Manchester, Lancashire, England

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Manchester, Lancashire, England
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City/Town : Latitude: 53.5, Longitude: -2.2167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLCOCK, Robert Bertram  12 Nov 1906Manchester, Lancashire, England I71968
2 APPLEBY, H.   I38977
3 BENSON, V.   I43270
4 BIRAM, Benjamin  15 Nov 1844Manchester, Lancashire, England I86677
5 BRADY, James  1854Manchester, Lancashire, England I58138
6 BREEZE, William Henry  12 Nov 1923Manchester, Lancashire, England I45978
7 BRENNAN, Margaret  1 Jan 1846Manchester, Lancashire, England I96673
8 BROWNING, Emily  Abt 1839Manchester, Lancashire, England I70840
9 BURGOYNE, Ernest Hebrew  1884Manchester, Lancashire, England I62102
10 BURKE, Annorah Ann  Between 1843 and 1846Manchester, Lancashire, England I110975
11 CABLE, John  1849Manchester, Lancashire, England I67049
12 CARNEGIE, Caroline  1822Manchester, Lancashire, England I101378
13 CARTWRIGHT, Joshua James  29 Nov 1902Manchester, Lancashire, England I57945
14 CLARKE, Mary  12 Mar 1831Manchester, Lancashire, England I21691
15 CLEGG, John  1 Sep 1789Manchester, Lancashire, England I79977
16 COOPER, Joseph  18 May 1840Manchester, Lancashire, England I3184
17 COX, P.D.   I18659
18 COYLE, Michael  Abt 1836Manchester, Lancashire, England I64500
19 DARLINGTON, Rebecca  6 Oct 1813Manchester, Lancashire, England I86676
20 DAVENPORT, Alice  30 Jun 1857Manchester, Lancashire, England I113148
21 DAWSON, Albert Edward  11 Mar 1873Manchester, Lancashire, England I23679
22 DUDSON, Edith  Jan 1903Manchester, Lancashire, England I46135
23 EADE, M.M.   I88906
24 EASTHAM, Ellen  1805Manchester, Lancashire, England I41452
25 FAIRCLOUGH, Mavis B.  30 May 1926Manchester, Lancashire, England I113142
26 FAIRCLOUGH, Thomas  1851Manchester, Lancashire, England I113147
27 FARROW, Adam  1826Manchester, Lancashire, England I75103
28 FARROW, Harold Barton  12 Jun 1884Manchester, Lancashire, England I75093
29 FLAVELL, S.   I38118
30 FORD, Edmund  3 Mar 1909Manchester, Lancashire, England I113868
31 FORTY, Frances E  1859Manchester, Lancashire, England I90461
32 FORTY, Sarah Eliza  3 Oct 1860Manchester, Lancashire, England I90462
33 FRIEND, Hannah  1846Manchester, Lancashire, England I52643
34 GREEN, Henry  Abt 1825Manchester, Lancashire, England I20415
35 GREENE, Nelly  Abt 1889Manchester, Lancashire, England I113152
36 HALL, James  Abt 1854Manchester, Lancashire, England I75095
37 HALL, Margaret Annie  9 Apr 1884Manchester, Lancashire, England I75094
38 HANCOCK, William Thomas  1 Jan 1852Manchester, Lancashire, England I69209
39 HARRISON, Elizabeth  Abt 1859Manchester, Lancashire, England I18400
40 HATTON, Elizabeth  5 Jun 1860Manchester, Lancashire, England I119625
41 HIBBERT, Jane  Abt 1843Manchester, Lancashire, England I91690
42 HOULIHAN, Joseph  10 Sep 1843Manchester, Lancashire, England I41658
43 HULL, George  14 Jul 1835Manchester, Lancashire, England I20250
44 HYDE, A.   I39805
45 HYDE, W.J.   I43269
46 LINGARD, Ann  Abt 1841Manchester, Lancashire, England I100672
47 LOMAX, T.K.   I100
48 MAJOR, Betsy Hannah  24 Apr 1886Manchester, Lancashire, England I55219
49 MCGUINESS, Sarah Bridget  1856Manchester, Lancashire, England I55531
50 MCKEON, John  25 Apr 1860Manchester, Lancashire, England I119624
51 MEEKE, John E  Abt 1844Manchester, Lancashire, England I82220
52 MELLOR, Lydia  3 Apr 1749Manchester, Lancashire, England I74490
53 MINCHERTON, John  19 Jul 1909Manchester, Lancashire, England I73399
54 MOTTERSHEAD, Agnes  1845Manchester, Lancashire, England I16132
55 NEWALL, Alice  6 Aug 1915Manchester, Lancashire, England I61623
56 OLIVER, William Charles  7 Apr 1810Manchester, Lancashire, England I36736
57 OXFORD, Kenneth James  7 Jan 1926Manchester, Lancashire, England I104067
58 PARRY, Frank Joseph  10 Nov 1901Manchester, Lancashire, England I77880
59 PICKUP, Susan  1800Manchester, Lancashire, England I55295
60 POLLAND, J.   I50289
61 PRICE, Barbara  1940Manchester, Lancashire, England I100758
62 RAMSON, Mary Jane  17 Apr 1851Manchester, Lancashire, England I92612
63 REDFERN, Henry  28 Dec 1905Manchester, Lancashire, England I103639
64 RICHARDSON, Florence Elizabeth  1865Manchester, Lancashire, England I99249
65 RILEY, John James George  Abt 1858Manchester, Lancashire, England I13011
66 ROBINSON, Walter  7 Feb 1893Manchester, Lancashire, England I50793
67 ROPER, John  Abt 1778Manchester, Lancashire, England I89973
68 ROPER, William  Abt 1816Manchester, Lancashire, England I89971
69 ROPER, William Henry  Jul 1845Manchester, Lancashire, England I82811
70 SCHORER, John  1841Manchester, Lancashire, England I49996
71 SHACKLETON, Daniel  24 Jul 1838Manchester, Lancashire, England I87383
72 SHACKLETON, Samuel  Abt 1839Manchester, Lancashire, England I87391
73 SILL, Mary  Oct 1845Manchester, Lancashire, England I113423
74 SMIRK, Thomas  1 Nov 1833Manchester, Lancashire, England I31586
75 STAMP, Frederick Woodland  9 Jul 1920Manchester, Lancashire, England I78078
76 STAMP, Percy Frederick  Dec 1892Manchester, Lancashire, England I78077
77 SWANN, Elizabeth  18 Oct 1852Manchester, Lancashire, England I41529
78 TETLOW, Delilah  Mar 1839Manchester, Lancashire, England I54997
79 TETLOW, Mary Anne  26 Jun 1825Manchester, Lancashire, England I54995
80 THORNTON, George  Abt 1840Manchester, Lancashire, England I51464
81 TURNER, George Robert  10 Jul 1897Manchester, Lancashire, England I111599
82 TURNOCK, John Goodison  1864Manchester, Lancashire, England I62207
83 UNKNOWN, Mary  Abt 1850Manchester, Lancashire, England I83953
84 UNKNOWN, Mary Ann  Abt 1864Manchester, Lancashire, England I64275
85 VERNON, John  1789Manchester, Lancashire, England I116976
86 WALKER, Francis  1884Manchester, Lancashire, England I62573
87 WALKER, Sarah Frances  1849Manchester, Lancashire, England I43508
88 WARBURTON, M.S.   I110118
89 WARD, James Frederick  Abt 1889Manchester, Lancashire, England I113149
90 WARRINGTON, William  4 Mar 1895Manchester, Lancashire, England I104809
91 WEBB, G.M.   I84642
92 WEIR, Mary Ann  16 Aug 1826Manchester, Lancashire, England I33963
93 WILLIAMS, Florence  Abt 1881Manchester, Lancashire, England I83955
94 WILLIAMS, James Harold  Between 1877 and 1884Manchester, Lancashire, England I83941
95 WILLIAMS, John  Abt 1851Manchester, Lancashire, England I83952
96 WILLIAMS, Lenor  Abt 1872Manchester, Lancashire, England I83954
97 WIMBRIDGE, William Thomas  Oct 1849Manchester, Lancashire, England I36211
98 WOLFE, Frances  13 Feb 1900Manchester, Lancashire, England I36167
99 YATES, William  Abt 1808Manchester, Lancashire, England I103829


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CARNEGIE, Caroline  Mar 1892Manchester, Lancashire, England I101378
2 CHADWICK, Hannah  1851Manchester, Lancashire, England I116979
3 CLYNES, Bertha  15 Mar 2011Manchester, Lancashire, England I114590
4 CROMPTON, Nanny  Jan 1946Manchester, Lancashire, England I117045
5 DOVASTON, Gertrude  16 Feb 1956Manchester, Lancashire, England I84488
6 DRAPER, James  Jul 1849Manchester, Lancashire, England I116701
7 DURU, Katherine Syble  DECEASEDManchester, Lancashire, England I100756
8 FAIRCLOUGH, Mavis B.  3 Nov 1994Manchester, Lancashire, England I113142
9 FAIRCLOUGH, Thomas  Dec 1931Manchester, Lancashire, England I113147
10 FARROW, Adam  Mar 1869Manchester, Lancashire, England I75103
11 FARROW, Thomas  Apr 1903Manchester, Lancashire, England I75097
12 FISHER, Kathleen  1968Manchester, Lancashire, England I84640
13 FORTY, Sarah Eliza  Apr 1863Manchester, Lancashire, England I90462
14 GREENE, Nelly  DECEASEDManchester, Lancashire, England I113152
15 JONES, Mary Jane  May 1989Manchester, Lancashire, England I103826
16 JONES, Rosemary  23 Feb 2018Manchester, Lancashire, England I104068
17 LEACH, Ebenezer  4 Aug 1905Manchester, Lancashire, England I110471
18 LIVESEY, Betty  Jan 1875Manchester, Lancashire, England I116702
19 MALLINSON, Courtney Lewis  24 Mar 1930Manchester, Lancashire, England I93594
20 MELLOR, John Ellis  Feb 1993Manchester, Lancashire, England I100617
21 MURCH, George  26 Aug 1845Manchester, Lancashire, England I92609
22 OXFORD, James  18 Apr 1943Manchester, Lancashire, England I104069
23 OXFORD, Kenneth James  22 Dec 1989Manchester, Lancashire, England I104067
24 POLLARD, Cyril Thomas  1987Manchester, Lancashire, England I20750
25 SMITH, David Alexander  21 Aug 1965Manchester, Lancashire, England I72656
26 STAMP, Percy Frederick  Dec 1948Manchester, Lancashire, England I78077
27 TILDSLEY, Eliza  Sep 1869Manchester, Lancashire, England I75104
28 TUCKER, Joan  30 Dec 1859Manchester, Lancashire, England I92608
29 UNKNOWN, Rose Sarah  11 Aug 1927Manchester, Lancashire, England I104070
30 USHER, Robert William  10 Jul 2010Manchester, Lancashire, England I38124
31 WALFORD, James  1971Manchester, Lancashire, England I84639
32 WARD, James Frederick  DECEASEDManchester, Lancashire, England I113149
33 WARD, Joseph  4 Jun 1960Manchester, Lancashire, England I113141
34 WEATHERBY, Henry  Sep 1946Manchester, Lancashire, England I113145
35 WEATHERBY, Lilian  13 Dec 1960Manchester, Lancashire, England I113144
36 WEBB, George Thomas  Sep 1979Manchester, Lancashire, England I78962


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 OXFORD, James  24 Apr 1943Manchester, Lancashire, England I104069
2 UNKNOWN, Rose Sarah  1927Manchester, Lancashire, England I104070


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HOULIHAN, Joseph  10 Sep 1843Manchester, Lancashire, England I41658


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Crime    Person ID 
1 BOOTH, George  1 Jan 1849Manchester, Lancashire, England I18440
2 SMIRK, Thomas  7 Aug 1848Manchester, Lancashire, England I31586

Death Record

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record    Person ID 
1 OXFORD, James  1943Manchester, Lancashire, England I104069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 SEABORN, L.   I114594


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BIRAM / DARLINGTON  1 Feb 1835Manchester, Lancashire, England F58984
2 CHADWICK / BURTON  20 Dec 1840Manchester, Lancashire, England F67809
3 CLINCH / PODMORE  Jul 1933Manchester, Lancashire, England F73705
4 CONNOR / CLYNES  Oct 1938Manchester, Lancashire, England F72433
5 FORTY / GREENWOOD  16 Dec 1856Manchester, Lancashire, England F61169
6 GRIMSHAW / SMITH  4 Sep 1837Manchester, Lancashire, England F14799
7 HARRISON / HARRISON  Abt 1859Manchester, Lancashire, England F956
8 HULL / DORE  1 Oct 1860Manchester, Lancashire, England F3631
9 HULL / HOOLEY  20 Oct 1834Manchester, Lancashire, England F18180
10 HYDE / BENSON   F14329
11 NEWTON / BELCHER  28 Nov 1903Manchester, Lancashire, England F61680
12 REDFERN / HILL  1838Manchester, Lancashire, England F25602
13 ROPER / GUEST  24 Dec 1798Manchester, Lancashire, England F60961
14 SWANN / WEIR  23 Jan 1851Manchester, Lancashire, England F11509
15 VERNON / SMITH  11 Dec 1854Manchester, Lancashire, England F73442
16 WALFORD / FISHER  Sep 1936Manchester, Lancashire, England F29943
17 WARD / GREENE  16 Dec 1912Manchester, Lancashire, England F71848
18 WATSON / BROWNING  4 Aug 1857Manchester, Lancashire, England F24451
19 WHITFIELD / EDDISON  12 Sep 1917Manchester, Lancashire, England F62603
20 WORSLEY / CONSTERDINE  8 Sep 1828Manchester, Lancashire, England F66676
21 WORSLEY / LINGARD  30 Jul 1865Manchester, Lancashire, England F66675
22 YATES / SOUTHAM  16 Sep 1841Manchester, Lancashire, England F67983