Multiple (in-law) marriages between two families
NoHusband Dates WifeDates Marriage PlaceDate
Type Sibling/Cousin/Person  Spouse    
1John Solomon COOK 1862-1925 Elizabeth PATIENCE 6-1951 6
s-sGeorge COOK 1862-1932 Susannah PATIENCE 1869-1923 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1891
2William MANN 1753-1786 Betty BROWNING 1752-1787 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England1773
s-sMary MANN 1759-1801 Thomas BROWNING 1754-1836 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England1779
3John WOLF        -1797 Sarah ADAMS Landbeach, Cambridgeshire, England1781
s-sRobert WOLFE        -1829 Mary ADAMS Landbeach, Cambridgeshire, England1782
4Samuel ANGLIN 1768-1845 Nancy Ann CADE 1771-1854 West Virginia, USA1787
s-cElizabeth Lydia ANGLIN 1765- Moses CADE 1765-1850 Randolph, Charlotte, Virginia, USA1788
5Christain KESSLER 1770-1843 Mary CLARE 1775-1850 Botetourt, Virginia, USA1793
s-sBenjamin Daniel KESSLER 1772-1839 Margaret CLARE 1776-1857 Botetourt, Virginia, USA1795
6Jeremiah FOULDS 1776-1820 Sarah FOWLER 1777-1858 Keighley, Yorkshire, England1796
s-sMary FOULDS 1780-1853 John FOWLER 1779- Keighley, Yorkshire, England1800
7John SEWELL 1813-1901 Ann Susanna PARKER 1819-1916 York, Western Australia, Australia1840
s-sSarah SEWELL 1826-1907 William Mercer PARKER 1821-1910 Western Australia, Australia1849
s-sElizabeth SEWELL 1822-1903 Stephen Stanley PARKER 1817-1904 York, Western Australia, Australia1844
8Thomas James FERGUSON 1826-1892 Jane MORLEY 1823-1919 Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1844
s-sAlexander FERGUSON 1834-1874 Hanna MORLEY 1838-1921 1855
s-sJames FERGUSON 1828-1891 Barbara MORLEY 1832-1920 Middle Swan, Western Australia, Australia1849
9Samuel FISHER 1826-1899 Esther MINCHIN 1828-1900 Middle Swan, Western Australia, Australia1849
s-sElizabeth FISHER 1834-1897 James MINCHIN 1821-1901 Middle Swan, Western Australia, Australia1851
10Samuel John Parker GILL 1831-1868 Ann GALE 1828-1854 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia1852
s-sWilliam GILL 1829-1877 Sarah GALE 1834-1898 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia1853
11Joseph Beete RIDLEY 1823-1893 Rachel Johanna WALCOTT 1836-1876 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1855
s-sHarriet McKenzie RIDLEY 1838-1867 Samuel Nichols WALCOTT 1824-1904 Moore River, Western Australia, Australia1859
12John DEWAR 1827-1911 Selina YORK 1839-1917 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1855
s-sWilliam Smart DEWAR 1829-1867 Emma YORK 1841-1930 1857
13James COXALL 1831-1910 Harriet FREE 1834-1897 Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire, England1856
s-sDaniel COXALL 1838- Ann FREE 1839- Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire, England1859
14Charles LEACH 1833-1907 Martha FLAVEL 1837-1908 Landbeach, Cambridgeshire, England1857
s-sEmma LEACH 1843- Joseph FLAVEL 1842- Landbeach, Cambridgeshire, England1863
15John MARTIN 1836-1911 Emma Elizabeth FORWARD 1842-1929 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1858
s-sMary Ann MARTIN 1840-1866 James York FORWARD 1840-1921 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1862
s-sEllen MARTIN 1850-1903 Henry FORWARD 1849-1916 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1870
16John SPARK 1838-1917 Catherine SHUMACK 1843-1919 Creswick, Victoria, Australia1859
s-pJames SPARK 1844-1922 Catherine SHUMACK [2]1843-1919 1861
17Charles Henry CHITTY 1835-1917 Johannah LYNCH 1838-1925 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1859
s-sWilliam CHITTY 1840-1904 Brigid LYNCH 1844-1938 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1869
18Matthew CLUNE 1833-1897 Ellen Frances Mary THOMPSON 1838-1879 Bindoon, Western Australia, Australia1860
s-sJeremiah CLUNE 1835-1916 Sarah Jane THOMPSON 1837-1896 Victoria Plains, Western Australia, Australia1864
19Thomas WARR 1833-1899 Emma CROFTS 1838-1888 Snapper Point, Victoria, Australia1861
p-sThomas WARR [2]1833-1899 Annie CROFTS 1851-1890 Geelong, Victoria, Australia1888
20Charles Chapman SMITH 1834-1904 Annie SEWELL 1842-1918 Noombling, Western Australia, Australia1863
s-cGeorge Beaumont SMITH 1850-1931 Flora Diana Courthope PARKER 1857-1883 Mourambine, Western Australia, Australia1881
s-sClarissa SMITH 1845-1876 Henry Hawkins SEWELL 1846-1896 Beverley, Western Australia, Australia1869
s-sSamuel SMITH 1856-1940 Elizabeth SEWELL 1853-1934 Pingelly, Western Australia, Australia1889
s-sAlfred SMITH 1841-1897 Esther SEWELL 1848-1920 Pingelly, Western Australia, Australia1872
21Heinrich WILSHUSEN 1836-1912 Hannah Williamson Steel SPEDDING 1846-1876 Maryborough, Victoria, Australia1864
p-sHeinrich WILSHUSEN [2]1836-1912 Grace Lillian SPEDDING 1855-1916 Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia1877
22George MOLSTER 1838-1900 Margaret HUSTON 1837- Maitland, New South Wales, Australia1864
s-sDavid MOLSTER 1840-1906 Sarah HUSTON 1833-1893 Singleton, New South Wales, Australia1875
23Robert JONES 1845-1928 Hannah GEE 1843-1901 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1864
s-sHenry JONES 1837-1901 Mary Ann GEE 1848-1933 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1866
24John HICKS 1838-1911 Elizabeth TUGNETT 1846-1931 Victoria, Australia1865
s-sJames HICKS 1843-1906 Rosanna TUGNETT 1850- Victoria, Australia1869
25John Marklove WILTON 1844-1907 Sarah Ann EVERSDEN 1846-1903 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1867
s-sRobert Abel WILTON 1849-1939 Emma EVERSDEN 1851-1939 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1874
26Robert QUIN 1827-1886 Sarah Ann YORK 1848-1875 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1867
p-sRobert QUIN [2]1827-1886 Martha YORK 1852-1895 Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1877
27Benjamin HANNETT 1846-1922 Caroline ROSER 1847-1931 1867
s-sSusanna HANNETT 1850- William John ROSER 1844-1918
28Thomas WATERS 1845-1933 Mary Ann RUMBLE 1846-1939 England1868
s-sSusan Price WATERS 1852-1912 David RUMBLE 1841-1925 1877
29Alfred Thomas Vile EATON 1844-1921 Mary Ann FARMER 1838-1921 York, Western Australia, Australia1868
s-sAlice Mary EATON 1850-1937 John FARMER 1840-1903 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1890
30Thomas William COOK 1845-1920 Rose Jane CHITTY 1850-1927 1868
s-sEleanor COOK 1851-1870 James French CHITTY 1846-1927 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1869
31Robert Betts WATERS 1842-13 Mary Ann FERGUSON 1845-1941 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1869
s-sSarah Elizabeth WATERS 1849-1922 Alexander James FERGUSON 1848-1941 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1869
32Joseph THOMAS 1843-1921 Eliza BASKERVILLE 1853-1886 Tambaroora, New South Wales, Australia1869
s-sWilliam Robert THOMAS 1838-1913 Mary BASKERVILLE 1844-1944
33John BROCKMAN 1843-1930 Frances Louisa BUSSELL 1850-1925 Busselton, Western Australia, Australia1870
c-cEdward Reveley BROCKMAN 1838-1902 Capel Carter BUSSELL 1839-1924
34John Thomas SMITH 1849-1934 Ellen Christina EDWARDS 1851-1912 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1870
s-hCharles Henry SMITH 1852-1925 Hannah DYSON 1856-1902 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1875
35Thomas FISHER 1842-1916 Sophia GIBBS 1849-1933 Australind, Western Australia, Australia1871
s-sSarah Anne FISHER 1854-1946 William John GIBBS 1851-1921 Australind, Western Australia, Australia1874
36John Frederick Joseph BENNIER 1835-1920 Eliza ARBON 1847-1931 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia1871
s-sWilliam BENNIER 1851-1926 Catherine ARBON 1851-1919 Gawler, South Australia, Australia1874
37George Western THURKLE 1840-1919 Ellen LONGBOTTOM 1853-1918 Busselton, Western Australia, Australia1871
c-sJames George CROSS 1855-1939 Hannah LONGBOTTOM 1855-1927 Busselton, Western Australia, Australia1880
s-cElizabeth Ann CROSS 1853-1924 Charles LONGBOTTOM 1851-1941
38William John SPICE 1848-1918 Mary Ann FERGUSON 1850-1931 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1871
c-cFrederick Samuel SPICE 1863-1902 Caroline MORLEY 1866-1902 Upper Swan, Western Australia, Australia1883
39James BYFIELD 1849-1914 Elizabeth Emily FORWARD 1854-1935 York, Western Australia, Australia1872
s-sJohn BYFIELD 1853-1919 Mary Ann FORWARD 1857-1947 York, Western Australia, Australia1876
40Samuel John EAKINS 1845-1909 Elizabeth TICHBON 1853-1928 1872
c-cJames TICHBON 1860-1938 Annie Mary SPICE 1859-1938 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1890
41John Granger RHODES 1842-1903 Emily BACKSHALL 1850-1928 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1872
s-sThomas RHODES 1846- Elizabeth BACKSHALL 1852-1916 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1873
42George WALTON 1852-1926 Sarah Herne SHADDICK 1854-1937 Mourambine, Western Australia, Australia1873
s-sElizabeth Ann WALTON 1855-1949 John C. SHADDICK 1850-1935 Mourambine, Western Australia, Australia1874
43John Alexander TRUSLOVE 1852-1921 Mary Strickland HUNT 1854-1887 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1873
s-sJoseph Cornelius TRUSLOVE 1856-1889 Eliza HUNT 1857-1940 Irwin River, Western Australia, Australia1876
44Frederick BEARD 1854-1926 Ruth CHRISTMASS 1854-1936 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1874
s-sSusan BEARD 1867-1944 Charles CHRISTMASS 1863-1936 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1888
45George Henry EASTWELL 1853-1935 Rosetta SHERWELL 1858-1896 Riverton, South Australia, Australia1874
s-cWilliam EASTWELL 1868-1922 Emmaline Helen RIDING 1876- Nhill, Victoria, Australia1893
s-cCornelius Richard BEARD 1872-1941 Bertha Lucy MARTIN 1880-1942 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1898
46Ralph ASHWORTH 1851-1937 Elizabeth YOUNG 1857-1952 York, Western Australia, Australia1874
c-sWilliam POLLARD 1857-1887 Janet YOUNG 1861-1946 Middle Swan, Western Australia, Australia1880
47John POLLARD 1847-1913 Margaret Elizabeth HERRON 1849-1939 Mandurah, Western Australia, Australia1874
s-sMargaret Elizabeth POLLARD 1875-1940 Robert HERRON 1861-1947 Marradong, Western Australia, Australia1893
s-sEster Ann ASHWORTH 1865-1942 Thomas Alexander YOUNG 1863-1891 York, Western Australia, Australia1886
48Charles CHIFNEY 1854-1906 Sophia Mary Margaret PEACOCK 1856-1925 York, Western Australia, Australia1875
s-sLouisa CHIFNEY 1864-1931 Frederick PEACOCK 1858-1934 York, Western Australia, Australia1888
49George MARTIN 1847-1931 Elizabeth DELMAGE 1850-1919 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1875
s-sEdward MARTIN 1845-1913 Lucy DELMAGE 1856-1910 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1882
50Charles DHU 1845-1905 Esther Ann DOUST 1856-1914 Newcastle, Western Australia, Australia1875
s-cEliza DHU 1851-1943 Matthew DOUST 1850-1940 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1922
51William PARTRIDGE 1857-1931 Ellen Julia Augusta POTTER 1858-1914 Braintree, Essex, England1875
p-sWilliam PARTRIDGE [2]1857-1931 Clara Dorothy Gladstone POTTER 1869-1922
52John GRIGSON 1846-1925 Mary LOTT 1847-1934 Wilberforce, Western Australia, Australia1876
s-sEmma GRIGSON 1857-1938 Thomas LOTT 1853-1906
53George Andrew TOWTON 1853-1906 Catherine Louisa LAMBLEY 1858-1884 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1876
p-sGeorge Andrew TOWTON [2]1853-1906 Dagmar Frances LAMBLEY 1868-1936 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1885
54John James BUCKLEY 1854-1911 Jane Ann STONE 1857-1932 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1877
s-sDaniel BUCKLEY Catherine STONE 1857-1923
55Arthur John WROTH 1855-1935 Elizabeth Matilda SINCLAIR 1852-1884 Newcastle, Western Australia, Australia1877
s-sJoseph Ablett Charles WROTH 1859-1943 Gertrude Emily Hannah SINCLAIR 1857-1944 Newcastle, Western Australia, Australia1882
56Frederick Henry PIESSE 1853-1912 Mary Jane Elizabeth CHIPPER 1858-1936 Kojonup, Western Australia, Australia1877
s-sCharles Austin PIESSE 1855-1914 Martha Amelia Ellen CHIPPER 1864-1901 Williams Bridge, Western Australia, Australia1882
57Thomas Harrison BLECHYNDEN 1849-1932 Annie Maria DUNHAM 1850-1933 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1877
s-sJesse William BLECHYNDEN 1851-1934 Emma Sarah DUNHAM 1862-1947 York, Western Australia, Australia1882
58Henry John CHISHOLM 1858-1923 Annie Elizabeth GILES 1859-1945 Northampton, Western Australia, Australia1877
s-sWilliam Samuel CHISHOLM 1863-1937 Julia Martha GILES 1864-1936 1884
59James Andrew MINCHIN 1857-1940 Charlotte Eliza HITCHCOCK 1861-1946 1878
s-sFrederick MINCHIN 1870-1959 Theresa HITCHCOCK 1872-1897 1890
s-sJohn MINCHIN 1860-1918 Martha Ellen HITCHCOCK 1863-1919
s-sAlfred Edward MINCHIN 1868-1929 Margaret Keane HITCHCOCK 1867-1932 Middle Swan, Western Australia, Australia1889
s-sWilliam MINCHIN 1851-1933 Mary Louisa HITCHCOCK 1857-1943 1880
60Dennis DESMOND 1851-1881 Mary MCCAGH 1859-1921 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1878
s-pJames John Peter DESMOND 1854-1923 Mary MCCAGH [2]1859-1921 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1886
61John CRIDDLE 1855-1934 Esther Jane PELL 1853-1936 Dongara, Western Australia, Australia1878
s-sJames CRIDDLE 1857-1927 Emma PELL 1859-1944 Dongara, Western Australia, Australia1881
62John ASHBOLT 1854-1931 Susannah Maria CARTER 1859-1883 York, Western Australia, Australia1879
s-hHenry ASHBOLT 1856-1940 Harriet Hanna FISHER 1855-1946 York, Western Australia, Australia1880
s-cSarah Ann SPICE 1862-1916 Samuel MARTIN 1858-1928 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1879
63Alfred William DRAPER 1857-1937 Alice Emma BLAKISTON 1854-1886 York, Western Australia, Australia1879
s-cEleanor EDWARDS 1857-1941 Lloyd Davies BLAKISTON 1851-1929 Beverley, Western Australia, Australia1890
64Henry HONE 1858-1940 Sophia LAMB 1862-1919 Brantford, Ontario, Canada1879
s-sThomas HONE 1855- Elizabeth LAMB 1868-1894 Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada1886
65Andrew MARTIN 1858-1943 Sarah COLES 1858-1935 York, Western Australia, Australia1880
c-sSamuel FORWARD 1864-1916 Ellen COLES 1861-1957 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1891
66Thomas WILKINS 1857-1942 Margaret BONSER 1866-1910 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1880
s-sJames WILKINS 1860-1895 Elizabeth BONSER 1866-1918 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1883
67George Samuel PELL 1856-1940 Eliza MINCHIN 1855-1936 Kyneton, Victoria, Australia1880
s-sJohn PELL 1860-1938 Mary Ann MINCHIN 1862-1931 Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia1880
68Frederick George FREIND 1856-1934 Mary Ann JOHNSON 1859-1950 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1881
s-sJames FREIND 1859-1908 Ellen JOHNSON 1862-1947 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1886
69William James KING 1859-1918 Selina Ann Jane DEWAR 1863- Perth, Western Australia, Australia1881
s-sSarah Matilda KING 1865-19 John York DEWAR 1865-17 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1885
70Alexander FERGUSON 1856-1936 Hannah MARTIN 1852-1926 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1881
c-cCharles John FERGUSON 1862-1921 Christina MORLEY 1866-1929 Middle Swan, Western Australia, Australia1884
71Michael Christopher MARKEY 1855-1946 Elizabeth Ellen STRAHAN 1861-1930 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1881
s-sJames Christopher MARKEY 1860-1933 Isabella STRAHAN 1863-1958 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1884
72John BEARD 1855-1940 Louisa Elizabeth SYRED 1856-1946 1881
s-sCatherine BEARD 1866-1935 William Charles SYRED 1857-1934 1890
73George Sylvester CASEY 1857-1926 Margaret TIERNEY 1860-1900 Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia1881
s-sElizabeth CASEY 1870- James TIERNEY 1860-
74Edward J. ASHWORTH 1856-1943 Emily DEVEREUX 1864-1947 Middle Swan, Western Australia, Australia1882
c-sZachariah BROWN 1873-1947 Maria DEVEREUX 1870- Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1903
75John Matthew THOMPSON 1862-1931 Mary Bridget BUTLER 1864-1921 New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia1882
s-sAlfred Charles THOMPSON 1873- Joanna Mary BUTLER 1868-1908 New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia1894
s-cFrank Robert ASHWORTH 1871-1941 Emily Sarah POLLARD 1868-1933 York, Western Australia, Australia1891
76Michael John FITZGERALD 1859-1917 Louisa WATSON 1862-1938 Dongara, Western Australia, Australia1882
s-cElizabeth Ann FITZGERALD 1878-1903 Samuel John WATSON 1875-1965 Strawberry, Western Australia, Australia1898
s-sElizabeth FITZGERALD 1871-1922 Alexander Joseph WATSON 1865-1937 Strawberry, Western Australia, Australia1893
77William DOWNES 1859-1936 Emily CRIDDLE 1862-1905 Dongara, Western Australia, Australia1882
s-sAda DOWNES 1867-1962 George CRIDDLE 1864-1940 Dongara, Western Australia, Australia1897
78John William RICKEY 1861-1914 Margaret MCKAY 1864-1916 York, Western Australia, Australia1882
s-sJoseph George RICKEY 1857-1909 Sarah MCKAY 1867-1935 York, Western Australia, Australia1886
79Ralph Thomas DEWAR 1861-1929 Fanny Jane DEWAR 1862-1883 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1882
p-sRalph Thomas DEWAR [2]1861-1929 Selina Ellen DEWAR 1865-1928 1884
c-sJohn FITZGERALD 1871-1957 Annie Maria WATSON 1870-1944 Strawberry, Western Australia, Australia1897
80Alexander FERGUSON 1859-1906 Rachel Mercy SYRED 1862-1941 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1882
s-sElizabeth FERGUSON 1867-1947 Samuel Henry SYRED 1860-1947 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1891
81James COOK 1866- Eliza Ann BURNETT 1855- Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1883
s-sCharles COOK 1865-1936 Edith Mary BURNETT 1869-1924 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1890
82John Robert SPICE 1854-1919 Frances Elizabeth ANDERSON 1866-1945 Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1883
s-sJoseph Henry SPICE 1861-1927 Mary Jane ANDERSON 1864-1937 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1889
83Henry TRUSLOVE 1859-1893 Sarah BROWN 1865-1957 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1883
s-pWalter Richard TRUSLOVE 1866-1946 Sarah BROWN [2]1865-1957 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1895
s-hRobert Herbert MARTIN 1871-1947 Sarah MORLEY 1877-1941 Western Australia, Australia1896
s-sMary Ann COOK 1865- George Samuel BURNETT 1867-1924 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1888
84Joseph John PATIENCE 1859-1935 Elizabeth BARNDON 1866-1946 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1883
s-cMary Jane CRIDDLE 1880- John Woolhouse BARNDON 1874-1946
c-sWilliam Ernest CRIDDLE 1878-1949 Prescilla Maude BARNDON 1886-1982 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1908
c-sRobert CRIDDLE 1876-1947 Ida Blanche BARNDON 1879-1959 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1898
85William FLAVELL 1847-1913 Sarah PARISH 1860-1934 1884
s-sGeorge Kenneth FLAVELL 1858-1938 Sophia PARISH 1864-1936 Wickliffe, Victoria, Australia1885
86John Thomas SMITH 1854-1915 Emma Amelia DAVIES 1852-1931 1884
s-sSarah SMITH 1867-1960 William Thomas DAVIES 1858-1932 Katrine, Western Australia, Australia1892
s-sSusan Emma FERGUSON 1864-1946 John Henry MORLEY 1868-1942 1888
s-sAnnie SMITH 1865-1923 George DAVIES 1854-1903 1900
s-sDavid Frederick SMITH 1863-1958 Eleanor DAVIES 1862-1926 Wilberforce, Western Australia, Australia1886
87John William SPICE 1854-1941 Sarah MARTIN 1864-1892 Upper Swan, Western Australia, Australia1884
s-hHenry Clarence SPICE 1865- Susan MARTIN 1869-1910 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1886
88Andrew MUIR 1855-1945 Sophia Elizabeth Low MUIR 1866-1946 Albany, Western Australia, Australia1884
c-cRobert Muir YOUNG 1866-1953 Ann PIGGOTT 1869-1939 Albany, Western Australia, Australia1895
c-cAndrew Muir YOUNG 1855-1937 Sarah Eliza PIGGOTT 1861-1921 Albany, Western Australia, Australia1886
89Christopher CLARKE 1862-1928 Annie Elizabeth HERBERT 1862-1894 Glenelg, South Australia, Australia1885
p-sChristopher CLARKE [2]1862-1928 Mrinthra Altha HERBERT 1874-1940 Morgan, South Australia, Australia1895
90Joseph Henry TISSOTT 1854-1945 Elizabeth Hannah HUGHES 1866-1925 Yarpturk, Victoria, Australia1885
s-sFrancis TISSOTT 1859-1940 Ellen HUGHES 1868-1949 Winslow, Victoria, Australia1886
91Edward RALPH 1861-1902 Flora CHRISTMASS 1866-1954 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1886
s-sMary Jane RALPH 1869-1945 Edward Henry Charles CHRISTMASS 1868-1944 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1889
92James Henry FLEAY 1863-1923 Frances Sophia DONCON 1864-1896 Beverley, Western Australia, Australia1886
s-cIda Effie Helena FLEAY 1884-1964 Edward Reuben DONCON 1880-1945 Beverley, Western Australia, Australia1906
93John Joseph HARRIS 1856-1937 Isabel Teresa THOMPSON 1867-1948 Kojonup, Western Australia, Australia1886
s-sGeorge Albert HARRIS 1864-1946 Maria Ellen THOMPSON 1865-1903 Arthur River, Western Australia, Australia1887
94Michael Allen CULLOTON 1861-1933 Helena MCAULIFFE 1863-1940 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1886
s-sEdward CULLOTON 1861-1929 Mary Jane MCAULIFFE 1867-1926 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1886
95Robert James DRAPER 1859-1930 Elizabeth SCOTT 1864-1947 Bridgetown, Western Australia, Australia1886
s-sThomas George DRAPER 1859-1942 Rebecca SCOTT 1870-1921 Bridgetown, Western Australia, Australia1887
96Thomas Richard OLIVER 1860-1933 Jane HERBERT 1869-1910 Strawberry, Western Australia, Australia1887
s-cEdward Henry OLIVER 1854-1898 Amy Amelia BOOTH 1868-1894
97Alfred Percy BIRD 1863-1896 Lillian Elizabeth FREEMAN 1869-1957 Carnarvon, Western Australia, Australia1887
s-sCharlotte BIRD 1878-1966 William Douglas FREEMAN 1871-1933 Carnarvon, Western Australia, Australia1897
s-pEdwin BIRD 1861-1936 Lillian Elizabeth FREEMAN [2]1869-1957 North Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1898
98Richard MASTERS 1862- Mary Elton DEWAR 1870-1950 1887
s-sElizabeth MASTERS 1865-1945 William Frances DEWAR 1868-16 Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1894
99William GEE 1866-1948 Susannah KING 1867-1892 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1887
s-sEliza GEE 1860-1923 Charles Reuben KING 1861-1932 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1890
100Abraham Joseph ALLEN 1864-1937 Annie Louisa SHEPHERD 1871-1913 1887
p-sAbraham Joseph ALLEN [2]1864-1937 Ann Allen SHEPHERD 1877-1923
h-cGeorge William OLIVER 1842-1926 Rebekah BOOTH 1870-1896 1889
c-cWalter Michael Morley FERGUSON 1868-1940 Christine Ann FERGUSON 1866-1945 Upper Swan, Western Australia, Australia1888
101William O'MARA 1861-1926 Sarah Anne MCGRATH 1865-1935 New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia1888
s-sJohn Joseph O'MARA 1866-1937 Mary Bridget MCGRATH 1863-1924 Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1889
102Robert GOULD 1865-1942 Mary Elizabeth JUPP 1871-1961 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1888
s-sElizabeth GOULD 1875-1950 Samuel Hadley JUPP 1873-1938 Rudds Gully, Western Australia, Australia1897
103James Thomas BUTLER 1860-1938 Mary FITZGERALD 1862-1938 New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia1888
s-sThomas Edmund BUTLER 1870-1940 Bridget FITZGERALD 1871- 1893
s-sAlice GOULD 1867-1933 William Franks JUPP 1867-1950 Rudds Gully, Western Australia, Australia1891
104James HEAL 1846-1902 Mary Martha Vile EATON 1868-1941 York, Western Australia, Australia1889
s-sArthur HEAL 1849-1924 Alice EATON 1870-1932 Youndegin, Western Australia, Australia1895
105William STOKES 1864-1933 Ann KNAPP 1868-1945 Western Australia, Australia1889
s-cEllen Clara STOKES 1883-1947 George Henry KNAPP 1875-1963 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1904
106William O'ROUKE 1865-1937 Susannah DOWSETT 1870-1942 Wandering, Western Australia, Australia1889
s-sElizabeth O'ROUKE 1875-1955 William John DOWSETT 1867-1948 Wandering, Western Australia, Australia1891
107Alfred WHEARE 1865-1940 Elizabeth Frances MILES 1870-1917 Kooringa, South Australia, Australia1889
s-sRichard Thomas WHEARE 1877-1935 Ethel Eunice MILES 1881-1964
108Charles Edmund QUARTERMAINE 1862-1944 Louisa Jane TONDUT 1870-1926 Williams Bridge, Western Australia, Australia1889
s-sArthur Elijah QUARTERMAINE 1865-1940 Eulilia May TONDUT 1875-1969 Williams Bridge, Western Australia, Australia1892
109Charles Hancock FARMER 1866-1935 Emily Amelia FLEAY 1867-1943 Arthur River, Western Australia, Australia1889
s-sThomas Walter FARMER 1869-1951 Henrietta FLEAY 1874-1926
s-sElizabeth FARMER 1882-1959 Walter William Edward FLEAY 1876-1931
110Charles Joseph CLINCH 1863-1926 Clara Augusta JONES 1866-1952 1890
s-sSarah Roser CLINCH 1869-1899 Alexander Hamlet JONES 1865-1939 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1893
111Richard Patrick LANIGAN 1865-1938 Margaret Mary THOMPSON 1866-1939 New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia1890
s-sEllen Mary LANIGAN 1868-1951 Charles Shinning THOMPSON 1868-1947 New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia1894
s-sJessie Janet May CLINCH 1881-1961 Alexander Hamlet JONES [2]1865-1939 1902
s-sEmma Jane CLINCH 1861-1939 James Vigors Aldrid JONES 1861-1929 1891
112Alfred DEVEREUX 1872-1953 Elizabeth PARNHAM 1870-1937 Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1891
c-cFrancis POLLARD 1876-1945 Maude Annie HADDRILL 1887-1930 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1906
c-cLewis POLLARD 1881-1957 Alice Matilda HADDRILL 1883-1954
113John MCCAGH 1861-1946 Agnes MCAULIFFE 1873-1923 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1891
s-sBridget MCCAGH 1877- James MCAULIFFE 1872-1900
114Samuel William WILKERSON 1851-1897 Annie SMITH [2]1865-1923 1891
s-cAda Mary HITCHCOCK 1872-1945 Lionel Edward SMITH 1870-1955 1892
115Walter JOHNSON 1868- Emma CROUCH 1858-1895 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1891
p-sWalter JOHNSON [2]1868- Ellen CROUCH 1864-1893
116Samuel John FREE 1861-1939 Fanny SHEPHERD 1864-1927 St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia1891
s-sJames Oswald FREE 1864-1922 Johanna SHEPHERD 1866-1937 St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia1891
s-sPatrick MCCAGH 1864-1945 Rebecca MCAULIFFE 1875-1951 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1891
s-cCharles DEVEREUX 1873-1956 Frances Hannah HADDRILL 1873- Northam, Western Australia, Australia1896
117George POWELL 1870-1957 Mary Ann WESTERN 1874-1960 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1891
s-sWilliam Lionel POWELL 1879-1959 Rose Charlotte WESTERN 1886-1917 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1902
118James Frederick RUMBLE 1856-1943 Mary Ann WALKER 1865-1940 1891
s-cJohn Paul RUMBLE 1866-1948 Mary MCDERMOTT 1865- Perth, Western Australia, Australia1894
119Arthur Charles CLINCH 1868-1933 Edith Kniest WALDECK 1872-1944 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1892
s-cEthel Henrietta CLINCH 1870-1912 John Morrison MALEY 1872-1934 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1897
120William FERGUSON 1875-1958 Mary Ann Patrick CLUNE 1872-2 1893
s-sMichael Lewis FERGUSON 1878-1929 Elizabeth Jane Mary CLUNE 1878-1964 Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1899
121William Rupert KING 1865-1920 Frances Esther Elizabeth CLINCH 1866-1932 1893
s-sJohn Wells KING 1868-1936 Christina Augusta CLINCH 1873-1930 1896
122William Joseph FARRELL 1871-1960 Helena WELLINGTON 1874-1940 Northampton, Western Australia, Australia1893
s-sLancelot FARRELL 1876-1952 Maud Mary Ann WELLINGTON 1881-1904
123Thomas John STRAHAN 1867-1938 Esther CHITTY 1873-1954 Newcastle, Western Australia, Australia1893
s-cWilliam Henry STRAHAN 1869-1915 Ruth Ellen MONGER 1872-1936 Newcastle, Western Australia, Australia1894
124Henry Edward WARNER 1867-1946 Elizabeth Clara MARTIN 1869-1915 York, Western Australia, Australia1893
s-cCaroline BIRD 1857-1897 Alfred Ernest MARTIN 1867-1912 York, Western Australia, Australia1894
125Levi BEACHAM 1870-1943 Margaret Louisa THORPE 1873-1942 Rockingham, Western Australia, Australia1893
s-cJessie BEACHAM 1874-1957 Dennis Edward BARRY 1866-1935 Pinjarra, Western Australia, Australia1898
126John GOULD 1869- Eva Harriet CONNOLLY 1873- Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1893
s-sEdward Jones GOULD 1873-1951 Mary Jane CONNOLLY 1874- Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1896
s-cHarriet GOULD 1882-1926 Robert Walter CONNOLLY 1878-1938 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1903
127Richard FITZGERALD 1866-1931 Alice Margaret WALKER 1871-1944 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1893
s-sMary Kate FITZGERALD 5- George Morrison WALKER 1863- Strawberry, Western Australia, Australia1895
128John SLAVIN 1868-1950 Agnes Theresa MCGUINNESS 1876-1967 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1894
s-sRose Lima SLAVIN 1864-1931 James MCGUINNESS 1859-1927
129John Patrick CLUNE 1866-1910 Johanna Ursula BOWEN 1866-1916 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1894
s-cThomas Matthew CLUNE 1870-1962 Ellen Teresa BRENNAN 1878-1949 Newcastle, Western Australia, Australia1898
130Frederick George ANDERSON 1872-1946 Selina CRIDDLE 1870-1940 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1894
s-cWilliam Smyth ANDERSON 1862- Emily CONNOLLY 1868-1907 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1900
131Samuel Thomas FERGUSON 1871-1916 Eleanor COOK 1874-1938 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1894
s-cThomas William FERGUSON 1881-1961 Elvia Matha CHITTY 1885-1967 1906
132William LAVENDER 1865-1936 Annie Gemini COWCHER 1875-1947 Williams River, Western Australia, Australia1895
s-sEllen LAVENDER 1860-1940 Henry Thomas COWCHER 1860-1927
s-sRuth LAVENDER 1871- Robert Lancelot COWCHER 1870-1950
133Alfred Augustus SHARMEN 1868-1934 Enorah MARTIN 1874-1945 Beverley, Western Australia, Australia1895
s-sWilliam Henry South SHERMAN 1866-1939 Mary MARTIN 1872-1954
134Thomas Frank HARTREE 1873-1898 Sarah Caroline FORWARD 1872- 1895
s-cEmily HARTREE 1878-1967 Frank Henry BYFIELD 1875-1910 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1897
135Joseph Arthur LLOYD 1870-1962 Elizabeth Jane WATERS 1870-1941 Culham, Western Australia, Australia1895
c-cSelby Sperling SINCLAIR 1873-1951 Laura Lousia FERGUSON 1872-1953 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1899
c-sDavid Edward LLOYD 1870-1961 Sarah Susan WATERS 1878-1954 1897
s-sHarriet LAVENDER 1869-1961 Stanyford Spurling COWCHER 1864-1938 Williams Bridge, Western Australia, Australia1900
136William ANDERSON 1869-1932 Isabella COOK 1876-1958 Western Australia, Australia1895
s-sJames ANDERSON 1873-1939 Rose Alvia COOK 1879-1953 Beechboro, Western Australia, Australia1903
h-cSamuel MARTIN [2]1858-1928 Sarah Ann SPICE [2]1862-1916
137Joseph MILLINGTON 1873-1956 Maud Matilda PEAKE 1879-1922 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1896
s-sWalter MILLINGTON 1875-1952 Mary Catherine PEAKE 1881-1964 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1899
138Michael LANIGAN 1870-1966 Amelia JOYCE 1876-1953 New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia1896
s-sBridget Mary LANIGAN 1874-1937 Henry JOYCE 1867-1925 New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia1902
139Thomas George RUMBLE 1870-1940 Margaret Alice MCCARLEY 1870-1936 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1897
s-sGeorge RUMBLE 1862-1938 Elizabeth Roma MCCARLEY 1862-1936 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1898
140James POWELL 1872-1936 Elizabeth Jane RILEY 1875-1929 Coolgardie, Western Australia, Australia1897
s-cAlbert Charles POWELL 1881-1964 Margaret Rose WILKINS 1886-1938 1903
s-sJoseph RUMBLE 1858-1924 Isabella MCCARLEY 1865-1941 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1898
141Thomas Joseph CLUNE 1865-17 Mary Ann LANIGAN 1865-1942 New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia1897
s-cMary Ann CLUNE 1864-1940 James Edmund LANIGAN 1872-1930 New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia1898
142Alfred George SIMS 1874-1942 Amy Cecilia COLLINS 1877-1950 York, Western Australia, Australia1897
s-sMary Ann SIMS 1886-1943 James COLLINS 1864-1927 York, Western Australia, Australia1902
143Albert Edward DONEGAN 1877-1963 Mary Waters FERGUSON 1878-1950 Newcastle, Western Australia, Australia1898
s-sGeorge James Samuel DONEGAN 1869-1954 Ada Blanche FERGUSON 1879-1929 1908
144George William Macguire LEWIS 1867-1955 Sophia Elizabeth HICKMOTT 1879-1973 Charlton, Victoria, Australia1898
s-sHerbert Digby LEWIS 1871-1962 Edith Olive HICKMOTT 1885-1912 Lalbert, Victoria, Australia1903
c-cErnest Albert DONEGAN 1887-1956 Linda May Kathleen INNES 1887-1977
145Arthur Anthony MANN 1869-1943 Alice Emily WESTON 1873-1943 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England1899
s-sAlbert MANN 1878- Edith WESTON 1880-
146Henry Thomas DOUST 1874-1958 Jessie Mary MUIR 1871-1955 Bridgetown, Western Australia, Australia1899
s-cCharles Edward DOUST 1876-1947 Asenath Amelia MUIR 1870-1951 Western Australia, Australia1900
147Albert George DRAGE 1870-1913 Mary Jane WILLIAMS 1878-1940 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1899
s-sHenry Ross DRAGE 1877-1948 Ada WILLIAMS 1892-1973 Northampton, Western Australia, Australia1914
148James BOURKE 1871-1915 Mary Frances REILLY 1874-1947 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1899
s-pThomas Joseph BOURKE 1873-1950 Mary Frances REILLY [2]1874-1947 1916
149George Ernest MORRELL 1872-1949 Esther Daisy BRAND 1876-1948 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1900
s-cEdwin Forrest MORRELL 1888-1956 Eugenia Maude BRAND 1886-1933 Irwin, Western Australia, Australia1914
s-cIda Blanche DOUST 1881-1964 Mayor John MUIR 1880-1950 Bridgetown, Western Australia, Australia1901
150William Edward CRIDDLE 1872-1948 Bertha Maria CONNOLLY 1876-1925 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1900
s-cAlbert George CRIDDLE 1877-1945 Eliza MCDERMOTT 1878-1966
p-cWilliam Edward CRIDDLE [2]1872-1948 Jane MCDERMOTT 1875- Western Australia, Australia
151Arthur Daniel KING 1873-1945 Hannah Eliza JONES 1875-1957 Moore River, Western Australia, Australia1900
s-cHerbert Stanley KING 1879-1934 Clara JONES 1883-1973 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1906
152William Henry BRAND 1875-1947 Annie ROWLAND 1876-1960 1900
s-cAndrew James BRAND 1877-1949 Octavia Rose ROWLAND 1882-1970 Irwin, Western Australia, Australia1905
c-cEdward Alderwin DOWNES 1885-1958 Hilda Jane CONNOLLY 1884-1962 Walkaway, Western Australia, Australia1913
153William WILKINS 1864-1901 Mary Annie ADAMS 1872-1931 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1901
s-pHenry WILKINS 1867-1936 Mary Annie ADAMS [2]1872-1931 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1904
154George Canler ROSE 1861-1959 Edith Bertha CLARKE 1877-1960 Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia1901
s-sEdwin ROSE 1863-1948 Janet Louisa CLARKE 1878-1926 Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia1902
155Robert OSBORNE 1873-1963 Ellen Frances Priscilla DALTON 1872-1933 Millicent, South Australia, Australia1901
s-sGeorge OSBORNE 1880-1967 Ada Selina DALTON 1878-1962 Millicent, South Australia, Australia1903
c-cRobert MUIR 1880-1961 Alice Jane DOUST 1889-1977 Blackwood, Western Australia, Australia1910
156Ernest Herbert FLEAY 1875-1949 Amy Edith Bessie FLEAY 1880-1943 1901
c-cErnest William Henry FLEAY 1877-1940 Ethel Sophia Emily FLEAY 1883-1964
157James CHEFFINS 1872-1914 Isabel Lilley LEARMONTH 1877-1963 Cottesloe, Western Australia, Australia1901
s-sGeorge CHEFFINS 1867-1944 Margaret Rachael LEARMONTH 1876-1973 Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia1903
158George William CARTER 1879-1964 Clara Evaline MEAD 1882-1966 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1901
s-sLewis Basil CARTER 1883-1964 Mary Jane MEAD 1886-1961 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1905
159Henry Thomas LEE 1879-1966 Iva WATERS 1883-1908 1902
s-sRose LEE 1887-1961 Robert William WATERS 1884-1963 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1909
160Edward FITZGERALD 1873- Alice MCAULIFFE 1881- Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1902
s-sBridget Anastasia FITZGERALD 1878-1956 William MCAULIFFE 1879-1961 Strawberry, Western Australia, Australia1909
161William Joseph BUNTER 1876-1940 Isabella CRAINE 1882-1971 1902
s-sMary Simmons BUNTER 1890-1932 Thomas Arthur CRAINE 1879-1956 1907
c-cFrederick George FERGUSON 1874-1951 Elizabeth LEE 1877-1940 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia1902
162George David BRAND 1871-1952 Elizabeth Sara CLARKSON 1875-1952 Dongara, Western Australia, Australia1903
s-cFrederick Thomas Mitchell BRAND 1888-1953 Sarah May HUGHES 1894-1967 Leederville, Western Australia, Australia1915
163Samuel Joseph LEE 1880-1957 Rachel FERGUSON 1884-1969 Culham, Western Australia, Australia1903
s-sAugustus John LEE 1884-1950 Alice Ruby FERGUSON 1889-1980 1907
164Walter Bruce MOORE 1876-1923 Gertrude Ellen MOORE 1877-1956 Upper Capel, Western Australia, Australia1903
c-cHerbert Alfred MOORE 1878-1967 Ann Daisy BLINCO 1893-1980 Wellington, Western Australia, Australia1922
s-sSelina BRAND 1879-1955 Robert Wilberforce CLARKSON 1879-1951 Irwin, Western Australia, Australia1906
165John Edward HICKMOTT 1880-1971 Eliza Ada FREE 1885-1958 Lalbert, Victoria, Australia1903
s-cWilliam Harry HICKMOTT 1887-1976 Frances Alice FREE 1891-1979 Lalbert, Victoria, Australia1910
166Joseph Alexander CLARK 1871-1938 Clara Charlotte WENDT 1881-1952 Elgin, Western Australia, Australia1903
s-pHerbert Ernest CLARK 1881-1963 Clara Charlotte WENDT [2]1881-1952 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1939
167Thomas Henry TUSSLER 1879-1956 Elizabeth Eliza RING 1883-1923 Katanning, Western Australia, Australia1904
s-sGeorge Frank TUSSLER 1888-1955 Margaret Louise RING 1888-1955 Katanning, Western Australia, Australia1907
168Joseph Walter JONES 1873-1942 Lucy Ann GEE 1880-1910 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1904
s-cEber Lionel JONES 1886-1920 Leonora GEORGE 1882- Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1912
169Joseph Thomas ETZ 1879-1936 Anna FRANK 1882-1922 Cape Charles, Northampton, Virginia, USA1904
p-sJoseph Thomas ETZ [2]1879-1936 Barbara M FRANK 1886-1964
170Sydney CRIDDLE 1882-1953 Susannah BUNTER 1884-1918 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1904
c-cArthur George CRIDDLE 1894-1958 Ivy Dawn Susannah GRAY 1894-1978 Nabawa, Western Australia, Australia1920
171Trelor Walter WOODS 1882-1940 Elizabeth BURTON 1887-1950 York, Western Australia, Australia1905
s-sAlwyn Robert John WOODS 1886-1960 Agnes Mary BURTON 1890-1964 Claremont, Western Australia, Australia1909
172Arthur Henry PINK 1876-1954 Marion FREE 1881-1968 New Zealand1905
s-sEdgar James PINK 1882-1969 Whilheminna Miller FREE 1886-1944 Levin, Horowhenua, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand1912
173Robert Samuel POTTS 1866-1942 Mabel Spotiswood RUMBLE 1872-1914 Brookton, Western Australia, Australia1905
s-sDavid Henry POTTS 1872-1934 Olive Ethel RUMBLE 1882-1976 Beverley, Western Australia, Australia1907
174Edward John MCVEE 1882-1915 Augustus MURRAY 1886-1965 Dandaragan, Western Australia, Australia1906
c-cWilliam James COUSINS 1876-1947 Amy Elizabeth LARWOOD 1884-1963 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1906
175Edward HARRISON 1879-1963 Louisa Lavinia ARMSTRONG 1884-1971 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1906
s-sMary HARRISON 1874-1962 Arthur Albert Augustus ARMSTRONG 1877-1959 1913
176William Charles GLASS 1870-1941 Mary Ann Josephine BRADY 1885-1967 Mount Lawley, Western Australia, Australia1907
s-sJoseph GLASS 1879-1955 Clara Mary BRADY 1888-1964 1909
177Laurence Fernandez TRINIDAD 1876-1949 Louisa Emily ROBERTSON 1887-1965 1907
s-sEmanuel TRINIDAD 1878-1944 Margaret Ada ROBERTSON 1880-1966 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1907
178Edward HANNETT 1875-1945 Grace Matilda DUNN 1887-1968 Albany, Western Australia, Australia1908
s-sBessie Livinia HANNETT 1885-1969 Thomas Andrew DUNN 1885-1962 Dundas, Western Australia, Australia1910
179Patrick John THOMPSON 1884-1954 Adeline Matilda FERGUSON 1885-1974 1908
s-sMary Conception THOMPSON 1896-1988 John Albert FERGUSON 1890-1961 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1914
180Charles Walter FORREST 1871-1950 Minna Louisa Campbell FORREST 1883-1969 Wellington, Western Australia, Australia1908
c-cKimberley Fitzroy FORREST 1882-1935 Flora Frances FORREST 1886- Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia1909
181William Edward ASHWORTH 1886-1972 Louisa Mary MOATE 1887-1982 York, Western Australia, Australia1909
c-sRalph Edmund ASHWORTH 1879-1968 Mary Elizabeth MOATE 1885-
182John Theo James FLEAY 1874-1951 Amy Rose FISHER 1881-1972 York, Western Australia, Australia1909
c-sEdwin Wallace FLEAY 1877-1943 Elsie Amelia FISHER 1889-1975 York, Western Australia, Australia1912
183Henry Thomas BUTLER 1881-1970 Susannah MCVEE 1893-1980 Moora, Western Australia, Australia1909
s-cWilliam George BUTLER 1878-1961 Elizabeth Maud COCKRAM 1884-1945 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1912
c-sHenry HORTON 1883-1961 Ellen Louisa MCVEE 1886-1976 Moora, Western Australia, Australia1911
184David George SLOAN 1882-1969 Edith Emily COWCHER 1885-1964 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1909
c-cHerbert Thomas BROWN 1887- Elenia Beatrice COWCHER 1900-1935 Amphion, Western Australia, Australia1922
c-cAlbert Victor ROGERS 1889-1962 Violet Mary FERGUSON 1891-1959 Culham, Western Australia, Australia1913
s-cMelville Clifton SLOAN 1895-1958 Ethel Eliza Catherine LAVENDER 1898-1978 Williams, Western Australia, Australia1925
185Frederick John WATSON 1886-1949 Cora Eva FORWARD 1891-1926 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1910
c-sJohn Richard WATSON 1889-1967 Ida Lucy FORWARD 1894-1973 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1914
186Charles Herbert HACK 1865-1952 Ellen Emily STEVENS 1873-1952 Naracoorte, South Australia, Australia1910
s-sWilliam Harding HACK 1880-1942 Catherine Jane STEVENS 1880-1961 Naracoorte, South Australia, Australia1916
187Worsley Frederick HYMUS 1883-1931 Henrietta Ethel HANRETTY 1889-1953 Jarrahdale, Western Australia, Australia1910
c-sGeorge Edward DAY 1875-1916 Mabel Mary HANRETTY 1882-1948 Jarrahdale, Western Australia, Australia1911
188James Edmund MCGLINN 1884-1946 Sarah Victoria BOND 1892-1984 York, Western Australia, Australia1910
p-sJames Edmund MCGLINN [2]1884-1946 Victoria Elizabeth BOND York, Western Australia, Australia
s-sLeslie Charles HYMUS 1886-1952 Mabel Mary HANRETTY [2]1882-1948
189William George SHAW 1886-1954 Sarah Ann Jane BUTLER 1894-1971 1911
c-cWilliam Henry EATON 1879- Edith Gertrude COOK 1882-1968
190Alfred Henry DOUST 1887-1971 Louise Evelyn LIDDELOW 1893-1940 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1911
s-sClarence George DOUST 1888-1965 Hilda LIDDELOW 1899-2003
191Pearcy James SLOAN 1884-1951 Grace Page HANRETTY 1886-1958 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1911
s-cTheodore Stanford SLOAN 1899-1974 Maggie Olive Williams POLLARD 1906-1956 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1929
192George Ernest GENTLE 1883-1951 Emily KELLY 1885-1952 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1911
s-sMay Florence GENTLE 1890-1969 Albert Edward KELLY 1889-1979 York, Western Australia, Australia1914
c-cPearcy James SLOAN [2]1884-1951 Grace Page HANRETTY [2]1886-1958 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1911
s-sWilliam GENTLE 1876- Mary Ellen KELLY 1882-1911 York, Western Australia, Australia1911
193John Martin THOMPSON 1888-1963 Annie HUNT 1889-1920 Victoria Plains, Western Australia, Australia1912
p-sJohn Martin THOMPSON [2]1888-1963 Mary Frances HUNT 1900-1993
194William Joseph BRANDIS 1880-1919 Ellen Maud KILMURRAY 1895-1980 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1912
s-cHolly Evelyn BRANDIS 1901-1979 James PAYNE 1894-1955 Yardarino, Western Australia, Australia1917
s-cJoseph Benedict THOMPSON 1893-1974 Mary Patricia LANIGAN 1897-
c-cPatrick Martin KELLY 1903-1983 Dolores May LANIGAN 1916-2008 1940
195William George TOMLINSON 1891-1973 Alice Harriet CHANT 1894-1971 White Peak, Western Australia, Australia1912
s-sThomas TOMLINSON 1897-1964 Florence Margaret CHANT 1895-1960 White Peak, Western Australia, Australia1916
196Lawrence Alphonsus POLLETT 1888- Caroline Lydia POLLARD 1888-1952 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1912
s-sEva Aileen Goodbody POLLET 1897-1978 Edgar William POLLARD 1895-1950 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1919
s-cSusan Jessie TOMLINSON 1904-1980 Harold Luke O'MALLEY 1904-1999 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1926
197Rupert Rasmus Canute HANSEN 1887-1957 Ellen MORGAN 1888-1967 Phillips River, Western Australia, Australia1913
s-sHarold Leslie HANSEN 1889-1977 Freda MORGAN 1893-1977 East Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1920
198Ernest William WATSON 1884-1968 Flora Hannah CHRISTMASS 1891-1963 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1913
c-sJoseph Francis WATSON 1898-1980 Clarice Ivy CHRISTMASS 1899-1963 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1920
199Joseph Thomas PAYNE 1892-1973 Ursula PELL 1892-1966 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1913
c-cHenry George PAYNE 1901-1960 Doris May CRIDDLE 1902-1997 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1924
c-sPeter William WATSON 1895-1965 Phoebe Pearl CHRISTMASS 1898- Northam, Western Australia, Australia1920
200Walter Percival TREW 1891-1928 Lucy Victoria KENT 1890-1977 Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1914
s-sEdward Maurice TREW 1893-1969 Ella Elizabeth KENT 1901-1991 Mundaring, Western Australia, Australia1921
c-cWilliam Fletcher WALDECK 1893-1965 Gladys Ida CARTER 1899-
201Frederick Edwin George BRADDY 1888-1917 Lillian E EDDY 1888- Dartmouth Park, Middlesex, England1914
s-sAlbert Edward BRADDY 1891-1955 Florence Harriet Maud EDDY 1885-1970 Upper Holloway, Middlesex, England1916
202Samuel Edward GOULD 1889-1975 Ada Constance CREAM 1893-1976 Gascoyne, Western Australia, Australia1914
c-cWilliam Edward JUPP 1897-1968 Eileen Mary GOULD 1902-1976 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1924
203Frank Harold George Wedd HARDY 1884-1958 Grace GODFREY 1891-1923 Beverley, Western Australia, Australia1914
p-sFrank Harold George Wedd HARDY [2]1884-1958 Emily GODFREY 1899-1929 Canning, Western Australia, Australia1926
204Clifton Thomas RITCHIE 1895-1969 Charlotte Eliza BURKE 1893-1969 Claremont, Western Australia, Australia1914
s-sErnest Arundel RITCHIE 1898-1946 Gertrude Magdalene BURKE 1891-1965 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1919
c-cErnest Harold JUPP 1900-1983 Norma GOULD 1904-1987
205Joseph Robert HARRIS 1887-1956 May Eliza Amelia LARWOOD 1894-1975 Moore River, Western Australia, Australia1914
s-sAlbert HARRIS 1882-1966 Ann Priscilla LARWOOD 1881-
206Albert Victor STOKES 1891-1983 Elisa Elsie BROWNING 1896-1983 Irwin, Western Australia, Australia1915
s-cOlive Maud STOKES 1898-1991 Henry BROWNING 1894-1965 Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1924
207William Allnutt ROSE 1890-1956 Bertha Kate LEE STEERE 1893-1961 Bridgetown, Western Australia, Australia1915
s-sErnest Mervyn ROSE 1898-1969 Sylvia Maud Forrest LEE STEERE 1904-1971 Boyup Brook, Western Australia, Australia1925
208William Jesse CLARKE 1887-1951 Daisy Linda BEST 1898-1989 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1915
s-sAlfred James CLARKE 1885-1966 Ruby Amelia BEST 1890-1974
209George Thomas Humphreys ANDERSON 1894-1940 May Elizabeth PATIENCE 1894-1971 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1915
s-sEdith ANDERSON 1898-1977 Richard Valentine PATIENCE 1891-1978 Western Australia, Australia1918
210Reinhold Alexander STRUCK 1890-1962 Ivy Clarice SPENCER 1895- Western Australia, Australia1915
p-sReinhold Alexander STRUCK [2]1890-1962 Annie Linda SPENCER 1897-1969
211Petrus PATLEYCH 1891-1969 Johanna Maria EDNITSCH 1892-1988 Kottingbrunn, Baden, Niederösterreich, Austria1915
s-sKarl PATLEYCH 1892-1964 Leopoldine Franziska EDNITSCH 1893- Kottingbrunn, Baden, Niederösterreich, Austria1915
212Charles Richard PARKER 1885-1975 Mary LETCHER 1888-1961 Highgate, Western Australia, Australia1916
s-sIvy Amy PARKER 1893-1989 Francis Perry LETCHER 1886-1965 Highgate, Western Australia, Australia1919
213Samuel John JEFFERY 1892-1954 Bertha SIMMONDS 1898-1970 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1916
s-sPatrick JEFFERY 1890-1949 Pauline SIMMONDS 1896-1933 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1917
214William Patrick MANNES 1890-1970 Annie Theresa CURTHOYS 1891-1978 Bendigo, Victoria, Australia1917
s-sThomas Joseph MANNES 1902-1982 Matilda Agnes CURTHOYS 1904-1976 Victoria, Australia1933
s-sEmma Catherine MANNES 1899-1972 Charles Albert CURTHOYS 1894-1990 Victoria, Australia1921
215George Nathaniel KNOX 1894-1972 Hilda May COX 1897-1980 Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1917
s-sDorothy Frances KNOX 1897-1981 Bertie Douglas COX 1901-1968 Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1927
c-cPatrick Mary Joseph BUTLER 1893-1970 Margaret Mary LANIGAN 1896-1973 1918
216Sydney James CRIDDLE 1883-1963 Emily Letitia COOPER 1894-1974 1918
s-cEdith Mary CRIDDLE 1898- Edward Maitland GRAY 1887-1930 Northampton, Western Australia, Australia1919
217Andrew Henry MEAD 1890-1967 Muriel Ellen POLLARD 1895-1946 Pinjarra, Western Australia, Australia1918
p-sAndrew Henry MEAD [2]1890-1967 Elizabeth W. POLLARD 1899-1969 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1947
s-cSydney James CRIDDLE [2]1883-1963 Emily Letitia COOPER [2]1894-1974 1918
218Cecil Henry Macgregor JOHNSTONE 1894-1967 Margaret Marjorie LEISHMAN 1898-1981 Victoria, Australia1919
s-sPercy Francis James JOHNSTONE 1895-1943 Violet Ethel LEISHMAN 1892-1984 Victoria, Australia1919
219Lawrence Matthew O'NEIL 1891-1972 Mary Gladys BUNTER 1899-1979 Northampton, Western Australia, Australia1919
c-cJoseph MCGUINESS 1876-1969 Ann Catherine Violet BUNTER 1903-1981 Nabawa, Western Australia, Australia1923
s-sEdith Mary CRIDDLE [2]1898- Edward Maitland GRAY [2]1887-1930 Northampton, Western Australia, Australia1919
220George Harold MATTHEWS 1898-1968 Ethel TOWTON 1897-1985 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1920
s-sGladys Myrtle Magdalene MATTHEWS 1906-1996 Jack Hilton TOWTON 1901-1979 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1927
221Henry Arnold MARTIN 1892-1958 Lucy Barbara SYRED 1893-1984 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1920
c-sGeorge Samuel FERGUSON 1896-1970 Elsie Frances SYRED 1900-1995 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1922
222Robert Benjamin MURPHY 1892-1943 Ruby Ella KING 1893-1939 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1920
s-cJames MURPHY 1880-1937 Gertrude NORRIS        -1956
223Harold E. CROSS Ruth TOMLINSON 1900- Sussex, Western Australia, Australia1920
s-sSylvia M. CROSS 1895-1972 Thomas Carl TOMLINSON 1895-1924 Sussex, Western Australia, Australia1921
c-sRobert Benjamin BUNTER 1892-1970 Hilda Blanche KING 1901-1987 Nabawa, Western Australia, Australia1927
224Ernest Owen WILLIAMS 1895-1976 Eureka Jane DRAGE 1900-1970 Northampton, Western Australia, Australia1921
s-cJoseph Brooks WILLIAMS 1882-1931 Dora HOSKEN 1902-1974 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1925
225Albert POLLARD 1899-1974 Edna Ann NUNN 1897-1986 Yilgarn, Western Australia, Australia1921
s-sArnold Reuben POLLARD 1901-1974 Dorothy Ellen May NUNN 1901-1991 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1923
226Joseph Dennis MCCAGH 1882-1956 Agnus Angela CULLOTON 1902- Greenough, Western Australia, Australia1921
s-sMichael Francis MCCAGH 1879-1962 Elizabeth CULLOTON 1893-1973
227John James Henry BOYLE 1888-1960 Ethel GAULT 1898-1978 York, Western Australia, Australia1922
s-sAlma Rosina BOYLE 1902-1986 Percy GAULT 1896-1974 York, Western Australia, Australia1923
228Cecil Hotham ROBINS 1897-1979 Doris Edith ALFORD 1902-1986 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1922
s-sFrancis Bermal ROBINS 1901-1965 Annie Margery ALFORD 1904-2002 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1935
229Herbert Frank Farmer COWCHER 1890-1964 Mary Emma HANCOCK 1887-1978 Narrogin, Western Australia, Australia1922
s-cJohn Spurling COWCHER 1893-1964 Fanny Eliza Edith Ivy FLEAY 1897-1953 Wellington, Western Australia, Australia1923
c-cHerbert Thomas BROWN [2]1887- Elenia Beatrice COWCHER [2]1900-1935 Amphion, Western Australia, Australia1922
230Albert Edward WILKES 1897-1973 Ruby BACKSHALL 1904-1982 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1922
s-pLeonard WILKES 1901-1953 Ruby BACKSHALL [2]1904-1982 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1946
231Alfred George LITTLE 1891-1969 Caroline Agnes MARTIN 1896-1965 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1922
s-cLillian Grace NETTLETON 1908-1997 Andrew MARTIN 1903-1968 1934
s-cEvelyn Eliza COWCHER 1887-1958 William Aubrey FLEAY 1880-1949 1925
232Thomas James MOORE 1882-1961 Mary Evelyn KELLY 1891-1925 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1923
p-sThomas James MOORE [2]1882-1961 Gladys B. KELLY 1907-1980 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1929
233Thomas Orman RUMBLE 1898-1952 Constance May WHITEHURST 1903-1993 Nabawa, Western Australia, Australia1923
s-sJames David RUMBLE 1907-1982 Hazel Ruth WHITEHURST 1907-1997 Nabawa, Western Australia, Australia1929
234Everett William GALBRAITH 1898-1931 Hilda HALLS Irwin, Western Australia, Australia1923
s-sHubert Roy GALBRAITH 1901-1951 Ethel HALLS Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1924
235Jeremiah MURPHY 1873-1945 Elizabeth Maude Stella BUNTER 1906-1970 Northampton, Western Australia, Australia1923
c-cJames Ile BUNTER 1898-1967 Matilda Doris Amelia MASON 1908-1984 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1925
236George HART 1887-1964 Augusta Rebecca MARTIN 1897-1975 Guildford, Western Australia, Australia1923
c-cPercy William Francis WARD 1895-1981 Myrtle Dorothy MARTIN 1904-1989 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1929
c-cJoseph MCGUINESS [2]1876-1969 Ann Catherine Violet BUNTER [2]1903-1981 Nabawa, Western Australia, Australia1923
237Clarence John Somerville HEAD 1897-1939 Lillian SINCLAIR 1896-1971 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1923
s-sClara Olive Eugene HEAD 1910- Arthur John Stewart SINCLAIR 1904-1980 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1929
c-cJoseph MCGUINESS [3]1876-1969 Ann Catherine Violet BUNTER [3]1903-1981 Nabawa, Western Australia, Australia1923
238Albert Joseph JUPP 1898-1974 Ina June Phyllis CRIDDLE 1900-1975 Nabawa, Western Australia, Australia1924
c-cGerald Leslie JUPP 1903-1979 Daphne Georgina CRIDDLE 1900-1968 Northampton, Western Australia, Australia1926
239William George COWCHER 1898-1978 Ellie Josephine HIGGINS 1902-1984 1924
s-sAgustus Robert COWCHER 1900-1975 Catherine Mary HIGGINS 1908-1980 Williams, Western Australia, Australia1932
240James Kinnear HEBITON 1902-1982 Ruth COCKING 1903-1981 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1926
s-sGeorge Bain HEBITON 1906-1967 Living 1948
241Vernon Samual SYRED 1902-1961 Trixie DONEGAN 1907-1988 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1926
s-cSybil Mona FERGUSON 1904-1985 Alfred Cockman DONEGAN 1905-1991
s-sDonald Somerville HEBITON 1904-1984 Olive Edna COCKING 1908-1992 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1929
242Arthur Raymond SMIRK 1904-1970 Beatrice King VASS 1905- Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1926
s-sRoy Stanley SMIRK 1909- Anne Carey VASS 1907-1972 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1941
243Alexander Talbot BENNETT 1907-1997 Irene Muriel BIGHAM 1908-1967 Murrayville, Victoria, Australia1926
s-sGeorge Thomas BENNETT 1900-1968 Audrey Jessie BIGHAM 1910-2004 1927
244George Lenard KEEN 1898-1973 Emily FARMER 1901-1977 Katanning, Western Australia, Australia1926
s-hMaley John HAYWARD 1902-1964 Martha FARMER 1911-2003 Katanning, Western Australia, Australia1942
245Leslie Arthur COOK 1904- Elsie Marion RALPH 1904- Northam, Western Australia, Australia1927
s-sAubrey J. COOK 1912- Rosella May RALPH 1911-1956 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1935
246Basil Oscar JOHNSON 1902-1966 Eileen Mable CRIDDLE 1905-1969 Dongara, Western Australia, Australia1927
s-cJoseph Norman George JOHNSON 1905-1949 Dora Sarah OSBORNE 1906-1985 Irwin, Western Australia, Australia1930
247William David RIDLEY 1897-1962 Lorna Georgina WARR 1909-1987 Midland, Western Australia, Australia1927
s-sAlfred Halley RIDLEY 1910-1943 Martha Lillian WARR 1907-2000 Highgate Hill, Western Australia, Australia1932
248Roy James OLDFIELD 1907-1963 Lena Doreen COOK 1907-1995 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1928
s-cAlfred Robert OLDFIELD 1905-1949 Olive May COOK 1905-1961 Northampton, Western Australia, Australia1932
249Arthur John Clifton CLEMENTS 1907-1958 Ada Ann FERGUSON 1903-1932 1928
s-cReginald Percy CLEMENTS 1911-1977 Doreen Mary FERGUSON 1916-1995 Midland Junction, Western Australia, Australia1936
s-cClarence Ronald CLEMENTS 1913-1940 Olive Cecilia FERGUSON 1918-1979 Midland Junction, Western Australia, Australia1936
250Harold COLLARD 1893-1970 Ivy BENNELL 1901-1986 Beverley, Western Australia, Australia1928
s-sAnnabel Kate COLLARD 1892-1958 Norman Doorum BENNELL 1888-1969
251Jeremiah James CLUNE 1903-1967 Bridget Patricia LYNCH 1902-1980 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1928
s-sJames Benedict CLUNE 1907-1990 Mary Monica LYNCH 1904-1989 Victoria Plains, Western Australia, Australia1929
252Joseph Beresford FERGUSON 1898-1968 Stella Mae POWELL 1913-1997 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1929
s-sWinifred Daisy FERGUSON 1905-1987 David Solomon POWELL 1903-1984
253Vincent Jeramiah CONNOR 1900-1975 Kathleen Marguerite O'NEIL 1909-2002 West Perth, Western Australia, Australia1929
s-sFrancis Xavier Aloys CONNOR 1894-1941 Eileen Bridget O'NEIL 1904-1933 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1931
254Lawrence Francis A BLOOMER 1910-1967 Della Mary HOWELL 1902-1969 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1930
c-sFrancis Albion HARDING 1907-1997 Victoria Theresa HOWELL 1912-1995 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1930
255Albert Thomas George BRANDIS 1905-1962 Ida Esma EASTWELL 1912-1954 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1930
s-hEsther Jane Mary CRIDDLE 1917-2007 Raymond EASTWELL 1916-1946 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1935
256Leslie Keith MARTIN 1906-1988 Mary THOMPSON 1909-2000 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1930
s-cStanley Gordon MARTIN 1915-1987 Gertrude Maud THOMPSON 1915-2003 Gingin, Western Australia, Australia1937
257James BROWN 1904-1980 Eileen Mary SPEED 1901-1964 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia1930
s-sJohn Thomas BROWN 1900-1971 Catherine Veronica SPEED 1900-1952 Victoria, Australia
258Frederick LATHAM 1907-1951 Grace Anne GALBRAITH 1908-1983 Moora, Western Australia, Australia1932
s-sArthur LATHAM 1917- Elsie GALBRAITH 1916-2008 Irwin, Western Australia, Australia1939
259Alfred Raymond MORGAN 1908-1980 Florence Eliza GOULD 1906-1986 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1932
s-sThomas Arthur MORGAN 1913-1998 Constance Mabel GOULD 1916-2010 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1937
260Wyborn George Herbert SCREAIGH 1911-2002 Jean Augustine MARWICK 1911-1990 York, Western Australia, Australia1932
s-sCharles Norman SCREAIGH 1914-1985 Living
261George Albert SELLEN 1903-1962 Evelyn Myrtle CRIDDLE 1914-1993 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1932
s-pFrancis Imre SELLEN Evelyn Myrtle CRIDDLE [2]1914-1993 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1963
262Clarence Charles FREE 1907-1978 Nancy Isobel ALLISON 1914-1981 Mornington, Victoria, Australia1933
s-sReginald Leslie FREE 1909-2001 Irene Florence May ALLISON 1907-1979 Mornington, Victoria, Australia1935
263Stanley Keith BRANDIS 1911-1976 Alice NEWALL 1915-2002 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1934
c-pKevin John BRIDGES 1917-2005 Alice NEWALL [2]1915-2002
264Harold Roy Lewis CARTER 1906-1974 Louisa Mary ASHWORTH 1911-1947 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1936
p-sHarold Roy Lewis CARTER [2]1906-1974 Joan Evelyn ASHWORTH 1925-2013 York, Western Australia, Australia1949
265Leonard Earl CARRICK 1909-1980 Lillian Maud DATCHENS 1912-2008 West Perth, Western Australia, Australia1936
s-sReginald Garth CARRICK 1913-1973 Ethel Minnie DATCHENS 1916-1943 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1938
266Charles John DALTON 1912-1995 Grace Myrtle WATTERS 1921-1944 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1937
s-sArthur Herbert DALTON 1914-1956 Verna May WATTERS 1917-2008 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1940
267Reginald Paul FERGUSON 1913-1945 Living
s-sGeoffrey Thomas FERGUSON 1915-1942 Living
p-cCharles John DALTON [2]1912-1995 Betty Sarah TREW 1923-1992 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1948
268John Francis BENNETTS 1917-2004 Sarah Jane BUNTER 1917-1991 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1938
s-sWilliam Samuel BENNETTS 1920-2001 Olive May BUNTER 1925-1983 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1946
269Alfred George BRADY 1914-1982 Evelyn Maud TURNER 1915-1957 Swan, Western Australia, Australia1939
p-sAlfred George BRADY [2]1914-1982 Alma May TURNER 1912-1991 Swan, Western Australia, Australia1957
270Lennie ASHWORTH 1915-1992 Violetta Rose MORLEY 1923-1966 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1939
s-sVictor ASHWORTH 1919-2011 Gladys MORLEY 1923-2003 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1941
271Donald Silas James PAYNE 1917-2006 Ruby Peace PINNER 1918-2010 Swan, Western Australia, Australia1940
c-sAlfred George BRADY [3]1914-1982 Florence PINNER 1920-1969
272Lionel Daniel ANDREWS 1916-1994 Elsie FEW        -1943 India1940
p-sLionel Daniel ANDREWS [2]1916-1994 Edna Josephine FEW 1918-2007 India1949
273Jack Lambert MANN 1916-1998 Norma Ruth WOOD 1921-2020 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1941
s-sChristopher George MANN 1917-2007 Eunice May WOOD 1923-1992 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1944
274Edwin Patrick STOKES 1916-1986 Isabel Hosken MALEY 1920-2002 Three Springs, Western Australia, Australia1942
s-sStanley James STOKES 1923-1982 Hazel Florence MALEY 1924-2015 Irwin, Western Australia, Australia1945
275Stanley Bernard COCKRAM 1921-1995 Living
s-sJack Raymond COCKRAM 1923-2010 Daphne Iris RILEY 1928-2008
s-sWilliam Nicholas STOKES 1919-1995 Frederica Neilson MALEY 1923-2010 Three Springs, Western Australia, Australia1942
276Living Living
s-sLiving Living
277Ronald Reuben COLES 1921-1967 Clara Eliza WARD 1922-1997 Woodanilling, Western Australia, Australia1943
s-sAubrey Charles COLES 1924-2000 Ada Mabel WARD 1929-1995 Katanning, Western Australia, Australia1947
278Alfred Ernest TAYLOR 1925-2004 Ruby GALBRAITH 1927-2017 Canning, Western Australia, Australia1943
s-sMabel TAYLOR 1928-2013 Ernest Edgar GALBRAITH 1924-1973 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1950
279Alfred Lawrence TAYLOR 1920-2005 Living
s-sBernard Leslie TAYLOR 1924-2001 Shirley May CRIDDLE 1928- Perth, Western Australia, Australia1946
280Harold Ignatius DAVIS 1914-2000 Thelma Marie TUCKER 1921-1967 1944
s-sVincent DAVIS 1913- Unknown TUCKER
281Roger James MORRIS 1920-1988 Ivy Evelyn BUCKLESS 1927-2005 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1944
s-sJames F. MORRIS 1926-1997 Thelma June BUCKLESS Northam, Western Australia, Australia1949
282Living Verna Alice JUPP 1928-1980
s-sVivian Albert CRIDDLE 1931-2000 Living
283John George Gordon USHER 1922-1992 Living Perth, Western Australia, Australia1946
s-pGeorge William USHER 1916-2007 Living [2] Canning, Western Australia, Australia1950
284Living Living Moora, Western Australia, Australia1947
s-sLiving Living Moora, Western Australia, Australia1950
285Leslie Jesse WATSON 1908-1962 Marie BELL 1910-1952 Northam, Western Australia, Australia1947
p-sLeslie Jesse WATSON [2]1908-1962 Mary Ann BELL Northam, Western Australia, Australia1953
286Thomas Arthur PARNHAM 1923-1994
s-sGeorge Albert PARNHAM 1920-1980 Joan Dawn JOHNSTONE 1928-2019
287Ronald Arthur GOODALL 1924-2008 Mavis Jean KENT 1926-2015 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1948
s-sIvor Sinclair GOODALL 1920-1990 Verna May KENT 1921-2008 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia1952
288Everett Benjamin MURPHY 1920-1995 Flora Mary MCGUINESS 1924-2007 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1948
c-sJohn Spencer Daniel SIVEWRIGHT 1914-1964 Josephine Lavina MCGUINESS 1923-1996 Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia1948
289Božidar Juraj VIDI? 1926-1992 June Margaret MARKHAM 1930-1965 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1949
s-sRadoslav VIDI? 1923-1956 Fay MARKHAM 1933-2002 Perth, Western Australia, Australia1949
290John Roderick GREGOR 1927-2003 Mollie Jean Espie CARTER 1928-2015 Padstow, Cornwall, England1949
s-sLiving Joyce Olive Mary CARTER 1926-2015
291Ronald George TREW 1927-1991 Living
s-sLiving John Patrick YOUNG 1935-2012
292Living Living
s-sRaymond George MCGUINESS 1933-2015 Living
293Sydney Charles FREE 1930-1997 Helen Elizabeth REED 1929-1967 Victoria Park, Western Australia, Australia1954
s-sNorman FREE 1932-2015 Janette Marlene REED 1934-2006 Victoria Park, Western Australia, Australia1955
294Richard William PLAYLE 1932-2006 Living
s-sLiving Lila May MOORE 1924-1995
295Leonard Henry FREE 1929-1992 Living
s-sJohn FREE 1931-1985 Living
296Desmond Lyle BRANDIS 1934-1982 Living
s-sColin Raymond BRANDIS 1935-2014 Living
297Living Dorcus Katherine LOGUE 1934-2013
s-sReginald Charles Phillip ASHPLANT 1930-1996 Living Walkaway, Western Australia, Australia1967
298John Gordon WILLIAMS 1937-2001 Dolores Maria PEARCE 1941- Victoria Park, Western Australia, Australia1958
s-pLawrence James WILLIAMS 1936-1974 Dolores Maria PEARCE [2]1941-
299Living Living Blackwood, Western Australia, Australia1959
s-sLiving Living
300Ross Walter HAWKINS 1928-1975 Living
c-pWilliam James LAWLOR 1929-1997 Living [2]
301Raymond Arthur SMITH 1939-1986 Living
s-pLiving Living [2]
302Living Living Blackwood, Western Australia, Australia1961
s-sLiving Living Blackwood, Western Australia, Australia1963
303Living Living
s-sEon Leslie BRAND 1940-2005 Living
304Living Carol Doone BROWNLEY 1944-2013
s-sLiving Living
305Theodore George WARD 1921-1984 Living Western Australia, Australia1962
p-sTheodore George WARD [2]1921-1984 Iris Evelyn LANGDON 1923-2010
306Lindsay WARD 1946-1993 Living
s-sMaurice James WARD 1944-2022 Living
307Garry ANDERSON 1948-2018 Sandra Kay BRANDIS 1952-1989 1970
s-sLiving Carol Ellen BRANDIS 1949-1992 1970
308Living Living
s-pLiving Living [2]
309Living Patricia MOUNCE 1964-2015
s-sLiving Living
310Living Leigh RAMSHAW 1963-2015
s-sLiving Living
311Living Living
p-cLiving [2] Living
312Living Living
s-sLiving Living
313Living Living
s-pLiving Living [2]

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The table records where two siblings, half-siblings or cousins have married siblings or cousins in a second family. It also records cases where one person has married two siblings or cousins. s-s stands for sibling-sibling, s-c for sibling-cousin, p-s for same person-sibling, s-h for sibling-half sibling, etc.