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Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

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Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
[Bendigo] [Victoria] [Australia]

City/Town : Latitude: -36.7667, Longitude: 144.2833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AITKEN, James Broadfoot  8 Apr 1900Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I25018
2 AITKEN, John Easton  Abt 1902Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I87112
3 BAILEY, Emma May  7 Jan 1911Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I36381
4 BAKER, Clifford Raymond  9 May 1914Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72841
5 BAKER, Edward George  12 Sep 1872Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72833
6 BAKER, Elsie  6 Oct 1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72834
7 BAKER, George Redver Stanley  27 Apr 1900Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72836
8 BAKER, Gertie  Jul 1910Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72840
9 BAKER, Nora Winifred Mary  1899Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72835
10 BARNETT, Alfred Henry Bernard  19 Jul 1863Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I86352
11 BEATTY, Ida Gwendoline Janet  1916Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2694
12 BOLT, Ethel Louisa  1 Jan 1886Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I103377
13 BROWN, Frederick William  12 May 1907Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I85815
14 BURKE, Charlotte Eliza  Dec 1893Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I39366
15 BURKE, Gertrude Magdalene  1891Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I57416
16 CAMPBELL, Frances Jean  16 Apr 1914Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I73570
17 CARR, Evangeline Isobel Booth  Abt 1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I27326
18 COATS, Norman Clifford  23 Apr 1906Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I91269
19 COCK, Edith Maud  25 Nov 1888Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I130141
20 COX, Doris Annie  25 Aug 1917Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I108314
21 COX, Elizabeth  1860Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I114290
22 DOWER, Arthur Reynolds  11 Apr 1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I93466
23 DOWER, Frederick Rogers  31 Aug 1871Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I93465
24 DOWER, Grace Rogers  1875Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I91267
25 DOWER, Valmai Grace  18 Aug 1934Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I93468
26 DUNSTAN, Estelle Winifred May  22 Jul 1913Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I100566
27 EARLE, Alice May  1893Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I31197
28 EARLE, Ellen Elizabeth  1891Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I31204
29 ELLIOTT, Joseph Henry  2 Oct 1886Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I99973
30 FENNELL, Edna Nellie  1911Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I135416
31 FLOOD, Joseph James  1874Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I112750
32 GRANT, Elsie Beatrice  1881Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I92031
33 GRAY, Lawrence Bingen  2 Jul 1878Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I25897
34 GROSSER, Adela Elizabeth  1903Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I52031
35 HALL, Frederick  6 Nov 1883Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44130
36 HALL, Kenneth Norman  5 Nov 1933Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I93469
37 HARBOUR, Florence Merle  1930Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I22090
38 HARDIE, Ellen  2 Dec 1874Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I36293
39 HOVELL, Emma Jane  30 Jun 1883Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I43696
40 HOVELL, Harriett  1890Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I43717
41 HUNT, Charles Roy  16 Jun 1894Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72233
42 HUNT, Keith Alan  29 Jun 1930Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72850
43 JACKSON, Arthur Victor  23 May 1892Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I86484
44 JACKSON, Louisa  16 Sep 1872Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I36239
45 JACKSON, Robert Charles  2 Nov 1863Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I95449
46 KEATING, Mary Ellen  16 Aug 1899Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I20178
47 KELLY, Vernon Joseph  1913Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I22069
48 KENT, Bruce James  12 Mar 1929Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4274
49 KENT, Lewis Albert  20 Aug 1931Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4275
50 LETHLEAN, Dulcie Ewart  16 May 1898Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I27324
51 LUKE, Catherine Bolitho  18 Mar 1898Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I93467
52 MCDONNELL, Thomas George  UNKNOWNBendigo, Victoria, Australia I34298
53 MCEWAN, Janet Alison  1877Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I61620
54 MCKEE, Ada  29 Jun 1907Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I85814
55 MOORE, Thomas  26 Jun 1884Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I63864
56 MORRIS, Alice Albina  9 Dec 1908Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I127277
57 MORRIS, Arthur Robertson  21 Feb 1890Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I127278
58 NEWMAN, Ernest King  9 Jan 1907Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I127274
59 NORTH, Samuel John  1855Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I59865
60 O'LOUGHLIN, John Thomas  8 Aug 1859Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I10315
61 OATES, Otto Asenus  4 Sep 1885Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I135076
62 OATES, Ruby Myrtle  1895Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I109060
63 OGILVIE, Violet Pearl  Abt 1907Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I92079
64 PHILLIPS, Gladys  Between 1910 and 1911Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I73614
65 PHILLIPS, Leonard Raymond  30 Nov 1913Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72845
66 PHILLIPS, Nancy Jean  13 Oct 1913Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I73571
67 PITTERSEN, Norman  UNKNOWNBendigo, Victoria, Australia I77243
68 PRINCE, Elizabeth Jean  26 Feb 1931Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I120551
69 PRYCE, Georgina  11 Sep 1873Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I93464
70 PRYCE, Jessie Elizabeth  10 Feb 1869Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I106809
71 QUINN, Lucy  UNKNOWNBendigo, Victoria, Australia I49076
72 RANDALL, Edward Charles  13 Jun 1877Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I81993
73 RANDALL, Herbert Ernest  1869Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I80899
74 RIDDELL, Ellen May  19 Sep 1888Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I24524
75 ROEDER, Walter  1878Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I67306
76 ROGERS, Patty Bamford  12 Dec 1898Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I104121
77 SCOTT, Ouida May  29 Apr 1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I101391
78 SIMMS, Kevin Leslie  8 Feb 1930Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I89138
79 SMITH, John Brodie  16 Oct 1853Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I8872
80 STOKES, Joseph William  1888Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I127962
81 STRIBLEY, Thomas Charles  28 Mar 1886Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I65851
82 STRUGNELL, John Andrew  1882Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I36003
83 TEESE, Alice Eliza  1901Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I8295
84 THOMAS, Alfred  3 Aug 1878Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I92030
85 THOMAS, Alma  19 May 1886Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I92035
86 THOMAS, Beatrice Elizabeth  19 Nov 1915Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I92032
87 THOMAS, Catherine  18 Nov 1873Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I92025
88 THOMAS, Douglas Joseph  27 Oct 1917Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I78027
89 THOMAS, Edna  1904Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I92029
90 THOMAS, Joseph Richard  1902Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I92028
91 THOMAS, Lavinia  1862Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I91567
92 TREWERN, William Claude  1894Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I56971
93 WALKER, Elizabeth Maria  15 Apr 1854Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I102577
94 WAUGH, Eric Duncan  1903Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I62018
95 WELLINGTON, Douglas Arthur  15 Mar 1907Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72818
96 WHITE, Leslie Norman  12 Dec 1915Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I36353
97 WILLOUGHBY, John Thomas  27 Jul 1862Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I88619
98 WILLOUGHBY, Samual William  16 Feb 1886Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I18217
99 WILSHUSEN, Henry  20 Jan 1867Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I36238
100 WILSON, Frederick Gordon  9 May 1908Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I92911


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Edgar Charles  12 Aug 1994Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I107550
2 AITKEN, Robert  20 Jun 1889Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I87114
3 AUSTIN, Olive Rose  2005Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I55303
4 BAIRD, Doris Helena  20 May 1987Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I22211
5 BAKER, Clifford Raymond  1914Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72841
6 BAKER, Edward George  DECEASEDBendigo, Victoria, Australia I72833
7 BAKER, Gertie  Dec 1910Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72840
8 BAKER, Gladys Nellie  1911Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72839
9 BAKER, Margaret Johanna  16 Dec 1876Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I54703
10 BARBOUR, Margaret  1949Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I892
11 BARLOW, Ellen Elizabeth  22 Dec 1881Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I31254
12 BEATTY, Joseph  30 Apr 1928Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I68433
13 BERRY, Evelyn Mary  15 Jun 2006Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I131098
14 BERRY, Francis John  3 Jun 1994Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I131095
15 BERRY, Frederick Mark  16 Nov 1968Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I7331
16 BERRY, Valerie Beatrice  13 Oct 2016Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I131091
17 BILLMAN, Henry Fothergill  7 Nov 1904Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I82551
18 BILLMAN, Hosannah  28 Oct 1874Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I82546
19 BILLMAN, Robert William  1933Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I82547
20 BILLMAN, William Payne  5 May 1902Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I82548
21 BLAKE, James John  Dec 1867Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72974
22 BLAKE, Thomas  28 Oct 1941Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72976
23 BOOT, Olive Clayton  16 Sep 1948Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I33181
24 BROWN, Frederick William  25 Mar 1982Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I85815
25 BURKE, Michael  1895Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I57465
26 CALDOW, Albert George  2019Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I133712
27 CALDOW, Albert James Gillespie  15 Jan 1996Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I133522
28 CALDOW, Monica Joan  22 Sep 2017Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I133692
29 CAMPBELL, Donald Marsland  17 Apr 1935Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I73579
30 CAMPBELL, Frances Jean  26 Jan 1978Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I73570
31 CARROLAN, Catherine  7 Feb 1997Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I133525
32 CHAPPENDEN, Ann  5 Mar 1880Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I74528
33 CLOUGH, Jane Hesling  1 Jan 1974Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I127276
34 COBB, Alice Mary Marion  15 Oct 1980Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I127279
35 COX, Elizabeth  1918Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I114290
36 CRAIG, Bertha  15 Aug 1937Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I48745
37 CURTHOYS, Annie Theresa  7 Feb 1978Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I29349
38 CURTHOYS, Charles Albert  20 May 1990Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I29350
39 CURTHOYS, Harold James  13 Nov 1978Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I29354
40 CURTHOYS, Matilda Agnes  1 Oct 1976Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I29355
41 CURTHOYS, Stephen John  5 Jan 1905Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I29351
42 DATSON, June  6 Sep 1951Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I25898
43 DAVIES, David  26 Aug 1891Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I82363
44 DAVIS, Frederick  11 Jun 1855Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I54386
45 DAVITT, Violet Mary  1917Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I33180
46 DE ARAUGO, Hazel Irene  1960Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72831
47 DEAN, Winifred May  2 Jun 2016Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I64843
48 DELLOW, Noel Herbert John  1984Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I9812
49 DESMOND, Bridget Lena  1953Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I41587
50 DOHERTY, Norma Lorraine Mary  27 Mar 1999Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I133310
51 DOHERTY, Valda Margaret  8 Apr 2010Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I92999
52 DOLMAN, Annie  21 Feb 1927Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I19933
53 DORE, Mary  22 Feb 1916Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I20251
54 DORRINGTON, Charlotte Hannah Eliza  9 Jul 1960Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I127963
55 DOWER, Frederick Rogers  24 Feb 1927Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I93465
56 DOWER, Valmai Grace  3 Jul 2019Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I93468
57 DOYLE, David  9 Mar 1877Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I98539
58 DOYLE, Mary Ann  28 Oct 1941Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I98582
59 DREHER, Bon William  22 Mar 1964Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I59357
60 DREW, Ada May  13 Mar 1973Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I85812
61 DREW, Herbert  10 Nov 1910Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I85810
62 DREW, Thomas Henry  5 Jan 1858Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I85809
63 DRIPPS, Samuel James  1958Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I121750
64 DUNCAN, Bevor Hall  1984Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I20296
65 DUNCAN, Violet Martha  25 Apr 1998Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I20297
66 DUNCAN, William Snowdon  1973Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I20293
67 DYBALL, Eric Harold  21 Jun 1998Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I48258
68 EARLE, George  16 May 1905Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I31253
69 FARMER, Richard Norman  21 Sep 1976Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I131786
70 FLAVELL, Arthur William  21 Feb 1993Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I8342
71 FLAVELL, Marjory Annie  10 Dec 1999Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I20334
72 FREE, Anne Grace  4 Nov 1983Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4268
73 FREE, Eliza Ada  1958Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I8717
74 FREE, James Oswald  20 Jan 1922Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I896
75 FREE, John  8 Dec 1918Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I886
76 FREE, Morris Henry  22 May 1984Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I22086
77 FREE, Sarah Sylvia  1958Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I22048
78 FREE, Thomas Merlin Olave Elnathan  1 Jun 1989Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I22035
79 GARDENER, Julia  22 Jan 1895Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I85811
80 GIDLEY, Edward  21 Jun 1909Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I75702
81 GILCHRIST, Theresa Lilian  4 Jun 1982Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I7330
82 GILLFEATHER, James Francis  2 Sep 1916Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I106810
83 GODDARD, Patricia  8 Jun 1997Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4176
84 GRANT, John  27 Jan 1893Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I114289
85 GRAY, Lawrence Bingen  16 Jan 1931Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I25897
86 HALL, Kenneth Norman  30 Apr 2021Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I93469
87 HARRISON, Lydia  20 Jul 1896Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I82544
88 HAWKINS, Alice Jane  Apr 1891Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I75938
89 HAYWOOD, Henrietta  12 Jul 1865Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I86012
90 HICKMOTT, John Edward  1971Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I8716
91 HICKMOTT, Olive Annie  1997Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I9806
92 HICKMOTT, Raymond Norman  1968Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I9804
93 HOLLOW, William  1881Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72780
94 HOLMAN, Mary Sleeman  1917Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I109058
95 HOLTOM, Ronald Richard  1970Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I54389
96 HOSKINGS, Mary Jane  18 Apr 1877Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I80898
97 HUGHES, Arthur John Henry  1941Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72817
98 HUGHES, Mary  31 Mar 1949Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I123931
99 HUNT, Edith Verna  29 Apr 2004Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72865
100 HUNT, Edna Winifred  10 Jan 1983Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I72860

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 DYBALL, Eric Harold  1998Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I48258
2 HARDIE, Alexander John  26 Mar 1911Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I45686

Birth Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 RANKIN, Eric  1918Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I122849


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Medical    Person ID 
1 WATTERS, Mary Ann  Between 21 May and 5 Jun 1901Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I16959


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 PHILLIPS, William Henry  Between 1926 and 1947Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I69623
2 POLKINGHORNE, Frederick Andrew  1891Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I40703


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL, Frances Jean  1945Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I73570
2 DESMOND, Bridget Lena  Between 1936 and 1954Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I41587
3 PHILLIPS, John Arthur  1945Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I73569
4 SHUTTLEWORTH, Charles Edward  1936Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I29914
5 WATTERS, Mary Ann  1901Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I16959
6 WATTERS, Mary Ann  1902Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I16959
7 WATTERS, William  1893Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I67261


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 AITKEN / BUTLER  21 Jun 1899Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F9048
2 BILLMAN / MCCARTHY  21 Jun 1947Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F28995
3 BILLMAN / THOMAS  1921Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F28992
4 BLAKE / LOWE  21 May 1899Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F25772
5 BUTLER / BARRASS  18 Oct 1888Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F15233
6 CAHILL / EGAN  8 Feb 1893Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F17817
7 CAMPBELL / JENKIN  22 Jan 1913Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F25504
8 DAVEY / YARWOOD  1884Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F58879
9 DERBY / NORFOLK  7 Jul 1874Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F16565
10 DODD / HAYES  3 Jun 1858Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F21658
11 DREW / GARDENER  1880Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F58629
12 FIRNS / WALLACE  4 Jan 1863Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F60476
13 FREE / ANDERSON  23 Jun 1934Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F8126
14 FREE / HARBOUR  3 Nov 1951Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F8150
15 FREE / UNKNOWN  Between 1974 and 1977Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F74247
16 GILLFEATHER / HALL  1 Jan 1872Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F69300
17 GILLFEATHER / PRYCE  22 Mar 1893Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F69160
18 GRANT / COX  1881Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F72320
19 KAU / BOCK  1 Sep 1863Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F28390
20 LOWE / BLAKE  18 Jun 1870Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F23195
21 LUNN / PINNELL  11 Apr 1906Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F77969
22 MANNES / CURTHOYS  2 Jul 1917Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F10253
23 MCKEE / DREW  18 Dec 1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F58630
24 MILSOM / COULTS  25 Aug 1973Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F75691
25 POLKINGHORNE / DOWER  1902Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F13381
26 PRYCE / NEILSON  14 Apr 1868Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F62423
27 RANDALL / HOSKINGS  30 Mar 1867Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F28407
28 SAMSON / CRAIG  23 Apr 1877Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F16402
29 SCOTSON / ROSS  29 Mar 1911Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F14580
30 SHUTTLEWORTH / DESMOND  1925Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F13735
31 STOKES / DORRINGTON  Abt 1914Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F78131
32 STONE / GRYLLS  20 Jul 1898Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F68370
33 THOMAS / GRANT  24 Sep 1913Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F61831
34 THOMAS / HOCKING  19 Feb 1944Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F27258
35 THOMAS / IRVING  17 Apr 1901Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F25519
36 WILSHUSEN / JACKSON  10 Jan 1893Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F11710