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Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia

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Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia
[Bairnsdale] [Victoria] [Australia]

Latitude: -37.8333, Longitude: 147.6167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CUNNINGHAM, Charles William  1877Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I84841
2 EATON, Kathlyn  25 Jul 1928Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I91832
3 FLORANCE, Coralie  Aug 1892Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I78099
4 HARDY, Ivy Florence  27 Dec 1927Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I100296
5 HARRISON, Theodore Barkley  20 Apr 1912Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I128751
6 KERR, Laura  1887Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I93255
7 KEYS, Loucinda  1889Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4557
8 MARRIOTT, Linda Alice Edith  16 Jun 1905Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I91831
9 WILLIAMS, Arthur John  1889Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I123112
10 WILLIAMS, Zillah  6 Mar 1887Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I123111
11 WYNNE, Annie  1891Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I57952


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ARUNDEL, Fredrick Neil  26 Oct 1960Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I128516
2 BALSOM, Samuel  1921Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I65939
3 BOYCE, Eliza Emily  10 Jun 1934Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I78095
4 BROOKS, Eva Ann  23 May 1931Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I91829
5 BROOKS, George Thomas  10 Jul 1923Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I101356
6 DAVIS, Susan  14 Jul 1927Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I101361
7 DAWSON, Donald Roy  30 Nov 1893Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I132009
8 FILMER, Beatrice Alice  7 Dec 1982Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I61495
9 FLORANCE, Henry  12 Jun 1878Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I78096
10 FOSKETT, Alice  1921Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I65940
11 GIDLEY, Edward Keith  11 Nov 2014Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I73562
12 GRANT, Harry  24 Nov 1989Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I72799
13 HARDY, Ivy Florence  19 Nov 1971Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I100296
14 HEATHCOTE, Richard William  Abt 1961Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I100297
15 HEATON, John Levi  28 Mar 1940Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I91828
16 KEYS, David  14 Jul 1903Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3554
17 LESLIE, Beatrice Margaret  26 Jan 2008Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I39364
18 MARRIOTT, Charles  22 Dec 1920Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I101362
19 MARRIOTT, James William  23 Jul 1955Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I101358
20 MARRIOTT, Linda Alice Edith  8 Jul 1990Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I91831
21 MAYGAR, Sarah Willis  8 May 1916Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I63584
22 MCALLISTER, Helen  13 Feb 1919Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I128748
23 MCGLINN, Robert William  23 Oct 1994Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I48662
24 MEADE, Charles James  8 Nov 2001Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I22397
25 MITCHELL, Vida Jean  12 Feb 2015Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I73563
26 MITCHELL, William Henry  May 1970Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I73575
27 PHILLIPS, Ann  11 Apr 1910Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I109319
28 RANGOTT, Aubrey Andrew  26 Apr 1981Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I22394
29 RANGOTT, Enid  3 Oct 1998Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I22396
30 REID, Patrick  23 Feb 1912Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I41751
31 RYAN, Beverley Fay  15 Feb 2020Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I118568
32 SHEARMAN, Cecilia Eliza  7 Oct 1994Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I100288
33 SWAN, Georgina Charlotte  21 Oct 1934Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I100298
34 TEESE, Norman Snowden  10 Nov 1967Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I8292
35 TEESE, William Morse  9 Dec 1972Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I100289
36 TRURAN, Mary Isobel  26 Jun 1962Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I22395
37 WESTAWAY, Linda  19 May 1915Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I101359
38 WHYKES, Geoffrey John  24 Jul 1998Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I118569
39 WOODMAN, Matthew  1 Jul 1902Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I109318


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BALSOM / KEYS  1899Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F2222
2 CROSS / KERR  1908Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F62329
3 EATON / MARRIOTT  11 Dec 1926Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F61752
4 KEYS / REIDY  1910Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F2221
5 LOWE / VICKERS  6 Nov 1913Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F25774