Nhill, Victoria, Australia

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Nhill, Victoria, Australia
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City/Town : Latitude: -36.3333, Longitude: 141.6667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 EASTWELL, Ethel Rose  1888Nhill, Victoria, Australia I39415
2 EASTWELL, George Herbert  27 Sep 1887Nhill, Victoria, Australia I3695
3 EASTWELL, Mary Ann  1890Nhill, Victoria, Australia I27281
4 EASTWELL, Richard John  16 Jul 1890Nhill, Victoria, Australia I3696
5 EASTWELL, Sarah  1883Nhill, Victoria, Australia I39413
6 EASTWELL, Sarah Laura  3 Mar 1895Nhill, Victoria, Australia I3698
7 EASTWELL, Victoria May  1885Nhill, Victoria, Australia I39414
8 EASTWELL, William Henry  1892Nhill, Victoria, Australia I3697
9 EASTWELL, William Mathew  1890Nhill, Victoria, Australia I39337
10 HOFFMAN, Clara Melvina  1888Nhill, Victoria, Australia I8654
11 LOVEDAY, Maxwell Henry  24 Dec 1929Nhill, Victoria, Australia I45116
12 MAYNARD, Colin Cecil  11 Jan 1905Nhill, Victoria, Australia I83514
13 PRESTON, Elvia Matilda  5 May 1903Nhill, Victoria, Australia I45115
14 RETHUS, S.   I18809
15 RUTHERFORD, Charles  Feb 1896Nhill, Victoria, Australia I24050
16 RUTHERFORD, Mary Ellinor  1898Nhill, Victoria, Australia I24047
17 RUTHERFORD, Richard Henry  27 Feb 1893Nhill, Victoria, Australia I24049
18 STRUTHERS, William McCubbin  1884Nhill, Victoria, Australia I54552
19 VOIGT, Oscar Frederick  24 Jun 1907Nhill, Victoria, Australia I85407
20 WARD, P.T.   I29957
21 WHITE, D.L.   I18704
22 WHITE, J.A.   I18703
23 WILKIE, Martha Alice  1882Nhill, Victoria, Australia I84065


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BALL, Samuel  4 Feb 1885Nhill, Victoria, Australia I21018
2 BOECK, Annie Dorothea  1892Nhill, Victoria, Australia I3678
3 EASTWELL, Elizabeth  12 Nov 1911Nhill, Victoria, Australia I3686
4 EASTWELL, Ethel Rose  1911Nhill, Victoria, Australia I39415
5 EASTWELL, George  1952Nhill, Victoria, Australia I39412
6 EASTWELL, Sarah  21 Jun 1922Nhill, Victoria, Australia I3682
7 GOODDY, Henry  14 Oct 1910Nhill, Victoria, Australia I4367
8 RUTHERFORD, Richard Hopwood  17 May 1886Nhill, Victoria, Australia I34190
9 WALLIS, Ann  19 Aug 1926Nhill, Victoria, Australia I83520


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOECK, Annie Dorothea  1892Nhill, Victoria, Australia I3678


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EASTWELL / MAYNARD  7 Nov 1889Nhill, Victoria, Australia F1802
2 EASTWELL / RIDING  20 Feb 1893Nhill, Victoria, Australia F750
3 VOIGT / SCOTT  15 Nov 1906Nhill, Victoria, Australia F61380