Staffordshire, England

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Staffordshire, England
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County/Shire : Latitude: 52.811, Longitude: -1.8667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BIRCH, Arthur  28 Jul 1825Staffordshire, England I58312
2 BIRCH, Lewis  29 Jun 1794Staffordshire, England I38319
3 BUCKLESS, Charlie  Mar 1906Staffordshire, England I23762
4 BUCKLESS, Francis William  1904Staffordshire, England I23761
5 BURROWS, Joseph  Between 1831 and 1841Staffordshire, England I12802
6 CLARKE, William  1801Staffordshire, England I106663
7 COLEY, Eden  1 Dec 1903Staffordshire, England I66162
8 COLLINS, James William  Abt 1842Staffordshire, England I63068
9 DODD, Sarah  1788Staffordshire, England I89530
10 HADLEY, Thomas  1841Staffordshire, England I95799
11 HOLTOM, Harold Wilfred Francis  Jun 1905Staffordshire, England I54400
12 HOLTOM, Laurence Victor  Mar 1907Staffordshire, England I54394
13 HOLTOM, Leonard William  20 May 1911Staffordshire, England I54401
14 HOLTOM, Richard Morrall  Mar 1904Staffordshire, England I91291
15 HORNER, Sarah  1735Staffordshire, England I98893
16 LUDFORD, Amy Eugeania  UNKNOWNStaffordshire, England I115528
17 PARKES, Elizabeth  Abt 1804Staffordshire, England I110159
18 ROWLEY, Bernard B  18 Oct 1901Staffordshire, England I69096
19 SMITH, Anne  1703Staffordshire, England I89023
20 THOMPSON, James  Abt 1830Staffordshire, England I104861
21 TYLER, Ellen  9 Oct 1839Staffordshire, England I49048
22 WALKER, Arthur Horace  22 Aug 1917Staffordshire, England I65229
23 WORTHINGTON, James  10 Feb 1878Staffordshire, England I32598
24 WORTHINGTON, Joseph  Abt 1875Staffordshire, England I32431
25 WORTHINGTON, Thomas  23 Mar 1873Staffordshire, England I32429


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATTWOOD, Joseph  Abt 1862Staffordshire, England I118179
2 ATTWOOD, Matthias  Mar 1876Staffordshire, England I98888
3 ATTWOOD, Matthias  Jul 1891Staffordshire, England I98867
4 ATTWOOD, William  Apr 1860Staffordshire, England I98868
5 BENNETT, Rebecca  Jan 1909Staffordshire, England I98869
6 BRICKNELL, Thomas  Mar 1885Staffordshire, England I121075
7 CASTLE, Edith M  10 May 1947Staffordshire, England I103646
8 CRAMPTON, Margery Joan  Jan 2000Staffordshire, England I66177
9 CRAMPTON, Mary Lydia Joan  Mar 2005Staffordshire, England I66171
10 CRAMPTON, Samuel  Apr 1904Staffordshire, England I65834
11 FELLOWS, Richard  Between Jan and Mar 1867Staffordshire, England I108644
12 HAMPTON, Joseph  Abt 1866Staffordshire, England I110158
13 HARVEY, Sarah Ann  Jan 1913Staffordshire, England I81221
14 HARVEY, Thomas  Jan 1861Staffordshire, England I95502
15 HILL, William  1897Staffordshire, England I122190
16 HOLTOM, Richard Morrall  Jun 1905Staffordshire, England I91291
17 HOMER, Rosanna  1860Staffordshire, England I107588
18 HOOD, Robert  Jul 1904Staffordshire, England I81220
19 KEY, Sarah  Bef 1861Staffordshire, England I88776
20 PARKER, Rosanna  Bef 1833Staffordshire, England I24854
21 TAYLOR, Joseph  1930Staffordshire, England I98977
22 WATTS, Priscilla  Mar 1892Staffordshire, England I98889
23 WORTHINGTON, William  1871Staffordshire, England I88775


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATTWOOD / DETHERIDGE  1906Staffordshire, England F65924
2 FALLOWS / JACKSON  1894Staffordshire, England F29647
3 TAYLOR / SMALL  18 May 1880Staffordshire, England F65959