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Gloucestershire, England

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Gloucestershire, England
[Gloucestershire] [England]

Latitude: 51.8806, Longitude: -1.9874


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Anne Elizabeth  18 Nov 1824Gloucestershire, England I26653
2 BAXTER, Irene Violet  Sep 1902Gloucestershire, England I76616
3 BEARD, Emily  Abt 1879Gloucestershire, England I109198
4 BEARD, Sarah Ann  16 Jul 1856Gloucestershire, England I56640
5 BRACEY, Elsie W.  Oct 1913Gloucestershire, England I44781
6 BROWNING, William  Abt 1818Gloucestershire, England I91952
7 CHAMBERS, James  1782Gloucestershire, England I77876
8 CLARKE, Elizabeth  Abt 1833Gloucestershire, England I74776
9 DERRICK, William Henry  16 Dec 1834Gloucestershire, England I83524
10 EDWARDS, Joshua  Abt 1820Gloucestershire, England I113872
11 EDWARDS, Samuel  1817Gloucestershire, England I127890
12 FENNELL, William  28 May 1786Gloucestershire, England I52170
13 FERGUSON, Robert William  24 Jul 1887Gloucestershire, England I42430
14 FISHPOOL, William  1790Gloucestershire, England I53541
15 GARNE, Frederick Jones  Jun 1869Gloucestershire, England I88102
16 HARRIS, William  Abt 1751Gloucestershire, England I116746
17 HASTINGS, William Alexander  Apr 1861Gloucestershire, England I107779
18 HERBERT, Annie Elizabeth  7 May 1862Gloucestershire, England I79298
19 HERBERT, William  UNKNOWNGloucestershire, England I79299
20 HUGHES, Joseph  1850Gloucestershire, England I134920
21 HYDE, Jane  20 Apr 1821Gloucestershire, England I82194
22 LONG, Samuel Norton  21 Dec 1896Gloucestershire, England I104554
23 MERCY, Sarah Ann  1840Gloucestershire, England I44794
24 MORGAN, Sarah  1813Gloucestershire, England I83302
25 MORGIN, An  Abt 1652Gloucestershire, England I93294
26 NEEMS, Elizabeth  1756Gloucestershire, England I134892
27 POYNINGS, Eleanor  1422Gloucestershire, England I56134
28 SELWAY, Mary Ann  1790Gloucestershire, England I131492
29 SIMMONDS, Harriet  Between 1790 and 1792Gloucestershire, England I77620
30 STRATFORD, Mary  1753Gloucestershire, England I104757
31 WAIGHT, Sarah  27 Nov 1811Gloucestershire, England I49283
32 WARE, Eliza  Abt 1823Gloucestershire, England I67315
33 WHITE, Mary  1788Gloucestershire, England I104753
34 WHITEHEAD, George  Abt 1838Gloucestershire, England I112789
35 WITCHELL, Ann  Abt 1751Gloucestershire, England I116747


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BARRETT, Jemima  Jul 1901Gloucestershire, England I106658
2 BARTON, Henry  21 Dec 1869Gloucestershire, England I135050
3 BARTON, Sarah  Dec 1793Gloucestershire, England I135054
4 BARTON, William  Dec 1835Gloucestershire, England I135056
5 BAXTER, Frederick John  12 Sep 1939Gloucestershire, England I76615
6 BROWN, Lucy  14 Apr 1932Gloucestershire, England I117393
7 BUCKINGHAM, Thomas  13 Sep 1846Gloucestershire, England I71628
8 BUTT, Mary Susannah  16 May 1910Gloucestershire, England I96758
9 CLOUDLEY, Mary Ann  4 Dec 1899Gloucestershire, England I105638
10 COLLINGS, Jane  Oct 1899Gloucestershire, England I124037
11 COX, Robert Agustus  3 May 1894Gloucestershire, England I82193
12 DEE, William  29 Sep 1887Gloucestershire, England I76606
13 FENNELL, William  1831Gloucestershire, England I52170
14 GLEED, Henry  Oct 1893Gloucestershire, England I46079
15 GLEED, William Henry  Oct 1896Gloucestershire, England I46081
16 HARDING, Albert Edwin  Jun 1885Gloucestershire, England I109859
17 HARDING, George  1901Gloucestershire, England I106657
18 JOYNER, Elizabeth  12 Feb 1872Gloucestershire, England I96756
19 LAMB, Sarah  Mar 1902Gloucestershire, England I1004
20 LUDLOW, John  16 Dec 1885Gloucestershire, England I91936
21 MANN, Joseph  Apr 1912Gloucestershire, England I111400
22 MANN, Nathan  1913Gloucestershire, England I109465
23 MARSH, Mary Elizabeth  20 Jun 1930Gloucestershire, England I40443
24 NEEMS, Edith Mary  27 Nov 1949Gloucestershire, England I96759
25 NOBLE, Lydia  Bef 2 Oct 1726Gloucestershire, England I116752
26 ORCHARD, William Dowdeswell  Jan 1876Gloucestershire, England I70803
27 SHARP, Elizabeth  Oct 1898Gloucestershire, England I73192
28 THRUSH, John  Jan 1861Gloucestershire, England I84613
29 THRUSH, Joseph  3 Jul 1905Gloucestershire, England I84609
30 WAITE, Hannah  Jan 1850Gloucestershire, England I84614
31 WATKINS, Esther Hewlett  Sep 1882Gloucestershire, England I93232
32 WILLIAMS, Frances  10 Apr 1871Gloucestershire, England I16962


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 HARDING / BARRETT  Dec 1862Gloucestershire, England F69106
2 HARRIS / WITCHELL  3 Mar 1772Gloucestershire, England F73332
3 HAZEL / BROWNING  16 Aug 1852Gloucestershire, England F29843
4 MERCY / HUNTLEY  25 Dec 1806Gloucestershire, England F14951
5 MINCHIN / SHIPTON  15 May 1817Gloucestershire, England F9516
6 ORCHARD / NEWCOMBE  17 Dec 1818Gloucestershire, England F24435
7 WATKINS / REES  1893Gloucestershire, England F29823
8 WELLMAN / CHAPPELL  28 Oct 1940Gloucestershire, England F26963