeth  1820Suffolk, England I5284
23 FAIRWEATHER, Emma  1814Suffolk, England I5243
24 FAIRWEATHER, John  1818Suffolk, England I5283
25 FAIRWEATHER, Joseph  1643Suffolk, England I23297
26 FAIRWEATHER, Marianne  1816Suffolk, England I5244
27 FAIRWEATHER, Mary  1642Suffolk, England I23296
28 FAIRWEATHER, Mathew  1813Suffolk, England I5242
29 FAIRWEATHER, Robert  1829Suffolk, England I5287
30 FAIRWEATHER, Sally  1824Suffolk, England I5286
31 FAIRWEATHER, Samuel  1795Suffolk, England I5239
32 FAIRWEATHER, Sarah  1638Suffolk, England I23294
33 FAIRWEATHER, Sarah  1646Suffolk, England I23299
34 FAIRWEATHER, Thomas  Between 1645 and 1646Suffolk, England I23298
35 FAIRWEATHER, William  1822Suffolk, England I5285
36 FITCH, John  Abt 1786Suffolk, England I117023
37 FORDHAM, Robert  Between Sep 1775 and Aug 1776Suffolk, England I118284
38 FRANCIS, Charles  1823Suffolk, England I118277
39 GOOCH, George  1819Suffolk, England I35661
40 HARSUM, Pamela Carr  1823Suffolk, England I5207
41 HARSUM, Thirza  1791Suffolk, England I5206
42 HAWARD, Elizabeth  1784Suffolk, England I45503
43 HUNT, Elizabeth  Abt 1758Suffolk, England I94248
44 LAST, Mary Ann  Abt 1800Suffolk, England I94252
45 LEWIS, Minnie Clara  1877Suffolk, England I126158
46 LING, Harry Rust  4 Mar 1850Suffolk, England I70704
47 MADDER, Arthur  Abt 1848Suffolk, England I91316
48 MARKIN, Daniel  1703Suffolk, England I88445
49 MARTIN, Elsie Mary  6 Jan 1903Suffolk, England I125420
50 NEWSON, Thomas  6 May 1734Suffolk, England I98740
51 NOBLE, Eliza  1831Suffolk, England I80112
52 NOBLE, Emma  1838Suffolk, England I80114
53 NOBLE, Harriet  1829Suffolk, England I5216
54 NOBLE, Henry  1819Suffolk, England I80111
55 NOBLE, James  1816Suffolk, England I80110
56 NOBLE, John  1835Suffolk, England I80113
57 NOBLE, Mary  1826Suffolk, England I5215
58 NOBLE, Robert  1823Suffolk, England I5214
59 NOBLE, Samuel  1821Suffolk, England I5213
60 NOBLE, Sarah  1841Suffolk, England I80115
61 NORMAN, William Charles  3 Sep 1895Suffolk, England I129453
62 OFFORD, William  Abt 1780Suffolk, England I104110
63 POOLEY, William  Abt 1792Suffolk, England I121114
64 RAYNER, Ivy Maud  Between Oct and Dec 1905Suffolk, England I67995
65 SELSBY, Phyllis  Abt 1762Suffolk, England I53391
66 STEBBING, Eliza Mayhew  Abt 1836Suffolk, England I90146
67 TEAGUE, Edward  Abt 1754Suffolk, England I4111
68 THISTLE, Katherine  1838Suffolk, England I88503
69 UNKNOWN, Mary  1808Suffolk, England I118289


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BLOOMFIELD, Mary  Bef 1833Suffolk, England I123890
2 BOAST, Judith  1889Suffolk, England I100780
3 BRADDY, Lilly Rosina  11 Nov 1949Suffolk, England I131399
4 CARPENTER, Bridget  1633Suffolk, England I11234
5 CARR, James Fairweather  19 Oct 1840Suffolk, England I5204
6 CARTER, Ann  Jul 1857Suffolk, England I74443
7 CLEMENTS, Edward Horace  12 Jan 1936Suffolk, England I129006
8 FAIRWEATHER, Martha  1874Suffolk, England I5210
9 FROST, James  1 May 1973Suffolk, England I94229
10 GOSLING, Sarah  1804Suffolk, England I98741
11 HINES, Mary Ann  Apr 1879Suffolk, England I123887
12 NEWSON, Matthew  Mar 1847Suffolk, England I98742
13 NEWSON, Thomas  2 Mar 1829Suffolk, England I98740
14 NUNN, Mary Ann  1887Suffolk, England I94239
15 OFFORD, Mary Ann  Jul 1878Suffolk, England I104099
16 RICHARDSON, Marion May  1920Suffolk, England I125739
17 SCOTT, Henry  Jan 1893Suffolk, England I122630
18 SHERINGTON, James  Jul 1871Suffolk, England I94251
19 UNKNOWN, Mary  DECEASEDSuffolk, England I118289


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 CARR, James Fairweather  1840Suffolk, England I5204


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BROWN / GOODALL  31 Mar 1852Suffolk, England F67154
2 FAIRWEATHER / MAY  Abt 1838Suffolk, England F2503
3 NEWSON / GOSLING  12 Oct 1761Suffolk, England F65864
4 POOLE / POOLE  1845Suffolk, England F17773
5 SELVAGE / BOND  Jun 1878Suffolk, England F12158