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Maidstone, Kent, England

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Maidstone, Kent, England
[Maidstone] [Kent] [England]

Latitude: 51.2667, Longitude: 0.5167


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Mary Ann  Between 1814 and 1820Maidstone, Kent, England I41596
2 BEASLEY, Henry Tye  5 Jan 1828Maidstone, Kent, England I124619
3 BROWNE, George William  1837Maidstone, Kent, England I71365
4 BUTCHER, Jessie  28 Oct 1877Maidstone, Kent, England I86188
5 COUSINS, John Isaac  1777Maidstone, Kent, England I51080
6 CRABBE, Elizabeth  27 Oct 1874Maidstone, Kent, England I133550
7 CRITTAL, Susan  4 Feb 1816Maidstone, Kent, England I7360
8 DANN, Irene Lillian  29 Oct 1885Maidstone, Kent, England I33833
9 EATON, Alfred Thomas Vile  16 Jan 1844Maidstone, Kent, England I26637
10 EATON, Richard  15 Nov 1815Maidstone, Kent, England I14297
11 EBERLEIN, Derek Gerald  2 Jan 1953Maidstone, Kent, England I125570
12 GAMMON, Thomas John  27 Feb 1847Maidstone, Kent, England I116258
13 GIBBONS, Leonard  4 Nov 1892Maidstone, Kent, England I43019
14 GILBERT, Richard William  1839Maidstone, Kent, England I39355
15 GOLDSMITH, John  Oct 1783Maidstone, Kent, England I55540
16 GOLDSMITH, John  1827Maidstone, Kent, England I55541
17 GOLDSMITH, Sophia  18 Jun 1828Maidstone, Kent, England I9348
18 HARMAN, Dennis  15 Aug 1916Maidstone, Kent, England I108558
19 HUMPHRIES, Nellie  1871Maidstone, Kent, England I38386
20 LADHAMS, George  May 1831Maidstone, Kent, England I98234
21 MEAD, James Edward  Apr 1839Maidstone, Kent, England I60871
22 MILLER, Thomas  Abt 1812Maidstone, Kent, England I90992
23 PAWLEY, Ambrose  1842Maidstone, Kent, England I119826
24 PENFOLD, Grace  7 Oct 1906Maidstone, Kent, England I101536
25 PLATTS, Leonie M  21 Feb 1949Maidstone, Kent, England I88684
26 RANDALL, William  Jul 1838Maidstone, Kent, England I81984
27 UNKNOWN, Georgina Rose  Abt 1854Maidstone, Kent, England I83080
28 WINTERTON, Charles Thomas  25 Aug 1904Maidstone, Kent, England I86183
29 WOODWARD, Simon Peter Duff  10 Jan 1965Maidstone, Kent, England I89735


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BASING, Fanny Jane  21 Nov 1956Maidstone, Kent, England I88675
2 BROMLEY, Emily Sophia  Jun 1869Maidstone, Kent, England I134045
3 BUTCHER, Thomas  DECEASEDMaidstone, Kent, England I86193
4 COUSINS, Selina Emily Marietta  1878Maidstone, Kent, England I86194
5 EBERLEIN, Charles  13 Jan 2000Maidstone, Kent, England I88680
6 EBERLEIN, Christian  Mar 1972Maidstone, Kent, England I88668
7 EBERLEIN, Derek Gerald  7 Sep 2010Maidstone, Kent, England I125570
8 GILES, Avis  20 Mar 1844Maidstone, Kent, England I106558
9 HICKMOTT, Thomas  15 May 1854Maidstone, Kent, England I9795
10 HYLAND, Abram  Apr 1914Maidstone, Kent, England I132634
11 KEMP, Dorothy Iris  4 Jan 1995Maidstone, Kent, England I125569
12 MARTIN, Henry James  3 Jun 1919Maidstone, Kent, England I73782
13 NOBBS, Winifred  Oct 1981Maidstone, Kent, England I102360
14 PAGE, Emily  1947Maidstone, Kent, England I131471
15 PANKHURST, Louisa Ann  Abt Mar 1927Maidstone, Kent, England I132635
16 SALMON, Frederick T  Dec 1988Maidstone, Kent, England I102359
17 SANGER, Frederick George  18 May 1956Maidstone, Kent, England I111469
18 WANSTALL, Alfred Croft  Dec 1938Maidstone, Kent, England I111462


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Crime    Person ID 
1 CRADDOCK, Daniel  28 Jun 1853Maidstone, Kent, England I54275


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 EATON / VILE  20 Nov 1840Maidstone, Kent, England F5815
2 EBERLEIN / DANCER  Jul 1949Maidstone, Kent, England F60450
3 EBERLEIN / KEMP  Jul 1947Maidstone, Kent, England F77142
4 EXCELL / GILES  22 Aug 1830Maidstone, Kent, England F69064
5 HATT / CALLUND  Aug 1840Maidstone, Kent, England F78338
6 WINTERTON / BUTCHER  4 Nov 1903Maidstone, Kent, England F58792